Daily Lesson9 mar 2023(Morning)

Part 1 Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

9 mar 2023
To all the lessons of the collection: Pesach (Passover)

Morning Lesson March 9, 2023

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Part 1:

Passover - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. #13

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1. Rav’s Introduction: (0:14) Yes, we are reading excerpts whose title is the exile in Egypt and with that we begin the feeling of our true state in the Creator's world, the exile in Egypt. Why? The Creator created the will to receive, He imprinted within us, His nature so that we will feel how opposite we are to Him. Anything that we want to feel we have to feel two states: our own state and the state that we somehow need to reach and this is why we begin our path from the recognition of the true state meaning the exile in Egypt. So, please.

Reading Excerpt #13. (01:25) "What is Exile is that he is..”

2. R. (02:00) This is the definition that usually one doesn't wait, what does it mean to emerge from the exile. It's suffering that we feel because we cannot work in order to bestow, meaning we don't have love of friends, certainly we don't have along with that the love of the Creator. We cannot bestow to others but only with the calculation of what good will I get out of it. And these feelings, all in all, give us the feeling of the exile that we are not in the qualities of bestowal, in the qualities of the Creator and this is called exile, all in all.

This is what he says, Rabash, what is exile: it is that he is under the rule of self-love and cannot work for the sake of the Creator in order to bestow not for himself but outwardly when is self-love considered exile? It is only when he wants to emerge from this control because he suffers from not being able to do anything for the sake of the Creator. What sufferings do we have that we cannot do anything for the sake of the Creator, meaning truly in order to bestow. It is difficult for us to say, I have to scrutinize whether I have it or whether I actually regret that I cannot bestow well and as usual with the Creator we cannot determine these states.

Even in our imagination it is not certain and it is not true, it is not correct to do so but with the friends we can. This is why we were given the group as a kind of a springboard to the love of the Creator: from the love of people, to the love of the Creator. And here we need to pay attention, can we reach a state where we come closer to the friends in such a way that whatever happens in them truly touches my heart? And if so their spiritual state, the connection between us, if this thing becomes precious to me then I, truly by holding onto them, I can advance more and more until we reach the rule of the will to bestow within us.

3. S. (05:27) Why did you say that the true state is that I am not capable of bestowal anything and then you said that nevertheless, there is a state which I can get gripped onto the group and I am not indifferent to what is happening to the friends meaning to opposite states: why is the true state that I cannot bestowal?

R. Because I see how much I'm constantly in thoughts about myself and nothing else can touch me it doesn't touch my heart.

S. Well, when I examine that I see that it is nevertheless, it does touch my heart and I am not indifferent, and it does influence me: what is happening to them?

R. If I check my heart and I see that nevertheless I care about what is happening with my friends, then I need to examine it. I care about what is happening with my friends because it influences me personally or because it is out of my love towards them. This is something that needs to be checked.

S. The question is, if I nevertheless see that I have in my heart a little love for the friends, can that be a true state?

R. All the states are true states, they are not imaginary, usually. However, I need to check whether these states are on the way, that they will bring me to the other nature. There are two forms of nature: the nature of reception and the nature of bestowal. The nature of bestowal is the Creator, the Creator of nature. And the nature of reception is the nature of the created being. So, I need to check precisely in which nature I am. Our goal is to shift from the nature of reception to the nature of the bestowal. That's it all in all.

4. S. (07:57) In the state in which I checked and I saw that I was caring for the friend because it somehow touches, me somehow it is for my benefit. How can I move to that same concern but out of love for the friend?

R. This is what it is all about, that we need to check ourselves to see that we are in self-love and to see how we can shift from self-love to love others. Love of others or the love of the Creator is actually the same thing, it is in the same direction. Whereas self-love is the opposite. So, for that we have the entire wisdom of Kabbalah that the Kabbalists write for us and they explained to us what does it mean self-love and what does it mean love of others, by which exercises can we invert our nature. And in inverting our nature, there are two things: we do exercises like children in a kindergarten, we do exercises.

However, along with that with our exercises we receive the reforming light and the reforming light is what actually performs this inner inversion within us and instead of self-love we begin to feel that seemingly it is possible to come out of oneself and it is possible to rise to the degree of love of others. It is against nature; it is something that does not exist in this world. However, we are able to feel how such a feeling clothes within us love of others. And then I emerge out of my own confines and I begin to feel what is outside of me and outside of me is actually only the Creator and so in such a way when I yearn to be connected with my friends I reach the feeling of the Creator, coming closer to the Creator which is actually the true goal.

