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New Life 573 – Revealing Divinity

Episode 573|May 21, 2015
Why is there an internal desire in every person to know the thought of creation? All the doubts a person has are not about religion but stem from the lack of revelation of Godliness here in this world. A person who wants to reveal what he is living for, what the purpose of his life is, and what the secret of life is arrives at the wisdom of Kabbalah. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the revelation of Godliness is the result of keeping the one law of, “love thy friend as thyself.” Godliness is the power of love and bestowal, the good and benevolent, and so we need to love and to be benevolent in order to reveal it. When there will be love amidst the nation of Israel, we will be a “light unto the nations of the world.”