Daily LessonJan 19, 2021(Morning)

Part 1 Lesson on the topic of "The Work Between the Desirable and the Existing State", lesson 1

Lesson on the topic of "The Work Between the Desirable and the Existing State", lesson 1

Jan 19, 2021

Morning Lesson January 19, 2021 Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves possibility for error

"The Work Between the Desirable State and the Existing State" - Selected Excerpts from the Sources


1. Rav’s Introduction:

We are in a very special reality. What is it? It's an uncertain reality but what’s special about it is that these living bodies, even vegetative, which we don't quite detect in it the still, vegetative, and animate, especially man can change themselves. We keep animals next to us and they change. They begin to understand us, they come closer to us, try to find a common language with us. Maybe we don't detect it readily, but it happens. Also with plants, what's interesting is that people who take care of plants, they feel the plants and the plants feel them. There's a great deal of scientific study about it, meaning, all of creation is capable of change even within the level of this world, the still, vegetative, and animate degrees we are also part of the animate degree. How does it change? The reforming light that works from one to the other through all those who are on the still, vegetative, and animate degrees in our world. 

They say about a person that, what he does, that you can see on him, what kind of materials and substances he works with, societies, the sciences that he works with, sweats, it makes the person and we change accordingly. Of course, we've read about it and learned all of the influence of the environment from Baal HaSulam and Rabash how important it is in order to change ourselves. Our spiritual work is simply an extension of that quality; there's no contradiction here. We're using the same forces of nature and more. What does it mean more? We want to pull, to extract, to invoke a certain force that we wish to work with therefore, our work is purposeful in order to change, in order to adapt ourselves to something, a certain something, a higher something to bring ourselves to inner changes. Maybe also to external but most importantly internal changes to such inner states of our choice, we choose them. 

Hence, we learned about the influence of the environment on a person and here we wish to add to it the work between the existing state and the desired state. The existing state is where we find ourselves, we have to be honest with ourselves, who are we, what are we, what are we made of? We are made of this material called the ego, the will to receive, the worst that can be in the entire matter of degrees, we are below the still, vegetative, animate, and the speaking degree, the corporeal degree is the worst. We see how much we can harm our nature and our environment, our surroundings, those around us and how we relate to everything. There isn't any other part in creation that relates in this way to its surroundings, around him in creation, quite as worse as we do. It's still, vegetative, animate, and speaking from above down and this is where we are. We are the only ones in creation who derive pleasure from the suffering of the other. No other creation, created being, feels itself over the other, it doesn't have an attitude towards the other only towards itself and if it needs to kill the other, to eat it that it needs it but only because it needs to fill itself it's natural desire. Whereas, man is not like that, he has a feeling of the other and that's why he likes to subjugate the other, subdue him, lower him, feel himself above him and he derives pleasure from that. He lives like that and he's willing to pay with a great deal of exertion for it just like we do in this life. So, we're talking about the desired state and the existing state of what I want now and what will happen in the next moment but it depends on how I'm working with it. Am I taking the other into consideration or not? 

This is the work that is given to man since no other part in creation has the calculation of whether or not to help the other. That's why we say they all exist in an instinctive world or world of instincts and have this natural impulse not of its own, not something that it can choose and sort it out and develop. Accordingly, the attitude towards the other, what it has to choose between the present state and the desired state it's all clarified in it and it's unchanging, it's coming from nature out of the experience that this creature acquires from its circle. Whereas with us, we can develop above where we are, we can reach the speaking degree. This is a degree where we are not simply in connection with a still, vegetative and animate degree but with its source, who is also our source because we belong to the animate degree. Then we come to the recognition, the recognition of the degree called the speaking. The speaking is the force that created us and all of creation in general and cares for us and it places a goal before us. The goal is to reach His state, to connect with Him, to resemble Him since connection is according to equivalence of form. 

That's the nature of connection according to the equivalence of thoughts, desires, mostly goals. Hence, we always have to identify two states, if we wish to be purposeful and developed, two states in each and every state: it's the state we're in and the state we aspire to reach. This is called the existing state and the desired state. If a person aims himself to a higher state than himself, then he's climbing the ladder of degrees from the animate degree to the speaking degree and that's how we can advance. Although we are still in the state called concealment, nevertheless we can perform such actions that resemble, well what do we call that which lives in the radish? Yes, that worm that lives in the radish, yes, slowly it advances from the existing state to the desired state until it emerges from the radish and sees a wide world, warm sunny full of birds and all that. We also which wish to reach the desired state in that way, therefore a free place before us a goal more or less a correct goal according to what Kabbalists tell us, that it's worthwhile to climb from the animate to the speaking degrees then we begin to move towards it like that worm in the radish. 