S. In that same state that I am thinking now about the friend but for my own benefit I can do some kind of transition at one moment to the love of the friends, you can press some button and make that switch?

R. Well you can do it right now go ahead you can try with all of your force to be maximally connected in your heart with the friends with friends in the group as much as possible.

S. I tried to be connected but the direction, the aim of why I do this, I scrutinize and then I am doing it for my own benefit, now how to replace it so that all the benefit will be for them?

R. If you are directed towards being connected with the friends even though this connection is egoistic, and it is true that it is egoistic that you begin from your own nature. However, over the efforts that you make to connect with them even in an egoistic connection I don't want to be connected with them to talk to them to be with them and all kinds of such things, they are rejections upon rejections, more rejections at each and every corner when we are somehow connected. And then in all of these things, when you see how much there are these collisions, internal collisions within you towards the friends, you along with that when you are in this collision you ask that there will be no collision, that there will be connection, another small connection, another small connection.

The Creator doesn't do big exercises with us that we hate each other, that we really repel each other much rather with such small incidents. I don't want this, I don't want that, I don't want to come to some meeting, I don't want to take part in some conversation, these tiny things like children. But if we pay attention to these and nevertheless, we do want in all of these incidents to bring ourselves to connection then here there is an entrance to the upper world truly to the upper world. In this way we actually enter it. We should not disregard or slight such states, to the opposite as much as I get rejection from the friends I should realize, I should detect, I should discover that these projections come from the Creator from the Creator and I nevertheless yearn for it to be as help against one that against this rejection I have to reach nearing, come to the meeting, to the conversation with the friends more and more and in this way we will advance. These are the exercises that we have to do each and every day each and every day to try all the time that they will be placed in our head, the back of our head, and I am constantly in these things as much as possible getting closer to the friends.

S. When you are in such exercises in the small efforts to get closer and we didn't want to get connected to the zoom meeting, but you did connect, is this how the Kabbalist enters the upper world through such small action?

R. Yes, this is how we all advance and the great ones also the great Kabbalist Moses, Abraham, it doesn't matter whom, which one of them, the great ones they also begin, well everyone, everyone is born as some mass of flesh 2 or 3 kg of flesh and they all growl like little animals until they become something that is similar to human inside and also on the outside. Everything grows from the dust as we call it.

5. S. (17:10) To be in exile is to be in recognition of evil and have some disparity of form but yet I always feel like I am working from a place of deficiency, and we learn that the children of Israel left Egypt only once. Is this feeling of exile a continuous feeling with us in the work?

R. Yes, the feeling of the exile is the feeling inside of Egypt and it is a prolonged feeling until they check that they can no longer stay under the rule of Pharaoh.

6. S. (18:02) Don’t you have to taste something to miss it, how can I miss the Creator without seeing him?

R. Yes, when we are in Egypt, we feel that there is something which is outside the rule of Pharaoh this is what is pulling us a little bit to exit Egypt. Besides we are not just there we have to realize that the children of Israel, of those that already received before they entered Egypt, they already had some sort of connection they were the sons of Jacob. And they were to some extent in order to bestow until they descended to the degree where they sold Joseph and then they went down to Egypt. It is worthwhile for us to read the book of the Torah and this story to know what is happening in general.

7. S. (19:55) Why can't we feel that we are in exile even though we are doing the work between the friends in the ten?

R. We can't, for that we need to feel the two worlds, the two states. The child that is born in prison and he grows in prison, he doesn't understand what is outside of prison. He lives there, he thinks that this is the entire world, this is how a person is who is in Egypt. If the Creator doesn't shine through him a little bit more than he thinks that Egypt is the best place it is the best place. We see how it is in this world and how it is built. This world is entirely Egypt and our ego which is called Pharaoh governs the whole of nature and we don't want to leave it to come out of it. We simply cannot imagine to ourselves that there is another place where it is different, where it is the opposite. This is how we simply remain in the work of Egypt, inside of Egypt and we are loyal to Pharaoh.

8. S. (21:55) What do we need to do in the ten when we come to exile or stumble upon the exile? 

R. You need to talk more between you so that each one will be able to add to the others what does it mean, exile, what is the recognition of the exile, what is the exit, the exodus from the exile? 

9. S. (22:42) What is this action that the brothers sold Joseph in the ten?

R. That is not related to us right now.

10. S. (23:23) We talked about this matter of connections in the ten when we feel the refusal to do these meetings how the reforming light operates upon our desire. It sometimes happens that it becomes bitter in the heart and sometimes it can take a long time. Why, despite a friend being constantly there and participating in the meetings and does everything correctly, that this bitterness that he has in his heart remains all the time? It remains all the time until the Creator takes him out of that what is missing in order to rise above such a state. How to solve the problems between us the states between us and to feel that we don't want to receive but to continue onwards?

