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Can You Quantify Human Disconnection?
The realization of how we are disconnected is of utmost value as it could aid in raising the importance of connection between us, the importance of providing everyone with necessities, the way we ought to build our society, and so on. In short, a society has to be set up in a way that, whatever happens, every individual or family receives their essentials. Together with each individual and family receiving their essentials, we would be wise to implement a process of connection-enriching learning so that a good reciprocal human connection would expand throughout society, since such connection has the capability to resolve all problems.
Jan 10, 2022587 Views
World Demands from Jews
Today, we find ourselves in an intricately-connected world. The idea of sustaining ourselves in isolation, whether as individuals or as countries, has become obsolete. We feel pressured to share and to cooperate. Our intellect is egoistic. The mind seeks safety, and hates having to depend on others. Yet we feel the need for communication and cooperation regardless. The world is interconnected, and we all understand that these days, even though many still disagree on this. Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi discuss humanity’s intricate connections and how a better future depends on the Jewish people.
Nov 18, 2021127 Views
Kabbalist Responds to the Metaverse
Mark Zuckerberg is creating a metaverse, a digital world that gives rise to a sense of physical presence in a virtual space. Users will be able to grasp this digital world through touch. Development of a thin, robot skinsuit is already underway, creating an effect of physical interaction with virtual reality, allowing one to see and touch objects. Movement and interplay will be possible regardless of physical distances. Students will have the capability of teleporting to other countries, going back in time to historical events, writing with the power of thought and so forth. This world will host a billion users. I wouldn’t want to live in such a universe, though. I aspire to a different spiritual reality where people will be capable of moving not due to having a particularly sensitive skinsuit, but first we need to clarify some criteria, such as, “What is happiness?” “What is the purpose of life?” and “What should we accomplish while alive in this world?” Then, we can start building the universe. We would then feel better living in such a universe compared to the current world around us. If the point of this envisioned virtual reality is to feel good, then it is no more than a drug, i.e. an escape through the creation of all sorts of illusions. The spiritual reality, however, is one where we can rise to the level of the upper force of love, bestowal and connection. Rising to the level of the upper force is something that we each need to build within ourselves. It cannot be created using physical, mechanical, technical or digital means. It requires determining what causes a person to enter and exit the spiritual reality. We have to acquire a desire to attain the spiritual world and to ask the upper force for this desire if it is absent. It is also important to remember that there is no coercion in spirituality; nobody can be manipulated to enter the spiritual world.
Nov 8, 2021292 Views
The Five Whys
Sakichi Toyoda, founder of Toyota Industries, came up with the “Five Whys” rule. He used to practice it in life too. For example, you want a fur coat. 1. Why do I want a fur coat? It’s because I want to impress everyone. 2. Why do you want to impress everyone? It’s because I want to be noticed. 3. Why do you need to be noticed? It’s because I feel insecure. 4. Why do you feel insecure? It’s because I cannot realize my potential in any way. 5. Why can’t you realize your potential? It’s because I work in a job that I don't enjoy. Kabbalist Dr. Laitman explores other “whys”: These “whys” lead us further. Ultimately, leading us to the question, “Why do I live?” - Why are we falling apart? It’s because we relate to one another incorrectly. - Why do we relate to each other incorrectly? It’s because we are egoists. - Why are we egoists? Address that to the Creator. - Why do I need to address that to the Creator? It’s because He has all the answers.