The thing is, how do we get from the existing state to the desirable state? After all everyone in this world was just to advance in this profession, in educating his kids, in riches and honor, all sorts of things, what's the difference between how Kabbalists advance and those who live the lives of this world advance. Because we wish to advance towards a special goal that would be in contact with the upper world so we would not be as a foreign god to you, that we would connect and embrace him and be with him so close that he fills us and we are inside of him meaning all of those ways we are capable of imagining it to ourselves. This goal is what separates us from all other people who live in this world because our goal is to reach a tight connection with the Creator to such a degree where there's no difference between us, until the complete adhesion as we call it. Although we are coming from a different world, a different matter and the will to receive does not change but instead we wish to clothe it with a new form that resembles the Creator and accordingly we approach Him and we resemble Him. That's why we always have the existing state and the desirable state and we develop these two states, we weigh them differently than all other people in this world. From this we begin. 

Hence the force that develops us, that we invite from nature is called light, the reforming light. Since we constantly wish to resemble the Creator more and specifically from its degree, its essence, we invite the force that develops us that educates us. Our exercises, that's what separates our exercises from every other form here. We truly turn to the upper force, we wish to draw the reforming light from it so that it would educate us raise us bring us closer to him according to our qualities and consequently the main game we play in resembling the Creator is how we behave in the ten where we try together to form such connection relationships that will resemble the Creator's nature to the extent that we can imagine it. 

He gives us additional exercises for and against it, ascents and descents as we call them and in this gradual form we will move closer to resembling Him. We will extract this force to be educated by his light by seeing yourselves as different from Him and also in resembling Him and in this way ascents and descents, these states would be more powerful and consequently we will advance towards our goal to resemble Him. When we come to a state where we are similar to Him, we also feel ourselves opposite to Him and these two extreme ends exist simultaneously and one comes to inform us of the other and we feel our state, we determine our state always in the middle between the desirable state and the existing state our original nature and our upper origin.

2. S. (16;17) Does he need to determine the state he's in by himself?

R. We learn from the Kabbalists according to how we understand what they are saying we need to apply it to ourselves and as we advance according to their text, their exercises that we will perform, we will understand what is the existing state, our nature and against it the desirable state. We always discover that the more we wish to remove forward, we discover our nature more backwards. In this way he who is greater than his friend, his inclination is greater. That's what we realize but it doesn't disturb us when we discover ourselves as worse off because when we receive the support, the strengths from the environment that we build and the most important thing is to build ourselves in the group. Since there we can liken ourselves to the Creator and in the desired state and then the existing state, I check not in me but rather how much I'm opposite to or for the environment and the friends and accordingly I advance.

3. S. (18:13) In order to move from the present state to the desired state, we need to define the problem. How will we remember in the ten that self-love is the disease?

R. In the condition that I discover that it prevents me from connecting with others and approaching the Creator. Then I can determine that self-love, what is self love? That which prevents me from coming close to the friends and the Creator; otherwise, I don't know what is self-love? What - the fact that I love coffee? I love to rest, to sleep, to eat, to hike or whatever you say? This is not considered bad, bad is what separates me from the spiritual goal. Only this. Hence what disturbs us from connecting in the ten in order to discover the Creator and that connection this is called bad are evil. All the rest is not.

4. S. (19:49) In this progress... in this process, in this development, how can we examine that we are developing correctly between the desired state of the existing state?

R. We constantly check those states when we are in the recognition of evil, when we are drawn to the good, depart from evil, do good as it says that the group can help and show everyone each one to others. As Rabash writes to lower himself and raise himself relative to the group and if we try to do it this way all of it is organized and arranged until we see how the Creator is running the ten. Our problem is that a person instinctively, naturally wants to find his connection with the Creator, individually, that I, myself am connected with the Creator and here I completely, out of the group, that ends the connection with the friends and the connection with the Creator. Again, I don't know where I am and where do I find the connection with Him? Meaning, the most important thing is to have, to be in these efforts in each and every ten to want to feel ourselves in a state of connection. Out of this connection, we wish to draw our connection to draw our powers, our connection with a Creator. Most importantly when each of us and all of us together, look for that point of connection between us and then we will begin to discover there clear connection with the Creator.

