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Part 3 Lesson on the topic of "Yom Kippur - The Day of Atonement"

Lesson on the topic of "Yom Kippur - The Day of Atonement"

Sep 18, 2023
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Morning Lesson September 18, 2023

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Part 3:

Yom Kippur - The Day of Atonement - Selected Excerpts from the sources

Excerpt 1: Rabash. Days of Forgiving and Atonement of Sins (00:21)

1. S. (01:34) The introduction to this topic we know there's the period of Elul which is also what's that preparation towards the process that Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah begin with. How does Elul connect to that topic?

R. First of all, it's all the days of repentance, the Selichot, the prayers, the requests, it all belongs to this period of time where a person has to perform a calculation how the year went by, how he was during this year, as much as he got closer to the upper force, to that forum. He was supposed to receive according to the plan of the Creator. That's it that's all called the period of the Selichot, the days of forgiving and atonement. Here we discover how opposite we are, of what we should be, as much as the Creator created that purposefully. That we will see one thing through its oppositeness. That we will ask of him, demand of him, that he will correct us. That we will be close to him. That's the whole matter of the month of Elul, me from my beloved my beloved for me. Elul is the initials for that sentence. That's how we have to try to come closer. 

S.There needs to be some event or some preceding work that leads a person to make that introspection. He works all year long, what is that stage where a person begins to feel that he needs to make that change? What led him to such a point?

R. I'd say the lights that shine on it from above, man himself cannot wake up on his own and start judging himself in a new way. 

2. S. (04:47) It's written that the main work is prayer because only through prayer, a person can exit the public domain and enter the domain of the single one. What is the meaning of the public domain to the domain of the single one?

R. That he starts checking himself that he was working throughout the year as much as he changed this Rosh Hashanah to the next one and this is how we check ourselves and as much as we came close to the Creator.

S. The work personal? That before the whole system, before for myself and the Creator before the world Kli, etc.?

R. Yes, correct.

Excerpt 2: (05:51): "Why Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are…"(Twice)

3. S. (07:38) It is written that there is the fear of the external one so the outer one that one might come into self-reception in mind and heart what does that mean?

R. That thoughts and desires awakened that belong to in order to receive.

4. S. (08:16) As far as the root and branch during this time, what does that mean is it easier during this time to make these scrutinies? Or is there no connection whatsoever to this. specifically?

R. There are both. There are things that specifically awaken during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and so on, but it can also be not because it's that time of year but because there's a general awakening in the world. The hearts of people awake and such forces, such a sensitivity that people affect one another. There are these and there are those.

S. During this time of the 10 days of repentance according to the calendar, how can we be assisted by this? How can this help us advance more?

R. It is worth being more in inner thoughts and about the corrections. Yes.

5. S. (09:49) As far as these discernments, how does this take place? Man just needs to stand and think about the year, what he did, what he didn't do about calculations?

R. Simply to be more sensitive on how you connect the friends and how that together you are directed towards the purpose of creation.

S. Simply do this in real time more?

R. Yes, come on.

6. S. (10:35) It's written here that we need to intensify, to increase the awakening for repentance

R. To awaken yourself and the others, to come closer to the Creator, to his nature of love, bestowal, connection, that's it.

S. The judgment, where does the judgment here?

R. You need to judge yourself, where am I in this how close or far am I in this

S. If I feel that I'm far, what do I do with that?

R. Ask, pray.

7. S. (11:48) The essence of the prayer I understand the need it's the way to advance us the Ten, is this actually in addition to these three conditions of the aspects of the prayer? In addition to that, are we supposed to calibrate ourselves to the frequency of the Creator and then we're talking about the answering of the prayer?

R. Yes

8. S. (12:19) I will continue the question of the friend. What is the answering of the prayer that's received?

R. That I guess you get an answer about it.

S. You get the answer on the spot?

R. Doesn't matter, it doesn't belong to one another, that depends on the Creator.

9. S. (12:51) Can we have the connection as a nullification of the surrounding light?

R. Yes, if the connection between us can create the reflected light. Yes, If we are aimed to be together in the connection between us and towards the Creator.

Excerpt # 3 (13:34) RABASH, Article 13 (1990), “What Does It Mean"

Excerpt # 4 (15:43) RABASH, Article 36 No. (1986), “What Is Preparation for Selichot.." 

10. S. (17:31) I didn't understand you earlier, you made from yourself a court, and a trial and you fell. This pomegranate, there's nothing inside, the grenade there's nothing, it burns the wood it burns what are we doing? Why should you even let it continue the next year also?

R. A person is given permission to keep going every year more and more and more, because it's not at once that he starts understanding, grasping and discovering the purpose of creation, the essence of creation, his purpose in life, that's why it takes time. Day after day, week, a month, a year that's how he advances even incarnations that we don't even know yet anything about them, they too, gather into this.

S. I already believe I already know myself, it's an ass, a donkey, it's everything that your teacher wrote for different people not for me.

R. You're special.

S. Come on man, I'm serious here. I'm talking to you really here.

R. I am talking to you seriously, in what are you special?

S. From the bottom.

R. I don't think so, I don't think of it that way. I don't see here people that are worse than you.

S. It's the bottom line, it's what you said that they're not worse than me, if it wasn't for the friend here I don't know where I would be.

