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There Are Many Paths to the Creator

961.2Question: Will a person who does not study Kabbalah be able to learn about the force of bestowal? Can people intuitively take this path?

Answer: They can. It is said: “There are many paths to the Creator.” Based on the root of one’s soul and desires, each person follows their path, but the general principle is still the same for everyone.

Question: Is Kabbalah the most painful path?

Answer: Kabbalah is the only way because we attract the upper light that corrects us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/24, Writings of Rabash “The Need for an Act from Below”

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Shechina—the Connection between Us

528.03The Shechina is the receiving Kelim, which a person transforms into bestowing Kelim.

In the work of the ten, this is what you can put you as mutual bestowal, wanting to be together in a single feeling, in a single aspiration.

Think about it more and more, and you will see that this state becomes more tangible and concrete, and then, so to speak, you will be able to manage it.

The Shechina is what binds you together, which you all belong to. There is you, there is the ten, and something that connects you; let’s say this is the Shechina.

And the unity of the Creator and the Shechina means that you want to give to the Creator the way He wants to give us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/24, Writings of Rabash “The Creator and Israel Went into Exile”

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Questions about Spiritual Work—108

281.02Question: How can you help a friend prevent himself from leaving the spiritual work?

Answer: Get closer to him, talk and consult with him, and involve him more and more in spiritual work.

Question: What is “a Mitzva (commandment) induces a Mitzva”?

Answer: When a person strives to fulfill something of the Creator’s desires, it is called a commandment. And if he realizes it, he gets involved in it and fulfills the next commandment, and then the next, and so on.

Question: What can one do when feeling that no matter what you do and how hard you try it is still not enough? Is this a manifestation of egoism?

Answer: Yes, this is a manifestation of egoism. On the other hand, this is good because you need to strengthen your drawing closer to the Creator.

Question: It says that faith at the previous degree is checked by falling. What kind of test is this?

Answer: A test is when you receive a feeling of how disconnected you are from the Creator.

Question: How are Kelim of bestowal given? Is it to each according to the actions or the whole group?

Answer: Everyone is given what they must go through now.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/3/24, Writings of Rabash “The Meaning of Exile”

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Work in a Family

215Comment: A family nucleus has an interesting structure. People meet, get to know one another, sense one another in some way, and suddenly, you come to the point when you see yourself completely differently through your partner.

Precisely in this nucleus, you cannot escape anywhere and cannot hide anything. It is like work with myself.

Answer: Absolutely, you have to work against yourself. Spouses in a family are like a mirror for one another. Your wife reflects your essence to you. Therefore, you have to take into account what she says.

Question: Sometimes when I yield to my spouse, I feel like a man. However, sometimes the opposite happens, it is like I lose my dignity and self-respect. Is this still correct or is there something wrong here?

Answer: You need to concede almost always. But at the same time, you have to watch so it does not lead to excess.
From KabTV’s “Man and Woman” 3/19/24

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The Secret of Our Relationship

962.8Question: According to Kabbalah, all structures are built according to the four stages of the development of desire. Does this apply even to works of fiction and movie scripts?

Answer: If we want to fill a desire, we must treat it the way the light that created it treats it, according to the same four stages of development.

Any literary work develops in four stages. I am sure that all playwrights, writers, and even journalists who seek to attract the reader’s attention, understand that their work must be built on four stages, including the climax and the ending.

Otherwise, if it does not correspond to the structure of our desire, then a person simply will not understand what they want to sell to him, what they want to fill him with. Therefore, all writers should create in the same way as the Creator, according to the four stages of direct light.

There is such a formula when pleasure, in order to create a desire for itself that would feel it precisely as pleasure, must contact this desire for four consecutive and opposite stages, when intention and desire, pleasure and hunger, play with each other until they become completely opposite and at the same time can be together.

People instinctively understood that it should be built in this way, because they themselves consist of four stages of the development of desire. Psychologists subconsciously felt this when they saw such states in human relationships.

