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Feb 14, 2021New Life 1298 – Creating Connection In A Team
Feb 2, 2021Writers Meeting
Dec 20, 2020New Life 1291 – Determining Direction And Goals In A Changing Reality
Young people want to succeed but they find it difficult to choose the right goals and direction in a changing reality. Although reality is changing and the future feels uncertain, humanity is moving...
Dec 15, 2020Writers Meeting 1
Dec 13, 2020New Life 1290 – Motivation At Work
Our nature is to lose motivation just as a person who begins to eat loses his appetite at a certain point. There should be experts in an organization who make sure that motivation, creativity, and...
Oct 27, 2020Writers Meeting
Oct 8, 2020Writers Meeting
Sep 25, 2020New Life 1282 – Management And Professionalism Versus Difficulties In Interpersonal Relations
A successful business must be integral since this is the general inclination of human development today. A self-assured, middle manager who blocks innovative ideas subsequently leads to negative...
Aug 8, 2016TV Program "The Solution" No 125
Aug 8, 2016TV Program "The Solution" No 124