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Feb 14, 2021New Life 1298 – Creating Connection In A Team
True connection within a team is established when each member cooperates internally and emotionally by complementing others so the group actually feels as one. Each one gives their heart to the...
Feb 2, 2021Writers Meeting
Dec 20, 2020New Life 1291 – Determining Direction And Goals In A Changing Reality
Young people want to succeed but they find it difficult to choose the right goals and direction in a changing reality. Although reality is changing and the future feels uncertain, humanity is moving...
Dec 15, 2020Writers Meeting 1
Dec 13, 2020New Life 1290 – Motivation At Work
Our nature is to lose motivation just as a person who begins to eat loses his appetite at a certain point. There should be experts in an organization who make sure that motivation, creativity, and...
Oct 27, 2020Writers Meeting
Oct 8, 2020Writers Meeting
Sep 25, 2020New Life 1282 – Management And Professionalism Versus Difficulties In Interpersonal Relations
A successful business must be integral since this is the general inclination of human development today. A self-assured, middle manager who blocks innovative ideas subsequently leads to negative...
Aug 8, 2016TV Program "The Solution" No 125
Aug 8, 2016TV Program "The Solution" No 124