Let’s say I’m with a child when I am teaching him something, and see how I play with him and beat him so that he has a desire to be for or against so he will understand his mistake. He must identify all the erroneous states and only then agree with me. In principle, this is a natural thing that does not relate to Kabbalah at all.

Question: How can a Kabbalistic touch be added inside any work of art?

Answer: This is a completely different action when Malchut becomes Keter, and the Keter of direct light becomes Malchut. That is how the reverse light works! That is, the giver and the recipient switch roles when the recipient initially turns around in such a way that proves to the giver how by receiving from him, he actually gives to him. This is the whole trick between us and the Creator. In other words, the recipient, the object, the goal wants to compensate themselves in some way in relation to their Creator.

This exists even in human relationships. Only everything depends on what kind of relationship there is between them, and then receiving and giving are purely conditional. For example, between a mother and a child, between friends, between spouses, between any events in the world, the main thing is that behind them there are feeling, understanding people who are in some kind of state of connection with each other.

Another example is that they bring me a lot of gifts and sometimes fill me up with all sorts of nonsense. And I have to accept all this and thank them because the giver feels that he is giving. He is pleased with this, because in fact he receives.

Therefore, I act out how much I need it, how pleasant it is, and so on; that is, I increase the action itself many, many times. A gift can cost a few shekels, but I make it feel like it is worth millions and that it is exactly what I wanted.

We see that neither the amount nor anything else matters here, but only the relationship between people, when the giver feels fulfilled, receives, and enjoys it. This exists around us at every moment, only it is a very small fraction of receiving and giving.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Mystery of Art” 1/16/12

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Concessions Are the Most Important Thing in the Family

600.02Yielding is not regarded as love in wholeness, for the one who yields always waits for when he will regain the power of control (Rabash, Article 240, “Discernments in States”).

Question: On one hand I yield more to my husband. On the other hand, thoughts come to me that there will come a time when I can retaliate for giving in and I will begin to dominate. How can I reach a state where I do not wait for the moment when I have the power to dominate?

Answer: The power to dominate can manifest in opposite actions for both parties. Therefore, there is no need to strive to mirror each other in the sense of “as much as you are, so am I,” and be sure to put them in the same form in a “common box.”

The most important thing is always to yield. Who yields to whom is irrelevant. For example, if a wife takes a step toward her husband, he will feel ashamed of himself. Or conversely, he will feel proud that she treats him this way.

The main thing is to respect each other and strive to always leave a pleasant impression on each other.

Question: What if I feel like I am disrespecting my husband?

Answer: Then you should replace it with love, as it is said: love covers all crimes. You must show love otherwise nothing will work out.

Is it difficult? In my opinion, it is the easiest thing to do.

Comment: Sometimes it is difficult. I understand that I offend and humiliate my husband and treat him improperly, but I cannot stop.

My Response: Then kiss him. In such cases, it helps best.

Question: Will that stop me?

Answer: Absolutely! Kiss each other more and calm each other down. Get closer to each other!
From KabTV’s “Man and Woman” 3/19/24

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Walk in the Middle

627.2Currently, we are in a state where we need to think about what forces our development is based on and whether we can replace bad, painful forces with those that are better and more comfortable so we can quickly come to our correction.

Comment: The fact is that when you get hit, you become softer, and you try to do good things in life. But as soon as these sufferings subside, you forget about everything.

Therefore, we can conclude that there should still be two paths together: the path of Torah and the path of suffering.

My Response: Yes, only the path of the Torah is impossible. We are such selfish creatures that we still need to “get hit on the head.”

Question: But is it impossible also only to receive?

Answer: Yes, you will not educate a person in this way. Therefore, we need to learn how to walk in the middle.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 3/14/24

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The Golden Reserve of Israel

Comment: I have a friend. He is 40 years younger than me, but is a very close friend of mine. He is currently fighting in Gaza—he is a paratrooper. From time to time he listens to our broadcasts. He left me a message on WhatsApp and asked me to ask you a question. Generally, his feeling is close to the feeling of all those who are at war.