5. S. (22:05) How does the ten help each and every friend understand the descents of separation is actually progress?

R. The ten brings a person who's in it, to the extent that he's in it, it brings him the upper light, an upper illumination. Consequently, a person begins to feel where he is, where is the true goal and so on and so forth. If a person does not arrange the correct connection with the ten, he makes mistakes and it takes him many years before he convinces himself, before he's convinced that he needs the ten as a means.

6. S. (23:07) What is the state of the speaking, the desired state in the ten?

R. The speaking degree is when a person exists in the ten there were times in history where a person wasn't required to be in a ten. There were two or three pairs or such combinations but in ascents only through the connection with others, when a person annuls himself and expresses his attitude towards the Creator in this way that's how he arranges his development.

S. What is that state between us in the ten that is called speaking?

R. When we begin to speak to hear the Creator. The connection with the Creator is called speaking, a degree higher than the animate degree.

S. What are we telling Him?

R. Then we are on the same wave of connection with the upper one in the form of bestowal, we then understand His address to us that comes to us through the light of bestowal and then we can feel what He's trying to tell us and what we can tell Him in return. It's the work in the Partzuf. What is restriction, screen, reflected light that receives the direct light and then we begin to have a relationship connection. This is the meaning of being in the speaking degrees; mutual connection between me and Him through the ten, all of us together this way.

S. First, we call Him and then He responds with us or the other way around?

R. This you have to discover. You will discover later that even before you speak to Him, He was always speaking to you.

S. But we turn to Him as one, the ten turns as one?

R. Yes, that's right.

7. S. (25:54) How can I measure my existing state in the right way?

R. To the extent that you connect to your friend and you are in this heartfelt contact with him, from your heart you are with him, truly as one man in the one heart to some extent of course, then from this point where you connect in one heart, you can turn to the Creator. In actuality you are connected if you found the point between, a common point between your hearts then you found the connection to the Creator and then in the prayer as we call it, when you speak about it you want it to some extent, you can then explain your desires to the Creator. Since one prayer comes from the ten.

8. S. (27:19) Is it possible to understand with regards to the existing state and the desired state that the existing state could be the awareness the connection with my ten and the desired state is what the ten degrees on in order to connect?

R. Yes, of course.

9. S. (29:00) How is it possible to portray the yearning for the ten when we have a difference in our perceptions?

R. What do you mean a difference in perception? You all yearn to reach one Creator, there is one for all of you? What do you mean, each one in the group in the ten is very different than the others to such an extent we don't understand how we are getting along. How the Creator collects and connects us in this way, it's very strange. I would never choose these people that are with me in the ten rather I fell into it and there's nothing to do about it. We have to accept these things as necessary and this is the desired, the current state the Creator gave it to us. My character, their character, the time in which we connect the special states, it's a million details none of which we have decided on. Rather, that's it as Baal HaSulam explains to us in the state of our free will, Arvut. The Creator takes us to the good fortune and says take it, take it and that's it that's why we have to take it and accept each and every friend as he is. There are no good things, bad things, more suitable, less suitable rather as long as they are not interfering, we are moving forward with them and we don't choose it. Rather, it’s arranged from above and this way the Creator gives us, depicts for us, builds the present state. The desirable state is something that we always have to discuss and talk about what is the desirable state in the connection between us, to discover the effort force that governs us. That's it and then we need to imagine that state we have to reach, how it governs our state and by being drawn to that state how do we have to manage ourselves in order to reach it?

10. S. (32:08) Can we not see the desired states if it's not built from the effort between us, from the discussion between us and the efforts to connect?

R. We are drawn according to the Reshimot and the light that is shining on us even when we don't feel it. Through our efforts we need each one to rise above himself and in rising above himself to connect with friends, we build a higher state further away from our ego and closer and more connected to the friends and that's how we build the desired state. We are drawn towards it and by making the efforts we invite the next state and it clothes in us. Of course we are already climbing those degrees of the ladder but we have to resemble it and come to it in practice and then that's it, this is our entire work. Hence, we are always in the desired, in the existing state and then the most important thing is to yearn for the desirable state where we are more connected, closer to one another and to that extent closer to the Creator until he begins to be revealed between us.

11. S. (34:09) In the ten how can we overcome, effectively, this current state? Second question: is there a difference between the current state and the desired state? Are they the same?

