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Drug overdose prevention centers, where drug addicts can legally receive supervised drug-consumption services, as a solution for drug overdose deaths. • Digital prosecutors: artificial intelligence that indicts with 97% accuracy. • The role of parents in children’s happiness and well-being. • How much desire does a person really have to live? • The pursuit of pleasure.

Jun 9, 2022
A center for in taking drugs opened up in New York City. Here, drug addicts can legally inject, seek help from a doctor. Basically how it works, if you are still going to use drugs, let us teach you how to do it safely. People do not have to hide, they will not be arrested, one can take a shower, wash their clothes and everything is free. What do you think about this solution, do you like it? • China has created a digital prosecutor, artificial intelligence that indites with 97% accuracy. The system has already been tested in the prosecutors' office in Shanghai. The digital prosecutor was trained based on 17000 cases. So far they can bring charges of cheating, organizations of gambling, wreckless driving, theft, inciting violence. So far the AI only helps the prosecutor, the final decision still lays in the hands of man. But the future is not far off that the AI will carry out just incitements. • Psychologists say, for the happiness and wellbeing of a child, the following conditions are necessary. For you to become the source of information for your child and not a tablet or laptop. I don’t know how it’s possible today. For a parent to become the source of information, is it possible? • Euthanasia, the word itself, is being used more and more here and there. How much desire does a person really have to live, many times he thinks about it, many times he imagines it to himself how he leaves peacefully. Think of pain and someone has to think of, you know, he has to wait when he will be taken care of, I understand these people. It relieves them? Yes! The Canadian government is opening up the right to use euthanasia to those who are not terminally ill, the authorities will help those who are too poor to continue their treatment and live without dignity, meaning they are ill but they do not know when will it happen, so they are helping them leave. So the Canadian medical assistance program provides drugs that will intentionally kill a person at their request. What do you think about this decision,I understand that it is not simple. • For everything that we buy, we need to pay twice the price, any desired thing, book, bicycle, cabbage, you name it, and the second thing, the effort to profit from that thing. And the second price can be much higher than the first. For a new novel, for example, we bought it for $20, but we need 10, 12 hours, two days to read it, to get the pleasure out of it, etc. and only then do we see the return on the first price. Today, in pursuit of pleasure, we only have time to pay the first price, we run immediately after a new pleasure, buy again, etc. bikes, cars,