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Jul 18, 2019New Life 1140
Jul 18, 2019New Life 1139
Jun 27, 2019New Life 1131 – How To Have It All
We live in a time when a person’s ego wants to grow without limites, to be everywhere, to taste everything, to know everything, to feel everything, and to have it all. When a person sees that he is...
Jun 25, 2019New Life 1129 – Coping With Crises
Crisis is birth, change, and new opportunity. Even death is a part of life and not the end. Each person has a certain fate and must develop according to the root of his soul. People may feel...
Jun 25, 2019New Life 1128 – Women And The Essence Of Life
The need for internal convergence is particularly evident in women. The nature of women is to relax, absorb, test, and connect to the eternal flow of nature. As women, we must find out what nature...
Jun 20, 2019New Life 1127 – Thought Creates Reality
The power of thought works according to the goal of creation, which is to advance humanity toward the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). It is possible to use...
Jun 18, 2019New Life 1124
Jun 11, 2019New Life 1121
Jun 11, 2019New Life 1120 – Balancing Optimism And Pessimism
It is possible to advance with confidence when we combine optimism and pessimism. Various characteristics are distributed among humanity to create diversity, complementarity, and a rich blend. It is...
Jun 4, 2019New Life 1117