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New Life 7 – Crisis and Development

Episode 7|Jan 4, 2012
Humanity is in a financial and ecological crisis that is endangering our existence. We face unemployment in ever-increasing numbers, environmental disasters, and family disconnection including the neglect of children. We exist to work and have lost the human being within the egoistic systems. The crisis is a cleansing through which we will reach an integral society. In this new society, people will only spend a couple of hours working to provide for their basic needs daily and will spend the rest of their time studying human development. A person will be appreciated for how much one invests in connecting people rather than one’s pay grade or status. As this paradigm shifts and mutual support increases, other problems like health and pollution will disappear. We will cease being blind, foolish slaves of the human ego and will reach an opposite world in which social justice and mutual guarantee reign. We will reach perfection and feel revived through the general, integral system in nature.