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17 - 25 November 2023

Lesson 3Nov 20, 2023

Baal HaSulam. A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

Lesson 3|Nov 20, 2023
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Part 3:

Baal HaSulam. A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar (start with: Indeed, the whole Torah,)

Reading: (00:22) “Indeed, the whole Torah..”

1.S. (07:30) What do we need to do to hold onto the end of the rope?

R. Be together and hold onto the edge of the rope.

S. That is our work in the ten?

R. Alone it is impossible.

2. S. (08:01) What's the end of the rope?

R. The end of the rope is that which we can somewhat be in some form of the smallest equivalence but with the Creator.

S. It's written that the Torah are the thoughts of the Creator. What is He thinking about?

R. About giving bestowal about everyone's connection. In that we can be in equivalence of form with Him.

S. What does it mean to grab the rope?

R. That we will try to constantly be together in one thought, feel one another, and together from our connection also hold on to the grip onto the Creator from mutual bestowal between us come to bestow to Him.

3. S. (09:11) He says that the end of the rope is close to all people which is a secret of the revealed Torah that doesn’t need any intention or thought. What does that mean?

R. That we have yet come to those qualities in order to bestow and therefore to the extent in which we are in order to receive, if we yearn to come to in order to bestow, to connection with the Creator, then it's enough for us to begin that connection.

S. What does it mean enough? What is the revealed Torah for us? What's the end of that rope?

R. That with which we are capable of being in connection between us just like we learn from the social writings of Rabash, etc and of Baal HaSulam it’s enough for us in order to begin that connection.

S. But what is this connection? It says that it doesn't need an intention or thought.

R. We don't yet have the right intention in thought of in order to bestow.

S. What is this connection that’s without intention?

R. That we intend to reach that. That's our state.

4. S. (10:44) What makes that rope so reliable and strong?

R. To the extent we hold onto, grip onto the end of the rope that is close to us where we want to be together and together hold onto that rope, and not to let it let go of us. It all depends on us here, on the lower end of that rope.

Continue reading. ” we have already said…..”

5. R. (17:00) I see that what he writes, he wrote it in a very clear way as much as we can hear and understand and more than this if you have any questions please so I'll be able to answer but he writes in a way there aren't really any questions about this. Yes, you see everybody’s silent, everybody, also in the world our friends are also.

6. S.(17:54) He writes in a clear manner but where is the land being filled with the knowledge of the Lord?

R. You can ask a thousand questions like that but I guess that as we get closer to the days of the Messiah, to the revelation of the Messiah, it's a very special revelation of the Creator to the created beings, it will be more clear.

S. He writes that we’re at the beginning of that generation but it seems like humanity is moving backwards not in the direction of the knowledge of the Lord.

R. Why?

S. Because there's just darkness and there's no attitude towards all the things that we're learning about in the wisdom of Kabbalah, about the Lord or about the Creator.

R. The advantage of light from darkness, as much as we feel in the dark, we have more of a desire and an impulse to reveal the light. We will demand that it will be revealed and for now we really don't have enough of a tendency for it.

S. The disclosure of darkness in the world today is the beginning of the revelation of the knowledge of the Lord?

R. No, it's the beginning of our desire to reveal the light.

7. S. (19:41) What does it mean “and the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord”?

R. I guess that all the vessels of the created beings will be able to be filled with the upper light, with the revelation of the Creator to His created beings.

S. What will they know?

R. ‘Knowing’ is an even higher degree than receiving the light; it's already a special interconnection to the light.

S. How will the world appear when people will know the Creator?

R. I don't know, I'm not from the generation that it was already the upper light, the Messiah is revealed, that I can know how to even explain it.

S. So where are we aiming towards?

R. We are aiming to a state that the Creator will reveal, as much as He can, to our state and that's how we go from one state to the next.

S. So what does that mean that the Creator is being revealed to all of humanity?

R. That, eventually, everyone will understand and know, from small to big, that they need in their connection to reveal a desire for revelation of the Creator.

S. What's the revelation of the Creator?

R That's the knowing of the Creator, first of all, the feeling of the Creator and the connection with Him.

S. This ‘Creator’, what is it that is being revealed, that is being known, that’s connecting to?

R. That's what fills our vessels.

S. So when people will know this, will feel this, will reveal this, how will it impact us?

R. We will want to connect between us for Him to be revealed in us.

S. What will be the expressions of this?

R. Expressions that we will feel and understand and attain what it means to be close to the Creator.

S. In all the answers you say “the Creator, the Creator, the Creator”, but what's Creator?

R What's the Creator, it's the upper force that holds us and prepares us for His degree.

