An Inside Look with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman

An Inside Look is a show with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi on current events from the perspective of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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•An Infinite World • Where else can it go? •Food Stamps - Help for the poor or a trap? •Chip in the Head •A New Age of War•The education budget is the largest budget in Israel •Sperm Count: In the last 50 years, scientists have discovered a decrease of more than 50 percent in the sperm count in men. •Shortened Work Week
•An Infinite World: When will we be able to see the entire universe, end to end? •In a recent survey of the Palestinians, three out of four supported the establishment of terrorist organizations. Where else can it go? •Food Stamps - Help for the poor or a trap? •Chip in the Head - Scientists at Elon Musk's company have succeeded in implanting a chip in the brain of a monkey, which allows it to play on the computer with the power of thought alone. •A New Age of War: Yuval Noah Harari, the famous historian, writes in Ynet that "We are in a new age of war, which may be worse than anything we have seen in the past. The new age of war endangers the very survival of the human race." •The education budget is the largest budget in Israel, even more than the defense budget. Once upon a time, the position of Minister of Education was prestigious and sought after. What does this mean for us as a society? •Sperm Count: In the last 50 years, scientists have discovered a decrease of more than 50 percent in the sperm count in men. The scientists say it comes mainly as a result of different chemical effects on us. •Shortened Work Week: 100 companies in the UK have signed up for a permanent four-day work week for all their employees without loss of pay and hope to be the vanguard of a major change in work patterns.
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•A Wave of Terror •History in Space •Agreement With Lebanon •Violence Made In Israel •"The Whole World Depends On Israel" •The Rise Of The Right In Europe •Big Little Coin
A Wave of Terror: Israel is in the midst of a wave of terror. The government refrains from embarking on an extensive military operation and tries to avoid harming the Palestinian population and does not impose closures or deny work permits. Despite this, it seems that the situation is only getting worse and there is no end in sight. How can the situation be calmed down? • History in Space: For the first time in history, a spacecraft launched by NASA crashed into a giant asteroid and managed to divert it from its orbit. The NASA administrator said: "NASA is trying to be ready for whatever the universe decides to throw in our direction. It felt like a movie plot." I was really excited when I heard that. Look how far we humans manage to get. An asteroid in space millions of kilometers away and we manage to move it. There really is no limit to human ability. We can do anything. How do you see it? When we talked about it at home, my wife said to me what are you so passionate about? We cannot stop storms, volcanoes, tsunamis. Why can't we really stop what is happening here? • Agreement With Lebanon The agreement on the division of the maritime area with Lebanon for the purpose of gas drilling arouses great controversy in Israel. Without going into the political aspect of signing an agreement during a transitional government, essentially there are two opposite approaches in Israel. One approach says that you should not sign because it is giving in to their blackmail. A second approach says that if we help them get out of the economic mess, it will weaken Hezbollah and be good for our security. How do you see things? • Violence Made In Israel An eighteen-year-old young man, Yoel Lehanghel, a new immigrant from India, was attacked by a group of youths at a birthday party in Kiryat Shmona. One of them stabbed him to death. Eleven youths, some of them 13 years old, were arrested. We have become a violent society. Hitting a parking space you make a mistake on the road can kill you. Every day you hear about another shocking case. How does this happen to this nation? Is this the chosen people? • "The Whole World Depends On Israel" Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychologist and the most popular thinker in the world today, said these things during a visit to Jerusalem: "The eyes of the whole world are on here... you have a huge moral responsibility... and I think the fate of the world depends on the decisions of the people of Israel... you will show the world what the Holy City can look like (here he chokes on tears) - because we need it. We need it!". And I want to ask you Dr. Laitman, we Jews don't feel it. Why does a Canadian psychologist feel such a thing? • The Rise Of The Right In Europe In Italy, Hungary and Sweden, the right won the elections, and in general the right-wing parties are successful in Europe. The left's dreams of a European Union, and of countries that accept everyone regardless of religion, race and gender, are not accepted by the public. And I wanted to ask you, why do you think the public is becoming more and more right-wing? Will nationalism solve Europe's problems? If every country closes in on itself, won't it bring more wars? • Big Little Coin Another archaeological discovery of the ancient connection of the people of Israel to the Land of Israel, a more than 2000-year-old coin from the fourth year of the Great Revolt against the Romans, has been returned to Israel. The coin was a declaration of independence of the Jews in the Land of Israel against the Roman Empire. Are you excited by such findings? Are they important to you?
