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May 12, 2019Webinar with Dr. Michael Laitman
Apr 28, 2019Webinar with Dr. Michael Laitman
Apr 21, 2019How to Enter the Spiritual Dimension. Webinar
Apr 14, 2019A Thought Is an Upshot of the Desire. Webinar
Apr 7, 2019What Is a Sword and Shield in Spiritual Work. Webinar
Mar 31, 2019Ascents and Descents. Webinar
Mar 24, 2019The Personal Management of The Creator, Part 2. Webinar
In his first letter, Baal HaSulam is telling us about what happens with a person in this world. He does it through a beautifully written parable about a slave. Throughout the webinar, Michael Laitman...
Mar 17, 2019The Personal Management of The Creator. Webinar
We exist in the world where it is impossible to predict what will happen in the next moment, to clearly define reward and punishment, or the cause and consequence of our thoughts and actions. One can...
Mar 10, 2019The Heritage of Baal HaSulam. Webinar
Baal HaSulam and his son, Rabash, have accumulated the achievements of the entire centuries-old chain of earlier Kabbalists in their work. They are the Kabbalists closest to us, our contemporaries....
Mar 3, 2019The Mystery of Connecting The Masculine and The Feminine Beginnings. Webinar
Two forces descend from the single source, the Creator. The force that pertains to Him is the force of love and bestowal. While the quality of reception, an “artificial” force made by the Creator, did...