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New Life 1324 – About Consumerism And Internal Property

Episode 1324|Nov 14, 2021|895 Views
The experience of shopping brings us pleasure, excitement, success, and status. In addition, Internet purchases create the anticipation of delivery, and the excitement of opening the box. The nature of the will to receive is to always desire to acquire something new. The more we receive, the more we enjoy. It’s not that we swallow the object itself, but rather we swallow the pleasure we receive from acquiring it. We need to ask ourselves what is needed for life, and plan ahead to buy only that, not what the advertisers persuade us will bring pleasure. Otherwise we find ourselves surrounded by objects that just gather dust, while the emptiness of our will to receive remains. We should educate children by example and teach them to seek inner fulfillments that don’t cost money—books, music, games, sports, relationships, and conversation. Healthy consumerism is buying only what we truly need and raising our importance for attaining inner assets.