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New Life 117 – We Are All In The Same Boat

Episode 117|Dec 24, 2012
The world is becoming round due to the economic crisis. Life is becoming more even and connected for all of humanity regarding culture, education, use of the Internet, cellular networks, and even the consumption of junk food. Organizations and individuals share resources to save money. The crisis is forcefully bringing us closer to each other and requiring that we learn how to use the human ego properly. While it is forbidden to limit or suppress a person, we need to learn how to construct ourselves as people who radiate goodness so that everyone will accept us gladly. We need to build the right kind of environment through which we will learn how to be more open, outgoing, and connected with one another above our differences. People will learn, through workshops in which people sit in a circle and discuss issues such as the human egoistic nature, how our development is influenced by others through the environment, and our mutual interdependence. We will build a common desire and a common brain between everyone so that we can effectively look ahead and plan our next moves together.