06 - 12 April 2023

Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Apr 6, 2023
To all the lessons of the collection: Pesach (Passover)

Morning Lesson April 6, 2023

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Part 1:

Passover - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. (Moses turns to the people. #159)

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1. Rav’s Introduction: (01:05) Yes, we are in a part of our topic of Moses turning to the people. Meaning that same force that has to awaken it in us as a representative of the Creator towards the person that force awakens and a person begins to feel it that he has in him something which is with a new quality that wasn't there before. This force tells him let's rise Above the ego let's connect with others. This will help us to come out of our ego to climb on the mountain of the ego and in this way we will even reach the top of the Mountain where we can discover and connect with the Creator himself.

His force which speaks in such a way in a person is called Moses Moshe from the word Moshech pulling him pulling the person out of his ego to a new quality the quality of bestowal and love. This is why the people who have from the side of their soul already the readiness for that I will say the preparation the inner preparation for that they begin to feel that indeed such a force awakens in them that demands of them to rise up to get to know the quality of bestowel to connect to the friends so that later on to connect with the Creator.

This force that awakens it is considered that he turns to a person that he turns to a person to the people to the nation to the group to the 10, we need to try to be ready to discover this force that awakens us. To connect with it to get closer to it and this is how we already feel the force of Moses that exists in each and everyone in truth this force exists in each and every person in the world however the question is does he awaken in the right way to the right extent so that a person can feel already that he has that within him.

And that this is how he should go following this force following Moses that awakens within him and as it is written and we talked about it yesterday also that Moses awakens in each and every generation and he exists from the beginning of Egypt where there is a certain readiness in a group that they feel that they are in the will to receive then this force of Moses begins to awaken in them that comes out of the river out of the Nile and it begins to be revealed in a person. Here and there sometimes this way sometimes that way it is considered that Moses turns the people to the nation.

This is a very important thing because this is the primary force thanks to which when we hear it we rise from our ego and we begin to understand and feel where is the ego within us and where is our connection with others mostly with the friends and this is how we begin to arrange within us a form that is called Egypt. That mainly there is the will to receive and we are in it and there is an inner force of the will to receive that pulls us more and more into its internality meaning to think about itself so it turns out that way only think about the beastly form of our life and in that we usually are but when the force of Moses is revealed in a person then he begins to feel himself in a bad way.

He feels himself as though he split into two that he is truly torn into two the ordinary Force the ordinary part within him where he thinks about this world about himself about the family about all kinds of things that have to do with these ordinary life in which he was born and the other force that is revealed to him now in a very small miniscule manner but nevertheless that it is possible to pay attention to it and to hear this force then the person can understand that this force is pulling him to connection to connection with the friends even though it is difficult even though it's seemingly not fitting for him why how come why what Fall if it is in order to play like we played as children that we are in a group that is one thing but here it is already about a different degree of connection.

We want to be connected in our inner feeling and this is already something that is very much against our nature, very much opposite to it opposite to our ego. Here we already have a struggle. This struggle is called the struggle between Moses and Pharaoh. Even though these forces are similar close they understand each other however in a person when we say a person Adam it means that he has many small desires but many of them many small egoistic desires for all kinds of things that he has in this world which he can enjoy things that he can engage in but when a person begins to feel that the force of Moses enters into his nature into his desire the person begins to be very confused and he doesn't know precisely who is right and what to do because on the one hand one force is pulling him as usual to his own benefits on the other hand the second force the force of Moses tells him we have to return to the primary fundamental nature of creation which is connection among everyone into a single body and then the person is confused he doesn't know what to do and this is why the Torah tells us about the means by what can we help each other.

The help can only be through connection when we increase when we amplify our forces through the connection between us. It's as we see in this world how people get together and then they reach a stronger force or understood more powerful, more purposeful etc.

This is how we should actually do it also in this case so that each and everyone will search for and discover the force of Moses within him that wants to pull him out of his ego up to in order to bestow and when he searches for it he also begins to understand that if we will connect these tiny parts that exist in each and everyone a very small part called the point in the heart that does one this small desire that does want to bring in out of his ego then we begin to understand that our whole destiny our obligation all that we have ahead of us is to connect these small forces where in each one there is a small force of Moses and we need to connect these forces and feel how much they are already capable of bringing us out of our ego.

That each one will be Incorporated with all of the friends and then it turns out that each one has the power to get out from the rule of Pharaoh to get out of the rule of Egypt to rise above the individual ego of each one because he already has a common power of everyone so that a penny and a penny accumulates to a great amount and we through this force that we have built to the force to bestow which is not a single force but many forces that have been united together this is called the people of Israel which is aimed Israel Yashar Kel straight to the Creator that they want to reach the Creator. So then through this force that dwells upon everyone we can begin to come out of our life out of our ego to the degree of the lives the recognition of life in a higher form.

