Daily LessonJun 24, 2022(Morning)

Part 2 Baal HaSulam. The Freedom

Baal HaSulam. The Freedom

Jun 24, 2022
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Morning Lesson June 24, 2022, Transcription 

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio 

Part 2:

Baal HaSulam. The Freedom (Freedom from the Angel of Death)

1. R. (00:14) By this we are already close to the end of the article. We have to understand that Baal HaSulam wanted to write something big from this. Later he decided this is enough and basically it turns out that for us this article is partially divided or connected with many different pieces, short articles. Well let’s see it as it is.

Reading The Freedom. “Freedom from the Angel of Death.”

2. R. (02:15) I hope this is clear. Meaning the entrance into spirituality is gradual in each and every degree. When a person has to rise to it he reaches a state where he only wants to bestow without receiving, this way he is in adhesion equivalence of form with the Creator. By that he is helping himself advance in the first degree, second third and fourth degrees of the will to receive. It is in the 125 degrees of increasing the will to receive upon it a person gets correction and makes himself to become a bestower.

3. S. (03:10) What is this correction that you only want to bestow and not receive anything for yourself

R. That comes to a person to the extent that he gets the upper force from above, the Upper light, illumination, just like a mother he wants to give everything through a baby, and she has nothing only for him to be good, to feel good. So a person reaches a state that he does not want to receive anything for himself but only to bestow to others, of course but with a mother, it comes by natural force even though this is also supernatural is because nature gives her such a desire and then we see that it is not in a different person with regards for that baby but only to the baby that she gave birth to. So why can't it be for me and me and him and then you anybody can get some illumination from a small Upper light coming down to a person from above and by that a person becomes them in the will to bestow this is how he advances more and more and more in the desires of the root, one, two, three, four.

S. How can we really reach such a state that we will be so incorporated in the friends and the Creator that we will only bestow to them?

R. You will want to do that, it's not that you will be want to do it forcefully, you will do it by your desire because you see that the way you act by this you execute the law the upper law of nature when you carry that out, you start feeling with a Creator feels, in that same degree. Because all those one hundred twenty-five degrees it is as though we are climbing the Creator so accordingly you start to see what is going on in spirituality by that you are attaining the Creator, by that you start being like him.

S. When does it happen that I only want to?

R. When you, when the feeling of the Creator will not stand in the way of you being a bestower otherwise it turns out that you will give in order to feel the Creator, this is called to choose to bestow in order to receive.

S. How is it, we should be?

R. Before that we performed a restriction where everything has to be revealed not in me, not for my own good my own will to receive but above the will to receive when I elevate myself above me above my will to receive, what we call restriction, screen, reflected light and then in that same relation of mine to him I discovered him. It is impossible for me to discover the upper world, the Creator, if I do not, if I'm not equipped with the restriction, the screen, and the reflected light.

Continuing: (07:55) “I have already brought you to realize that man's essence…”

4. R. (09:52) From their will to receive.

Continuing: (09:54) “For death is necessarily…”

5. S. (11:52) I do not understand that someone who goes to the desire to bestow containment to the Creator he gets rid of the angel of death?

R. The angel to death is called in order to receive, the angel of life is in order to bestow. whoever moves from in order to receive to in order to bestow is called someone who has moved from the angel of death to the angel of life. Angel is a force, the force of death and the force of life.

S. What is the death in using the will to receive for myself?

R. In that whatever you want will never take place.

S. Why does that bring death?

R. Because to with the beginning with he does not resemble the Creator, to begin with he is not in bestowal, he is not in creation, he's only the part the broken part but broken intentionally in order to be corrected and by that he attains the Creator and if it does not correct himself, he stays in the broken part and there's no benefit for him he was dead without attaining the Creator and that is how he remained.

S. Is that connected to the death of the body in some way or is that not talking about?

R. No, the death of a body does not have time to do with that, the death of the body is only a change of certain opportunity in obtaining bestowal. 

