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New Life 1258 – East, West, And The Integral World

Episode 1258|Jul 1, 2020
The world is divided into East and West according to the root of the soul of every nation. The nation of Israel is a third component, a special one which is neither East nor West; it is unlike any other nation. The West cannot learn from the East as they cannot be compared. In collective societies people are ready and willing to accept and obey laws whereas Western culture is rational. The West does not need to learn from the East or vice versa. Each party needs to correct itself according to the root of its soul. We need to explain to Western people that, today, nature is obligating us to build an integral connection between different individuals for the sake of a better future for everyone. The fulfillment of the freedom of the individual is expressed by self-fulfillment in my connections with others. This is the formula for a perfect world.