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New Life 1046 – The Wisdom Of Kabbalah And Science

Episode 1046|Aug 14, 2018
The wisdom of Kabbalah is the root of all sciences. It is the study of the whole world and provides us with tools to explore all of reality, independent of the viewer. Our inner structure determines what we see as reality. In normal research, a person investigates the world through the five senses and other instruments that expand the range of his egoistic perception. This type of scientific study is based on the desire to receive. The wisdom of Kabbalah, however, approaches study from a new vantage point, namely, the desire to bestow. We perceive the power of bestowal or “nature” according to the degree of our inner development of the desire to bestow. In other words, in order to explore the power of bestowal, a person has to build within himself a force of bestowal, similar to the one found in nature.