Here is what he says: “We have become different, there has been a shift in thinking. There are 300,000 of us who have fought and are fighting, and we do not just talk about national unity, we really want it.

Whoever has not experienced what unity is like will not understand. It is when your brothers are next to you, and you can calmly give your life for them. We are all different, and we are brothers.

Then we come back to civilian life and nothing has changed there. Nothing! The same false patriotism in the Knesset, on television, the same shouts in the streets, in traffic jams. And it turns out that we are returning to the same country as it was before October 7th before the war.

There are many of us, a million with our families, those who really want unity. We are a force! This is happening for the first time ever. This cannot be missed! What to do?”

These are indeed a million people who are completely involved in this. It is like a call to some movement.

My Response: This should be a socio-political movement specifically of those who have fought.

Question: Specifically those who have felt what unity is like?

Answer: Yes, typically, such people are the ones who create new movements.

Question: What advice do you have about where to start? Something step by step. They have this desire, they are all passionate about it. The war is still going on. It is still unknown how long it will last. And they do not want to see this disorder, the instability that is here. They want to feel unity. They have felt what it is like and they want to live like that!

Answer: They want to live like that because there is a lack of an idea in our life.

Comment: Exactly! They have been captivated by this idea of unity. He feels brothers! He knows what mutual guarantee is. From the heart, not just with words.

My Response: My hands drop when I look at what is happening and when I think about them.

Comment: This is the country’s gold reserve. Probably the most precious thing that has been created during the entire existence of the State of Israel! How can we not squander this precious thing? If you could hear how he talks! He says this choking. He left a voice message on WhatsApp.

My Response: I believe that the only thing we have is to create a new Israel from these guys. That is all. Exactly from them.

Question: So must there be some will from the politicians to meet the guys like that? Or should there be the will of the people for these guys to replace all the old folks, replace all the politicians?

Answer: I think we would find all this among these guys.

Question: Would we find both politicians and everyone else among them?

Answer: Yes, we should not bring anyone from the old guard, from the outside. We must not. Look at what they babble on television!

Question: Yes, that is why there is this outrage among these guys that you come back home and it is like you are returning to pre-war times with demonstrations and everything. So do we need to build a new country from them?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Who will let them into this structure? Or should they themselves create such a movement; what do you think?

Answer: They should create such a movement themselves, socially and politically. They all need to come together and outline a clear plan of action.

Question: Do they have the mind for this?

Answer: I do not know, it is very difficult. Because they have to stand up to our “wise” politicians.

Question: Yes, and they are very wise to just take and play everything like that. Under the carpet, as they say.

So, is all this wisdom of a politician and wisdom of an economist largely unnecessary? The wisdom of a Knesset member…

Answer: No, only mutual connection is needed.

Question: And then wisdom will come?

Answer: Then everything will come.

Question: So if they carry this flag of unity further and further, then specialists in economics, diplomacy, and politics will be born here, right? From their movement, they will be able to put forward such guys?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And professionalism, years, experience is not important here?

Answer: Nothing.

Question: Do you attach such importance to simply this state of unity, which is the basis for everything?Can the country be built on this foundation?

Answer: Yes.

Question: One more question. We always talk about the higher power, about the Creator. Where is the Creator in all this?

Answer: The Creator is in people.

Question: So this desire for unity…

Answer: This is the Creator within them.

Question: Then it will happen that trouble will recede, sooner or later peaceful times will come, etc. Do you think they will be able to maintain this state?

Answer: No one knows. No one knows if they will achieve anything let alone maintain it.

Question: Is this unity in the face of an enemy? Is this unity against someone?

Answer: Yes.

Question: You always talk about unity, which is above egoism, above everything. Not just against someone, but unity for the unity of the country, for peace. Can this combat unity evolve into the unity you are talking about?

