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This #epidemic is a result of the fact that we are at the last stage of humanity's development, which is called the Last Generation. So let us finish the egoistic development and go on to a higher degree of #existence, which is called life in the upper world.
... evoking viruses that are more and more harmful.
The #coronavirus is a result of the misbalance that man has elicited in nature, due to the lack of friendly connections between people. We must exist in an integral system, but we are, on the contrary, separating from each other. #Egoism grows and separates us more and more ...
We have lost the energy to chase the pleasures of this world - what matters most is to live a peaceful life...
After the epidemic, people will not be like before - they will get used to the new state. We are starting to perceive the world by feeling that it is governed by the upper force. Everyone is asking: where did the problem come from? What will happen?
But this isn't punishment - rather it is an aspiration to bring us to balance with nature!
The single integral nature is becoming more and more revealed to us, and hence we feel that we are in descent, in greater disparity with the single nature. Its reaction to the disparity is cataclysms, viruses.
How do we come out of #egoism? We come out of ourselves, out of our desire for self-gratification, into our connections with each other, where each one no longer pays attention to himself - but only to what is between us. Between us is the spiritual space!
... will bring us to the correction of egoism.