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New Life 557 – The Ethnic Demon

Episode 557|Apr 19, 2015
It is good that the ethnic demon has again been awakened because in order to advance, problems must be exposed, not covered up. Kabbalah explains that any destruction or division that manifests is an indication of humanity’s ripeness for correction. Today, we are compelled to become a single, united people; therefore, the split between us is being revealed in its full intensity. Latent in the ethnic gap is the origin of all goodness and the secret of a better future based on the principle, “Love covers all transgressions” (Proverbs 10:12). Abraham and Moses taught us how to become as one, above all the differences. Only the people of Israel can deal with the ethnic demon, overwhelm it, learn why it exists, and how to correct it by bringing the power of connection to the world.