Nov 4, 2021165 Views
How to Alleviate Future Suffering
Previously we have spoken of the modern world appearing as hostile and unpredictable to humanity. Scientists believe that as a result of this, humans have experienced a shift in decision-making processes, and they inform us that we are becoming more definitive. More precisely, seeing things either as black or white. There is no gray area—no room for normality—it is all extremity. Such examples as to whether something is moral or not, does God exist or not, is there a need for the death penalty or not. Scientists state that humanity is on the verge of grave tribulations and will need wisdom and negotiating skills instead of jumping to conclusions—learn to live by rules of peaceful coexistence, even though it is apparent that we know less of how to live in this manner. While this is correct, I see the future as awful for humanity, one of intense repercussions and dramatic reactions that impact humanity. We probably are not able to escape them. Baal HaSulam, one of the acclaimed kabbalists, wrote that a third and even fourth nuclear world war is possible. If we do not listen to what the science of Kabbalah requires for us to do, then only disaster and blows can change us. Nature urges us to realize the evil inclination of our human nature so we may begin to change. Such is the law of nature. It will not change but only manifest itself increasingly before us. It has to be felt on our skins, on ourselves, that we hold the evil inclination within. It is impossible to bypass this step. Nature will keep combing our flesh raw with a rake, and there is nothing we will be able to do about it. We will need to reach the realization of the full depth of our terrible egotistical self and the need to change it, even of our own volition. Suffering will make this happen. We must arrive at a point and ask that nature change us internally in our inner qualities, in our minds. Why does nature drive us into such a dilemma? After all, realizing and drawing conclusions from the quality of our inferior nature can be relatively easy. Almost everyone will agree that human nature is cruel, and that we are incapable of holding positive relations. We cannot and will never be able to change on our own. It requires systematic kabbalistic education to explain how to invoke nature’s positive forces on us all. Over several years, these benevolent forces will gradually bring about changes in us. It all depends upon the extent to which we can draw these forces into our lives, wishing for them to implement these changes. A happy ending is possible, but we cannot jump to it. We can soberly look at what is happening and keep trying to raise human awareness. We can do nothing but constantly and sensibly add in such a direction. It will eventually sprout over time and with a lot of effort, drop by drop.
Oct 21, 2021322 Views
How Squid Game Portrays Human Nature
The screenwriter and director of Squid Game have been noted as saying that "such is our world" in relation to the setup where people become willing to kill other people if placed under conditions where it is either their life or another's life. I would take it a step further: that our world is worse than what is presented in Squid Game. In our world, we wish to kill others without playing a game in order to do so, knowing in advance that we will kill them, and not as it is in Squid Game, where players agree to play a game according to certain rules. If we were to remove the filters that cloud human relations, we would see that we are killing each other. Imagine, for instance, the horrible phenomena we would see if everyone’s thoughts became revealed. Thankfully, however, we have been given a gift of being able to each keep our thoughts to ourselves, so that we would be spared from such a terrible vision. The main lesson that Squid Game might open up is a view of how human nature works: that we each prioritize self-benefit over anything else, up to a point of killing other people if we are placed in a situation where it is either us or them. However, such a lesson is only a small part of what we truly need lessons in today: the need to transform our nature so that we prioritize positive connection to each other and to nature. The more we develop without undergoing such a fateful transformation, the more we will suffer; and the sooner we take steps to transform our nature in order to positively connect with each other above our self-centeredness, then the sooner we will experience a new harmonious and peaceful world. Therefore, the main takeaway from Squid Game, which shows the evilness of our egoistic nature, should be paralleled with a serious endeavor that aims at clarifying what human nature is, how it works, why we create such shows, and whether they correctly portray our condition. We will be able to understand that we watch Squid Game and similar forms of art and entertainment because they portray the egoistic qualities that make up our current nature. Therefore, such viewing should be accompanied with an explanation of the need to change this nature if we are to shift our lives to a positive course, a world of happiness, balance and peace. Then, instead of identifying with our egos, we would start seeing our egoistic attitudes to each other as masks that hide a much better life from us, and we will then start feeling a desire to exit our egoistic state, and develop a completely different attitude to each other, to nature and to life in general.
