Daily LessonMar 31, 2023(Morning)

Part 1 Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Mar 31, 2023
To all the lessons of the collection: Pesach (Passover)

Morning Lesson March 31, 2023 

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Part 1:

Passover - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. (From Exile to Redemption. #133)

1. Rav’s Introduction: (00:19) Yes, first we have to feel what the exile is. That we are in it. That we feel it, that it is pressuring us, that it is conquering us, if we do not feel the exile how can we yearn and exit it and reach redemption. The difference between redemption and exile is the letter Aleph in the words in Hebrew Galut, Ge'ula and this symbolizes for us the Aluph Olam, champion of the world, which is the Creator. Meaning the revelation of the Creator inside the revelation or the feeling of the exile brings us redemption as we exit it. Hence, we need to feel first that we are in exile. What are we in exile, asking people of our generation? I do not think that they would disclose to us that they are in exile. This is why we should not expect redemption because the exile stems and grows from the redemption. The redemption is from the exile. The more there is darkness in Egypt accordingly we later feel the light. Which we received from above and that higher light is actually redemption.

That revelation of the quality of bestowal and receiving, love, connection, all of the discernments that we feel between us in a clear and emphasized manner are actually signs that we are exiting exile from the darkness to the light of redemption. This is how we advance. Meaning first we need to feel that we are in exile in our will to receive in order to receive in our ego which does not let us run away from it and each time again and again the return to the egoistic calculations to the egoistic reception to relationships between as that are egoistic but eventually a drop and another drop accumulate into a great sum and a long exile and eventually we come to redemption in which the Aleph is revealed, from Gelut, exile the letter Aleph is reveals to us which is called the Creator to be revealed more and more. He is felt more and more and this is how we uplift ourselves and rise from exile to redemption. Let's hope that this is going to happen to us in the near future. This is what I can say. So let's read.

Excerpt 133. (04:18) Rabash Article 15 (1991), “What Is the Blessing.." Twice

2. S. (06:58) Why does the body serve the nations of the world?

R.. The body is called the will to receive and the nations of the world are all the desires to receive that are in each and every one of us. This is why it is called that. In the like that in the wisdom we are not talking about the materialistic or corporeal matter. The flesh, earth, air, water. We don't talk about that. We are talking about discernments. Hence, everything that is within us we divide in such a way so it will be more clear to us.

3. S. (08:02) Even though we do not feel the exile, are we really in exile?

R. No, we are there in the place that we feel, everything is going according to one's feelings. Hence if someone is feeling himself not as being in exile, then he has yet to enter Egypt. He is not there. He needs to perform all kinds of actions in order to identify where he such that his will to receive is disturbing and bothering him and accordingly he will feel that he is in exile, under pharaoh and the control of the desire to receive under the control of the Pharaoh. Then according to his miss agreement with the Pharaoh, as he wants to run away from his ego. According to that he will feel to what extent he is in exile and will yearn to be in redemption.

Redemption comes from the revelation of the Creator in Egypt appearing. As Ge'ula, redemption the letter Aleph describes and reveals to us the Creator takes us out of Egypt from exile. As only to the extent that the Creator is revealed between us, the force of love, bestowal, the force of love, to that extent we can connect between us and to the extent of connection between us as tight as we are with each other to that measure we come out of our egoistic desire, the individual private one of each of us and we come to these advancing connections between us until we feel that we can rise above are ego about the general ego that is called Egypt. To that extent we begin to feel the upper world and this is how the exit more and more and more from exile to redemption from the feeling of ourselves in this materialistic world to the feeling of ourselves being inside the higher force, in the Creator, in bestowal, in love, in the connection between us.

4. S. (10:57) We talked about Aleph and I remember that we learned a couple of months ago that the competition between the vessels that they wanted that creation should start with them and the Creator chose the Bet and Aleph was the only one that accepted the will of the Creator and then the Creator rewarded Aleph and you also said yesterday that the champion of the world is the one that contains all the vessels inside so the question is why especially Aleph, why not a different letter?