R. Where would you be? What would you want? They're not worse than you, the Creator collected you together so that you have some form of connection that you don't feel yet. What form of connection is the special connection between you? For you to help one another support one another, and thus rise more and more upwards towards Him.

S. I'm operating against this?

R. Why are you operating against this? You're being operated on, that's why you behave this way. Still there's no action that's inside of you that you're operating yourself.

S. But it's written about corrections you said 5 minutes ago, that we need to act here in corrections and if you don't act on this then you're blemishing it.

R. Right and so what?

S. I'm 30 and my death is better than my life. Already for 2 months, I'm not judging right now, to measure what are you operating towards, this why should you be given if you're not working towards that situation, operating towards this?

R. Look, I guess for the last. I'm 50 or 70 years older than you and I'm telling you that all in all we need to go through life and try throughout our life, to bring ourselves to a more corrected state. If we won't have enough time in this life to continue in the next life it's not on us to determine that. That's determined from above so that's it and be a bit more patient. There's nothing to do here. Everyone has nerves.

S. This despair I shouldn't hold it in?

R. Despaired, why? Because it's coming quicker to you than others?

S. No, it's exactly the opposite of that. I'm talking about myself. I'm taking it away from myself. I'm not talking about another contrary, there's friends here if there wasn't for them I really wouldn't be enough for sure. I'm not here and I have no way to get back to them. I'm exploding from shame and anger and anxiety and stress.

R. No more than patience. Let the Creator work on you.

S. Now you have to do sentencing, judge yourself, where you were all year long. I don't want to look backwards.

R. Don't, don't look backwards, only to advance, look at one thing, how can I advance towards connection with the others that's it. More than that we don't need it just to be more connected between us and then we'll feel that to that extent we come closer to the Creator. Everything will calm down and come to peace to wholeness

11. S. (23:54) In the excerpt he talks about problems that a person suffices and partial faith he doesn't have full faith and that's why he sins. Where is that necessity to not be happy with the little that he has and to actually have a deficiency and a demand for complete faith?

R. That's how our nature, the records awaken in us and demand implementation.

S. From our behalf how can we awaken these records?

R. Through the connection between us we can awaken the records in all of us and in everyone else.

12. S. (24:52) A person examines how far he is from self-love and how close he is to love of others which is the matter of to adhere to his measures. Yesterday you mentioned that the less  a person needs to dissolve and to be like a glue in the tent and I want to ask what does it mean to glue in the Ten?

R. That he connects to everyone. He's concerned about connecting everyone.

S. Why is that the best role?

R. That is the best role because by that he works as Moses.

S. Working to Bnei Baruch as longing in the heart the corrected state for love that will be before us, what is that yearning? What is its source?

R. That is a Reshimot, a record from the final correction that is pulling him back there.

S. How to increase that longing so we'll torment us and not calm down ever?

R. You have to implement it, come with that record into the group and try to implement it to realize it..

13. S. (26:42) He says that faith and permanent faith is the solution for everything, all the sins, how to intensify that increase? What is faith in permanent faith?

R. Permanent faith is that I want to be connected with the friends and the Creator in one force and one system without moving away from that.

S. There's a force that can cause that really?

R. Yes yes.

14. S. (27:31) We have two questions today. The friend from Peta Tikvah who said that he said he's the worst friend in the Ten. Are we all that same friend, is that correct? Are we all the worst actually?

R. No he was talking about himself.

15. S. (28:54) In one picture of the Ten there's kind of all kinds of states there's one that's be wicked of Israel. There's another that performs actions he doesn't know that is the wicked of Israel, there is one that is maybe Moshe, and you said earlier that I don't see like you, that there's all kinds of forms and that every Ten has some inner line that takes it some spirit of its own that you can connect to. A person needs permanent faith so I'm not talking about permanent faith, I'm talking about the fact that my faith in the Ten being connected does not believe that point that it has a line, that is had this a permanence spirit and I want to nullify before that spirit all the time so it won't stop. What is the exercise that I can do when all of a sudden I see that some friends stand up this way or another how do I balance this?

R. You are constantly concerned that everyone will be connected. Very simple. that we will all always be connected, that we're all going to hug, that we're all going to think of the center of the Ten to be there and when we come to it we draw the Creator in there.

S. In the efforts towards this I can say that I'm constantly engaged in dealing with this I'm making this place more permanent

R. For sure.

16. S. (31:14) Is describing a state here in which if he has partial Faith he's already sufficed in that. what is partial faith and he's sufficed with that?

R.  That if he has a bit of faith it's enough he doesn't want to advance onward. There are states like that too.

S. There's states like that too. He's describing it as our main problem. What is that?

R. That you don't want to advance anymore

S. Then what do we get out of it? What's the solution?

R. To awaken the friends and they will awaken you. 

17. S. (33:19) You can feel from the lesson continuation to what the friend asked when a person comes he has a record from the final correction he's drawn to the Torah he wants light he wants perfection, then he's told you have to work in the ten, he looks everything is corporeality. Suddenly they work on the characteristics of people. It's kind of like the opposite. He feels the shattering that was and he is drawn towards perfection and he's being told work and imperfection. How can a person combine these two parts and work with them together?

R. I have to see myself that I am not in wholeness, and I have nothing of the corrected state, but along with that I need to yearn to be whole with everyone above reason and in this way advance. 

S. Meaning completely opposite from the feeling.

R. Yes.