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Aug 13, 2019New Life 1153
Aug 6, 2019New Life 1150
Aug 6, 2019New Life 1149
Jul 25, 2019New Life 1143
Jul 11, 2019New Life 1136
Jul 2, 2019New Life 1133
Jun 18, 2019New Life 1125
Apr 9, 2019New Life 1108 – Living In The Spiritual Network
We live in a network of spiritual connection that is called “the upper world.” A person is nourished by this network so he must learn how to behave in it correctly. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches...
Apr 4, 2019New Life 1106
Apr 4, 2019New Life 1105 – Life On The Net
In the ideal network, everyone is included and our good relationships create a ball of love, but the human ego opposes this. The gap between our natural connection and the egoistic attitude determines...