R. We have only two means which are the connection between us and the prayer to the Creator. Everything is relatively simple. It is not simple to implement it but at least it is simple in terms of the method. In the connection between us we want to reach a state where we can turn together to the Creator and demand of Him that He will deliver us from the exile. That all in all is our work. Is it clear?

11. S. (25:25) Just like you describe this state that the friend talked about, also it seems like it is a simple thing to reach but we come to such a difficult state it seems like a wall that you can't go through and we walk around this point like an axe and we don't know how to go through it this is our biggest obstacle. When you tell us this is such a simple thing, we look at it and we look at it from nature that this is the invaluable thing from nature that we never attain. How from this harsh nature will we be able to perform an action that the Kabbalists already did that we will never manage to do this action?

R. You need to open up your heart and your ear and talk between you about how much you are connected, and you need to be even more connected. And in your connection turn to the Creator and demand of Him that he will elevate you to such a degree where you will truly be together that in the connection between you which now for the time being is a mouth-to-mouth connection that it will be a heart-to-heart connection and you will prepare a place for the revelation of the Creator. And then you will feel and everyone will feel how the Creator is working on you.

S. That state where we find ourselves always in the same point even though we are doing all the meetings and all those things, and we are always how will we find within our ego the strength even though we do this thing?

R. You should talk less, you have so many words. I understand that you are Italian but nevertheless, fewer words and to the point. You are saying it doesn't work for you, seemingly, you are doing everything, do it together, together. We want together to get out of this state. Try and you will see as much as I have known you for many years. You are capable of it; you are capable of it.

12. S. (28:55) There's an open ear to the friends but complete rejection towards what is outside. What do you do then because it really makes it difficult in daily life?

R. Rejection towards the people outside I don’t understand what people on the outside understand and feel about your inner work, please explain it to me.

S. You don't put them into the internal work between us, but you need to have some kind of interaction with people you have to work with people on the outside.

R. To work with them, to work with them it's like I come to a store, and I buy something or I come to some other place and I ask for something, whatever I need for this life, what kind of interaction more of an interaction do you need to have with them?

S. We spend more time with the people on the outside than with the group.

R. Well, this is time that goes by with, are all of things that are not related to the internality. Think about what you are saying and what kind of confusion you have here. With my friends I work on my spiritual world, my inner world with which I live and with it I die and following my death I continue. Whereas with the external people I have no connection with them, it is only my work here in this world in the connection between the bodies and nothing beyond that.

S. How to try to do it won't draw us downwards?

R. I personally don't pay attention to them. They are running around me like flies. It's not that I disregard them, I want to bring them closer if possible, to spirituality but indeed in terms of importance in my eyes they are like flies.

S. How to relate to them as flies and not to pay attention to them without disregarding them?

R. Well think about it, think about it in what way are they important for what are they important for the spiritual life or for the corporeal life?

13. S. (31:50) Is there a difference between exiting exile and the exodus of Egypt? What is the difference?

R. Well of course there is the exile it is that you are under the control of the will to receive it is the angel of death who is the opposite of the Creator and the exodus from the exile and the redemption outside of Egypt is considered that you are under the rule of the angel of life not the angel of death. That you feel the spiritual life you feel the Creator who is holding this life.

14. S. (32:52) According to what we read in the Passover sources, how does a person get the idea of Lishma [for her sake] of the Creator and now he decides that he is in exile?

R. According to his connection with the friends and in this connection, he achieved some kind of connection with the Creator according to that he determines if he is still in the exile or if he's coming out of the exile.

15. S. (33:40) How does a person know that he's working for the sake of heaven and not in some fantasy?

R. Towards the society usually.

S. But towards society I can go into some sort of self-intention out of control of my self-love?

R. If you love the friends and inside of the friends, you'll also love the Creator then your direction is correct.

S. But I'm always filling the gap between what you said right now and what I mean, this gap always brings a certain demand, a prayer like you said there's only two states: the connection between us or the prayer. How do I now focus this prayer, this demand so that it will be real?

R. Only through connection with the friends can you increase your prayer and your demand from the Creator.

S. That's the actual point, we see if we connect and we read and we always come at the end of the meeting, at the end of the action to some state of okay, we need to pray to the Creator, we need to demand to the Creator there is this warm feeling, everything between us, we come to connection: what is the demand of the Creator?