6. S. (14:03) Baal HaSulam says that the sons of Israel will be rewarded with Dvekut and that sacred state the vessel of reception was completely emptied of worldly pleasure. Is this about our period to get rid of our desires?

R. Where do you see such a thing? Where are those vessels?

S. In my world I just need to leave all possessions?

R. Possessions means in order to receive.

S. Possessions.

R. Yes, Yes, today you have to reach such a state, the laws of nature do not change, you have to reach keeping them if you want, to reach the true spiritual observance and then you will attain the spiritual state.

S. What happens?

R. This corporeal world is imaginary, it seems to you this way in the will to receive you exist in this imaginary way for a while so that you will be able to rise from it.

S. But I need to do things in the physical work, I need to make money.

R. Yes, you are giving all the kinds of processes by which you can learn something about spirituality.

S. We cannot when we engage in the spiritual world, it can’t come an account that tomorrow I say that I don't need to provide, I'm spiritual, I don't need to do anything?

R. No, you have to accept that everything comes from the Creator, and you need to use these things correctly, both in the physical world and the spiritual world.

7. S. (16:24) What does it mean, when we reach at one point Baal HaSulam says the men clothes in his containment and reach complete eternity like the Creator. What is the meaning of the sentence?

R. This is the purpose of our development, that we have to reach the degree of the Creator until the Keter of the Keter, the general Shoresh, the general root phase.

8. S. (17:36) In the last paragraph of the article Baal HaSulam emphasized the difference between the desires and the possession he's imagining for himself. Why should it be emphasized, that we have to work with it or pay attention to it?

R. No, work on what we usually talk about, taking these parts you cannot take anything besides awakening.

9. S. (18:10) There's nothing that disappears in the spiritual process so what is this thing called death disappears?

R. Because the same vessels that used to be broken are being corrected, it is not that it remains broken besides that it becomes corrected and the light that used to be outside of them as a surrounding light returns as inner light and fills them, so what can remain forever here? Besides the corrected state?

S. Is this part of the whole process also that the process before the shattering, we say it never disappears, it always exists, so why does this shattering disappear?

R. Because it is in order to receive rather than in order to bestow, that's why doesn't exist, that's why there's no identification with the Creator, it doesn't exist within him.

S. But it was created by Him.

R. Not directly. The Creator created that will to receive it later when comes the shattered and it is not any longer directly from the upper force.

S. How can a part of the whole process disappear, eventually we have Gmar Tikkun due to the shattering?

R. But it didn't exist, the angel of death seemingly didn’t exist in the will to receive, only receives in the will to receive as an imagination, as it is opposite from the Creator because this imagination from the Creator aims to it, lives in it and this way it reach the opposite state. The thing is you cannot do oh, how should I say. The purpose is to keep the created being the right development, independent to the final connection, that's why the Creator has to build here some system that seemingly exists seemingly opposite from any other spiritual system. The system will turn the person around in all kinds of various cases that we do learn what bad means and from this bad he will learn what good means but for this evil there is no true existence it only exists in order to discover good.

S. That is clear but when we look at the general part of the system at least in our perception the state exists.

R. So what? This is called an imaginary world; it exists for a while until you see that it doesn't.

S. So what does it mean in spirituality?

R. Until you acknowledge that there's only one truth and only one force acting.

S. That's what it's called it's a dream.

R. Yes.

10. S. (21:52) Before when you gave that answer you said that death is an opportunity to bestow. What is the meaning of the sentence?

R. I didn't understand this question, I didn't get it, maybe it is a different thing.

11. S. (23:15) The sentence that you said that shocked me again, I do not remember how he finished but you said that death it's an opportunity in bestowal you were talking about physical death, and you answered about physical death, and you said death is an opportunity for bestowal. What does it mean?

R. No, that's not what I said, that physical death is an opportunity to bestow. Physical death, that is not even what we talked about. I don't even want to talk about it at all, it just confuses people. You should have asked it more simply.