Answer: No, I don’t think so. They will not have the foundation for that.

Question: What foundation should there be?

Answer: The foundation should be that they strive in their unity to rise to a spiritual level. Otherwise, they will not sustain this unity.

Question: Does this come with the will of the Creator?

Answer: This is the will of the Creator, but for this, they must be able to understand it, join it, and accept it. It is possible! And it is with us, somewhere nearby, within these guys. But can we realize it?

Question: Should this fear be constant? Right now, as you speak, I feel a tremor, hoping that this will happen to them, that they can!

Answer: I don’t know. We need leaders, serious leaders, who can uplift them.

Question: Those who know that there will be conflicts and how to rise above them, and so on?

Answer: Yes, wise leaders are needed for this, leaders who will come and work with these guys.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/19/24

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Questions about Spiritual Work—107

228Question: What does the land of Israel mean for the entire world group?

Answer: Naturally we are not talking about the physical land of Israel. We mean the place in the world of Atzilut from which we receive the upper light.

Question: What does “purity” mean in spiritual work?

Answer: It means not including any egoistic desires in your request to the Creator.

Question: You mentioned the need to be cautious not to make mistakes. What does that mean, and what mistakes can we make?

Answer: When you feel the Creator or turn to Him, you must clearly direct yourself to the desire to be only in the quality of bestowal.

Question: What is the common deficiency of the ten and how can we awaken it?

Answer: The common deficiency is when friends collectively aim with the entire ten toward the quality of bestowal, toward the Creator.

Question: Does “the inheritance of the land” receive only those who have accumulated spiritual experience from previous reincarnations, or is it a privilege of the Creator to reward some and not others?

Answer: In the spiritual realm there are no privileges, favors, or connections. Everything is solely based on merit.

Question: Where does the need to strive for truth come from? Is it from the point in the heart or from the environment that is working on it?

Answer: Most likely it comes from the point in the heart. However, sometimes the point in the heart develops under the influence of the environment.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/31/24, Writings of Rabash “Inheritance of the Land”

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Bring Our Hearts Closer to What We Read

525Question: Over the years of working on spirituality, we have accumulated stacks of notebooks in which we write down lessons and leave notes in the margins. When making notes, you feel a special taste in it and at the same time an effort. What is the value of taking notes during the lessons?

Answer: Once we were not allowed to take notes; we had to remember everything. And this was welcomed. Today everything is recorded; there is no end to it.

Initially, I also took notes. I wrote a lot, but eventually I stopped.

First of all, it is best to pay attention to the heart. That is why it says to write it down on your heart; this is is very important.

Even if later your heart changes and what you wanted to remember leaves, still the fact that you brought your heart closer to what you read, heard, and wanted it to remain in you remains, although not that you can always use it. But when you need it, you will remember everything.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/29/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Looking in the Book Again”

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Manifestation of Equivalence to the Creator

737.01Question: What does a person reveal in oneself on the third day of creation when greenery begins to bloom and trees grow? What kind of desires are these in relation to the Creator?

Answer: The third day is a good day of creation when a certain similarity to the Creator begins to manifest in nature, which was created by the Creator.

On the third day, the middle line appears between the left, egoistic line and the right, altruistic one.

It can be said that the third day is already an opportunity for a person to work with two lines, to be somewhat similar to the Creator in the quality of Tifferet.

In a person who progresses from bottom to top, all this is inherent in potential. He can come to spiritual attainment in ten years or maybe in ten reincarnations. But when he achieves this and can correctly combine both lines within himself, it is called “the third day of creation.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 3/21/24

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Compensation in the Form of Pleasure

546.03Question: Your teacher Rabash wrote in the article “Concerning Bestowal,” that when a person serves someone important in the eyes of the whole world, he does not demand compensation for this action.

This is a unique formula or, let’s say, ability of a person. Only a human being is capable of such an action where he can do something for the sake of some great thing and not demand compensation for it because the action itself is already compensation. The same of course applies to the Creator.

