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Jul 21, 2019Good and evil are one and inseparable? Webinar
Any action of a person, even the most personal and seemingly in no way related to the public, should be evaluated only in relation to society. All our thoughts and actions, bad and good, somehow...
Jul 14, 2019How to master the law of development? Webinar
The laws of nature are inevitable and work “on schedule”, that is, each event happens in its time. And our life flows in accordance with this developing force, going through all the stages step by...
Jul 7, 2019How to discover a higher power? Webinar
We must treat everything that exists in this world as necessary. There is nothing that would exist in vain and did not play its role in the complex mosaic of nature. Although it seems to us that...
Jan 2, 2011Virtual Lesson in Russian. Fundamentals of Kabbalah
Dec 19, 2010Virtual Lesson in Russian
Mar 21, 2004Baal HaSulam. Peace in the World (Modified by Dr. Michael Laitman)