R. Because It is the root of all the letters. to all the vessels, to all the other desires, to all the other forces. Therefore that is how it works out that she appears and then she gives the forces to all the vessels to be in the force of bestowal.

5. S. (12:17) How can we bring this inner connection to be expressed?

R. We need to place this one against that. The state of our disconnect from each other which is called the exile, from the desire to bestow, from love, from mutuality that should be in us. Where we feel ourselves in one body. When we understand and feel ourselves in an instinctive connection between us, that is called redemption. The exile is where we feel that we are not in this. We always need to compare between this and that, between exile and redemption where to the extent in which that the force of the letter Aleph (Alupho Shel Olam) the champion of the word, the Creator who connects between us, binds us, illuminates in us, to that extent we awaken and we uplift from Egypt to the Creator more and more.

6. S. (14:21) I am sure that you answered my question, but in our meetings we are praying for redemption and to exit Egypt before we even feel the full Torment of being in Exile is that something to be praying for now or register need to pray for Correction and connection and the Creator will take care of the rest?

R. We need to pray for our connection to incorporate as one man in one heart and this will actually become the redemption. When we talk with other words about redemption we forget about its essence which is the connection, connecting back to the structure of Adam HaRishon, in which we are all in one.

7. S. (15:53) It turns out that if we are in some event in some meeting and either we are in exile or in redemption it is an inner state. You are saying that we need to turn to the Creator, to the champion of the world as it is called the letter Aleph, this subtle correction in the intention. how to turn to the Creator like that? 

R. We do not need to be concerned about the Creator understanding us. The main thing is to turn to him and to ask for him to redeem us and that is actually the connection between us. Then we become the place of His revelation.

S. What kind of connection are we asking for? Let's say that friend is thinking. I am here, I am ready with the friends, we are at the meeting and in prayer. What am I missing? What should we look for?

R. Connection of the hearts, in the desire, the same thing, the one thing, only that for the Creator to fill us to be revealed in us.

8. S. (17:50) I wanted to ask you when I are read this article I understand the how I am prisoner of nations of the world and how I want to reach redemption and I see my friends in the group want the same thing, why did the Creator put us into such a great distance from redemption?

R. The Creator is performing an exercise with us, because all that we discover in reality we discover a thing from its opposite from that of the contrasted opposite, light from darkness. Therefore we have to reveal the darkness more and more that we are in, in order to in its face we will reveal more and more light that comes and fulfills us and you cannot have one without the other. 

S. I have a feeling of fear that I won't be able to manage to hold on persistently to this and it's so big that it disturbs me. The system, please to this deficiency, is so big I cannot be persistent in it. It truly disturbs me.

R. Correct, at first we think that we can exit the ego and this is the problem, and it takes a long time and lots of forces until we discover that we are not capable of exiting our egoistic desire and to reveal the Creator. Then we understand what exile is as it is are egoistic desire that is developing in us and it does not let us leave it and it is existing in us and only if we agree to be together and to connect and each of us brings his small desire for connection with the rest of the friends, then we can reveal the light of redemption, the light of the Creator, in which He raises us above are ego. Therefore we need to try as much as possible, to connect between us and to feel that in the connection between us from there they bring out the light of redemption and force of redemption, the force that takes us out of our world to a higher up world.

9. S. (21:12) What is the feeling that is born that inside feeling that is born when they begin the exodus in action? 

R. The inside feeling that is revealed in exiting the exile to Redemption is that the Creator is fulfilling more and more our desires and we begin to get closer and closer to the friends and this is how we advance until we become one man in one heart.

10. S. (22:22) After reading this last passage one can almost hear the cry of King David from the Psalms. It is so evocative, is it there a benefit to read the songs of King David in the group in order to amplify? Is this beneficial for us in the group at all? 

R. It could be, we have to see. It could be understood or not understood, it could be felt or not it is all according to the state that the group is going through but to try it is worthwhile. From time to time. 

S. Thinking that we are feeling this we were talking in the group there is a little bit of envy that we will would wants to feel this stronger every wants to come to this time when we are up all night and we cannot sleep it is just to amplified if we are not to that degree yet. 