R. I have nothing to say. Pass it on to the friends and try to stay on that point.

S. Is there a certain beginning point and end point of this demand, is it a certain process or is it like some sort of boom?

R. The initial point is that you agree between you that you together or connecting with the demand from the Creator and the endpoints for now is if you begin to feel the Creator in your demand and you enter contact with him.

S. And that gap is what creates the suffering they're in a demand of a person, that difference between states?

R. I don't want to get all confused about this gap just do that and that's it, and then we'll talk.

S. But the feeling of suffering comes from not feeling the Creator not being engaged in yourself right?

R. That too, is not certain, there are all kinds of states.

16. S. (36:32) You said that you need to open your heart and hear and talk about how connected you are and from that connection to the Creator?

R. Yes.

S. What is to open your heart and your ear? What is to open the heart before we speak?

R. ‘As one man, in one heart,’ try to depict this to yourself.

S. And when we talk about how connected we are that is an action that connects us?

R. Yes, certainly.

S. I just want to depict it and execute it in the ten, what do we need to feel that we are more connected and then turn to the Creator?

R. Yes.

S. What for? We want to feel that we are even more connected?

R. This is the best.

S. And what do we want?

R. We want to feel the Creator in the vessel.

S. And what are we asking for?

R. Connection.

S. More connection? We just talked about the fact that we are connected and now we want even more connection and[…]?

R. Even more connection with the Creator.

S. Oh, with the Creator? We need to feel the Creator in the connection between us?

R. Yes.

17. S. (38:22) Everyday you pass on to us the entire abundance and we are grateful to you for that, and we also felt the lack of the abundance when you were feeling ill but we are not running towards connection. How can we delight over this effort, this exertion in the ten, the effort to go beyond?

R. You should stop concealing from one another your inner states and on the contrary show each to the others what you really want in your hearts. In this way you will advance.

18. S. (39:38) My friends in the ten are truly great friends, purposeful, but in the connection between us there is a certain distance that we are afraid of crossing just like you said to the friend now that we don't really get close enough and relate to each other like brothers. I don't always know what the friend wants. Is it important to cross this distance?

R. Yes, that distance will be apparent to you more and more because you need to cancel it, to cancel it. Therefore, the more you advance the more that you feel nevertheless, the distance between the hearts and there's nothing that you can do about it, there is nothing. Rather only to nevertheless, push ourselves and turn to the Creator even more. This is the point that we stand upon and we will stand until we do what we talked about.

S. Should I put pressure on the friends to make this effort?

R. Of course. We talked about this. Of course, each needs to show his friend the right example of behavior in the group, the unified behavior.

19. S. (41:28) You said that if I'm in love of friends and in that love, I am in love towards the Creator then I am in the right direction. How, nevertheless, do we build these two points in all of our actions in our meetings, well, in everything that we do?

R. I can't tell you all of that like this in one sentence. Try to do everything that you heard, listen to it several times and try to use it in all of the states. I have nothing else to advise you.

S. The greatest question is: what does it mean in the love of the friends to also be in love towards the Creator?

R. The Creator shattered himself in many, many pieces and it appears to us in such a way, there are no friends in the group, there are no connections, nearing and adhesion. It is all one Creator, it just appears to us this way in the form of many, the many small, little people and all together still, vegetative and animate, all these and we must unite all of this to one whole in order to say that There Is None Else Besides Him.

S. What is this feeling of love towards the friends in which there is love towards the Creator? What is this feeling?

R. It is the feeling of love for I don't know how to say it, for the universe, for the Creator, for everything that is around us. We can't describe it. We will feel then we will understand.

20. S. (44:05) It's a fascinating topic. You mentioned a moment ago that the Creator broke himself and therefore, through the love of friends we will be able to reach the revelation of the Creator. My question: is this in fact the overlap between the love of friends and the love of the Creator when we put together all of the parts and we cancel all the distances between us?

R. Yes.

21. S. (44:35) According to item 13, we understand that the state of exile is the state that when we feel that we are not here for the Creator that we are not working for the Creator. Can we reach this state if we work in the ten, take part in different tasks in the lessons and dissemination?

R. Do all that is possible, and you will gradually start to feel that you do want to penetrate through all sorts of actions and deeds to our internal action towards the Creator.

22. S. (45:42) In your answer to one of the previous questions about how to exit the exile you said that we need to want it together. Now following the Congress there's a more understanding and a grasp of what it means to want to be together. So maybe you can say some new words about what it means together?

R. I cannot express it, to want together is considered just like, let's say just like we just went out of one home and now we're dispersed here and there in all kinds of places, and we really want to return to our mother's home and to connect there together like we once were, like we were once connected. I don't know how to express together in one heart and one mind in one feeling, one desire. I don't have the words for it.