Oct 21, 2021271 Views
Kabbalist Responds to Viewer Who Realizes She Has No Love in Her
We received a very moving letter: “I decided to write to you after a year and a half of watching your clips. Everyone considers me a good, kind, and empathetic person, but I suddenly realized that there is not an ounce of love in me. The closest person to me is suffering, but I don't feel his pain. I act with compassion, but I have none of it. I don’t feel right being this way but I am afraid to admit this to others.” The following is a loose transcript of a discussion between Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Semion Vinokur about this letter… Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman: If a person feels this way, she has matured. As it is said in Ecclesiastes, “He who increases knowledge, increases sorrow.” Her knowledge of what it means to be a human has grown. It is simply a realization of life as a miserable existence within an awful state called “egoism.” She suffers from it, so that is good. Semion Vinokur: How can she not suffer? Dr. Laitman: By using her negative feelings to rise above this state to a higher one. She feels that she has no compassion for the person closest to her. It is a good start. To ascend to a higher state means more compassion and being closer to people. But she cannot do this by herself. A person is not the Creator. A person cannot turn on a switch and suddenly become compassionate and begin to love. We can only advise her on a few techniques, which will work within, but indirectly. We can indirectly bring upon ourselves the upper light, the upper energy, an influence from above, which will correct and transform us. Semion Vinokur: From the state “there is not an ounce of love in me” she will suddenly feel that there is love in her? Dr. Laitman: Yes. In addition she will begin to investigate her attitude to the world and to people. Her attitude to everything and in the end to the Creator, who is the source of all her ideas about the world. Everything that she really sees in the world—the still, vegetative, animate, and human natures—will eventually unite inside of her as the image of the Creator. That is, the upper force projects such a state to her. It is the Creator who provokes these sensations in her. It is said “There is none else besides Him.” The sensations she gets are for her to realize what true compassion is. But knowing true love is not the goal, it is only the means to attain the Creator Himself, His plan. Through all these influences we attain their root, which is the Creator Himself. Why does He create such images in us? Why should we see the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human natures? Why are they around us? Why do they affect us and make us interact with them? What is it for? These influences have only one root, a source, a reason: the root cause. And this root cause wants you to attain it, so that you get closer to it. It's like a call from the Creator to attain Him. He invites you to a date with Him. Semion Vinokur: Well, if she decides to go on this date, what will she get out of it? Dr. Laitman: I will teach her. I am here as a mediator, a go-between, one might say. Semion Vinokur: That is, you can teach her how to go on this date, how to behave. And what will it give her? Dr. Laitman: This is my profession. What are we looking for when we want to love, to delve into, to get to know another person? We want to broaden our relationship, expand feelings from one toward the other. We start to explore ourselves, asking why it is so. We feel the other and question why they feel such and such a way. This is where a very interesting connection arises, I would say a romance between man and the Creator. As a result, love arises—the biggest, the greatest, and an utterly selfless and most important love. It reveals absolutely everything. It turns out that everything in the world was created for the two of you. This alone is the reason for this world’s existence. It turns out that only this person and the Creator exist. Semion Vinokur: Can this be said for all eight billion people that only I and the Creator exist? Can everyone say this? Dr. Laitman. Yes. Such a date with the Creator should happen for everyone. Everyone should attain this love in a very personal way. It is like a giant computer and everyone has their own program. This is how a person discovers that everything else in the world is just for him. The infinite number of all kinds of variations in everything that exists is specifically aimed at him. Everything he sees, everything that happens, what he reads in the newspapers or is told. Just like if you write a screenplay, and you need to bring a protagonist to a certain turning point. Let's get closer, go on a date and learn to love.
Oct 11, 2021278 Views
The Importance of a Father Figure
What is the importance of a father figure in a person’s development? In the words of Sigmund Freud, “I could not point to any need in childhood as strong as that for a father’s protection.” The importance of the father figure is embedded in nature and our biology. A child who grows up with a distorted fatherly presence, whether the child experiences abuse or neglect from the father, leads to certain distortions that become part of them for the rest of their lives. On the contrary, a child who grows up with a positive father figure accordingly absorbs a positive influence. In our times, since the human ego has reached overblown proportions, in order to be a positive father figure to a child, men need to undergo an educational process that gives them the ability to rise above their egoistic drives and consistently exercise an altruistic attitude to other people, including their family. If speaking in broader terms, then we can also say that humanity’s lack of feeling for its “Father,” i.e. the Creator, the upper force, is the cause of every problem that we experience in our lives. If we felt the caring attitude of our “Father”—the Creator, the upper force—which begets and cares for us at every moment, then we would bear witness to a completely different, positive, harmonious and peaceful world. However, it is impossible to feel such a presence with our inborn properties, because we would then possess no free will. We would feel the full love of the Creator, but we would also be subordinated by it. We thus have no such feeling, and it is in order to be able to act freely, i.e. to develop a similar attitude among each other in society as that of the upper force toward us. Until we do so, we will keep finding ourselves in a world that is full of increasing problems and crises.
