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A Psalm – His Foundation Is in the Mountains of Holiness
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A Psalm – His Foundation Is in the Mountains of Holiness

A Psalm – His Foundation Is in the Mountains of Holiness

The light of Atzilut is sublime and pure

It oversees the Hod of Beria,

Nourished by His brightness, firmly made

His vineyard He has given to the guards.

He sits me and raises me with His Hod

As do all who grasp the meaning of Him.

So I heard Him and saw Him glorified,

Taste and see for my future I hasten.

Hurray! Who gives me a friend?

Who knows the meaning of all things,

They are His witnesses, and happy are they.

Of all that their eyes sought,

The concealed and above any mystery.

Indeed, I saw the fountain of every wisdom,

Please, He who teaches man understanding.

The wisdom and knowledge are given to You!

My faults are many, but more than they is my affront.

Will they pardon my iniquity, comfort me from my grief?

The one who found gumption found faith

That delights him in his labor, and who like Him answers?

In His hand is all of my futures

He pities me and rushes me in order to redeem me

And my generation remembers what is in the hearts

And between Him and me are words of love.

He will consider by my years and my spirit did not blemish,

He rejuvenates me like an eagle and the wisdom is revealed.

His own mercies, from within, from without, and from all around me,

And the clouds of my darkness, the time of concealment of my sins.

The heaven will not sustain Him and in my stomach He desires,

His delight is wedged in my heart like lava.

I have tasted the life of truth, from the hall that is built inside,

I uttered His might, and my belly fills with secrets,

He is glorified with Hassadim and Gevurot,

And guards the Yesod of Yetzira,

Like a crown upon him He hovers

By breakings, he is cleansed from the excess.

He will show me wonders from His law

And my eyes shall behold from all His the majesty of His kingdom

Here am I, and all that is good in me shall stand together.

Indeed, test me, choose for Yourself one

From the favored ones, desirable men

Who have touched His secret and have yielded results,

That His Almightiness fills their palms,

And all that comes into their hearts.

Where there is wisdom, there is He,

And before I understood, I found Him and studied Him.

To You is the glory, pardon me and say a word,

That You are the operator of every operation,

I lent to both men and angels,

And so understood that there is none else besides Him.

With his finger, he shows God that which he wants,

Under the iniquity of love and under the affront of pride,

From Him are all my joy and all my grief.

Since then, I have been love sick,

To the light, my desire awaits in the corner,

My Redeemer lives, He counts the drops of my sweetness.

He hid me, and do not know how and with what,

My dust is more lush than is milk, and my sheaf has risen.

Let my falls be my time to attain my precious things.

I will always enlighten them, were they the passion of my hills?

And from all His sides and angles, enjoyment and affection

It ignites by itself and its flame will not quench.

I did not labor in Him, and all was built so as to establish it.

As a shadow, I was pulled into the room, and the kingdom is established.

I established Him in my poverty on the 8th of Heshvan,

Tav-Reish-Peh-Tet [October 22, 1928], Jerusalem.

Yehuda HaLevi Ashlag