S. What qualities will spread in humanity that are not there, today?

R. We’ll attain the Good that does good, which is the main force of the Creator towards us, and we’ll want to adhere to Him.

S. So human beings will become creatures that are ‘good and do good’?

R. Yep!

S. Then they will be filled with ‘the knowledge of the Lord’?

R. Yes.

S. Will they be wiser than us?

R. I don't know what wiser means, but they will be able to perceive this ideal of the Creator, to do good to His created beings. That they will connect and want, in that way, to give back, to bestow back to Him.

8. S. (23:40) The state of the days of the Messiah, is it the time of will from above, and at the moment it depends on our yearning to develop that state?

R. We're in a state that we must develop a deficiency to reveal the Creator between us, yes; we can't attain the Creator outside of us, like let's say if you attain you see the friends, this world, but we have to discover the Creator inside us so that there will be such a connection between us that it will resemble the revelation of the Creator, suitable for the revelation of the Creator.

9. S. (24:43) The states that we’re in, I understand only from the degree of connection between us, what are the actions that we are performing in the generation of the Messiah? How will this generation come to this connection if it is just distancing from it, so where will this connection that's being described that will at least resemble spiritual entrance?

R. We are as if moving away from the Creator, becoming worse and worse, but it's according to the law, the advantage of light from the darkness, that's why there's no reason to say that we are moving away. But according to the rules we learn in the wisdom of Kabbalah, this distance is one of the signs of coming closer, that's why he writes here, that “we come close to the revelation to such an extent that we're in the generation, called the generation of the Messiah”. It doesn't mean that from today till tomorrow or throughout this day we'll start revealing the upper lights in ourselves, flowing up from one degree to the next. But it's clear that our world is entering a very precise calculation with the upper light in nature, and we need to hurry up and help that force in doing this.

10. S. (26:55) What is our responsibility in the knowledge of the Lord in the world, how can our desire come close to some, to this desire for the goal?

R. For knowing the Creator in the whole world, we have to do as much as comes to our hands, like look at the screens, look from all ends of the world you have men and women, and through all of them, we want to reach all of humanity. As much as the Creator will open this desire in all of humanity, so today we already have an ability to come to us, go to our archive and incorporate with us moving to the end of correction.

11. S. (28:05) There's this feeling that this world is entering a new state that wasn't there in the past, what is our responsibility towards that, what do we need to prepare before this transition?

R. We need to explain to the world only the connection between us is what will save the world, each and every one of us, otherwise we will go into a state of general destruction. We have the forces to do this and the ability, and the words, and the upper system that is standing on our side. We need to really try and prepare ourselves to be as those ‘flows of the lights of the Messiah’.

12. S. (29:30) It seems that we're not sure what to do with this information; Baal HaSulam tells us that we're at the beginning of the days of the Messiah, we’re at the beginning of the revelation of the Creator, and it seems like we're not sure how to act about it. It's not awakening us, should we be scared, should we be excited?

R. What we hear, let's take it and spread it in humanity, that's it, let's scrutinize as much as we can but the main thing is spreading this knowledge in all of humanity. That we are in a state of ‘the days of the Messiah’ gently, patiently, that they won't think about us that we're weird, and in this way, we can attain.

13. S. (30:41) He calls the Torah “a rope”.

R. Yes?

S. That's being thrown to a person.

R. Yes?

S. Also, the central religions in humanity took from the Torah of the Jewish people.

R. Yes.

S. And here he's saying that the book of Zohar is specifically in the wisdom of Kabbalah, that's the life-saving rope that will help our generation.

R. Yes.

S. So I'm asking what's in this rope that silences all the other explanations and forms and interpretations?

R. I can't really say, I think our generation hasn't discovered the secret, and power, that is in the Book of Zohar and as much as this book is a rope can take us out of our state into the light. I don't know how to explain this, we don't see it in the Book of Zohar, itself, in the yearning for the Book of Zohar and the force of the Book of Zohar, we're not discovering this yet, but we do need to be prepared for it and to try to come close to it as much as possible.

S. The Torah is also a certain form of medicine, like a spice, because today great sickness is being revealed, we first need to get to know the sickness and inability to heal it, and then the wisdom of Kabbalah will, kind of, bring the solution?

R. It's written about that, “in something that towards the days of the Messiah great suffering will come on all of humanity and it'll be very difficult for us to get rid of them”, we'll see.

S. You once said that reading in The Zohar can really help, will we at some point be able to read a little?

R. Yes, we used to read in every evening, we used to read the Zohar for half an hour, before we used to go to sleep from 8:00 to 9:00 or 8:00 to 8:30 or 8:30 to 9:00, I don't remember, we used to read the Book of Zohar.