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Cold Winter in Europe: How is it that we have reached the 21st century and thousands are going to freeze because of an energy problem in Europe, the heart of civilization? • Mother and Baby Test Tube Error: Perhaps we humans have gone a little too far in playing the role of God? • Only Such Human Warmth Can Defeat All Hatred and Wars: What gives a person strength to turn such a tragic family disaster into something positive, into love for the rest of their life? • Youth in Crisis: Perhaps you could give me some guidance on how to deal with this reality? • Yom Kippur: It feels like the whole world needs some soul-searching. • Cold Winter in Europe: How is it that we have reached the 21st century and thousands are going to freeze because of an energy problem in Europe, the heart of civilization? • Mother and Baby Test Tube Error: Perhaps we humans have gone a little too far in playing the role of God? • Only Such Human Warmth Can Defeat All Hatred and Wars: What gives a person strength to turn such a tragic family disaster into something positive, into love for the rest of their life? • Youth in Crisis: Perhaps you could give me some guidance on how to deal with this reality? • Yom Kippur: It feels like the whole world needs some soul-searching. • The Wonders of Singing: What is it about music in general and singing in particular that fulfills us and maybe even heals us?
Cold Winter in Europe: Following the war in Ukraine, Europe is expected to have a particularly difficult winter due to a lack of energy, which has already led to a spike in the prices of natural gas and electricity. There are already countries that have issued energy saving regulations. For example, that you should not wash your hands in hot water, that you should shower very quickly, that you should not turn on the heating in the house without limits, and many other similar examples. And I ask myself, how is it that we have reached the 21st century and thousands are going to freeze because of an energy problem in Europe, the heart of civilization? • Mother and Baby Test Tube Error: A woman who underwent a vitro fertilization procedure at Assuta Hospital accidentally discovered in the seventh month that the hospital had made a mistake and returned to her womb an embryo from another couple. Now there is an argument around this mistake, who should be the baby’s parents? Perhaps we humans have gone a little too far in playing the role of God? • Only Such Human Warmth Can Defeat All Hatred and Wars: What gives a person strength to turn such a tragic family disaster into something positive, into love for the rest of their life? Three-year-old Fouad from the village of Wadi Ara was run over to death about two weeks ago near his home. His parents decided to donate his organs to save six children and teenagers, Arabs and Jews. Fouad's mother said, "Your death carries a message of love and rapprochement between religions." And when I hear about cases like this, about families like this, I say to myself, wow, only from here will peace come. From opening your heart, and simply helping others, in what you can. • Youth in Crisis: About two and a half years after the outbreak of the corona virus and following the closures and social isolation, there was an increase of more than 20 percent in the hospitalization of teenagers in psychiatric wards and the use of anti-depressant and anxiety medications. When this happens to you at home, when your boy or girl goes into deep depression, and for many months is barely able to communicate with others, as a parent it completely wears you down. Perhaps you could give me some guidance on how to deal with this reality? • The Hijab Protests in Iran: Since the death of Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian woman who was arrested and tortured for not properly wearing her headscarf, unprecedented mass protests have erupted in Iran in dozens of cities, including the capital Tehran. The demonstrators are confronting the security forces and currently over eighty are reported dead and over a thousand arrested. And it doesn't stop. The government rules through intimidation and suddenly you see young women without a veil in front of the police, young men confronting the security forces. As if they have lost their fear. What is happening to the Iranians, for more than forty years they have been under the regime of the ayatollahs. Do you think they will succeed in overthrowing the regime? • Yom Kippur: It feels like the whole world needs some soul-searching. This year, Yom Kippur falls on a period of fear and insecurity in Israel and the world. The war in Ukraine is developing and there is a fear that it will turn into a nuclear war. In Iran and other countries there are riots, and in other countries they are suffering from hunger. The West is facing an unprecedented economic and political crisis. It feels like the whole world needs some soul-searching. • The Wonders of Singing: Researchers in Finland tested the health effects that singing in a choir has on young and old people. The researchers found that choir members performed better psychologically and cognitively, and had better social skills compared to healthy non-singing adults. And I can tell you personally, in our family we really like to sing. To tell about my aunts… Why do we like to sing together? What is it about music in general and singing in particular that fulfills us and maybe even heals us?
