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New Life 1263 – The Strengthening Of The Female Force In The World

Episode 1263|Jul 8, 2020
Women used to spend their time at home cooking and raising children and now they are prime ministers. The female force will continue to grow in global management in order to balance the role of the male force, which is diminishing. The female force in nature is the will to receive and the male force is the will to bestow. The will to receive or the pulling force of gravity is at the center of creation. It is the part that gives birth, cares for, controls, develops, and educates new life. The male and female forces must learn to complement and add to each other. They will learn to connect as human beings above their own natures and beyond gender so that true equality and balance can be achieved. We will learn to bestow upon each other and thereby attain a new, higher level of spiritual development as one essence. Connection, peace, fellowship, sharing, mutual responsibility, unity, and love will rule in this new world.