23. S. (47:18) What does it mean to make a movement with your heart?

R. Movement with the heart, where the heart will feel all kinds of states and changes, closer and further to the friends and to the Creator. That's something that we need to work on for months, not from today to tomorrow for months, and then we will feel the extent in which this distance between the heart of one friend to the other is becoming flexible. There's nothing you can do about it, that is how we need to work.

S. It's just that I don't manage to understand what I should do to bring my heart closer to the hearts of the friends, how do I make this nearing?

R. You don't want to make a partition between your heart and the heart of the friend, there is a partition there now in your heart you want to remove it.

S. By what exactly do I remove this partition from my heart?

R. You cancel it, you want the two hearts to be felt as one.

S. Earlier I heard you say that we should tell the friends what's in your heart, what is the limit that I can open up to them about what's in my heart?

R. What's the boundary that you open? Where you start to feel the heart of the friend like your own heart where the hearts are connecting. That is the prayer of the connection between the hearts where they can start to enter into one another.

S. This work is seemingly very internal and subtle, this is something that each one does by himself or we do it together? How do we make these movements?

R. Have you ever seen in movies or TV how big masses in space clashes with one another, one planet with one another, where they come close and then one begins to enter the other and then there are explosions and fire and what not. Imagine to yourself here too, it's the same with our hearts that need to be connected. You have to depict this. It's like we want these hearts to connect because otherwise we don't return to becoming one man with one heart.

S. This is clear but what to do against the opaqueness that I feel in my heart towards connection.

R. This obtuseness you'll feel if you are alone but if you are in a ten you will not only feel being obtuse, but you will feel joy that you are breaking the boundary and you are entering with your friend to such a connection.

S. The force and the ability to break the resistance, it's out of me wanting to be together with them?

R. Yes, yes, and from that you will feel the joy from the Creator's joyousness.

24. S. (52:48) It feels as though we've been torn apart and there's a growing pressure growing bigger and bigger. One side we want to connect to the Creator more and more and we want to connect to the friends. On the other side, you feel this growing resistance and you also have this growing wanting to connect and this is very difficult situation because it grows and it grows, how long does this keep on growing and what is this breaking point because I feel at a certain moment this will this is an unfolding situation as if you lose total control of anything and it should be like that but it's growing and growing.

R. Until you lose control and pass on all this control to the Creator and then it will work out, where it won't bother you how long it will take and what efforts it will take, but rather you give yourself to the Creator's work, where the Creator performs the work on you.

S. Yes, and it's like you really start laying on your knees to beg to the Creator to give yourself completely to the Creator? You need to come to this point?

R. Yes.

S. It's an unbearable situation. It's becoming an unbearable situation.

R. It is an intolerable state, and it becomes the most desirable state.

25. S. (55:08) I'm now in a situation where I hear everything you say, and I justify what you're saying so much and I'm in with what you're saying. I have a big conflict with my ten because I have no problem opening my heart, it's a natural state for me. In my ten, people, the friends simply run away from it. They even sanctify the fact that we have to run away from it. They accept the fact that the friends are not willing. They don't want to do it. That's the state that we have, and you just have to understand it and shut your mouth. You are not allowed to say even one word. If you say one thing it means you are on the left line, that you are criticizing. I don't know what to do. As much as I pray, as much as I ask, as much as I gently say these things.

R. Be quiet and be silent and that is it. The simplest thing, don't open your mouth, work in silence, inside your heart work only.

S. Nothing comes out of it.

R. You are permitted to open your mouth if by that you're helping a friend, if you're not certain then keep your mouth shut.

S. Where does this point of not being certain, I try from all directions and all sides so what to do?

R. Then it would be best to shut your mouth for let's say a week let's say, all together and that's it.

S. Okay, I'll try to be silent for more than a week?

R. Get used to it, let's say a month or two. Get used to being quiet and then we will see.

26. S. (57:19) Aren't we all in exile on this we admit the attack Rabash says? How can we do this attack together?

R. We in the ten can perform an attack and reach the end of exile in the ten.

27. S. (57:54) When we ask the Creator for help is it better to ask from the feeling of helplessness or from the state where like a little child that he thinks he deserves everything?

R. Those are two different states that whatever person has, that's where he calls the Creator from that point. Each cries for where it hurts him.

28. S. (58:40) If I will feel the friends like myself, it turns out that I will care for them as I care for myself so this will be a concern for me, what will it give me if I'm concerned for everyone?

