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18 - 24 September 2023

Lesson 5Sep 24, 2023

Lesson on the topic of "Yom Kippur - The Day of Atonement"

Lesson 5|Sep 24, 2023
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Morning Lesson September 24, 2023

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Part 2:

Yom Kippur - The Day of Atonement - Selected Excerpts from the sources. #11

Reading Excerpt #11 twice (00:27)

1. S. (02:46) How is it that a person wanting to receive for himself is harming his root of the soul?

R. Because he's in the root whether he wants to or not, he’s there and he's not coming out of there. And the minute he wants not to exert, to connect, to make an effort to connect the Creator and the Shechina meaning ZA and Malchut, by this, that's it. He causes separation.

S. Earlier we talked about a person that every force he gives he has to pass to the ten. If he doesn't do that then he himself remains separated. How is he blemishing the root here?

R. That is the blemish in the root. That he disconnects from the Giver and is not incorporated in the receiver so he doesn't belong either to ZA or to Malchut.

S. So he himself is disconnected. That's his punishment, too?

R. Yes, yes.

S. But how does that harm the root as well?

R. Because he disconnects he can't convey, pass on to the root what he needs to do.

Reading Excerpt # 12 twice (04:21)

2. S. (06:30) A person doesn't believe enough and therefore his prayer is not complete. So what comes out of that, the Creator doesn't hear the prayer that’s not whole, not complete?

R. No, the Creator hears all the prayers; it's only a question of how He responds. Accordingly He responds.

S. So where here is the point where a person is not invested enough in his prayer? The Creator hears the prayer, maybe my prayer wasn't right but He heard. Something comes from that?

R. According to how much you ask for, how much you need.

S. What's the conclusion, what does a person have to do? That he’s not asking enough, he’s not asking correctly?

R. Yes.

3. S. (07:14) He writes that a person yearns with all his heart for the Creator to help him. What should He help him with?

R. To help him, to raise him up from the degree he's in.

S. But on what? It turns out that we need to ask for the sin or the sin is just the reason for the request, for the help to rise up?

R. Yes the sin is the reason for the request.

S. So there’s no connection between the sin and what he's asking for?

R. Of course there is. He has to feel the sin, he has to see where he's at, he needs to try to see the corrected state to which he is yearning.

S. So the request is for the sin or to correct it or..?

R. The request is to correct the sin in order to be in the correct form but without the sin he can’t  do it. He will never know what is the truth, what he has to come to, what is he required to do.

4. S. (08:32) What is the true faith?

R. True faith is when a person identifies the true form of the Creator, The Good Who Does Good and he bestows to Him in every way possible according to the degree of the person. And for the time being this is called the true form of the connection between the Creator and a person.

5. S. (09:28) He needs to believe the Creator can help him and that he has everything he needs. If he delves into it he can reach the demand that will force the Creator to give him what he needs. The thing is how is a person certain that he's asking for the right thing? A person doesn't know 100% that he’s going to promise the Creator to give him that. The request is like not all the way.

R. He should scrutinize it with the help of his prayer, a prayer before a prayer. What does he have to do in order to give contentment to the Creator, to come closer to the Creator, to do something mutual with Him?

S. So when you ask for a certain inner request it's necessary, it’s okay?

R. Yes. We don't quite understand that we were given the opportunity to speak to the Creator. Use it more often, talk to Him, try to hear where His response is in our hearts and more and more like that. Now, the more we connect between us we’ll hear Him more, we’ll hear more what the Creator wants to say.

6. S. (11:22) We read that man's sin is that he didn't ask for help from the Creator. The question is the more a person advances toward the Creator does he ask more and more for help?

R. Yes.

S. So it turns out that he’s praying all day long?

R. Yes he has a constant connection with the Creator and you have to aspire to it.

7. S. (11:58) How do we come to a complete prayer?

R. With a complete, whole heart.

S. Where the prayer emerges, from the whole heart?

R. Yes.

S. And how do we come to that state?

R. You open the heart. You want the friends to fill my heart with everything, that nothing is left except for the connection with them.

S. Do the friends need to enter my heart or do I need to go out of my egoistic heart?

R. I can't come out of my heart, I ask the Creator to fill my heart and then I’ll feel Him in all of my heart.

S. How do we make room in our heart for the Creator to be able to be there?

R. When I don't think of anything except for the connection between us, between the friends and from between us to the Creator.

S. Meaning when a person turns to the Creator he needs to somewhat arrange in every appeal the ten within his heart?

R. Yes.

S. How does he free himself from there? It feels like we're really bothering the Creator somehow. How do we free ourselves from there?