Oct 7, 2021133 Views
Why Fashion Is Going Out of Fashion
The latest fashion trend is virtual clothing. Digital fashion apps are taking over the market, customers “wear” digital clothing through augmented reality and digitally altered photos on various social networks. The accelerator for this new development was the lockdown from the coronavirus pandemic, which forced people indoors, no need to dress up with no places to go. The creators of these virtual clothing stores stand by the statement: “The traditional fashion industry pollutes the planet, but we do not.” We have been purchasing clothing on a whim, wearing it for one evening and then disposing of it. With this new way of shopping, we need only our pajamas as we sit in front of our screens, creating our digitally immersive virtual fashion experiences made solely out of pixels. Is fashion going out of fashion? Fashion generally is a concept. In the past, it had a language of its own and people were judged and categorized by their apparel. Today, it is no longer the case. Fashion is going out of fashion. We need to dress only for convenience and comfort. We should thus not be judged by our choice of clothes or hairstyle. I believe that none of it should matter, “I sit here before you as if I am naked.” By this, we will practically look at a person’s inner self, hear and feel the person, see their personality, their warm heart instead, and not be concerned with appearances. Nevertheless, we still see how purchasing a gift for another elevates their mood. This, too, is necessary within reason. But still, one way or another, we will leave all this behind. We see changes with the new generation. In the past, fashion was about status. Today, it has lost its meaning. We will come to seek comfort in practical things suitable for our convenience. We will value a person for who they are and not because of their apparel, appearances, or their possessions, and we will reach this state internally.
Oct 7, 2021211 Views
War Between America and China? A Kabbalist’s Response
While the media reports on the Asia-Pacific region as turning into a powder keg, we should remember that the media is primarily interested in its ratings, and neither America nor China are interested in serious warfare with each other. There is no point in trying to conquer other countries and regions in a world where an all-encompassing global crisis sweeps over us. The real tension today is between us and nature. Nature is starting to work on us and our goal is to establish a dialogue with nature. This is of utmost importance: the establishment of a dialogue with nature is our primary goal. Nature will not leave us alone until we change ourselves, and it will change to the extent that we do. There are inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human natures. Human nature is at the peak of all the levels of nature, and as such, the other levels depend on it. If we can reach balance, more or less, among each other on our human level, then we can also bring calm to nature’s other levels. Kabbalistic books very clearly state in several places that only the good force exists in nature, and a human being can change everything. Humans cause imbalance in nature, and humans are also capable of bringing about balance.
Oct 4, 2021187 Views
Is Winning the Lottery a Blessing or a Curse?
Margaret Loughrey, 56, from Strabane in Northern Ireland, was found dead in her home. In 2013, she won 27 million pounds in the lottery, acquired real estate, bought a house, a pub and opened a recreation center for residents of the city. She planned to build affordable housing for residents on her property. She spent half of her winnings on charity. The recreation center was set on fire more than once. She also received a suspended sentence for drunk or disorderly conduct. She later claimed that people stole millions from her. Shortly before her death, she said: “I regret winning the lottery […]. I was a happy person before. I am a human being and all it has done is destroy my life.” We mostly think of winning the lottery as a blessing, that if we had won the lottery, we would have used the money well. But there are no such examples. Winning the lottery is a curse. Our seemingly good deeds within the framework of our limited understanding of the world, i.e. giving millions of dollars to one or more causes, will always fall short and boomerang back to us in negative ways. I see no solution to such a problem other than an extensive worldwide educational program that teaches us to develop a sense of mutual responsibility and consideration toward each other in society, and to prioritize positively connecting to each other above our divisive drives. Humanity will come to realize that after all the unsolvable global challenges, the only cure left will be to implement unity among each other. We need different conditions and not people or organizations trying to manage these massive amounts of money. My conclusion is to not award such sums of money. Do not incite a person in such a way. I personally would also ask to not have such sums of money offered to me.
