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Letter 1

Letter No. 1

Tuesday, Portion Tetzave, “And you shall speak unto all the wisehearted, whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom,” etc.

To My Honorable Father, may he live long and happily.

Concerning what we spoke about regarding the Study of Kabbalah in purity, etc., and what I don't know I will write, and you will answer all my questions.

I see that I have not much to write, but only general things. I cannot learn even one word in purity, since the way is to sort out the doubts from the many certainties, and not the certainties from the many doubts, but then one must learn properly.

This depends on whether a person is already qualified for it, namely that all his receptions are in purity, meaning receiving in order to bestow. When one who is not at that degree learns, his studies of kabbalah cannot be in purity, as it is written, “And you shall speak unto all the wisehearted, whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom,” namely whose heart is already purified with the spirit of the Creator.

Otherwise, it is utterly impossible, as our sages said, “A man sins only if a spirit of folly has entered him.” It follows that one cannot be called a sinner unless he has the spirit of wisdom. And although one does not feel that he is forever a sinner, it is because one does not see one’s own flaws. But the truth is that as long as one is not rewarded with the spirit of wisdom he is called a sinner. It is necessarily so, and precisely this depends on the Creator to fulfill…

(The rest of the letter is missing)