But how can this be? After all, we are egoists. Where does this ability come from?

Answer: The fact is that when you are dealing with someone higher than you, the very fact that you are associated with such a person gives you a reason to feel fulfilled. We see this in many cases in life.

Question: But still, a person is an egoist. Why shouldn’t he also receive an additional reward beside the fact that he receives pleasure?

Answer: No, if a person demands, requests, or simply receives some money or other reward for his special attitude toward another that will elevate him above others, then in this case it will all come at his own expense.

There must be one payment: either he receives money or compensation in the form that the very action for the sake of a great person gives him pleasure.
From KabTV’s “Practical Kabbalah” 3/28/24

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The First Day of Creation

746.01In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And God divided between the light and the darkness.

This means that when the light appeared in our world, it became clear that the entire universe consists of two opposite states: light and darkness, day and night.

Light and darkness within a person are revealed in relation to one’s connection with the Creator.

A person who rises a little above himself, above his animate nature, begins to feel that there is light—the light of bestowal, connection, love, and unity. First, he feels light and darkness on himself, inside himself, where light is all good, the good states of connection between anyone, and darkness is the opposite.

The same applies to heaven and earth, where heaven symbolizes the desire to bestow and earth symbolizes the desire to receive.

All this suggests that there are two forces in the universe: the first is the force of the Creator, and the second is the force of creation. They, in essence, develop and separate a person’s thoughts. Darkness refers to his egoistic thoughts, and light refers to thoughts directed toward the Creator.

And before that, the Earth was empty and chaotic, meaning, there was no order, no separation of one from the other.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/21/24

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The Desire to Know the Meaning of Life

202.0Question: What initially guided you in life?

Answer: Like everyone else, I was driven by the desire to understand the meaning of life, its mysteries, because I saw that everything must have some form of control. Not a single cell, organism, or the entire universe, if it is an interconnected system, can exist without being controlled, according to what our sciences say.

But they only reveal a small part of the nature surrounding us. We scrape off some specks of dust and call it “chewing on the granite of science.” Indeed, before us stands an enormous granite wall, and where we can chip off a piece, that is our science, and everything else is the unknown.

That is how I clearly felt standing before this “granite wall,” which I could scrape slightly to collect a bit just like everyone else.

Newton had a different analogy. He is quoted as likening himself to a “schoolboy collecting pebbles on the shore of the sea called knowledge.” And he is only collecting pebbles, not even in the sea yet, but on the shore.

When I felt this, science stopped attracting me. It seemed so petty and insignificant to me that it was not worth dedicating my entire life, being devoted to it, for the sake of some small, isolated pieces of knowledge. However, that does not mean I disregarded it. Not at all! I still love it, read about it, and stay interested, all these years.

Nevertheless, I was strongly repelled by it. What is the point of scratching the “granite” like everyone else to pick up a couple of crumbs, understand a bit more, and know a bit more? If I were to engage only in my biocybernetics, I would not even understand or recognize it.

And what about biology, zoology, botany, geology, mineralogy, earth science, and cosmology? A vast array of other sciences in principle speak about all of nature, about all this “granite.” But each one scrapes and collects different “specks” from different places, and from this arises geology, zoology, mineralogy, and so on. What would I gain from engaging in them?

When I looked at this, I felt immense emptiness within me: There is nothing worth living for. I was left with only one question: How can I find the meaning of life? What interested me was not the trivial knowledge of partial, scattered, disconnected sciences, each of which scraped together something for itself, but the overall understanding—the design of the Universe.

This is what is called the “meaning of life” because human life, as we observe, is the highest form of existence. What is the purpose for nature, the upper force, (call it the Creator, emanator, or maker, it does not matter) to create all this?

This greatly puzzled me. My whole life until I found Kabbalah turned into some sort of emptiness. I worked, served, opened my own fairly successful business, but all of that was somehow in the background. Inside I felt absolute emptiness and the insignificance of existence. That’s how it was.