Sep 23, 2021105 Views
Will Men Give Birth?
Scientists in Shanghai, China have managed to impregnate male rats. The researchers transplanted a uterus into male rats and after eight weeks, they transplanted the embryos too. The result was ten pups delivered by caesarean section, who reached adulthood and were able to reproduce without serious diseases. An animal model of male pregnancy in mammals was thus created through this experiment. This phenomenon is also seen in a group of fish in the family Syngnathidae, which includes seahorses and their relatives, the pipefish and seadragons. According to Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman, such an act is against nature and the outcome will not be a good one, even if it will not be evident in the first few generations. The male and female bodies differ in every cell. They have a different psychology and mental structure. The Torah treats men and women differently, as two opposites, completely incomparable and precisely due to their differences, it lets them connect, unite and birth future generations. The union between male and female creates a system that resembles the Creator: “A man and a woman, the Creator between them.” Only in the voluntary connections above themselves, in the desire to unite despite their differences, do they begin to build something common, which is called “love.” Their offspring entirely depend on the connection between two opposites. The more developed a man and a woman become, the more complex the connection, which we do not yet understand. We cannot defeat nature. We are inside nature.
Jul 8, 2021188 Views
Will Reparations End Racism?
Robert L Johnson, the first African-American billionaire in the United States, is calling on the federal government to pay out $14 trillion in reparations to African Americans to compensate for slavery. He was quoted saying “Reparations would require the entire country to … admit that the result of slavery has been 200 years of systemic racism” – and he wants a check too. There is already a bill in support of this initiative that states, “This will be a step toward a more honest and direct discussion of what happened.” In the view of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman: “I am in favor of rethinking the whole of history in practice, how we were under the influence of our egoistic inclination, realize its insignificance, misuse and inferiority, and instead, move onto the next degree of coexistence where we will not live in the past, but look forward toward greater connection with the aim of helping one another. The past cannot be bought with money, but the future can be built with it. We need to understand human nature and gain the awareness of the insignificance of our nature—the need to change it and not try to correct anything by this approach of; “Pay me, and I will be nice." This is not the way.
Jul 8, 2021337 Views
What Does it Mean to be Touch Deprived?
Skin hunger, or tactile hunger, is a phenomenon of our era. According to experts, we feel touch deprived when the amount of touch we desire is more than the amount of touch we actually receive. It is very similar to the feeling of regular hunger. Touch provides both safety and comfort, and now in the U.S. pets are being adopted from shelters more than ever. In that sense, even touching a dog, a cat or another animal will satisfy this hunger. Obviously, when we cannot touch human beings in a human way, then at least we would do so with animals in an animal way. Sure, have a dog and play with it, but we are meant to actually experience something else. This external touch, a tactile contact, does not replace the internal disposition and the contact of the hearts. When the hearts are in contact, then the distances are irrelevant because the body has no significance at all in this matter. Connection of the hearts is only possible between one person and another person, and it is neither physical nor tactile. How do we connect with our hearts? In the yearning, when we feel that we yearn to connect with others and we also receive a response from them. We then feel that both hearts have been truly opened and a mutual space emerges between them. Love, understanding, and reciprocity are felt within this mutual space. Naturally, everything comes from hunger. The kind of hunger that pulls one heart to another heart is not animalistic, but spiritual. It is expressed as a lack of life energy. We can feel such energy when we connect with others in such a way. Even though we have food and money, there is still a feeling of lacklusterness. This means that we look for another heart. We unconsciously feel that we have no one to live for.
Jul 1, 2021193 Views
Will LGBT Take Over Europe?