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Rewards for Excellence in Teaching • Quiet Quitting • The Nuclear Agreement • Forest Showers • Battle in the Sky • Tensions with Lebanon and Hezbollah
Rewards for Excellence in Teaching: The salary agreement between the teachers union and the Treasury, for the first time rewards teachers for excellence and not just for seniority. Outstanding teachers will be able to receive salary increases. According to what has been published, the person who will determine who the outstanding teachers are, will be the principals of the schools. What is a great teacher? •Quiet Quitting is a new phenomenon that is spreading in the world of work mainly among young people. • The Nuclear Agreement: The superpowers and Iran are very close to signing a new nuclear agreement. Experts say this deal is worse than the one Obama signed. • Forest Showers: In Japan there is a therapeutic approach that sends people with various medical problems to stay in nature for a long time. According to studies, this stay can reduce blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, treat anxiety and depression, and aid in recovery from many other medical problems. Do you agree that nature heals man? • A letter from a worried mother asking how to save the relationship and win her child again? • Battle in the Sky: Crew members on an "Air France" flight from Paris to Geneva had to separate two pilots who were fighting in the cockpit during a flight. One of the crew members even stayed in the cockpit with the two, to make sure the plane landed safely. The two pilots were suspended from their duties. • Tensions with Lebanon and Hezbollah: Lately there are constantly incidents near the Lebanese border. Hezbollah operatives regularly provoke Israeli soldiers. But it's not only that. Nasrallah does not stop threatening Israel's gas wells, sends drones to the gas rigs, and does everything to provoke us.
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The Pigs That Came Back from the Dead • Neighborhood Watch • Failed Grade in Support of Israel • What Do We Do With Grandma? • The Lucky Winner • Suicides in Gaza • Charm is Deceitful and Beauty is Vain
The Pigs That Came Back from the Dead: American researchers managed to revive pigs an hour after they died. The researchers killed the pigs and an hour later injected a unique blood substitute into their bodies using an Ecmo-like device (which replaces the function of the heart and lungs) that contains components designed to prevent cell death. A few hours later, the pigs' hearts started working again, and a partial return to activity was noticed in the kidneys, liver, and brain. • Neighborhood Watch: Residents of Beersheba decided to establish a "neighborhood watch" to restore a sense of security to the city, after years of rampant crime and lack of enforcement. Nati and Keren Guttentag, parents of four children who volunteered for the watch, say: "It contributes to our beautiful city, and the activity also excites us and adds spice to our lives." • Failed Grade in Support of Israel: Danielle Greyman, a Jewish-British student, is suing the University of Leeds for the injustice and damage it caused her after a paper she wrote and submitted on the crimes of Hamas got her a failing grade—because she did not criticize Israel—and thus prevented her from receiving her degree. Only after a year and as a result of her legal struggles, they allowed her to pass. • What Do We Do With Grandma? A letter we received from a viewer. My mother, who until recently was an active and independent person, got dementia. She forgets everything, does not recognize those close to her. Sometimes she doesn’t even remember who she is. Her house, which was always shiny, is now messy and dirty, and in general the situation is not easy. I am very confused about what to do with the children. On one hand, I'm very afraid that they will see her like this, on the other hand, I don't want them to disconnect from her. My children are three, six, and ten years old. What can I do? How can I explain grandma's condition to the children? • The Lucky Winner: Not long ago someone won over a billion dollars in the American lottery. A single winner. I guess there are now a lot of investment advisors and all kinds of experts, who will advise him what is best to do with the money. But I wanted to hear from you, as a Kabbalist, what would you recommend he do with the money? • Suicides in Gaza: Recently there has been a wave of suicide attempts in the Gaza Strip, which Hamas tries to hide. This is an average of about 50 attempts per month, most of them by young men who feel they have nowhere to go, and nothing to strive for. Two thirds of the young people in Gaza are unemployed, and the economic hardship is great, with no change in sight. Residents in Gaza say: "We see how the world is progressing, and we are miserable here without any opportunities." • Charm is Deceitful and Beauty is Vain: A new dating app offers registrants to be impressed by character before being impressed by beauty. It doesn't show pictures. The application emphasizes that not the appearance but other issues. What is the most important thing in choosing a partner?