I think today millions, maybe even billions, of people in the world feel the same way. This feeling precedes a person’s search and helps them feel the system in which we exist. Basically I used to ask myself: “What is this? Why is all this around me, including myself?”

When you look at the starry sky and see this infinity, you think and wonder how to understand and comprehend all this?

For what? Why? What? There is such a question that comes from the Universe itself when you look at it on a dark night. If this question truly torments a person, they come to study Kabbalah.

For those people who simply feel a crisis, somehow, they need to understand the system they are in. After all, if they do not balance themselves with this system of nature, do not bring themselves to homeostasis, to harmony, then nature will crush them with its catastrophes: tsunamis, earthquakes, shifts in tectonic plates, and even nuclear war.

Then there are only two options: either they start seeking the meaning of life out of animal fear, or they die out like dinosaurs who disappeared because they did not fit the changing system of nature.

But dinosaurs did not have another solution. We have a very simple solution: either we change, or we perish. A small part will remain that will still come to balance with nature. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, it may happen like this.

Moreover, only those who can participate in integration will remain. They will create balance. All the others will be in this system but not in the earthly form because their current animalistic egoism will not allow them to participate in integration.

However, there is an easy way when people, through education and explanatory work, each one and all together helping each other, come to integration between themselves, become similar to nature, enter into balance and harmony with it, and feel all its perfection.

I really hope for such an outcome.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Meaning of Laitman’s Life “1/4/12

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Don’t Clean It Up, Fix It

559Question: Can we say that as soon as even a little criticism and disapproval of our friends arises in us, it is already called that we are in a descent?

Answer: Maybe not. Maybe you are seeing things correctly, but it needs to be discussed together.

Question: Can we ask the Creator to remove all the flaws that we see in our friends?

Answer: No, don’t ask them to be removed, but for them to be corrected.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/3/24, Writings of Rabash “The Meaning of Exile”

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Julia Roberts’ Sensational Statement

294.3We overlay our faces with tons of make-up. We get Botox and even starve ourselves to become that perfect size. We try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see. It’s the soul that needs the surgery (Julie Roberts).

Question: Why does the question about the soul not arise in people immediately? We gradually age, we are not as beautiful, we do not play as much, and so on, and the question about the soul suddenly begins to awaken. Why then and not earlier?

Answer: A woman has many such strings and connections to our external world. She must look good, she must attract, she must entice. She must be relatively successful in her career. And so on. That is, she has many more worries. This is until about 50, even maybe until 60 years old.

Then, the regret begins: “Where is my soul? Where did I lose it along the way and what should I do with it? I cannot be the same as I was at 20, of course.”

Question: But through the soul, maybe I can?

Answer: Through the soul, yes.

Question: So this moment is very important for her, the transition from external to internal, as she says, to the soul?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: This of course is hugely popular on the internet. There are millions of views when Hollywood stars and famous people suddenly start talking about the soul.

My Response: Because such a person who has achieved relative success in life, shows to all others that despite all his achievements, fame, money, and so on, his connection with the meaning of life, with the Creator, still needs correction. This means a lot. Dozens, hundreds, millions of women follow her. But, of course, it is all relative.

Question: What does “working on the soul” mean to you?

Answer: Working on the soul for me means that a person begins to constantly, every minute, ask himself throughout the day, every day: “What about my soul? What about me? Where am I?” Here one’s need for the Creator, begins to unfold, the need to unravel the mysteries of the universe, its purpose, and its puzzles. And so on.

Question: So, is this called “working on the soul”?

Answer: Yes, who am I? What am I here for?

Question: Julia Roberts continues: “How can you expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself? You have to be happy with yourself. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

What does it mean to love myself?

Answer: To love myself means to love what I am filled with, what I think, what constitutes the meaning of my life, its fulfillment, and so on.

Question: To love my thoughts, etc.?

Answer: Everything except one’s appearance.