R. We need to more and more find a more qualitative connection between us to the extent that we are drawn to the qualitative connection between us, we will begin to scrutinize and then to detect what's missing for us.  With these deficiencies we will turn to the Creator to help us. Our demands or requests, demands really from the Creator will be more practical more powerful and in this way we will be able to see more and more the deficiencies in the connection between us and those deficiencies in the connections between us, we make room for the upper light to shine and to reveal the connections between us, that's it this is our MAN that we are raising. That's how we advance.

12. S. (36:02) Is it a good thing, let's say in the morning after the lesson, to determine what state I want to achieve by evening and how to connect it to the ten?

R. After the lesson we need to talk, that the results with which to reach the end of the lesson that you wish to reach such and such a state, not the wisdom but rather the essence of the connection between us. We have nothing more than the connection between us and then that special connection between us when we connect, there we find the next spiritual degree, the Creator who feels that it's all between us. So after the lesson we should think maybe together a few minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, as much as you need, what we wish to, how we wish to depict the connection in the ten that we wish to attain the desirable state and how do we turn the to the Creator to help us establish this desirable state so that He would be revealed in it? That's it and the important thing is that by building the state, by turning to Him, this is our means of giving Him, for giving Him contentment. These things have to be clear to us. If it's not enough for the whole day, we can stop in the middle of the day, stop ourselves and discuss again, what is our current existing state, what is the desirable state and we will advance, maybe several times a day we can remind one another. It is preferred, we would do it every several hours, connect and talk about how we are in such and such a state. It's very important to describe our current state and how from this state we wish to advance to a more evolved state, a desired state, this is the activity that we decide and practice, in potential in practice, to happen.

13. S. (38:45) How to support a friend who is a doctor and he doesn't have the time to participate in the ten, he feels a lot for it on the other time and he just doesn't have the time, how do we support him?

R. I don't know what to say about it. I don't understand it. A friend cannot participate in the ten, anyone who cannot talk, to take part in the ten, that is not part of the ten, he's not a friend. There is no such thing. I understand a person works somewhere and there's no reception there is no connection, he's in prison, he can't connect and call in but such things are right but all the rest I can't imagine a state where a person is coerced, in our days it's hard to say. Rather, a lack of a desire and lack of importance; accordingly, we need to advance without him. The group is not obligated to carry friends who did not wish to participate in its development. The group does not, it has no obligation to invest in friends who don't want to invest in the group.

14. S. (40:53) If you are always working from every existing state to our desirable state, what is then wholeness? How can such a thing be if we are always in one thing or the other?

R. To have the tendency to go from the present state to the desirable state, this is the good state, the special state where you always have a deficiency in your current state and a deficiency from the state you have to reach and you need the Creator to help you to have this transition from the existing state to the desirable state. Then you're going to the Creator like a baby who is tethered to his mom, she's holding him right, and he grabs her with his hands or feet like a little monkey. That's what we need so there's a state we’re in and we wish to be in another state and between these two states specifically we need all of the actions of the Creator on us, we are willing to give everything up in order for Him to make all the changes and take us from the current state to the desired state.

S. So you can say I actually, this is like the meta-state, this is the state where I'm actually holding on like a baby to the mother, this is what is considered wholeness?

R. You're holding onto the group and inside the group you discover the Creator. You have no other places where you can hold on to Him and that's how you advance. Instantly growing stronger in the group and in any way you can and constantly grabbing the Creator to work on you and to advance you together with the group towards Him.

15. S. (43:24) What is the correct way of depicting these two states in our work as an individual and also as a ten?

R. The existing state is the deficiency and the desirable state is that degree we wish to reach and accordingly are demanding the reforming light. These are the two states from which we establish our direction in the form of our development, our plea to the Creator, the prayer to Him, everything has to relate to the plea to the Creator as an existing and desirable state.

S. What is the composition of the space between the transition of our existing state and the desired state?

R. It's the deficiency that I feel in the group when we're not connected completely for the time being as one man in one heart and the Creator appearing in it, those three things me: the group, the Creator, this is called Israel, Orayta, Kudsha Brichu are one in each and every state I want to determine that.

16. S. (45:24) Please tell us when the friends are connecting to each other and we're closer to connecting and then there's this friction and the friends are doing this sharp movement towards separation, what do we need to do about that?

