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New Life 1262 – One Global Culture

Episode 1262|Jul 8, 2020
History is moving us towards one common global culture in which we will be as one man in one heart. We will support one another mutually and value connection above all. It is only the human ego that separates us. We will learn to restrict the evil inclination in the human ego that wants to rule and build oneself on the ruin of others. Any institution that restricts people by force like the police, army, courts and prisons will become redundant. We will rise above the ego and connect with others above our animalistic wars for survival. The gains in doing so will outweigh the losses. We have no choice since nature is forcing us to move in this direction. We will realize that it is impossible to be nice to one another through our own power and will cry out together to nature to open our hearts. Our collective desire and efforts to connect will raise a request for the positive force to nature. The whole world will be like one big house and a single family. We will live in harmony with nature without fear in a heavenly paradise.