Hungary’s parliament passed a law banning educational programs and publicity that exposes minors under 18 years of age toward any “promotion” of pornographic content, or any content that encourages gender change or homosexuality. The law aimed at fighting pedophilia and protecting children evoked a swift reaction: 14 states of the European Union immediately signed a declaration denouncing the actions of the Hungarian authorities. They called this law a blatant form of discrimination. Political leaders contend that Hungary should have no part in the EU after adopting such a policy. According to Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman, this is all part of human nature, and we cannot make it a priority in our politics or public relations. We cannot elect a person for office or government who exposes and displays their private life, their unique inclinations. If you are not causing any harm to another person and it is within the law, then you have every right to express yourself, no matter how unconventional it might be, but do so in private and do not associate these things with politics and society. We need to be mature about this and make sure not to violate the freedom of any individual and not to influence those that are at an impressionable age such as children and the youth.
Jul 1, 2021369 Views
Should You Use Healing Abilities to Make Money?
A viewer writes, "I have discovered the ability to heal with my hands. At first, I healed my relatives, while continuing in my regular job which is carving wood, making exclusive furniture. Somehow things evolved and people started coming to me for healing. They also suggested I take this up as a full-time profession as a healer, but I am not sure about this, as it does not feel right to charge money for this type of work. Dr Laitman, I would like to know what I should do with this ability the Creator has given me, and should I use it to make a living?” Here is Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman’s response: “I regret to tell you that I do not know and can’t advise you on this. However, if you can help people, then this is a wonderful thing. Go ahead and try it and free up time from your current job. There is no prohibition to earning through healing. Alternatively, you could keep it as a hobby. The current work you do as a wood carver is interesting and rare these days, and such an art form. Clearly, you love your work, and therefore you are having these doubts. Such artists as yourself, who undertake this special kind of work, creating with your hands, bring pleasure to yourself and to others, and thus it is utterly worth the envy of others. When one can heal, without any self-benefit, the healing is more effective. “My teacher Rabash gave me a wonderful example of a doctor friend of his who was able to demonstrate that using a correct attitude toward healing would let him be more concerned about the patient’s recovery than doing so for the sake of the money. If you head into healing with your special abilities, consider making sure these abilities do not disappear. This can only happen if you have the right attitude to the world, to life, to how you can help others”.
Jul 1, 2021267 Views
If the Husband Plans to Leave the Family…
A viewer wrote to us. "Dear Dr. Laitman, how can I explain to my husband that he has no right to leave me? We have three children. I forgive him for everything, all his infidelities, lack of love, and so on. I won’t manage without him, and neither will the children. What should I do?” While anything can happen, if children are involved, then one is obliged to live with them and raise them. Unfortunately, nowadays neither men nor women are taught a culture of relationships. Here is an example of a dumb male egoism (likely fueled by the mother's attention, which makes him feel like nothing is good enough for him). But a woman, too, must be brought up to make a place for a man. A place that he wants to call his nest, a home which is a calming and inviting place so that a man would not want to leave. Building a family should be a subject taught in middle school. It must be a specific lesson, held a couple of times a week. These matters should be discussed from an early age by both boys and girls. Such education is totally lacking. No wonder that posts and videos about family relationships have a crazy number of views. It is amazing how much we are advancing in some things, but in this area we have an absolute regression. Some say that a person has become freer… but only freer from the duties necessary in life. The pandemic and a few more such waves yet to come will "glue" us. They will force us to create a home. Nature will put us in our place, but it will take some time. Although for some “home sweet home” sounds like an outdated and repulsive word, but in the end, it will turn out that we will have to stay at home more, and we will need to be looked after. A man according to his ways, and a woman according to hers, and the children as well. But what should this helpless woman do? She can't keep her husband by force or by law. So we would tell this guy who is about to leave, to think several times about the children he is leaving behind. There is no better woman than the one you live with, and whom you have lived with for such a long time. You have children and you raised them together. Of course this creates a bond. This is all set up by nature and there is no substitute for it. This has to enter the heart. Everything happens in life, even things that are too difficult and shameful to recall or mention, but there should be one taboo: the family should not be broken up. Even a bad family, no matter what it is, should not be broken!