R. No, no, no if there's no separation between us during the spiritual work, if there are sudden frictions, we understand or we should understand that it's the Creator himself awakening these deficiencies between us and we need to correct. Not that we're searching for how to come from the existing state to the desirable state but rather he is letting us understand on the spot that this is what disturbs us and we have to correct it. This is better actually than for me to be looking for such states but if sudden frictions appear, deficiencies as forms of hate and separation between the friends, this is what the Creator reveals especially during certain states that we have to care for it. Then we have the existing state where the Creator feels the hate between us and the desirable state, then we can imagine out of it what is a desirable state? We will be in love and the Creator will appear as the one who arranged this love and is revealed in this love. God forbid we don't want to erase those states. Without the revelation of evil you cannot reach the good.

S. This is clear but in the moment that these feelings are fulfilling the friend and you can't understand it's from the Creator, he makes a sharp movement.

R. The group has to generate such a field so when a person receives such thoughts and desires, he will quickly discover that it's a game the Creator's playing with him and through it the Creator invites him to come closer to the group and turn the hate into love, the existing to the desirable.

S. So, if I understand correctly, the friends around him need to kind of...

R. Yeah, talk about it, arrange yourselves in this way, it’s excellent. Those are such states that we can use to advance.

17. S. (48:56) What can be a desirable state?

R. Of course, what can be the desirable state? Greater connection between us all the way up to love between us and the essence of love is the Creator. The force of love that will connect us is the Creator.

S. What kind of state, exactly, we need to reach as a ten?

R. A state where between us the force of love appears which is recognizable to us as the Creator. Since the Creator is love. Why do we read, “you love the Lord your God and love the friend as yourself?” Because the Creator is the force of love. What is the force of love? The force of connection, the greatest force of connection - the tightest - is called love.

18. S. (50;51) When we discuss and build the desired state between us, how do we make sure that we all feel it and that we all agree?

R. You have to pray to want it, the ten together and then he will see how this thing is actually real and you demand it consistently to happen and that's how it will come to be.

19. S. (51:38) Maybe you already replied but I want to internalize this answer. What can I do in the day to day to help all of my ten to want the desired state, the next degree?

R. You can help your ten daily and always by wanting to take all their desires and connect them together to the Creator so He would connect them, all those desires, according to your wish and fill them with the light of bestowal and then in the light of bestowal you will be as one man in one heart. You can pray for it day and night to the Creator and it will be a true prayer. The best state you can arrange from yourself towards the ten and towards the Creator to be the mediator between the ten and the Creator, this is called the Shatz or Gabai, it doesn't matter how you call it, you are the presenter or the spokesperson. You represent the group towards the Creator, you ask the Creator to clothe in them or to connect them and then everyone will feel in their hearts how much they belong to one another and so on and so forth.

20. S. (53:23) First there is such a feeling called despair. Is there a place for such a feeling between the two states?

R. No, there is no place for, how do you say ...

S. He said despair, how do you ask if there is a place where there’s despair between the existing place and the desired place?

R. Okay, I don't think despair has to be there. We have to fight it as if we are fighting the worst enemy. Other than despair, the worst state you can have is indifference so you need to constantly keep the ball in the air, as you say, we constantly hold the greatness of the Creator, the greatness of the group and the path to it as the most exalted thing in all of reality. Such that we're not growing tired of it, rather we renew these things and each day that we’re taking another step and another step. I'm telling you it's not a problem. It's not a problem though there come such states. I saw Rabash going through some terrible states without any energy, he could barely open his eyes but it's a special state Kabbalists go through and on very high degrees but we don't we have to respect such states but simply agree that, too, needs to happen along the way but nevertheless we always arrange ourselves with the tendency towards the correct state.

S. Is it correct in a mechanical state to try to go through that?

R. Yes, I have to use different things to come out of that downstate, that fall, the descents, various ways just like we have such examples of the Kabbalists who pay for or invite those Klezmer musicians or people who can play various music for them and they would use that to advance to come out of the bad state, there's a lot written about it it doesn't matter. The best thing and what you can do almost anything there is sports, start running in place, jumping in place, doing these actions and you will see that with each and every jump these thoughts, this nonsense escapes your head. It's permitted to do anything as long as you're not indifferent or leaving the direction of the connection with the friends.

S. What about disappointment between these days, maybe that's the word you were looking for?

R. Disappointment always exists in the background of our work and you have to treat it seriously, not erase anything because the true state has to be included of everything, the good things, the bad things along the way but not that we let those states rule us, but we are aware of them and we understand that there is room for them and the Creator arranges in this panel of colors before us, also a state of disappointment. Disappointment of the Creator and of the path and for myself and the group and creation, everything, many times a person is willing to simply shut his eyes and not get up, he’s willing wherever he is, he's willing to finish with all of reality. He doesn't want this world or the next, he doesn't want anything, it's natural and among all the states, it exists as well and it has a place. With all those existing states we have to use them to construct a desirable state and then later we will discover how would all those states including total despair and nothing, they could kill me, I'm not moving from here, when I build the desirable state specifically from those states. 