Question: When a person feels emptiness inside, as she says, what should they do? What does “I am empty” mean?

Answer: They need to urgently clarify the meaning of life for themselves.

Question: Does emptiness awaken for this purpose?

Answer: Yes, this is a serious question!

Question: Is this a good state?

Answer: I would gladly find myself together with her in a television studio or somewhere else to talk with her.

Comment: There is indeed a lot to talk about the soul and emptiness.

My Response: There is a lot to talk about, but it is unlikely that it will turn out as it should.

Question: Does emptiness arise in a person who is already fulfilled, when such a demand arises?

Answer: When there is a demand without an answer. But I would have had to rescue her. There would be no conversation. It would have turned out that it is not nice to leave her in such a state, that I cannot ask sharp questions, and so on.

Question: So would you still corner her first?

Answer: I would a little, on the edge. But then I would yield all the time.

Question: Is this the right way to conduct a conversation with people? Do you first ask questions, corner them a bit, and then help?

Answer: Yes. But very cautiously.

Question: She continues: “Today, I declare: I will no longer wear makeup, I do not want to wear someone else’s face. I am well aware I have wrinkles but I want to see beyond that. I want to embrace the real me and I want you to embrace who you are, the way you are, and love yourself just the way you are.”

When a woman decides to age naturally, is this the right decision?

Answer: No, a woman should always maintain herself as she has always desired. But there is no need to spend more time in front of the mirror now than before. This still elicits a different response from others.

Question: What if a woman still does a little grooming?

Answer: If a woman is beautiful, if she is attractive and knows how to present herself and is not someone neglected or downtrodden…

Comment: So, a little make-up is okay?

My Response: This is the right thing to do. She is not doing it for herself but for others. Before, she did it for others but for herself. So, it all depends on her worldview.

Question: Accepting a person as they are. If you were to say, “Accept me as I am,” what does that mean?

Answer: I am accustomed to being in this form. So if I needed to appear before a million people, I would go out like that too.

Question: This is external. What about internally?

Answer: Internally, a person should always be himself provided that he is understood correctly.

Question: So, does this external aspect exist, do I still think about people around me after all?

Answer: Of course. After all, I speak differently with children than with adults, and so on.

Question: Saying “Hello,” “Goodbye,” being polite, and so on, is it necessary?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Julia Roberts continues: “You have no idea how much money cosmetic companies make on you. They have managed to convince you that you urgently need to invest finances to delay what is inevitable.”

Should I even care about how they profit from me, or shouldn’t I?

Answer: What matters to me is what I want. If I want to achieve this goal, if this goal is achieved through makeup, through performing in front of an audience, and so on, then I do it. The goal and its achievement are what matter.

Comment: Julia Roberts concludes: “I choose to say to myself: stop! The external shell is the last thing we should care about. Only our soul matters. Remember this forever.”

My Response: Of course. Having lived the life she has, any woman can say this. And then she can finally calm down.

But in general, of course, you still need to try to maintain the style, the level that people ask of you, demand of you, in order to convey to them some of your new messages and wishes.

Question: Even in order to convey this message about the soul to them?

Answer: Yes, you still need to do it while remaining yourself, in good shape.

Question: Is that why we need our external shell?

Answer: Yes.

Question: When ancient texts, for example the “Song of Songs” talk about how a woman dresses up before her master, what is it saying there?

Answer: Of course about inner beauty.

Question: What did King Solomon write about when talking about the woman who waits for her beloved?

Answer: He wrote about the female part of humanity, so to say “female,” which should approach the male part of humanity and in the right connection between them reveal the Creator.

Question: So basically, it is a song of songs to the Creator?

Answer: Yes. Of course! “Song of Songs” is the highest song! That is why it is called the “Song of Songs.”

Question: If we draw such a conclusion: external, internal, a woman who should always remain beautiful—what does that mean? How to achieve that?

Answer: I do not know. I do not equate appearance with inner achievements.