S. Because the feeling of reading the Book of Zohar alone, it's almost impossible, not alone, only together.

R. Yes, together we used to come to that place where we used to gather and we would just sit and read. There were people who knew how to read well and they were the readers and everyone would just listen.

14. S. (33:49) You said that we need to disseminate to the world that we're coming to the days of the Messiah but in an understood manner, in a way that.

R. Yes.

S. How would you translate the definitions that are more clear that we’re coming to ‘the days of the Messiah’, how would you say it in our words?

R. It’s the time when people can understand more of the message of the wisdom of Kabbalah and the Book of Zohar. They are going to be ready more to absorb this book and to really try to hold onto it.

S. How would you invert this concept, ‘the days of the Messiah’ to a message, how would you express it?

R. That there's a force from above that's about to be revealed and come close to us and change us. In our minds, in our feelings, that will be able to discover it and attain it and identify with it.

S. What does it mean that this force is from above?

R. That it is from above and entirely to bestow and not to receive, like us.

S. Why is it called ‘from above’?

R. Up or down, that's how we define it, that up is bestowal and below is reception.

15. S. (35:44) It's written here that “The Torah is revealed doesn't mean any intention or thought”, what does that mean, can you explain it?

R. That The Torah is the light that bestows on a person and opens all of his desires, connects them correctly, and man can absorb directly, what we call, Peh to Peh, mouth to mouth. Directly can get a message from above and be filled with it, and in this way, to connect and identify with the upper force.

S. How can it be that we don't need intention, when do we need the intention?

R. The intention will come because in heart and soul, a person will yearn to adhere to the Creator.

S. To engage in the revealed Torah is to connect with the friends even when you don't have the intention, is that the idea?

R. The idea that we start from what we can, meaning to connect to the friends, that all in all, to discover the essence of life, the purpose of life. And for this they join a group, broader and broader, bigger and bigger, and’ man will help his friend’, and according to all the conditions of the connection.

S. To engage in ‘love thy friend is thyself’, which is the essence of the revealed Torah, even if you don't have the intention it will later come, is that what he's explaining here.

R. Yes, that is for everyone.

16. S. (37:58) Also about dissemination at the beginning of this war on October 7th, something very special happened. A true disclosure that I see that in our nation, all of a sudden one day, they understood that the right for us to exist is unity, everyone agrees, everyone talks about it, there’s no one else to convince, what we try to convince for twenty years, all of a sudden, it happened in one day. My question is, can we move after twenty years of talking about unity is our salvation, start dealing with practical ways because they would agree with that? Now what are the practical ways to truly build a plan for unity of the people, take our dissemination one step forward and start to truly, how does it enter these systems, definitions, what connects, what separates, and all those things?

R. That we have to do, yes, this war really gave us an impulse for it.

S. Thank you, amen, and may we start because it really feels like this is the time we waited for so long.

R. So don't wait, start doing!

Reading: (39:39 - 44:53) “we should know that spiritual matters…….”

17. S. (45:01) I wanted to ask where he writes that “the time of giving and time of receiving our part”, what exactly did we not receive?

R. What did we receive?

S. A method?

R. That's also a question, is this the method that we got, is this what it means to receive it, is this only spreading around the world?

S. What did He give?

R I don't know, it's not clear to me what the giving is, what the receiving is, and in which way the action itself needs to take place.

S. I, also, I'm not capable of grasping what he means that “He gave but we did not receive”.

R. I don't know, I don't know enough, I'm not sure enough to explain it to you.

18. S. (46:16) What's the pressure of receiving this land, what's the need?

R. By this, we reach the purpose of creation, that the nation of Israel, in the land of Israel, corporeal and spiritual together, will know how to correct humanity and the whole world.

S. The essence of Israel is the people of Israel will receive the land of Israel, or that it will spread in the whole world.

R. Spread around the world.

S. So what's the need of the area, of this land, specifically?

R. I guess there's a necessity in it, too.

S. What is it?

R. That we sit in this land.

S. What's in this land, what's special about it?

R. That, I can’t tell you, I guess there is a resemblance between corporeality and spiritual.

S. And what do we need to do to receive this land?

R. To be ready and worthy for it, in our inner desire and in the relations between us.

S. And when will it be suited and it will be adapted between the corporeal and spiritual, there will be a group that's connected in Israel, what will happen?

R. That's not enough, the fact that there will be a group here that in their connection will be able to reach all nations of the world and explain to them that to connect together is the purpose.

