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New Life 1065 – Paradoxical Thinking And Spiritual Development

Episode 1065|Oct 2, 2018
Paradoxes are resolved through awareness of the Creator. They come to me from one integrated source and I want to return them to this higher root. By working on myself to constantly be in bestowal and love, I discover the complementarity between opposites. The connection between good and evil is done only through transcendence to a third line, which unites the opposites. In spiritual development, we don’t destroy evil, or the ego. Instead, we transcend it because evil advances us. Human egoism is a destructive force, but if we construct a more advanced system of thought in which bestowal is more important than reception, it becomes a stimulus for spiritual development. The Torah encourages paradoxical thinking in order to elevate a person to a spiritual level. We can learn to love without eliminating hatred by rising above it.