R. You are on the right path read our excerpts more and more and talk about it and also the songs of King David can be read as well. 

11. S. (24:10) About the request, what could be the request here let's say in the state of Egypt it is quite an unpleasant state. How can I build such a request that is on top of the suffering?

R. No we are not asking to come to Egypt, we are asking to come out of Egypt, to feel the Egypt that is held between us, that controls us, that controls our ego. 

S. But you already told us, this is what I heard, that we still have to enter Egypt in order to come out of it. 

R. To enter Egypt as we see that is written in the Torah that they have no choice. There was hunger in the land they lived and this hunger pushed them to enter Egypt, to go down to Egypt, that's it.

S. If you can give an advice how ultimately what can we ask for? Only the exodus or we have different states, what can we ask to support each other? 

R. To that extent you discover the state you are in, so only asked for connection. And the essence of the connection, the manner of the connection you will discover in it, you will find yourself in it. The main thing is connection and in the connection all kinds of ways of connection between you is going to be revealed that will depict to you the form that you are in between you. And in that form you will see that how close it is to the ego which is Egypt or to the opposite, to connection and love which is called the exodus from Egypt. 

12. S. (26:51) How much does it help us to support our friends so they exit the exile? 

R. We can only leave the exile when we connect. One person cannot leave, only the ten meaning the whole group together. Therefore we need to be concerned about being connected and then to the extent we connect between us more and more we come to such a power of connection to a manner of connection which is what raises us above the ego gradually, slowly slowly and this is called that we are exiting Egypt. 

13. S. (27:58) I think that the text is saying that we have to disconnect ourselves from the body that wants to receive for itself and we have to live at some level outside of us in a state that we depict for us and that we wish for and there is unity and bestowal. So we have to live on two levels? 

R. We need to live there where we are. Of course we have to rise above the level of our body which is selfish for the time being and to adhere ourselves to the level of our soul which is already the connection between us, which is revealed from the connection between us. 

14. S. (28:58) Is it possible to come to that feeling of Exile but not just feel pain and suffering from it? 

R. It is not possible because where are you running away from? You are running away from the suffering, later when you understand that you're suffering is from you being in the selfish state of yours then you want to escape your ego and that this is what needs to be a gradual recognition of where you are. 

15. S. (29:53) In the exile there could be a state when I am angry and convicting the Creator and also that I feel that it is a necessary state to reach Redemption so the question is to what extent justifying the state can hasten the exile? 

R. This is something you have to choose. To the extent you are willing to suffer, this connection from the desire to receive from the good life as we call as we read in the story of the exodus that in Egypt they cried where are those beautiful nourishments, the food that we had in Egypt and now we do not have it. We will learn all those things during the next days to come. Therefore they are sorry later for the exile because it gave them hunger and appetite and they felt the benefit of it.

S. To the extent I am participating and see the benefits of the processes, does it also speed up the process? 

R. Yes, certainly.

16. S. (31:22) In the ten we feel the challenge of coming out of Egypt the more we try to connect more and more but there’s still no feeling of suffering from separation. What actions or recommendations do Kabbalists give to feel true suffering from separation, what action should we do? 

R. Just continue trying to connect more and more and be stabilized and talk about it, talk about it. 

S. Should we talk about the difficulty? 

R. Yes, about the difficulty, about all our states and by this you will become more connected, more advanced. You as a ten belong to one body, therefore you can talk about all of these things in a disclosed manner and only one will help his friend can help here. 

17. S. (32:33) If my friends are already trying to come out to redemption and I still do not hear them, does it mean that I'm not sufficiently connected to them? How can I incorporate into them more and more to hear their true desires? 

R. Incorporate in them, integrate with them and try to be with them, hear what they are saying and then check if you feel what they feel? Ask them and scrutinize together with them, your feelings and by that you will develop more and more the connection between this and you will discover that you are with them in a single system and this way you will come closer together, “as one man, with one heart” and this will truly hasten your exodus from the exile and to feel the Upper World. 