S. Then it's considered that we receive this land?

R. I think so, as it's written, “the future of Israel will spread around the world”.

19. S. (48:07) I grew up in this country, these words of Baal HaSulam are very close to my heart, I really feel it all my life ever since I was a child. I see that I’m living in a country where people, in the best case scenario do not know what they're here for, and in the worst case scenario, they simply take advantage of reality and they came like some of the people came to make bank in this land, it's simply their nature. And I can't find people that when I look, I don't see who you can build a state with, I don't see human beings that, on one hand, have Zionism meaning I understand even externally what, why they're here, and that's not enough either because you also need to be in the wisdom of Kabbalah in the heart of a person to know what that is and what to do with this corporeality. And it really hurts to see this, seemingly, this people and the reality that we're supposed to come to as it's written here.

R. I think that before the correction comes, the form of the nation is correct, they don't want to connect, they don't want any corrections, they only want to think of each one of themselves and not of the others, ever, I think this state is right, the state before the correction.

S. I also feel that in order to build something new, everything has to crumble, all the previous perceptions.

R. Yes?

S. But something that will erect this new form.

R. That depends on us, we have to resurrect this from zero, what can you do?

S. There's a very big gap still, when I look at this nation, at these people, it's essence and the fact that it's here, meaning I see that it's more than one step that it needs to happen. It is not clear how from the state it exists in, today, how it truly becomes ‘the people of Israel’.

R. That could be in one step, that specifically doesn't work according to how our mind works, that we understand the stages of correction, it could be one stage. The main thing is that people feel good and bad, they're sensitive to it, and then by the upper influence on them, you can turn them around with one little press of a button. I'm sure it can happen and quickly, specifically the stages we have gone through, that are coming in understanding as much as we are evil, stubborn, as much as we don't want any changes that the Torah is demanding. All these things are in the right preparation and yes we can attain the complete correction. I also see that today people around the world are, more or less, understand what the correction of humanity has to be, and as much as it's possible to talk about it already in public before everyone, I think the work isn't so difficult. It is fundamental, it demands persistence but not that, today, humanity cannot understand this, what we're talking about. People understand that another war and another war, what’s going to come from this, what's going to be with this? They see as much as these things are, don't bring any good results, and what's the benefit? Today you already have a broad consensus to all of this, I think only we don't understand anymore as much as the result depends on our inner work, inner work. That each and everyone must hold on to a friend, to the friends, in a way that he has to be sure that only in the connection between us do we bring the upper light, the light that reforms to all of humanity.

20. S. (54:20) It says, “do all that you can and the salvation of the Lord is like the blink of the eye”, it seems like the Creator is truly performing a filtering process where He is kind of like washing the whole world, first with COVID and then the wars and disclosure of antisemitism in the world; it seems like, on one hand, “who is to the Lord shall come to me”, He wants correction and connection, and on the other hand, the qualities that are truly not wanting this thing, do you see it that way?

R. Yes.

S. So, how do we, and now you talked about the fact that our internality, that each has to hold on to a friend and be open and be certain that only through the connection between us will bring the reforming light to all of humanity. How does each of us make that change to “who is to the Lord shall come to me”, where we're constantly in that inclination towards connection internally in the work between us?

R. I think that there isn't such a problem here, whoever studies Kabbalah understands that in the connection, if we are to succeed, “ever” could be today or tomorrow, also. But we will really succeed then in all the world, in all of humanity.

21. S. (56:11) That same verse where he talks about the difference between giving and receiving, it says “but we have yet to come to receiving until we are purified, sanctified, learn, and exert in measure all that is needed, the reception will come and then the knowledge of the Lord will fill the land”. Can you explain these conditions until “we're sanctified and purified and educated”, etc.?

R. No, that's already too much, I don't know how to explain it, either. But in short, to be in such equivalence of desires and goals that we’ll be able to all incorporate there together and with the Creator together, that is clear.

22. S. (57:08) You see that we should have this confidence but where are we going to get this feeling of confidence that we're advancing in the correct way and moving towards correction when in your eyes, you see complete opposite things, a world that's entering suffering, chaos wars, dissemination that we're doing for years, and the result from dissemination is not clear. Connection in the small ten that is needing to correct everything and some small ten of ten people before this huge world. This feeling of confidence, where do you take it from, not even the understanding because that’s completely unclear, how that will happen. Where are we and what we're talking about, but at least the feeling, or will he do it such that a person in the way of correction doesn't need to get such a feeling that has to be completely obscured and confusion and that's the way?

R. The path of the correction has to be based on our teachers and their rules that we are going according to them. There's nothing else but that platform that from it we can start the correction, that’s what I can say.