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Mar 15, 2021News in Russian
Mar 8, 2021News in Russian
Jan 31, 2021New Life 1296 – An Ambassador Of Connection
As ambassadors of connection, we teach that if we want to achieve our goals, we must learn to connect. Even a person’s thoughts influence those around him, not to mention his actions. In a family that...
Jan 24, 2021New Life 1295 – Deepening The Ties In The Groups To Which We Belong
Bike riders in a group can attain a higher, internal level of connection if they make efforts to unite in one heart and one mind as one man on one bicycle. Leaders will share the feeling that there is...
Jan 14, 2021News in Russian
Jan 11, 2021News in Russian
Dec 31, 2020News in Russian
Dec 28, 2020News in Russian
Jul 1, 2020New Life 1259 – A World Without Money
If money loses its value, nature itself will pay for any labor that contributes to society with emotional coins. The coins of nature are eternal coins of the soul. The soul is the internal effort that...
Jun 24, 2020New Life 1257 – How Ideas Are Spread
All in all, nature is a desire to receive that passes from one human to another like a virus. We receive and absorb ideas, thoughts, and genes from one another. Nature is interested in us conveying...