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Collective Action or Collective Suicide • A School Without Teachers • Hostile Signals • The Heart of Bisan • Collective Trauma • True to Ourselves • Leanne's Letter • The Riddle of East Jerusalem • Charity Instead of Ferraris
Collective Action or Collective Suicide: Following the heat waves, the UN Secretary General says that if you don't act together, humanity will reach collective suicide. "No country is immune. We have a choice. Collective action or collective suicide. It's in our hands." If we all know that we are facing a global disaster, why can't we humans unite and find a solution to the problem? • A School Without Teachers: A new pilot that will enter schools in Tel Aviv in the coming academic year is trying to overcome the shortage of teachers using virtual reality glasses and artificial intelligence, i.e. to replace teachers with technological solutions. What do you think about this technological development? • Hostile Signals: A new phenomenon on Judea and Samaria roads: Every evening, the residents of an Arab village in Samaria aim strong light beams from lasers at a road where Jews travel, in order to dazzle the drivers and cause traffic accidents. • The Heart of Bisan: The heart of a 14-year-old, Bisan from Rahat, was transplanted into the body of nine-year-old Linoi, from Sderot, saving her life. A month after the operation, Bisan's mother met Linoi and her family, listened to the heartbeat of her deceased daughter, and cried. At the end of the meeting, she hugged Linoi's mother and told her: "You don't know how much good you did for me." • Collective Trauma: Roxanne Cohen-Silver, an American psychologist, warns that because of the coronavirus, the wars, the food crisis, and the heat waves, many people report that they have reached the limit of their capabilities. That is, they can't listen to the news anymore, or deal with everything going on around them. How can a person relax a little from all the crazy times that have fallen on the world? What is the purpose of all this stress? • True to Ourselves: Recently, Herzl's death memorial was celebrated (20th of Tammuz). Herzl said at the time: "We don't want to be cosmopolitan, devoid of identity, but on the contrary, we want to stand up for our nationalism..." If we did a survey in today's Israel about what our national foundation is based upon, we will get a 1,001 different and opposing opinions. In your opinion, what is the basis of our national foundation? • Leanne's Letter: Leanne, a student at an elementary school, wrote a letter to the school's security guard: "To Tzvika the guard, thank you for guarding us, for the whole school, thank you every morning that you greet me with a smile, and ask how I am, and hope I slept well. You are the best guard in the world! Wishing you always goodness!” How does such a guard feel when he receives such appreciation? • The Riddle of East Jerusalem: In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of young people in East Jerusalem who choose to study the Israeli curriculum, to such an extent that it is not possible to accommodate all those who enroll. One of the students explains: "Hebrew is my future. I am proud of myself that I speak Hebrew well." Another student says: "We need to live together." • Charity Instead of Ferraris: Sadio Mane, a star soccer player from the Liverpool team, earns millions of pounds a year. He was photographed walking around with a broken mobile phone screen. When asked why you are so stingy, he said: ''Why would I want Ferrari cars, diamond watches and jet planes? What will it give the world? I was hungry for bread... now I can help people. I prefer to build schools and give clothes and food to people who are in need.''