A person spends 50, 60, or 70 years of their life absorbing and creating within him the right vessel for sanctifying the Creator through him. It is his job. So what does external makeup have to do with it?

Comment: But still, you said that if we are talking about a woman, then a woman should maintain herself.

My Response: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/26/24

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Either Unity or Death

931.01Question: What should be the conditions for the quality of the people of Israel in us to hear the call of Mordechai: either connection or death?

Answer: We must feel that as a result of the entire historical path, we have reached a state where the Creator (nature) sets a task: either you unite with each other and become higher, more developed than everyone else, and then everything will work out, or your end will be here.

Question: The fact is that although our lives are in danger every day, we cannot say that any sensitivity has awakened in us. How can we develop it?

Answer: Special sensitivity can be developed only by all possible actions to unite. Then we will see how much they help us and benefit every person and the whole nation.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “There Is a Certain People”

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Questions about Spiritual Work—106

249.03Question: What gives the Creator greater pleasure: our advancement in faith above reason or the creation of a Kli for His revelation?

Answer: Both of these actions complement each other. One cannot be without the other.

Question: We must build an intention for every action, even in the material world. It constantly slips away during the day. How can we keep the intention without forgetting it?

Answer: Write a memo on your hand, paper, or phone, and you will gradually get used to it.

Question: The problem has been dragging on for many years when a person enjoys himself in the ten and then, unfortunately—shouts and pushes his opinion. How can we work with him? Or is it not worth working with him at all?

Answer: Those who do not have patience, who do not understand the importance of such a state, let them not work. But in general, this is a good condition, and those who patiently endure it will receive new large Kelim.

Question: The restriction of pleasure and simplification of life, minimalism in everything, happened to me as if by itself: in clothes, in food, in necessary furniture, even in the number of desires. What is this process?

Answer: This is universalization: a person is satisfied with little. That is his wealth. Therefore, it writes that the rich are the ones who are happy with their lot.

Question: Our daily activities are connection, reading articles, intention, and prayer. Is this enough to adhere to the Creator, or is there a need to add something else?

Answer: The connection between you is the most important thing for the Creator. He is waiting for this to manifest in the center of the ten. That is the first purpose of His attitude toward us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/30/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Purity of the Vessels of Reception”

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Common and Individual Sufferings

963.4Question: Throughout history there have been and still are people who engage in spiritual correction. Why does this still not free them from suffering?

Answer: The point is that there are private sufferings and common sufferings. A person engaged in correction frees oneself from private suffering. But one cannot be freed from common sufferings since they come from above to the entire group of people, to the whole nation. Hardly anyone can be happy when misfortunes spread throughout the world.

Question: So if a person follows the path of Torah, i.e., achieves closeness with the Creator through closeness with other people, is he freed from individual sufferings?

Answer: Yes, there is no reason for nature to torment him. But since he is one with all of humanity, and suffering descends upon the entire world, he suffers along with it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 3/14/24

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Strive for Unity in the Family

565.01Question: Are the spouses’ aspiration toward each other called caring?

Answer: It is everything. You should strive for unity so that every single thing in your environment, utensils, clothes, everything you have in your home, what is called “yours,” unites you.

Here, one should combine the spiritual and the material. You should be so harmonious in everything that even looking at something in the house physically unites you, and you feel it is “ours.” That is something you need to learn and painstakingly attain.

Question: How can I achieve this? Is my annulling in something putting my partner’s desires above mine?

Answer: Naturally, everything is built on the annulment of oneself relative to the other. And this should be constant.

Each one yields to the other, but in doing so, they do not diminish themselves; instead they offer the partner to occupy a more advantageous state and take a step toward them. That is, each acts in a way that the other has a chance to come and turn to them.

Question: But is this not at the expense of the one who yielded?

Answer: No, we are not discussing this from the point of the ego, but are talking about how to get closer.
From KabTV’s “Man and Woman” 3/19/24

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