Excerpt #1 The Work Between The Existing State And The Desirable State (58:36 - 01:00:36)

21. R. You saw probably a baby and its mother how the mother works with a baby regardless of the state he's in. It is before her the way he is and how much she loves him the way it is. That's how we need to understand it, that relative to the Creator we're in the same state except I'm like a baby we wish to grow up and even from those states we wish to show the Creator, the mother, how much we wish to be closer, with a tendency towards him, but of course with each existing state we have to see that it's the Creator who gives that state. He loves us and nevertheless when we arrange ourselves to come closer to Him, by that we express our tendency towards him, we give him contentment and it doesn't matter what states were in. What matters is our direction, that we wish to come closer to Him and in this closeness, in that closeness brings the pleasure to the Creator and then we are closer to Him.

22. S. (01:02:19) You said that all the desired states require quality in the work. What would that quality consist of and how to achieve it?

R. Our qualitative work is to become Adam or man. Adam means to resemble Adam HaRishon to some extent that which the Creator created from above, that mechanism that existed in order to bestow but had a very small level and on an animate level. We wish to reach that same state of similarity to the Creator but with our consciousness with our understanding meaning to make us into a system that resembles the Creator the upper force, this is the work. So all the states we’re going through, all the qualities we discover in us, nothing is lacking, nothing. Nothing is redundant, neither am I minus or a plus but in a complete manner all those qualities exist in us regardless of how they appear. Even those that I feel ashamed about; nevertheless, they are there they are they are present and I need to understand that everything that exists inside each and every person comes to us for the purpose of creation and if we assemble these qualities, we come to a form that in actuality, it resembles the Creator. 

To him anything is good and is absolute is the upper force and if not for the worst possible thing to exist against it and specifically that we correct and by that we come to resemble all the good in the Creator. These stages are stages that we go through along the way and we have to go through them with the force of faith. When we correct them we see that he was greater than his friend, it's because his inclination is greater. So don't panic as it says don't show a fool work halfway done. We have to see the final state, we will see the process that we've gone through and we'll see that in each and everything we're going through every moment that we go through is needed. You will see the necessity of each moment that we have to go through these states, we have to feel all of the descents and falls, our worst possible qualities, we must. 

Later on the corrections we will understand what are those qualities that we need them, such that make me feel ashamed. Why am I included of those? Why do they appear? Also relative to everyone else. There are those that I'm afraid or ashamed of revealing and just wait to see what else will come along the way but it's all the bad, the evil that has to be revealed and for us to turn it to good. We must understand that you cannot have one without the other. However if we can prepare the 10 correctly we would forcibly correct ourselves until all the bad turns into good. The important thing is not to run away. Everyone is desired, is wanted with all his qualities and weaknesses, each person has to know that this and these and those, love covers all transgressions and then we build the desirable state from the existing state. 

23. S. (01:07:09) Can we define that the goal of the ten ultimately is to achieve a shared screen in the ten and make corrections that way?

R. Of course and it's not eventually. It's right now. We have to connect and from within us although we're very different like the ten Sephirot where each Sefira differs, we have to build one direction, to be connected, we have one direction and we are all integrated in that direction.

S. One direction means one Masach, screen?

R. Yes bestowal to the Creator, real connection between us and bestowal to the Creator and this despite our differences, specifically the differences between us, in total bring us that force, that direction by which you connect to the Creator.

24. S. (01:08:27) Please say, if there is a state that is evil, rejection between the friends and for a while now we can't cover it, what does that mean?

R. Of course that makes you stop along the way, of course you interfere with the general advancement of all of Bnei Baruch along the way and we have to emerge out of those negative states, no matter how big they are, even the smallest to come to the positive state. I can't imagine why you need to have this feeling of bad towards one another. If you understand that it's the Creator awakening everything in you so specifically, if you connect above it, you're taking a step forward to its revelation. So I'm happy about these wicked that are revealed and if I connect above that, on top of that then I have a new place that I've constructed for the revelation of the Creator. The Creator is revealed only on top of the friction between us and when we are above our differences above our quarrels. If we remain above, not that we erase what 's bad, I hate him, I disagree with him, I don't want to talk to him and so on and so forth with each and everyone in about that love covers all transgressions. 