S. Perhaps I understood it incorrectly. I'm sorry.

12. S. (24:20) How does our efforts becomes from quality to high-quality, does it depend on me, can I understand what quality of effort turns into a new quality.

R. We don't know that in advance because you are working here to finish the degree and instead of the action of bestowal you have an option of reception, that's why a person doesn't know about it he needs to bestow as much as he can above time and above all limitations but later he just need to know that if he reaches the end of the degree then there's something new there. But once he reaches it he can’t know otherwise he will be yearning for something and not for the gold. It shut him inside his will to receive.

S. So what's my work?

R. Only bestow without any limitation as much as you can from all your heart, that's your work.

13. S. (25:56) This group, Israel, that is supposed to lead the work to correction depends on their support of the nations of the world and they have to support them, so to exist or they can provide for themselves?

R. First of all they do depend by Baal HaSulam writes about, it is not the same small group that used to be, we're living in the last generation that's why this style of dissemination, the ability, like Baal HaSulam writes, it is all very important as much as it will be advertised between everybody that the nations of the world are supposed to know these things and participate in them. But this group must bestow, I must advertise, must be an example as much as possible.

S. That's clear but the question is about these physical possessions, you say this a matter of intention of the desire, that these positions, but in order to be disconnected to be completely restored so as if we need support of the societies so you cannot disconnect from all these things?

R. Yes.

14. S. (27:27) Suppose I have reached a stage where I want to bestow what should I do today during the day.

R. You try to and do all forms of bestowal in the ten and you will see bestowal and together you can succeed and ignite your friends to bestowal and the more together you can think about this force of bestowal expanding through humanity. That everyone will receive such a form that the right development of the whole humanity that's our goal here if we want to try so all of humanity will start entering global problems not here and but some issues but global problems, like in Egypt, blood, frog, lice, all those things all those blows they will come up on the whole world and you will see it. What is happening in Europe, it will happen in Asia, in America, North, South, Australia, everywhere, everywhere the whole world. We will eventually fill as much as this evil force starts to surround the world.

15. S. (29:52) It is not so clear how we are supposed to make this breakthrough because it seems like for us for Bnei Baruch, or Kabbalists in general they have features, some point in their hearts and a little help and still you see all the difficulty, now are we supposed to be for the world like a drop in the sea. How can this process reach the whole of humanity?

R. Towards the world it will be much easier than towards Israel, that's for sure. Second, the time will help because we will do what we are supposed to do, as it is written that the Creator will finish the work for me.

S. It is not something linear.

R. I have to do what the pens of me and not ask too much as if I know what has to be and what we are talking about. I have to perform my duty, my role, that's it. I see if I know how all the system works and just do what he depends on you. That's it.

16. S. (31:25) You just said that humanity will go through global problems he will do if we do not hurry up but it turns out just the person does a thing until the day, he will die so does humanity not does not want to hear about the wisdom of Kabbalah how come we awaken the division in us we will have such a strong design to disseminate as you have Baal HaSulam and Rabash, so it will be felt not something distant.

R. Read more Baal HaSulam articles and you'll see how concerned he is about it.

17. S. (32:05) Freedom from the angel of death is attained by learning Torah. Doesn’t have a grip on the ones who learned, is that because they are protected from the light that reforms?

R. We have to do what we are supposed to, I don't want to talk in general philosophy, it doesn't matter to me.

18. S. (32:37) Is the will to receive always trying to justify its existence?

R. Yes, but through that he's aiming us to search for the root.

S. How is it that the will to receive tries to see beautiful, how to find the beauty of the truth that is adorning without adorning the will to receive?

R. I don't think that's the issue that we succeed on this end. So we have to take care of how we can between us and by that resemble the Creator.

19. S. (33:18) Is the angel of death the direct light and the angel of light the surrounding light?

R. No.