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New Life 1295 – Deepening The Ties In The Groups To Which We Belong

Episode 1295|Jan 24, 2021
Bike riders in a group can attain a higher, internal level of connection if they make efforts to unite in one heart and one mind as one man on one bicycle. Leaders will share the feeling that there is a special connection amidst the group and then pay attention to the natural reactions that are invoked without any artificial pressure. Conflicts, which are a part of life, are used to increase the connection. For example, if someone is late, the time is used to speak about the essence of the connection, concessions, and ascending above the ego. The group accepts the late member and connects even more as a result of his tardiness. If the group aims to increase the connection between them, they will really float together within the harmony of nature and ride on the road to happiness, pleasure, and success!