We don't need to erase or extract the transgressions between you, they remain, this coarseness, when you remain, when you have this friction between you, it remains and I feel it and I hold myself above it, my goal remains and above it I build an attitude of love. Then, above that I build a Partzuf where I discover the Creator. Only in this way, in this coarseness and above it, qualities that I correct in bestowal in order to bestow and that's how I advance. You look only at the evil that's revealed so it's revealed so you build something good out of it. Don't wait for the Creator to arrange something good for you without the bad first. When you try to overcome the bad, you will see how happy he is of your efforts although you fail but you will ask of Him eventually and then He will build above the bad, the good and you will have the sandwich, bad on top of it, good and in the middle between the bad and the good, the people of a good, is your exertion.

S. Can I ask another question? If we truly cover with love some resistance in some matter, does that mean that this question, that problem, will not emerge again, will not come up?

R. If you try to rise above the friction between you and you agreed, you concluded that from this point on you wish to be in love between you and you need to feel in all your connections of love, you need to feel that you are riding the previous hate and frictions and these two things don't disappear. Above love and below hate and you're aware of it. Not like people from this world are either in love or in hate either this way or that way, no. You need to try and establish the love according to the hate that's revealed and of course a moment after you attain the love, greater hate appears in you and you build greater love above it and in this way you climb the ladder of degrees and then each love and hate you discover greater darkness and greater light and the Creator - who is in fact the origin the source of darkness and of light and between them - you are starting to discover Him, His internality, His thought, why He created it in this way. So don't be afraid of hate, of negative things, search them out, what else is like an old person who's walking all hunched looking for more things that I cannot see over which I can build a connection and love and you were trying to run away from it. 

25. S. (01:14:44) Please say will the force of the screen be equal to the force of the ego or the yearning and aspiration will be equal to the ego?

R. In the end when we are building the plea to the Creator, the prayer to him, there comes from him the force of connection and the force of connection controls the hate, the distancing between us and in this way above the coarseness we discover the restriction where we don't use the coarseness we want to rise above it to our connection into the purity and this is how we build it. It can't be that the good force will be more than the negative or evil force that is revealed, they have to correspond to one another, equally. We are always seemingly in the middle line between them between the relation of evil and the revelation of good and we aim both of them towards the Creator and then we are specifically in the middle line and adhered to him. When I understand the evil force is arranging it so that I will yearn for the good force and the good force and the bad force, I discover and reveal only to be in adhesion with the Creator between them, their source in this is how we advance on the middle line.

26. S. (01:16:41) If a friend participates in the daily lesson noticing that being the Shatz and Gabai becomes a habit this is a habit with the 10?

R. I don't know if it's an egoistic calculation or something else, if he's with us in this he is our friend, that's it I'm not making any calculations precisely about his intentions or how the Creator arranges everything for him, if he tries to be with us at least not to harm us but to be in connection with us then he is a friend don't have any calculations and criticism for the other. It is better to work on the connection between you and the Creator.

27. S. (01:17:59) In the beginning of the lesson you spoke about still, vegetative and animate if I understood correctly that they are indifferent to the other parts of creation they don't have love or hate.

R. Yes.

S. And these are parts within us?

R. Yes.

S. Then we develop and there is a speaking level and we lose the indifference?

R. Yes.

S. The indifference we need to discover it and we need to choose it consciously, we need to choose this consciously and this is through the 10 and the Creator?

R. I don't understand why you need to break it apart like that, what do you get out of looking at this still, vegetative an animate, you do the work of the speaking, what do you mean with botany and zoology, you need to be on the level of man the connection between us. Leave all of the other degrees.

S. You talked about the states and how to use them?

R. You don’t need to use them, I just gave them as an interlude to our work, you just need to leave them there.

Excerpt 2 Reader (01:19:40 - 01:21:52)

28. R. This is really the answer for many questions you have asked, how do we overcome these disturbances we feel along the way, only with the power of faith above reason, meaning thoughts and desires of others that are different than the thoughts and desires of my own. I lower my thoughts and desires and I wish to see the world through the others, this is called connecting with the others and in this way I bring myself closer to the Creator, I rise above my ego and clothing in the other, it turns out that I clothe in something of faith above reason and that is how we prepare ourselves in the 10 to feel and to understand the world the way it appears to the Creator.

