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You will be able to ascend spiritually if you care about the Creator and the meaning of life over grievances toward others. Otherwise you will remain in an animal state.
We need to stop perceiving current developments as a crisis. Nature operates by its own laws. And because we don't understand them, we don't conform to them. Therefore, the #crisis isn't in nature, but in our lack of understanding of #nature.
... towards the higher spiritual state.
The world no longer makes sense... We have to stop seeing it through the problems stemming from the coronavirus. The functionality of all of nature is undergoing a change, and the virus is just one expression of this. The purpose of nature's changes is the desire to change man
It's a shame to waste energy and resources on the attempt to bring back the past.
If the government is unable to think about the future properly, then society has to realize on its own that our work will be reduced to the necessities and will transpire more via communication means. The same for children's and student's studies.
No one is telling them that the past won't come back. Many more people will lose their jobs.
People are still demanding the jobs that they lost due to the coronavirus. They are still confident that everything will return to the way it used to be. They believe that the government is able to arrange and compensate everything.
What kind of people will be valuable in the future? Those who benefit the society and teach unity.
All attempts to return to the old life will not end in success. On the contrary, we're going to suffer blows with every attempt to turn back time. These blows will teach us and point to a new direction: to be closer to nature, meaning to achieve integral unity.