R. With a request. I don't want my heart to have anything else except for the connection with the Creator.

S. So only the Creator can clear a person from his own heart?

R. Yes, yes.

8. S. (14:05) I'm getting a little confused, what is our root in Malchut of Ein Sof or ZA? What is the root because it's written that it seems like it's opposite? I always knew that we are part of the Creator and He sustains us in His heart.

R. We are a part of Malchut, Malchut of Ein Sof and through the corrections between us we build it in such a way that it's able to correct, to connect upper degrees, correct itself and bring us to the revelation of the Creator.

S. Meaning the point in the heart of each and everyone of us is actually part of the total sum of the desires to receive, that’s our root?

R. Yes.

9. S. (15:18) What is that request of forgiveness from the Creator? We come to the Creator and we ask forgiveness for Him and He’s waiting for us and we're late for now?

R. Let it be so, the way you’re feeling it now.

Reading Excerpt #13 twice (15:51)

10. S. (18:22) I hope the question is appropriate. I got the question from a friend and it’s about what to do in a situation when everything becomes less interesting to one. What to do in that situation and how to come out of it? Even though the efforts are the same it seems kind of less important.

R. When a person loses his willpower and he's not drawn to the purpose of creation, the purpose of life, to understand what is the essence and meaning of life, that's a problem. That is a problem. The sages say that he has to speak to his friends, maybe visit a cemetery, look at all those people who used to be alive and are now dead. Meaning he has to awaken himself somehow.

S. If I understood the question, the effort is made and all these efforts are done but it seems like there's no response from the friends and it’s a bit…?

R. The fact that there’s no reaction or response that’s his fault. He has to come up with all kinds of tactics and ploys in order to be connected with the group since without a ten there's nothing to talk about, he cannot cleave to the Creator. Without it he cannot speak to Him, reveal Him. He has to come closer to the friends and through them try to build what we call the place for the revelation of the Creator.

S. So more efforts should be done on the part of the friend, right?

R. Yes.

11. S. (21:02) Without the feeling of sin we don't feel the Torah but without the Torah we don't feel the sin. So it turns out it’s kind of this closed circuit?

R. We begin to study the Torah, the way we study it until under the influence of the upper Light, we begin to receive new forces.

S. In order to feel the sins?

R. Yes.

12. S. (21:56) A sin is considered as strong, harsh transgression but without that feeling of sin there's no appeal to the Creator. Is that feeling of sin a gift from the Creator?

R. The feeling of a sin is a gift from the Creator, that’s correct.

13. S. (22:30) The reforming light reforms an action by showing him the sin and also heals? Can we detail more about the action of the light in these two cases to understand it more in-depth?

R. I don't even know how to say it. The place where the Creator strikes is the place where the Creator heals so we only need to learn how to accept everything purposefully in the direction of correction and then everything will be fine. Then we’ll understand all the actions of the Creator.

14. S. (23:47) Does gratitude prevent us from feeling the sin?

R. No, on the contrary, we understand Him more, deeper.

15. S. (24:16) Sometimes it seems to me like the root of my soul is kind of low, small. How can I rise higher up?

R. Through the adhesion with the friends, together with them you're going to rise. And it's not because you're so little but because this work belongs to all of us.

16. S. (25:24) What does it mean to have the book of Torah in them?

R. The book of Torah is like all ten Sefirot that are impressed in the desire of a person and they shape this desire into a certain style of connection according to these qualities until it becomes as it’s written the book of Torah, shall be written on your heart. If all of your qualities are arranged according to the mutual connection of the ten Sefirot, this means that you have placed the Torah inside your heart and all of your desires then begin to be arranged according to the laws of the ten Sefirot. Then you understand what's going on outside of yourself and in this way you begin to feel how you can practically work with all the qualities that are in you.

S. Would that have been different than say the light of Torah?

R. Of course it’s all done by the light of Torah but a person becomes here an active part in drawing that light.

17. S. (27:35) The active part is Bnei Baruch because we have the opportunity and I don't understand what humanity has. What's going on there that there's such a mess?

R. But if there's no desire what can you do?

S. Why are they having this whole mess? They don't have the tools to correct, the vessels to correct and the biggest mess is adding to them.

R. You are correct.

S. Who’s that all for?

R. In order for the sufficient deficiency to grow and be able to have discernments without more subtle corrections.

S. Today will be the Day of Atonement and there’ll be something outside here at least in the area of the land of Israel. At least they’ll receive a certain like shock from what's happening in the nation maybe, maybe they’ll turn inwards? Do we have any touch to that, can we connect to that state, do we have the ability to do something?