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Dictating and Firing: • One Language: • Charitable Giving and Reward: Why doesn’t it always work? • Stressed and Happy: • A Threat App: Why do we make everything bad? • Theft in Order to Eat: • A Letter from a Follower:
Dictating and Firing: Palestinian Islamic Jihad waited for the end of Biden's visit to Israel, and a few hours after he left here and flew to Saudi Arabia, they fired four rockets in the direction of Ashkelon and the Lachish region. In response, the IDF bombed Gaza. It seems that they are trying and succeeding in imposing an agenda on us. How do we get out of this loop? • One Language: Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new model that is based on artificial intelligence, and allows you to translate about 200 different languages of the highest quality, including rare languages. The technology will enable fast communication between most people in the world. • Charitable Giving and Reward: Why doesn’t it always work? A story ran on Twitter under the headline: "A beautiful story about charitable giving and hire": A few years ago, neighbors of my family gave their apartment on Friday and Saturday to an elderly man who was staying with his brother in the area, and had nowhere to sleep. During a Sabbath he was in the stairwell, because of the darkness the old man fell down the stairs, and died. Now his son is suing the neighbors for negligence.” • Stressed and Happy: How can it be explained that Israel is simultaneously one of the most stressful places on the planet, and also ranks high in the global happiness index? • A Threat App: Why do we make everything bad? Recently, an application called NGL has become popular in Israel. Intended for teenagers, it lets them express opinions anonymously on one of the social networks. According to the developing company, this involves transmitting and receiving "messages, advice, opinions, questions and compliments." But in practice many teens report receiving threats, cursing, blatant sexual descriptions, and abusive treatment. • Theft in Order to Eat: With rising costs of living, people in financial distress are stealing basic products from food chains and other stores. A security guard at a branch of a food chain asked a young mother to open her bag and discovered a milk substitute for babies inside. The mother began to cry and asked him to take pity on her. She said she has no money and has a baby at home. • A Letter from a Follower: I have been married for 20 years and have 3 lovely children. My husband and I have had a good married life all these years, but in recent months his attitude toward me has changed greatly and a month ago he just got up and left home without explaining why and I feel like my whole world is ruined. And I want to ask you how does a man do such a thing? To leave me and his children like that? We have three children… What can I do to get him home?
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Mass Shootings in the US. • International Joke Day: Humor is a significant part of our lives, it is hard to imagine them without it. • Collaboration Between Bacteria • President Biden's Visit to Israel. • Return to Activity of the Largest Particle Accelerator in Switzerland • Israel Perceived by Hamas Leader as Losing “Inner Faith in its Ability to Continue to Survive.” • Do We Need Suffering in Order to Live a Life of Meaning? • China on the Moon: What are the ramifications?
Collaboration Between Bacteria: A new Israeli study has revealed that bacteria can cooperate against a predator who is preparing to swallow them, and kill him with a joint effort. • President Biden's Visit: It's no secret that we are very dependent on America. Every time the President of the United States visits Israel there is a feeling of a holiday. As if the rich uncle from America had arrived and we are all waiting to see what gifts he brought with him. But lately there is a feeling that the rich uncle has weakened a bit. • After a 3-year break, the world's largest particle accelerator in Switzerland is returning to activity at a higher intensity. The researchers hope that the reactivation and upgrade will allow for new discoveries in science, and explain the processes that took place in the formation of the universe. • Loss of Inner Faith: Saleh al-Aruri, one of the leaders of Hamas, said that Hamas was confident that the occupation would leave Palestine, and that all the institutions built by the Jewish people everywhere would collapse. He added that Israel's biggest weakness is the loss of internal faith in its ability to continue to survive. • Why You Should Suffer: Paul Bloom, an American professor of psychology, says that if you want to live a meaningful life, you have to choose a life that has suffering, to some degree. He argues that if we were living an "ideal life", we would be bored and lose meaning in a short time. It is precisely from experiences of failure, of difficulty and of suffering that we can appreciate success and experience moments of satisfaction and joy. • China on the moon The head of NASA says: "We should be very concerned that China will land on the moon and say 'this is ours and you will have to get away from here'." In his estimation, it is possible that by 2035, China will complete the establishment of a permanent base on the moon, and then declare it a Chinese sovereign territory. • Without Hope: In a large ceremony at the University of Haifa, Arab students continued to sit while the anthem was sung. Maybe we should change the anthem, or at least some lyrics?
