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Jan 26, 2021Writers Meeting
Jan 22, 2016Interview on 103 FM
Jan 14, 2016New Life 676 – “For Is The Tree Of The Field Man”
A person doesn’t want to feel limited. He feels that he has everything, but he has nothing. This world has become too small for him and he wants to escape to eternity, to see true reality. When he...
Jan 14, 2016New Life 677 – The Meaning Of Tu Bishvat
Tu Bishvat represents a special state in which a person sees the fruit of his work of planting himself in the right environment. Having performed the 39 labors, he is rewarded with fruit: the fruit of...
Dec 24, 2012TV Program "Kabbalists Write": Tu BiShvat
Jan 16, 2011TV Program "In the Same Ship"
Jan 4, 2011TV Program "Child's Play": Tu Bishvat, No39
Jan 21, 2010A TV Program - Opening the Zohar. 34
Jan 18, 2010TV Program "The Spirit of the Holiday": Tu Bishvat
Dec 28, 2009TV Program "Kabbalists Write": Tu BiShvat