18. S. (34:14) Is the exile when we see that we cannot leave the will to receive, if so how can we pay attention that we have come out of Egypt if the will to receive is with us all along the way?

Reading excerpt # 133 again. (34:47)

Reading excerpt # 134. (36:03) “When he was in exile..”

19. S. (37:21) What is revelation?

R. Revelation is called the revelation of the Creator the Upper Light, the Upper Force that is all bestowal and love.

S. What is it within us that is afraid of it, that resists it and turns our belly upside down because if our desire is to reveal the Creator to the created beings in this world? So why do we have opposite feelings like fear and rejection of this revelation? 

R. We are accustomed to being in the same nature we are born in and we understand these states and therefore, we do not want to change them, our ego agrees to be in it. 

20. S. (38:22) As a child it took me six months to understand that not the will to receive but that matter can change and states can change by being heated up. We are working with the heart which is the will to receive and with the mind that essentially is emphasizing how hard it is to come out of the ego. How can I help the new friends entering the ten? I do not want them to need thirty years like Baal HaSulam says or whether it's five to thirty years until I understand that connection is needed. And to change the basic state of matter, which is the desire to receive, to move to bestowal which is a different state of being, more like a fluid state. How can we help the new students so they don’t need thirty years for that? 

R. Only in convincing them that the connection between us hastens our path. And therefore, everything depends on the measure of connection and the connection is in our hands. 

S. Yes, it is correct and we are trying to do this. However I see the things that awaken in them through the hardening of the heart and difficult life conditions and disease, it is like another burden that is adding and needs more effort? 

R. Turn to the Creator because he created it and He can change according to our appeal to Him? 

21. S. (40:19) We acquire the recognition of evil by being under the Pharaoh. So the question is: why when we try to exit and we have a taste of dust or our work is felt as heavier or difficult, why is it such a state? Why didn't the Creator give us a state where He can make it easier for us, to give us more strength instead of that it seems that he's putting spikes in our wheels, why? 

R. That we replace our desire from to receive, into a desire to bestow, so that we will truly want to uplift above our state and this is why we have to feel that our desire is what decides where we are and our nature, our desire needs to be replaced. 

22. S. (41:39) Do we need to depict to ourselves the exodus from Egypt: is this imaginary, creative work?

R. Yes, it is creative and imaginary work that we have to do which moves from the connection between us. Accordingly we rise above Egypt and enter a place called the land of Israel. 

23. S. (42:14) We understand what yearning we need to be in prior to coming to what depicts the beautiful, broad and good land which means to move from exile to redemption. My question: what feelings does the person have to hope for, expect, that he would have prior to feeling this wonderful desirable, broad and good land? What feelings do we expect, what signs do we have to expect? 

R. The need to feel that we are not capable of remaining in Egypt. That we are truly in a feeling of hatred to that which is called Egypt and before that, we loved it and we agreed to remain in it and we were the workers of the Pharaoh, we were serving the Pharaoh until we discovered that this is opposite to the purpose of life. And we started to yearn for this goal, for connection between us and this is why this is the transition here which is completely within us, where from self love, we have to come to the love of others; to the love of friends. 

24. S. (44:04) Will we manage to discover the exile in Egypt so we have a desire to exit or do we need something additional? 

R. Only desire. 

25. S. (44:54) If the exile that we see, that we cannot exit the desire to receive, then how can we know that we have left Egypt if the desire to receive accompanies us on the whole spiritual path? 

R. The desire to receive does not disappear at all. We cannot diminish, kill or burn, we cannot do anything with it because it is nature, it is the matter, it is the nature. We can only change how we use it, how we use it from in order to receive to in order to bestow and this is why, this is what we are doing. 

26. S. (45:58) Here the text is saying that to exit Egypt from exile we can come to this broad and desirable, good land but when we exit Egypt, isn’t the desert expecting us? Isn’t it forty years in the desert before we come to this land?

R. It is correct but it is already on the way to exiting the exile and going towards redemption. It is already a preparation and this is called correction, it’s no longer considered inside Egypt. 

