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Where Does the Desire for Space Travel Come From?

Jul 5, 2021
Billionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have recently engaged in a new kind of space travel. It has given an impression that very wealthy people have no limits. They can never be satisfied with what they have, and even space has become a place for them to compete in. The human ego is unlimited. It is beyond nature’s forces. The ego wants to swallow the universe with its stars, its space, and everything, so that everything will shift to become inside me, and there will be nothing outside of me. A petition that was signed by hundreds of thousands of people relating to the billionaire's space flight stated the following, “We don't need billionaires, not on earth and not in space. But if they already decided to go to space, we should leave them there.” In other words, hundreds of thousands of people think that we should shut the doors so they cannot come back. This entire approach, even this thought, is incorrect in my opinion. Billionaires are those who keep factories, society and several other systems operating in the world. If I’m not a billionaire and I'm not great, it's because I don't have these qualities and I don't know how to get ahead at my expense and at your expense. They have just found more sophisticated ways to put their hands into our pockets and drain from there. But they are using human nature in order to get rich. And without using human nature in this way, we won't be able to progress humanity. We need not change anything in our relations, between billionaires and masses. We need change only through education. All of us, including billionaires, have to receive the proper education, so that it will bring us all to understand this system that we are living in. We are all interdependent and only through such understanding will we be able to balance out society as there is room for everyone and no one will feel threatened by another.