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New Life 519 – Understanding God

Episode 519|Feb 12, 2015
If I were to discover that a single force is behind everything in my life, I would try to understand it. People who have revealed it can teach me what it wants from me and how I will be able to discover it. Kabbalah explains this developmental process, and today we can reveal the Creator! When a person builds the characteristics of God, bestowal and love, within oneself, it is said that one reveals Him. Then there is nothing that separates between him and God. God is within him, as close as possible; there is real adhesion. A person like this has become a man of God. All people who become close to Him are really like Him. This is the best state, this is an unlimited state. A person is filled with the upper force and merges with eternity. All people must evolve toward this perfected state, and it is the role of the Jews to teach it.