R. You have to move to a state of bestowal and love.

Reading excerpt #14. (59:26) “We should know that the state of exile … (twice)

29. S. (01:02:27) In that state of separation sometimes I shift from gratitude to the Creator, to the state of impatience and anger. These states come from the Creator when will I come out of exile?

R. The Creator tolerates all your states even if you cry out and scream and cry in whatever you do it doesn't matter what. The Creator will tolerate it all, he has love for you and patience for you which is unbounded. The whole thing is in you when you grab yourself and balance yourself to bring you to a connection with the Creator that is optimal.

30. S. (01:03:33) You teach us that we should never aspire to reach suffering. How in the ten when a friend is experiencing suffering can we somehow share that pain with them? Can we awaken it in a way that we will feel it together?

R. We don't need to feel suffering. We need to constantly advance from pleasure as we are rising in an uplifted state and so on and if some kind of bad state appears in us we need to get rid of it only by coming closer in mutual motion between us.

S. Rabash writes in this excerpt that the exile is measured according to the suffering we feel and sometimes it appears that if we will understand better the problem of the exile how great a problem it is, then we will also operate more effectively.

R. These sufferings that he's talking about are love suffering, where I want to come closer to the Creator and love the Creator but I'm not capable, I'm not capable of even asking for it that's why He doesn't bring me closer, but in general I am on the path of suffering, but these sufferings are sufferings of love. Imagine to yourself that if you meet a woman and you are in a distance from one another and you are suffering from not being next to her. This is also suffering but these are sufferings that stem from having somewhere, a connection in love but for the time being in reality it doesn't exist. Such suffering we need to yearn for but also only that we will be able to implement this nearing.

S. This example with the woman, it's very clear but if the friends don't feel that in the ten in the same way, we simply gather together with a few men.

R. The men need to gather together and to depict to themselves that they're connecting between themselves in one heart, and in this heart one common love is revealed, not a physical love, not some technical love or some love that is hormonal but rather, this is an attraction to having the Creator be revealed in us.

31. S. (01:07:22) We now talked about the fact that these torments of love are because he yearns for the Creator but he's not capable of getting there, how not to get stuck in this pleasure of the torments of love? How do we not get stuck there?

R. Only through connection is that something you don't understand yet?

S. The connection advances us, certainly.

R. Only through connection you have no other means.

S. To stay attached to the friends in the path and get help from the Creator?

R. Yes.

32. S. (01:08:09) When I catch myself under the rule of a certain oppressor or employer and I check if I want to come out and I don't want to come out, what do I tell the Creator at that point?

R. The Creator is the employer here.

S. He is the boss and I see that I enjoy this work?

R. Meaning you don't want to move forward.

S. No, I enjoy this work and he is seemingly showing me that. What should I do? I have no desire the Creator is not willing to.

R. You need to come closer to the friends and learn from them about their desire, at which point you can be in a state of one helps his friend.

S. Why getting closer to the friends is what helps here? In this manner, in order to receive some pleasure, I don't want to let go of it.

R. Then okay, be in that pleasure and just leave our path.

S. No, I am not talking about my entire desire but there is a certain pleasure. What does the Creator want to show me in that?

R. I don't know. I don't want to exert any effort and all your confusion. We talked earlier about clear things and that's it.

33. S. (01:09:42) Is that the sensation of love, the entertainment that the Creator gives us when we pray for the friends and when we work on the connections is or is that something we can come to on our own?

R. You cannot attain it alone. Of course, everything comes from the same source which is the Creator. 'There is None Else Besides Him'.

34. S. (01:10:18) In any action of connection and also in dissemination I feel that it helps me, that it elevates me. What does it mean when I perform an action which is for the friend and for the Creator?

R. In order to advance them, certainly you are doing something, you are advancing yourself as well, but the beginning of the work is where you're searching how I will bring contentment to the Creator. By which action will I bring contentment to the Creator? The maximum that I'm capable of. Where is that possible and where could it be? It may be that I do a certain favor for a friend and by that I bring contentment to the Creator, so I try to do that.

S. What he's writing here is the preparation for the action?

R. Also.

35. S. (01:11:42) In excerpt 14, it says that we should know that the matter of the exile that a person feels is not measured according to the exile but according to the feeling of the pain and suffering that he is feeling because he's in exile. Is the quality of the exile the same but the closer we get to it, we suffer more from it because we become more similar to the Creator?

R. Yes and no, to the extent to which we come close to the Creator we suffer more out of lack of connection with Him and against that we enjoy the connection that we attain with Him.