27. S. (46:48) If we are under the spell of the will to receive, how can we feel that we want to exit this exile? Where would this feeling come from? 

R. It is a very good question. We are under the rule of Pharaoh, of the will to receive and still we begin to feel that the control of Pharaoh over us, even though it gives us all the best in a material sense, it enslaves us. And we cannot do anything about attaining the essence of our life, why do we live, what is the purpose of life, what is the benefit of life. Meaning if you agree to be a beast, then go ahead. You have all the conditions to live well in a state called Egypt, so you live in this world and everything is great; you have whatever you want.

However, if you want to transcend this world and to feel the purpose of life, the essence of life, then that you can not achieve while remaining in Egypt. You have to rise above it and this is the problem. The forces of nature do not allow you to rise, to exit and you have to make an effort and the effort can be made only on the condition that you acquire the opposite nature to this world, that you connect with others and together with the others, you have strength and the possibility to emerge, to rise above this world. Meaning that this hot air balloon that you can elevate you from the ground to the sky, is the connection with the ten. And so all together, the sum total of forces here is what elevates us from this world, in order to receive, to the Upper World, in order to bestow and to the extent that we raise ourselves, we discover the Creator through 125 degrees of ascent. 

28. S. (49:49) Lately you have talked about the need to connect our desires and also prior to that you said that we need to talk in a disclosed way to each other, about where we are, what we need to do, etc., and this is what will lead us to connection. With that and when we do this when we enter into the scrutinies because each of us has his opinion of what we need to do we discover in these revelations, in these scrutinies is the evil. I want to understand going into Pharaoh, is that exactly the matter?

R. Obviously if the person does not want, he does not find the strength and the desire and the plan to come out of Egypt then he has no problem with Pharaoh because he's not opposite to the Pharaoh and he receives in Egypt whatever he wants. Egypt can satisfy that person in everything and in all of our egoistic desires we are fulfilled. However, if a person wants to exit Egypt then he has a problem, that you cannot come out and then we have to look for strength, opportunities and means to come out and this exit is not simple and the exodus is not simple as we are reading in the Torah. 

S. Thank you for the answer. So it turns out that our main work is in taking the Creator together with us in going with Him even before these scrutinies, to connect this connection to the Creator and then enter and then to follow how we can go with the Creator there? 

R. That’s true. Kabbalah teaches us that exiting Egypt is happening only with the help of the Upper Force, the force of bestowal and for that we have to connect between us and connect with the Creator. As much as we attain the connection between us and with the Creator, with that force in total, we will rise above our ego, meaning we can come out of Egypt. 

S. And each time we do this nevertheless, we discover that we are not coming to the end, we still feel the control of the ego and this is causing the necessity for prayer? 

R. Well here our work is gradual, each time we elevate ourselves a little, we feel that it is insufficient. We raise ourselves a little more above the desire to receive and then we see that it is insufficient once again and this is how we gradually, ultimately come to that force that does elevate us and detaches us from the will to receive. 

29. S. (53:20) When the people of Israel exited Egypt it seemed like something tangible. You are leaving at night, somewhere to the desert, your life is completely flipped over. All together this can be felt in our state, you continue to go to the store and work, you live your life and with that you are going out of Egypt? How can we feel that, imagine that?

R. You have to translate these things to the correct language that the group that wants to come out of Egypt, it connects internally in such a way between them, in such a way that they discover that their ego is there between them and prevents them from rising above the Egypt inside. And in such a way they are fighting their ego to allow them to fly, to allow them to rise above the will to receive in order to receive and they request and ask and demand and cry to the Creator for help. Ultimately, they receive help and the Creator created through all kinds of states, this is called the recognition of the darkness in Egypt and the exodus is not simple, the escape and so forth. But they leave the slavery in Egypt and come out to freedom, meaning to govern themselves and from there on, bit-by-bit, they start to acquire the force of bestowal, to connect with the force of bestowal between them. 