Excerpt 2 reads again (01:23:13 - 01:25:22)

29. S. ....

R. We don't have any other means to organize ourselves in the correct vessel for the revelation of the Creator meaning to come close to the quality of the Creator, spiritual ascent but the reading of the Articles of Rabash, if we don't understand he organized in these articles the entire process that we have to go through from the degree of animal all the way from the degree of animate to the degree of man, Adam who resembles the Creator.

30. S. ....

R. It depends on the person how he uses it.

31. S. (01:26:57) The Creator is jealous and we are rejected when we try to get close to him, what should be our attitude so we can hold our connection tight?

R. The Creator is not rejecting us, on the contrary it is called my beloved is like a gazelle, he runs away from us but through his escape through his moving away, he invites us to come closer to him and this is how he elevates us from one degree to the next. Understand his game, he is not running away from us, he never does, he only reveals to us more and more states that are increasingly advanced, spiritual states which are more advanced states because we have to get closer to them. In every situation when a person sees something in spirituality becomes cooler you have to understand it is the invitation of the Creator for him to come even closer to the Creator. We have to understand how do we advance toward the Creator, by our ego growing and then we asked for a greater force of the Creator, by having a greater will to receive and a greater power of bestowal that we will receive from the Creator, through the two of them we advance more and more to the Creator, we build a Partzuf which is bigger coarseness and a bigger force of the screen and the force of bestowal. We have to understand where we are as we build these things gradually until we come to a state where we actually start working on it with a coarseness, the screen and reflected light. Moving away from the Creator we have to reveal his nearing to us and not follow our emotions or our intellect but rather go with faith above reason. Why the Creator does it, what for, everything that the Kabbalists explain to us.

32. S. (01:29:35) When we go through the states of descents and we go into faith above reason does that mean that the Uppers vessels are in the perfect state?

R. In the vessels of the upper one we are always perfect and complete, all the work of the upper one is to bring us to states that are the farthest away from him and show us how we can come to similarity. Those two extremes we need to attain them all the time, minus plus, minus plus. That is the way it works for many nights and days we come to attain the upper force. .

33. S. (01:30:40) The desired state the 10 should aim to the next state or the final state?

R. Only the final state, we need to be directed only toward the final stage, I don't know exactly what is the next state, for me it is the final stage.

Excerpt 3 Reader (01:31:18 - 01:32:54)

31. R. This means that while feeling the current state we also have to feel, not to really feel in our senses but to depict, to imagine the perfect stage, the goal as much as we can. That is what he says that a person has to relate to as though he has been rewarded with feeling the Creator in his organs, then when we are connected to states, the existing state currently in our desires, in the desirable state when the two states appear to us as two degrees, accordingly we have to act. The act is connection among us and the request from the Creator to do this work on us. The power to ascend comes only from him and he has to establish us, create in us the next degree. This is called if the Lord does not build the house, if he doesn't create and build in us, the next degree then all of our efforts can't build it. But we can demand of him and through the demand even if it is partially, incorrect perhaps, mistaken or something, he corrects it and corrects it repeatedly and if we continue persistently to turn to him like a little boy who is just nagging and nagging demanding all of the time and in this way we do come to a state where he creates in us the next states and in this way we shift from one state to the next.

32. S. (01:35:00) How do you discern between closeness or distance in spirituality compared to corporeal distance and nearness?

R. Spiritual moving away or coming closer relates to the Creator through the friends in the group, if we are talking about any other form it is probably corporeality.

S. I can see if I'm coming closer toward the friends and I can try to understand what it means towards the Creator, the quality of love and bestowal, but I don't really know what it is, how can I see the difference??

R. When you do it truthfully with the friends then you will also discover it openly with the Creator, it is just that the intentions and the desires and your relations with the friends are all still untrue and that is why you're not discovering it.

33. S. (01:36:12) Foreign thoughts defeat us in study, what does this mean?

R. You are like little children, confused by your foreign thoughts and desires that operate on you, very simple. Just like we can confuse kids, the Creator confuses us to the extent that we are in our egos, that we don't want to come out of it. What should we do? Only by speaking among ourselves how to rise above ourselves and be connected among us to him, only in this way can we be saved. This is why we have to be in constant connection between us and establish the connection between us so it is directed toward him, start talking about it and it doesn't matter what state you're in or how much you understand but this should be the topic, that connection in the group and the direction toward the Creator and you will see how it will direct you increasingly more towards new discernments and in this way you will advance. That is it.