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Dec 30, 2013
New Life 276 – The Male Brain And The Female Brain, Part 1

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Men and women experience the desire to enjoy in opposite ways, which are supposed to connect into one perfect system at the end of development. Women desire to build a home, a place to rule. Men, on the other hand, desire to break out, far away from home, and play with all kinds of new things. The nature of a woman is to absorb and receive. The nature of a man is to spread and overcome. In recent generations, there has been confusion and shuffling between the genders and the distinctions are fading. Men have taken on a feminine form since they are weaker than women. Men lack patience and are only strong in the short-term, whereas women are connected to nature and can survive long-term. The destruction of the masculine nature is not a coincidence but a course planned in the evolution of nature.