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New Life 1106 – Life On The Net, Part 2

Episode 1106|Apr 4, 2019
In nature there is a special network that connects us, a kind of emotional thread that goes from heart to heart. The spiritual communication network is managed by the power of love and connection. It follows the rules of love. These rules are aimed at bringing the inanimate, vegetative, and living to mutual completion in the best possible way. Everyone has a special place in the network and a role of his or her own. When you discover the spiritual network of communication between the hearts, you become included in the good power that fills it. When each one is connected to others in bestowal and love, we all attain eternal and complete life. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to discover the network of spiritual connection by working on connection in a group. In the connection, man enjoys the power that fills the system and experiences wholeness and eternity.