Jun 24, 2021369 Views
Should You Use Healing Abilities to Make Money?
A viewer writes, "I have discovered the ability to heal with my hands. At first, I healed my relatives, while continuing in my regular job which is carving wood, making exclusive furniture. Somehow things evolved and people started coming to me for healing. They also suggested I take this up as a full-time profession as a healer, but I am not sure about this, as it does not feel right to charge money for this type of work. Dr Laitman, I would like to know what I should do with this ability the Creator has given me, and should I use it to make a living?” Here is Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman’s response: “I regret to tell you that I do not know and can’t advise you on this. However, if you can help people, then this is a wonderful thing. Go ahead and try it and free up time from your current job. There is no prohibition to earning through healing. Alternatively, you could keep it as a hobby. The current work you do as a wood carver is interesting and rare these days, and such an art form. Clearly, you love your work, and therefore you are having these doubts. Such artists as yourself, who undertake this special kind of work, creating with your hands, bring pleasure to yourself and to others, and thus it is utterly worth the envy of others. When one can heal, without any self-benefit, the healing is more effective. “My teacher Rabash gave me a wonderful example of a doctor friend of his who was able to demonstrate that using a correct attitude toward healing would let him be more concerned about the patient’s recovery than doing so for the sake of the money. If you head into healing with your special abilities, consider making sure these abilities do not disappear. This can only happen if you have the right attitude to the world, to life, to how you can help others”.
Jun 24, 2021355 Views
Can You Forgive Someone Who Murdered Your Family or Friends?
In 1994, the devastating Rwandan genocide saw the murder of around 800,000 Rwandans. When a new government came about, it established the state forgiveness project: perpetratrators of the genocide had to ask the survivors and victims’ family members for forgiveness, and the survivors had to forgive those who committed the genocide. The decision was made: although it is very hard to do, it is the price we must pay. If the victims can overcome their desire for vengeance, we will be able to heal through forgiveness. Otherwise, we will face a cycle of murders and hatred. Although Rwanda is still struggling, the country managed to break the vicious cycle of hostility. Can we truly forgive murderers? Yes, we can. Either consciously, we can attract the power of the upper force, or unconsciously, we can do so by law, by understanding that there is no other way. Yet the greatest and most exalted way to forgive murderers is by comprehending that a positive force is operating us all. Here, we must agree that such a setup was not created by us, nor was it our doing. We were governed by the same higher power, which is good and omnipotent.
Jun 10, 2021258 Views
When Deaths Outnumber Births
The New York Times writes that according to experts, we are at the brink of a new era. Demographers now predict that by the latter half of the century, or earlier, the global population will enter a sustained decline for the first time. Intimating that this unprecedented turn will make first-birthday parties rarer than funerals and might lead to a socio-economic disaster, but that it will be beneficial for the environment. This will let us start thinking about all the excess we do not need, what to get rid of, and what to stop producing. A socio-economic catastrophe will lead to a decrease in consumption, which will affect the birth rate, and humanity will have to plan according to the affordability of being able to cover its costs. In animals, this works on an instinctive level: less food, lower birth rates. It is a direct correlation activated within nature. Even if we become more conscious, the same egoism still controls us and continually grows. People no longer want to invest in children who will not even thank them later, leaving the house as if they do not owe anything to anyone, and even the thought of grandparents needing to care for grandchildren is not appealing at all. Rabash (a great Kabbalist), spoke very simply about what is occurring here: “Close your mouth and open your wallet." People do not want to take care of others. Nature is an auto-regulated system—call it “the Creator”—which wants to create the most suitable conditions for self-correction. We find ourselves at a crossroad of a part of our correction that is conducted by the upper governance, and a part of our correction that we will consciously accept upon ourselves. Unfortunately, we currently see a lack of desire in humanity to actively research what is happening to us and what we can do about it.
Jun 10, 2021271 Views