R. We always have the ability to do that, specifically not only during Yom Kippur but every day of the year.

S. It seems like we're the only ones that can do something, how do we not do something?

R. Through the connection between us we approach the Creator, through the connection between us we draw upon us the reforming light, the upper light. Through the connection between us we are incorporating in all of humanity and we raise them to the Creator. This is our work, this is a great transgression that we forget about it.

18. S. (29:52) I understood that the main thing is that I don't see the friends. I also understood that I'm working in mutual with the Creator by the prayer that I raise for the greatness of the friend, the friend that the Creator gave me. My question is what is the precise prayer that I do so that the friend in the ten will grow? Do I ask for a miracle meaning the prayer is not understood to me or do I need to ask in a very specific way so that the friend will grow in my reality?

R. I didn’t understand the end, anything.

S. I understood, I heard today, the main sin is that I don't have the greatness of the friend and when I relate to him in the greatness that was before him then I’m causing harm, damage, both to the friend and to me.

R. Why?

S. Because I don't see the greatness of a friend and I don't relate to him as I should have.

R. As much as you can, you relate to him.

S. I understood that I'm supposed to be working mutually with the Creator about this will to receive that is growing in me, that's the sin He gave me, just like the mother wants her child to always grow. My question is, I understood that I'm doing this through prayer, we’re before the Day of Atonement, a New Year, what is the precise prayer that I do which causes in my reality for the friend to grow in my eyes?

R. That you will connect to all of the society and according to how much it appreciates a certain friend, you will also appreciate him, value him.

S. If I appreciate the friend according to my feeling, very high that I am in, how do I withdraw from them more forces to rise even higher up?

R. You don't have anywhere from which to take these kinds of forces.

S. How do I suckle forces from the society for something that they are not aware of, not working with, such that I will receive the force, what is this force that I receive from the society so that I will use it to grow the friend?

R. You can't, this is concealed from you.

S. So, that's what I'm asking about, what am I asking for the friend to grow with?

R. You ask the Creator for a certain friend to, perhaps, grow in your eyes, yes you can ask for it.

S. Now this request that I'm asking is: ‘Do a miracle, I don't want to understand it, make a miracle and suddenly …. the Creator’. Or am I asking for something specific, it’s like I'm guiding the Creator, ‘here grow him, there grow him’?

R. No, no, no, no, you want the friend to be great in your eyes and that is what you're asking the Creator, simply.

19. S. (33:35) Earlier you said we don't understand that we don't have the possibility to talk to the Creator, what is this discussion, this conversation with the Creator?

R. You can turn to Him, you can connect to Him, you can ask for certain actions of the Creator on me and for me to see those actions and the results of those actions.

S. How did you begin this conversation with the Creator?

R. You simply begin from the deficiency.

S. So it’s like a ping pong of requests or is it, what is this request, is it always asking for something or is it other things?

R. Typically it's asking for something, typically it is asking for something.

20. S. (34:30) I understood that actually the correction is the correction of the intention, so when we turn to the Creator and ask for the friend to be great in our eyes, what is the correct intention in that appeal whatever we are actually asking for, why are we asking it?

R. We are asking from Him because I can have any deficiency that will be corrected if not through or with the help; with the Creator.

S. I didn't really understand, I'm sorry.

R. All the deficiencies that I can imagine can be corrected with the help of the Creator, that's why I turn to Him.

21. S. (35:36) How close are we to understand and know the sin?

R. On ourselves we know it, we understand the sin.

S. In this coming Convention can it bring us closer?

R. Of course, of course, because we gather, we assemble as ‘one man in one heart’, from that we feel what is in our power to do.

22. S. (36:33) From all that I heard, it turns out that the measure of certainty of a person causes the speed of his advancement.

R. Yes.

S. Every moment that we collaborate in the ten is that the Creator gives me that quality that is ready for correction?

R. Yes.

S. So question: Each time I need to correct with the friends that depends on resistance, judgment every moment, do I see the deficiencies of the friends?

R. Yes.

S. The force to be aware, I can only take from the Arvut between us, in another lyrical question according to the topic?

R. Don’t, I don't hear, I don't remember the question, that's not the way to ask.

23. S. (38:15) Gradually the understanding comes that I didn't receive help from the Creator because I didn't believe in His force, simply. How do you truly come to believe in your bones that he is okay?

R. Through mutual convincing.

24. S. (38:44) When the Creator beats is because we are sinning or is it simply a correction?

R. Everything is correction, everything is corrections, we have no fault in that or anything; rather the Creator is doing His corrections on us so we will reach the corrected state, other than that, nothing happens in nature, nothing.