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Jul 26, 2020Global Perspectives. The 9th of Av and Jewish Opposition to Israel
Jul 19, 2020Global Perspectives. COVID-19, Antisemitism, and the 9th of Av
Feb 11, 2020New Life 1207 – The Evolution Of Anti-Semitism
Anti-Semitism derives from the feeling that there is an opposite, altruistic characteristic within Jews that is not in others. “Israel” aims for the positive higher force that exists in nature in...
Feb 4, 2020New Life 1206 – Jewish Self-Hatred
Every Jew has an inner restlessness and self-hatred because he is composed of two opposing forces. We are torn in two between a desire to receive and the beginning of a desire to bestow. The purpose...
Jan 7, 2020New Life 1197 – Being A Jew
The root of a Jewish person is different to the rest of the world. The root of a Jew is in detachment from the ego. The Jewish people should constantly think about how to benefit others. To be Jewish...
Dec 31, 2019New Life 1196 – Understanding Prohibitions In The Torah
The Torah does not pertain to this world and it is therefore impossible to understand it correctly without discovering the upper world. All of the prohibitions in the Torah are interpretations of the...
Aug 5, 2019Spiritual states.
Jul 17, 2019Writers Meeting
Jul 3, 2019Writers Meeting
Apr 23, 2019New Life 1111 – The Development Of Judaism: Settlement In The Land Of Israel, Part 2
The people of Israel had a tendency toward connection and love. However, the ego was awakened and had to be conquered after they entered the land of Israel. The construction of the Temple symbolizes...