30. S. (55:33) Why do we feel this fear of being trapped in Egypt and we also have this perception that the will to receive is enslaving us and we also feel this feeling that we feel towards the friend but it is like against Egypt and still, why aren’t we capable of exiting the will to receive? 

R. You are still not asking sufficiently in order to each leave your personal ego and connect between you in a shared desire to bestow. 

31. S. (56:30) Are we allowed to enjoy  from the happiness of our friends? 

R. Of course it is permitted, if it is the joy of the friends we should accept it as our own joy and we can enjoy that. Precisely, the joy of the friends we are actually obligated to enjoy that. 

32. S. (57:18) If Egypt doesn’t yet satisfy me but also I cannot fully find the desire to exit from Egypt, it is like I am stuck between these two states, what to do? What does it mean to be stuck between these two states? 

R. We advance, we move forward, we don’t stop. What’s most important is to connect with the friends and this is going to help you to rise higher and higher. The connection between is what is needed, it is not about time, nothing else can help, only by the connection. 

33. S. (58:17) Can you help us scrutinize? We are in an amazing society, Bnei Baruch where each is relating to the others in a good way. Sometimes we fight but we find the forces to rise above that. We have many scrutinies that are replaced by great joy and I feel that what is pushing me from Egypt and gives me the correct prayer is the external world, how correct is that?

R. The outer world doesn’t affect us at all. We have to achieve through the connection between us, what we have, we need to discover is all egoistic, as each and everyone's egoistic connection because the wisdom of Kabbalah is talking about this directly. It calls it hatred, hatred between brothers and we have to reach brotherly love. That's what we need to do and the outer world is not bothering us. We do not even have to pay attention to it. Meaning the main thing for us is to reach a state where we want to be in connection between us, to be connected and achieving, reaching that is what is necessary, and the outer world doesn’t hinder us regarding that.

34. S. (01:00:10) If the force of bestowal, is it first that it emerges from Pharaoh?

R. No, Pharaoh is the force of reception. However, we can replace it with the force of bestowal.

35. S. (01:00:55) How should we come to the recognition of evil fully and to need the Creator to exit and escape Egypt?

R. Only practically, only in a practical way, that we come to a state where we truly want to be connected between us and then from the connection between us we rise to a higher world, worlds of bestowal that's called the spiritual worlds or spiritual degrees.

36. S. (01:01:44) So the solution is to connect.

R. Yes.

S. In order to connect I need the desire to bestow, right? Without it I cannot connect and I don't yet have a desire to bestow, so how do I connect, above reason? How do I do it?

R. We are connected physically between us and the group and we ask the Creator to help us be in mutual bestow between us.

S. Can we say above reason?

R. Yes, that doesn't matter how you say it as long as you ask the Creator that we all will unite.

37. S. (01:02:43) Is the force of bestowal in the connections between us revealed as a feeling of pure love bond, pure love?

R. Of course.

38. S. (01:03:25) Our ten yesterday had a meeting in preparation for the Passover convention and we wanted to scrutinize how we're rising to the next degree. Almost all the friends came immediately and the question that arises is that first of all it's clear that without connection we cannot discover, we cannot reveal, we cannot advance, and when we come to ask for connection from the Creator then even before they ask the question is revealed in the heart why you need connection, what you will do with it. It's like we need to arrange the intention here. What do we need this for?

R. Through our connection we can reveal the Creator who is one for all and then we can turn to the Creator and be with the Creator in a single connection, that's basically our goal, because it says return all the way to the Creator.

S. That still needs to be revealed or clarified in our heart as a feeling we can ask for because what will we do with the connection? That's the question.

R. Adhesion with the Creator. Inside our connection we discover the Creator and adhesion with Him. That's basically the purpose of creation, that we all received coarseness, Aviut from the shattering of the Kli of Adam HaRishon, now with this coarseness we can reach the Creator and adhere to Him and that's already us, ourselves, it's our work. It's not that we receive everything from mom and dad, rather when we come back to the Creator with our own strength and we cling to Him.

