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The content is based on talks given by Dr. Michael Laitman and is written and edited by his students.

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Mar 6, 2024How Do People Influence?
Mar 5, 2024The Fight for Positive Connections: Approaching Every Moment as a New Battle
Mar 4, 2024What Are Your Thoughts and Needs to Be Happy?
Mar 3, 2024Who Is an Actual Scientist?
Feb 28, 2024Water Wearing Away Stone: A Metaphor for the Persistent Pursuit of Unity
Feb 26, 2024How Will the Messiah Be Known?
Feb 25, 2024How Can One Justify Being Happy When There Is So Much Suffering in the World?
Feb 22, 2024Building Bridges of Peace: A Call for Unity in Israel
Feb 21, 2024Knowledge vs. Wisdom: Unraveling the Secrets of the Book of Life
Feb 18, 2024From the Blind Leading the Blind to the Sighted Leading the Blind
Feb 15, 2024The Night Strength Met Intelligence: Alexander the Great’s Meeting with Shimon HaTzadik That Saved Jerusalem
Feb 14, 2024How Can I Overcome Manipulations?
Feb 13, 2024Does Attitude Shape Behavior?
Feb 11, 2024Can Everyone Heal Others?
Feb 5, 2024What Does “To Love” Actually Mean?
Feb 4, 2024What Are the Benefits of Existential Questions?
Jan 31, 2024Are We More or Less in Danger of Nuclear War Now Than During the Cold War?
Jan 30, 2024World Kabbalah Convention, January 2024
Jan 23, 2024Is Immigration Killing New York?
Jan 21, 2024Spirituality Is Not for Isolated Groups. It’s for Humanity