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"Dr. Kurt Fleischer, the leader of the Liberals in the Berlin Jewish Community Assembly, argued in 1929 that “Anti-Semitism is the scourge that God has sent us in order to lead us together and weld us together”
Source: Donald L. Niewyk, The Jews in Weimar #Germany" #Antisemitism
... because it is easy to annul oneself before one who is great.
I have to make the group more important than the world, so it will pull me upwards, just as the world sucks me in with its worthless values. I have to feel how the upper force operates inside the group. Then I should speak in the group about the Creator's greatness ...
Spiritual progress happens through our mutual #inclusion in one another: the smaller the distance between us, the closer we are to the Creator. We will start to feel that this is the same distance. And then we will see that by separating us, the Pharaoh works for our own good.
Between #truth and falsehood, we can enter into the form called the Creator. "Bo-re" – "come and see". I come from a lie, His opposite state, to Him, to the truth. All attainment is the revelation of the truth. Truth is the source of life in which we discover and feel everything.
The Creator is the Upper force, and the truth is His program. The program can work if it includes the opposite form, falsehood. Falsehood in the Creator is His opposite. To understand the Creator, creatures must be created from two forms: truth and falsehood.
Everything around us is a lie. If we treat a lie as coming from the Creator, directing us to the right state, then for us this lie is part of the truth. I'm ready to be in a lie if it leads to the truth. Then I can understand it, feel it, & it will change me, lead me to the truth
In our world, truth is a lie. We can't live without it. April Fool's is not just a day of the year. We've been constantly lying to each other all year. The evil inclination, egoism, forces us to lie because we do not want to tell each other the truth but what is beneficial to us.
The Upper force is the general force of #nature. All nature is a program, all its parts are interconnected and united. Congruence with the Upper force gives us the feeling of living inside a good force—everyone can succeed in all that they do, for it is all aimed at unification.
Unification happens inside man's desire. All desires unite, and in the single desire start resembling the Upper force. Everything comes to similarity: people "below" and the Upper force of nature "above". They develop contact & support between them, and start to feel each other.