S. It still needs to take on the flavors of what it means to adhere to the Creator so we can connect and ask for it?

R. Well that we're going to do through love of the created beings to love of the Creator that's on the way.

S. Thank you but there's already that necessity?

R. Yes.

39. S. (01:06:00) This is by no means like a complaint, but in our ten we're not partners to these discernments of exile, the evil inclination, the control of Pharaoh, or maybe I for example. Is that okay? It seems to me that it could be okay we are advancing without feeling anything that's related to what we're learning? If you understand my question.

R. We learn in the study and after a long time not right away, through some efforts we make, we begin to feel what is it we want, what is the will to receive, what does it mean. Sometimes we feel what might be a desire to bestow we don't feel it but we feel what it might be, and how we exist within the will to receive, how we might exist within the will to bestow, how we raise ourselves from the will to receive to the will to bestow, and that is by connection with the friends as the means, as a force that elevates us. It's like this hot air balloon that lifts us above our natural desire to the upper desire, to shift and move from one desire to the other.

S. We basically have everything we need for advancement. Even from our state we will be able to advance?

R. Yes, except if we just do what we need to do, activating the force of nature so that they will do the actions.

40. S. (01:08:16) I heard that in Egypt if a person agrees to be a beast this state fills all his egoistic desires. We understand that a person can't be satisfied in his egoistic desires so how can such a state exist?

R. That's why a person is ultimately not happy being in Egypt, he doesn't settle for it's not satisfying for him and this is called, the nation's sigh from the work, meaning they want work and work and want to benefit and want to gain, but what do they gain? Nothing besides corporeality and so they develop corporeally until they feel that they’ve got nothing in their hands and then they begin to cry, and the children of Israel sighed from the work.

S. I'm asking also because actually to be drawn to the state I understand that Egypt is advancement for us, for some of us from our state, so I'm asking for how to be drawn to a state that’s called Egypt? What is the benefit of let’s say intermediary rewards until we get to the true state?

R. Egypt is on the way that we are discovering how much we are in a will to receive and how weak we are and coming to it to the will to bestow. That, we attain, we achieve in Egypt, and then there's a problem what do we do? This is called the children of Israel sighed from the work, meaning that we start crying to the Creator for lack of a better choice and we cry to him that He will help us and take us out and in truth only our cry is what helps.

41. S. (01:10:24) When the wicked says what is this work for you, it's so that we will scrutinize what connection we’re asking for or need to ask for?

R. That we will know exactly what to answer. Meaning what do you want exactly for yourself do you understand? If we say yes we want the will to bestow that will connect us as one man in one heart, we are talking about a single vessel, that single vessel can no longer be in Egypt but by demanding a new vessel and when we do we come into Egypt into the land of Israel.

S. When Pharaoh says who is the Lord that I should listen to Him it's so that we will be able to decide that we must come to annulment also in the work between us and also towards …?

R. Yes yes.

42. S. (01:11:45) We also had a ten meeting yesterday and the friends are really working on everything that talks about on connection very powerfully and yesterday you gave this advice to feel like you're in a prison and there's a minute that you can escape. But we're in the ten and there’s connection, we feel connection. How to know that we are really in connection and not in the illusion of connection?

R. If you all achieve connection then in the connection you need to feel the Creator to some extent according to the intensity and style connection you need to feel the Creator, the upper force, the mutual force of bestowal. If it appears between you then in it you can already reveal the Creator.

S. There’s really this feeling between us, thank you very much for that. What are we supposed to continue here to not lose?

R. Only to continue from here onwards to be more and more and continue from here and be in connection on top of the growing Aviut to discover the common force between you and despite feeling Aviut coarseness you push yourselves towards connection for collaboration and that's how on top of the coarseness you also have refinement and these two forces you start rising in degrees left and right left and right.

S. Can we measure this in changing the prayer, where the prayer changes into a prayer of gratitude in that state?

R. Yes yes.

43. S. (01:13:54) How do we remove the power of separation between us?

R. Only by the ascent, by the connection, don't ask me what to do. You've heard about the connection, all our corrections are only in connection.