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Endangered American Jewry: • Summer Vacation: • Germany Returns to Coal: • Internal Breakdown: • A Letter from a Viewer: • Gratitude: •
Endangered American Jewry: The annual survey of the situation of the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora, by the Institute for Jewish People Policy, found that only one-third of young Jews in the United States care that their grandson be Jewish and that the younger generation's connection to Judaism is weakening. Is Judaism shutting down in America? • Summer Vacation: Many parents debate how to occupy their children during this time. What does Dr. Laitman recommend? Why are we built in a way where we like holidays? • Germany Returns to Coal: The government is preparing for an energy crisis following the reduction of gas supplies from Russia. "As of today, gas is a scarce resource," the minister of economy said, calling on the Germans to try to save as much electricity as possible in the coming months. In the meantime, the government will put coal-fired power reactors back into operation. Who would have believed that in 2022 we would reach a situation like this? • Internal Breakdown: The commander of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, Hussein Salami, referred to the political crisis in Israel and said that "the Zionist regime is in a political collapse." Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas, also talks about internal Israeli disintegration. He said "You are the invaders, you have not much time left. You, the passers-by, will leave the country." What does Dr. Laitman think about this situation? • A Letter from a Viewer: “My name is Avi and I want to share with you a problem that has accompanied me since a young age. Ever since I can remember, I hated lying, even when I knew I would pay a price for telling the truth. And over the years I have lost quite a few friends. Even when I knew they would not like to hear what I had to say to them, I could not lie or smear the truth. Why do people not like to hear the truth?” • Gratitude: Studies have found that people who used to write themselves a few sentences of thanksgiving every day, for all sorts of things they say thank you for, these people have become more optimistic, energetic, and happier. In addition, they showed more generosity to others, and suffered less from illness. How do you explain these results? Why does saying “thank you” bring such positive results? • Max Nordau, one of the founders of the Zionist movement, once said: "Logic is the wisdom of Greece, hated by our people. A Jew does not learn by logical thinking, he learns from tragedy. He will not buy an umbrella just because clouds have appeared on the horizon. He will wait until he gets wet and gets pneumonia." Why are we like that? Maybe there's something good about it?
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Pope Francis said he thought World War III has already been declared. He asks with great sorrow, "What is happening to humanity that within a hundred years it will have experienced three world wars?" •Antisemitic Extremism in US Colleges and the Surrounding Silence: • The Land of Milk and Gas: • Software With a Soul: • Violence Against Medical Staff: • A Letter We Received:
Pope Francis said he thought World War III has already been declared. He asks with great sorrow, "What is happening to humanity that within a hundred years it will have experienced three world wars?" • Antisemitic Extremism in US Colleges and the Surrounding Silence: At Harvard University in Boston, students participated in mapping Jewish businesses, shops, and sites throughout the city, using a BDS service very similar to one when Nazi Germany began to mark Jewish places. • The Land of Milk and Gas: Israel has signed an agreement to export natural gas to Europe, through Egypt. This is another step on the path to the establishment of Israel as a natural gas power. In Lebanon, Israel is being threatened, but in the meantime, Israeli gas may help lead Lebanon out of the energy crisis. • Software With a Soul: An engineer at Google claims that the company's chat software, which is based on artificial intelligence, has feelings (sentient). The software is able to conduct conversations with humans that sound natural. The engineer says he talked to the software about religion, conscience and the laws of robotics, and he really feels like it has a soul. • Violence Against Medical Staff: A family doctor was recently attacked at a clinic in Beer Yaakov. One of the dissatisfied patients attacked them with an iron hammer to the head. Following the attack, doctors decided to go on a two-day protest strike. The Medical Association says: "We will intensify the steps until someone here wakes up." Almost every day there is a physical assault against doctors. • A Letter We Received: “Hello Michael Laitman, I am an Israeli Arab, I was born in Lod and have Jewish childhood friends who are like brothers to me. I have been following you on Facebook for the past year and really enjoy listening to you, but there is one thing you say every time, and it is very difficult for me to accept it. ‘If the Jews make peace between them, then everything will work out.’ I'm not against it, of course, but what about us Arabs? I feel that peace should be made between the Jews and the Arabs who were born here in Israel. But you are not talking about that at all. Why?”
