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The cure to all these ails lies in us!
We're surprised that the virus in #Israel is 'the worst' while our methods of fighting it are "the best." The reason is that nature (Creator) does this for our own correction, as upon our correction hinges the pandemic and the correction of the world as a whole. #COVID19
#Jews, Yehudi, those who are united. The nation of #Israel are those who strive for unity, in order to be as one man with one heart. By rising above all the differences, we will achieve #peace in the world, but first of all inside ourselves.
Disagreements come so we could unite above them. Each one annuls himself and concedes to the other, in order to unite. Only unity of hearts, by everyone's care about the well-being of the country, nation, world - will save humanity.
If Israeli society will feel that it is in a hostile world, which will never run out of hatred for Jews and #Israel, it will understand that the only means of salvation is unity among us. As much as we unite is how much we'll be able to chase all the haters away!
By hating each other, the #Jews beget and raise their enemies. Israel begets them because warring groups exist inside the nation.
If Jews start treating each other well and become a single nation, no enemy will want to wage war against them.
.... It's clear how we are making the good path change to a bad one.
All over the world, the #coronavirus is destabilizing governments and societies. But everything is on the contrary: it's necessary to change people and societies to become more #spiritual, and since they are not changing, the corona virus appears ....
But in the meantime, #nature will afflict us with all of its resources.
Only after we grow disillusioned of attempts to stop #climatechange will we understand that only by a good connection between us can we stop #climate change and restore nature's balance, and only therein lies our salvation.