36. S. (01:12:37) To continue this scrutiny about canceling the partition between the hearts, my question is: in light of the example you gave of the planets that merge, that there's a certain force that brings them together, my question is this: besides connection and the sparks of love that we build between us, what is the main force when asking for the quality of faith so that this inner war between the reason and the emotion we can express it in canceling the partition and connecting the hearts, is there some other force besides this one?

R. No, everything is operated by one force, the force of connection.

37. S. (01:13:33) The feeling of redemption. Is it a feeling that comes from the very need for the Creator?

R. Yes.

S. What do I do the moment that I feel the Creator and I feel the joy and I feel this love and somewhere it causes a pause instead of accelerating the pace?

R. Then we will talk, it's still very distant from us.

38. S. (01:14:05) Between Egypt and the land of Israel is the desert. Which actions in the desert can we perform in the desert? Can we jump above or skip over the state of the desert?

R. We will talk about that after Pesach (Passover).

39. S. (01:14:35) Rabash writes to us according to the measure of the pain he feels, there are two options here. Let's say we take it deliberately to a practical place, for example, he feels that he comes from work and he's suddenly carried away to watch a football game. Clearly, it hurts his spirituality. What can one do on his own? He knows that he is causing pain. It's clear to him or what can the friends in the ten who know about it, what can they do from both of these directions?

R. He can enter his society in advance and not separate, his friends in advance need to know that they need to watch over each and every one so that no one will run away, that's it.

Reading excerpt #15: (01:15:35) “As Baal HaSulam explained the Exile in Egypt..”

40. S. (01:18:40) These Kelim that were borrowed from the Egyptians are they egoistic desires? When they left Egypt the Shechina accompanied them, which is the Creator?

R. Of course, correct.

41. S. (01:19:08) What does it mean to borrow the vessels and give back, how does that happen? 

R. They take vessels that are deficiencies and use them in order to advance towards the light and receive it in order to bestow. After we receive it and by this we bestow contentment upon the Creator because we have no need for the vessels themselves, the whole need is to bring contentment to the Creator this is why we can return those vessels as we receive them. Just imagine it.

42. S. (01:20:32) Here he says the help of the Creator and in the previous chapter I wanted to ask, we also have a saying that he who comes to purify is aided, what is the aid of the Creator? How does he help?

R. What do you mean the help of the Creator?

S. Here also in this excerpt he says that thanks to the Creator, with the help of the Creator it is possible to feel the redemption and we say that he who comes to purify is aided, so how does the Creator aid us?

R. It says with the help of the holy soul, meaning he adds to us a little bit of light from above and that light heals us and corrects us and connects us and fills us, it does all the operations it needs to do; the Creator does all of it through what is called the reforming light.

S. That borrowing of the vessels of the Kelim, we borrowed the vessels, the envy, the lust, the honor, but we're not able to give it back?

R. We don't need to give back anything we need only to receive in order to bestow. All the light that will enter will correct our vessels and connect our vessels and fill the connected and corrected vessels and in them the Creator will be revealed to the created beings and this is what we can do. In the vessels we received in the beginning they were vessels in order to receive, we received them and corrected them and filled them with the revelation of the Creator in order to bestow and this is how we continue.

43. S. (01:23:07) I heard that you say the Creator broke himself into many pieces, it looks like many people, and as I see I see that I wanted to bring them closer, I want to but I cannot and me who is observing, what ability I have?

R. You have the ability to look at the whole world as the revelation of the Creator to the created beings.

S. How can I bring these parts closer?

R. By loving them.

S. But I don't have natural love yet?

R. The Creator says from the very beginning, ' I've created the evil inclination, I have created the Torah as spice'. Of course you don't have the natural love, no one has it but we have to ask the Creator to give us the power of love and to this force we will get closer to each other.

S. What will make us worthy of receiving the force of love from the Creator? What will complete this vessel?

R. To the extent that I get closer to the friends I can pray together with them and ask from the Creator together and then the Creator will not refuse.

S. Also coming closer to the friend is not in my ability and during the Congress it was very easy to pray to come closer, now it feels like everyone is a star in a different part of reality, so what do we do here?

R. What do we do? We don't leave this work and connect more and more, that's the way it is. We constantly work in the same work but we get different influences and different results, and that's why it doesn't seem like the same work but different states.

S. How can we come to a state where these stars collide and the planets collide?

R. We come to it through the connection with the friends, we build such a network of connection and we are in this connection and in this network we can grasp all of reality because all of reality is also a ten, and the difference is only in the power of the tens. The more we add to the ten where we are, the more power we have the more the ten gets the dimensions of the whole universe.