Episode 91Jun 20, 2022760 Views
Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi discuss current events in Israel and around the world from the perspective of the wisdom of Kabbalah, in this episode of An Inside Look.
A UN Human Rights Council commission of inquiry has ruled that Israel is guilty of violence against the Palestinians: Will they never accept us as a people among the nations? • Over the Horizon:The IDF conducted a large-scale, unique and first-of-its-kind exercise on the soil of Cyprus. • Israel’s Citizens Fund: What would you do with the money? • Traumatized Youth: According to studies around the world, more and more children and adolescents are troubled and anxious about the climate crisis. • The Land of Limited Possibilities: According to a recent survey, more than half of Americans do not have enough savings to cover a one-time expense of $1,000 for emergencies. • 3D Printers: A medical revolution. • A.D. Gordon who was a thinker and was called "the secular righteous" said more than a century ago "the first task now facing humanity is self-education." • Iran and the disconnection of IAEA cameras.
Episode 90Jun 13, 2022793 Views
World repairers • Iraq prohibits contact with Israelis •Defend the truth • The 52Hz whale - the only creature in the world • Bad feeling about the world economy • Stolen idols and the thieves
World Repairers: Repairing humanity within 8 years: Israel and 192 other countries have signed a plan aimed at saving the environment, eradicating poverty and hunger, and achieving comprehensive peace and justice and equality for all. The program has seventeen sections that encompass all of humanity's major problems. The last section talks about reaching all the goals through partnership. • Iraq prohibits contact with Israelis: A new law unanimously approved by the Iraqi parliament bans contact with Israeli officials. Anyone who breaks the law may face the death penalty or life imprisonment. We very much want peace and good relations with all Arab countries, but they always reject our hand that reaches out for peace. They prefer to live in poverty, under the control of extremists who ruin their lives. Can you explain to me what's going through their minds? When will this change? • Defend the truth: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has decided to appoint a board of directors to fight media and social media misinformation. But the initiative was buried three weeks after it was announced, apparently because of criticism that the administration claims to determine the truth. How can I know what is real and what is not? Is there any clear sign of truth? Something that emphasizes that this is real? • The 52 Hz Whale - the only creature in the world: Scientists have been tracking one whale for over 30 years. The reason is that it produces sounds at a high frequency and unique only to it, different from the frequency of the other whales, so that no other whale responds to it. He lives in complete solitude, wandering alone in the sea, and his cries remain unanswered. Scientists call it "the only whale in the world." Maybe you can explain to me what this whale feels like? • Bad feeling about the world economy: Elon Musk, the multi-billionaire, wrote to Tesla executives that he has a particularly bad feeling ("super bad feeling") about the global and American economy in particular. The president of the United States dismissed the concerns and stung Musk: "May he have success on a trip to the moon." Who's right, both, or Musk? There is a lot of talk now about a global food crisis, and damage to the global economy following the war in Europe. • Stolen idols and the thieves: A gang of thieves in India have returned fourteen idol statues stolen from an ancient temple, leaving a letter in which they wrote that lest the theft they suffer from nightmares, fail to sleep, eat and live peacefully. In short, that these idols ruined their lives. Is it just a psychological matter, i.e. something of their own with themselves, or do the sacred objects really have the power to harm thieves?
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