44. S. (01:14:41) It is like I am trapped in all aspects of my life by the Creator and I am suffering for my desire to receive but yet the Creator ignores me and ignores my attempts to seek it out from Him. I'm trying to figure out what prayer he wants from me. How can I find out?

R. How can I find the right prayer? Only within the friends, if I organize myself with them together, I may aim myself correctly to the Creator, and to hope that my address will reach Him.

45. S. (01:15:50) You mentioned twice the matter of the hot air balloon, that we have to raise that emptiness that is in us, you said before that we have to fill the emptiness only with spirituality, with connection between us, is this so?

R. Yes.

46. S. (01:16:28) I feel like I'm in the prison of the will to receive, on the other hand, I really want to be in bestowal upon the friends and the Creator and we understand it and we make every effort to connect between us but I don't feel that there's a chance to get out of prison so what is required in order for all of us to come into a state of tension, a common demand?

R. The fact that you feel that you cannot come out of your prison is very good, it's the right feeling and it has to be there for anyone who wants to leave Egypt but cannot because only the outcry in the common connection is what brings them out in the darkness of Egypt from out of Egypt.

S. What happens is that during the lesson and afterwards we are in this tension, this common desire to come out. We want to keep the common prayer throughout the day but the day-to-day life diminishes the tension and the demand and every lesson we have to start over again and we can't come to this point of boiling?

R. You need to continue, nothing to do about it, you have to continue.

47. S. (01:18:12) I am struggling with my body in order to not fall asleep during the lesson because I want to support the ten. How can you feel joy and ask for the friends to have the right strength to continue for the goal, while I have no strength and I feel like I am falling?

R. Ask for strength from the society and connect to them and you will get it I promise you.

48. S. (01:19:00) In our ten, some friends went away and we are suffering because it's hard to come to the lesson. Should they ask the Creator?

R. For each and every state you have to be grateful to the Creator because the Creator organized these states and only in order to help them advance to the goal and that's why it's written that a person must be thankful for the evil, just as he is for the good, yes.

S. If they are able to do it does it depend also on the other tens? Is it an opportunity also for the other tens?

R. Yes, if there's no choice they should connect and also receive forces from adjacent tens but it's best if they can overcome their own state, it is a ten nonetheless, it's not one.

49. S. (01:20:30) When is there no choice but to go down to Egypt. What does it mean that there is hunger in the land of Canaan with respect to a person's state and the state of the group?

R. This is a complicated question. This means that they go down to Egypt in order to receive greater corporeal profit and their corporeal development leads them to Egypt. They work in Egypt and receive everything that there is in Egypt until they discover that it doesn't fill them but rather only their own will to receive, and this is how they start asking themselves about the benefit, what's the solution for their situation and “the children of Israel sighed from the work.” Meaning by hard work they cannot fulfill their spiritual desires and that's why. What do they get out of working in Egypt, their corporeal desire which is fulfilled doesn't satisfy them, so they're looking for something else to do and there's no choice they have to run away from Egypt from the control of Pharaoh and this is how they start discovering the matter of the exile and redemption, and they come closer to the escape, come closer to the escape.

50. S. (01:22:34) Sometimes we feel like we have a connection between us and we can't feel the Creator in that connection. Is that feeling egoistic and how is it possible for the connection between us to become a vessel for revealing the greatness of the Creator?

R. Yes, for the time being we are all in our egoistic desire and we have to understand that all the questions are still coming to us from our ego.

51. S. (01:23:27) This sentence said “The children of Israel cried out from the work.” I always thought it was from spiritual work and suddenly it sounds like the work isn't so spiritual?

R. They wanted, through their work, to attain spirituality but they discovered that it’s impossible and then they cried out, we will talk about it.

S. So they were waiting for some result from their work?

R. Of course everyone works with results.

S. It seems like we have to work above reason?

R. But still there is a response and a reward from above.

52. S. (01:24:34) What is the meaning of reaching a good and pleasant land?

R. That's when we can fulfill ourselves with the upper fulfillment, to bestow, that we will be able to bestow upon each other, this means reaching the higher land.