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New Life 1261 – Virtual Connections

Episode 1261|Jul 6, 2020
The virtual platform provides a more useful, practical, accessible, convenient, and palpable community experience in comparison with other forms of gathering. It costs less and pollutes less. Emotion can be expressed better virtually as well since people are more protected and committed. We can meet, play games, sing, act, and even eat together virtually just like in a family. There are no limitations to how we can connect heart to heart online. While children will continue to gather physically for brief periods to play sports together, overall, the warm, inner thoughts and feelings that we develop for one another virtually will compensate for, cover, complete, and conceal any physical interactions we could have had. We will enter a new, pure, clean dimension of life without borders or boundaries where we feel each other through an “inner sight” and get to know the essence of others in an absolutely perfect world.