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New Life 1275 – Altruism In The Era Of The Big Ego

Episode 1275|Aug 5, 2020
All of nature including the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels, is made up of two forces: altruism and egoism. The two forces, the plus and the minus, are one, since each cannot exist without the other in any form, not even in an atom. Although altruism exists in our world in relation to giving birth and caring for relatives, it is mostly hidden and works behind the scenes. Egoism is more evident and is growing as nature is demanding its realization and correction. In order to evolve, humanity must recognize the evil, which is inherent in the ego as we currently use it. We need to see how incapable the ego is in delivering lasting results. We will see that it is better to die than to live according to the ego. Then, we will want the altruistic force to grow within us and build balance between us and in all of human society. We will learn to use both forces; we will fill ourselves in order to give to others. Nature wants us to build ourselves by ourselves so that we can discover the higher force and live in a whole, eternal, perfect, unlimited world of mutual enjoyment and fulfillment, above time, space, and motion.