S. How do we generate such a force in the ten that is opposite to the forces of nature?

R. It's not contradictory to the forces of nature, it's contradictory only to the forces of our ego and we want to collect them together in order to unite them.

S. The forces of our ego are able to create to generate a force that is opposite of their distances between them?

R. Yes.

S. How?

R. By doing it, just doing.

44. S. (01:27:46) Help to clarify: Israel it's a desire to bestow or to receive in order to bestow?

R. Both, more correctly Israel is the force to bestow in order to bestow is called Jacob and receiving in order to bestow is called Israel.

S. Why am I asking, the story that is depicted here in this excerpt Israel and Egypt is, I always looked at it as to begin with this as a pure desire to bestow in order to grow and advance it has to borrow the vessels in order to learn how to receive and through that grow, am I looking at it correctly?

R. Very true.

45. S. (01:29:02) Is it correct to say that Israel is above reason and Egypt is within reason?

R. You could put it this way.

Reading excerpt number 16 (01:29:45) “The ARI says that the Exile in Egypt...” Twice

46. S. (01:32:19) What does it mean that the exile in Egypt was that the holiness was in exile?

R. That someone who is in a state where he doesn't understand where he is and how to come out of it, and what to do who is doing things with him. When all those things are hidden from him he is an exile in Egypt.

S. How does the Klipa of Egypt rule over Israel, why does the Klipa of Egypt rule over Israel in essence?

R. When the will to receive is in one's heart and determines what one wants.

S. Everything is for the Creator and the method of Israel, of Pharaoh is only for one’s sake. How can you overturn it, you have been given a state, how can you overturn the desires, the methods and it's not the method of Pharaoh but the method of, for the Creator?

R. If the Creator adds a little light there then the person changes.

S. If I change them, then what?

R. Then for you, Egypt becomes the land of Israel or at least the Sinai desert.

47. S. (01:34:40) Where he says that Egypt is the letters of Metzar -Yam, meaning the 613 egoistic desires are caged in the Klipa and then the work is to return them into bestowal?

R. Yes.

48. S. (01:35:20) I heard you answer earlier that you are allowed to open your mouth only if you are helping a friend and if you are not certain to stay quiet. We have situations in the ten where the friend comes with the concern but the other friend receives it as lack of sensitivity. How do we know when we can open the mouth or when to stay silent?

R. No, these are things that are so multifaceted and subtle that I can’t explain it in one sentence, no, ask more specifically maybe, and also I'm not sure if it's appropriate for the lesson. I respect you being constantly in the lessons but the questions are very general.

49. S. (01:36:35) What is the Klipa in the ten?

R. There can be something as a shell in the ten. It's a force that pushes the ten towards disconnection, but actually to such disconnection from which they will rise to the next level of connection. It is written that the shell guards the fruit because if there was not a shell, a peel, the fruit would rot, this is why the shell grows together with the fruit.

S. The Klipa can destroy the ten?

R. No, if the development is correct the Klipa only helps, it limits the development from within and guards from all kinds of harm doers that might come from the outside.

50. S. (01:38:19) We've read in one of the excerpts, number 14, that we are advancing not with exile but with the suffering that one experiences in the exile. Would we experience this sensation and this level of sensation from this depends on the strength of a prayer? I'm trying to understand how in a ten to reach a single prayer if we are unable to measure the level of this exile?

R. It doesn't matter that we cannot overcome it, we feel it generally and that's enough.

S. Does the level of connection in the ten depend on the level of sensation of this exile by each friend in the ten?

R. Yes, of course.

S. We learned that we need to give the greatness of the goal in the ten, is this practice of giving the importance of the goal to one another, does this lead us to the sensation of the exile in the ten?

R. It exactly brings us to redemption from the ego to an exit from this world to the upper world.

51. S. (01:40:16) The idea of the universe that you described that is ruled by love, it is felt that this force is as some perfect balance between the planets, the stars and with it feels that there is a force of freedom which is why the stars are not stuck but they have an opportunity to move around. How to keep this with the friends and to hold it in the heart and on the other hand to allow them to develop and to grow?

R. They have beautiful questions but are not very accurate but never mind, if we continue to develop them, then they will be revealed on a higher level.

52. S. (01:41:49) I wanted to clarify the desire to bestow that we always speak of. The creature is always reception and reception in order to bestow as we say, and this is joyful but first even in the ten we need to receive the strength and the light from the Creator?

R. If you are in bestowal then you have only the light of Hassadim, the light of mercy. If you are receiving in order to bestow, then you have light of wisdom, the light of Hochma and they are completely different fillings.