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Dec 6, 2018
New Life 1075 – How To Find Your True Self

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The true, inner part in a person is called a soul. By discovering one’s inner point called “I” or soul, a person reveals the higher, eternal, and perfect stabilizing power called the Creator. Today we are detached from the essence of life, the soul. This is particularly noticeable with younger generations. We remain unaware of our true selves while being shaped by innate characteristics, education, and environmental factors. We continue to develop in this way from generation to generation until we finally come to the question: “Who am I really?” and search for the higher power that provides an anchor in life. This is the goal of human evolution and each of us must attain it. We all belong to one root and are all connected with one another there. When a person is connected to this innermost root, he feels that he has come home to a good, warm, and full house.