We will begin to understand and to feel by rising above the egoistic desire we will get to know more and more the desire that is connecting us with all the forms of the ego within us this is considered that we are still in Egypt but our ego is actually not hindering us so much we actually begin to understand that in such a way we can understand why the Lord has made one opposite the other. This is how we learn the nature of creation in order to receive and the nature of the Creator in order to bestow that these two forces begin to be revealed one opposite the other also in each and every person and especially this is revealed in the group. And then we begin to learn what to do with these two forces.

We begin an investigation a study, and understanding the perception of what does the Creator want out of us and who we truly are what do we gain out of being able to include within us the will to receive that we have to begin with which is our evil inclination the force of creation and our good inclination the force of the Creator. And Moses is the one who links these two forces he invites us, he brings us out, he elevates us above the force of Pharaoh so that we will go forward to get to know the force of the Creator. And this actually is our work, our time and as a result of that we will get out of Egypt.

Of course it takes time. It doesn't happen smoothly. We don't have the forces with which to come out to the contrary. We should feel the blows of our selfishness but nevertheless this is what helps us to rise above the nature of this world to the upper nature. And we begin to understand where we truly are because until then we were all incorporated and included only in the force of Pharaoh only in the egoistic force and we have no possibility to understand and feel to understand and feel what is the true force of the world and how it pulls us guides us leads us and here we can already get to know the status between these two forces Moses opposite Pharaoh this is how we call them.

Both of them operate within each and every person and in everyone together every Ten the whole group and by getting to know them in the way we connect between them and how do we rise above them we begin to get to know the whole of reality and what is it that we have to do and this is what the Torah actually tells us about this is the primary part of the Torah. And this is what we have to implement to realize that now we are specifically in such a time in Passover Pesach when we hear this story and we want to realize it.

From here onward from here onward as much as we do what we talked about now what we now heard we will understand where we are and what steps forward we can carry out and from this depends our good future and soon in our time from here on how we will reach what is called the land of Israel. There in that state called Yashar Kel when we build within us we build within us this quality of Israel then we discover in this quality the contact with the Creator and the entire true world and what was there before we begin to realize that we were in Exile from the true reality that we were simply incorporated within our small egoistic desire and so we couldn't understand where we lived we didn't feel the forces that were operating on us but rather. This Is how we existed in the meantime during the time of preparation. Well let's hear if you have any questions maybe but short and to the point not just around.

2. S. (23:50) How do we help each other to work correctly with these two forces the forces of Moses, the Pharaoh and the force of Moses within each of us? You said it has a struggle and a sort of confusion. How do we work together to come above it? How do you work correctly with these two forces?

R. You will have to learn that this is actually the whole topic that we are now entering in the lesson and we will have a few more lessons until we process all of the materials that have to do with the work between Moses and Pharaoh and how by absorbing from both of them certain qualities we advance with both of these qualities in getting to know Egypt and getting out of it running away and coming out with a great possession as it is called that we have to take out of Egypt our entire will to receive in order to later on to work with it outside of Egypt in order to bestow. We will learn about that.

3. S. (25:30) Does Moses come after the people of Isreal want to leave Egypt or does the desire to leave Egypt awaken after Moses comes?

R. Precisely because Moses awakens within a person the person begins to feel that he has a certain desire, a certain attitude towards the exodus from Egypt, not before that not before that. The Awakening of Moses is precisely in not agreeing with Egypt it is a different quality it is the quality of bestowel and therefore until it awakens in a person the person doesn't feel that he is he feels bad in Egypt; he feels good everything is fine and we also see it in the story that the people of Israel are said that it was good for them in Egypt we had their all of the food and the best conditions that are possible but on a single condition that we do not leave Pharaoh.

And then you can leave peacefully safely this is what they feel. Whereas, when they discover that they want to get out of Egypt then they already have an even bigger struggle because on the one hand, on the one hand they have a desire to get out of Egypt to run away from Egypt because they feel that they cannot stay under the rule of pharaoh because Pharaoh is demanding of them to be in order to receive and to remain in it and they have already reached such a development where they want to be in order to bestow to get to know the upper world. And the connection with others and therefore it's difficult for them but Pharaoh demands only one thing you will stay and work in your will to receive for yourselves seemingly and they are no longer capable of it of keeping that because they have developed so much that the work with the egoistic intention doesn't give them any satisfaction. This is something that we are yet to discover. Okay.

4. S. (29:13) It says that before Moses came to the nation of Israel they were in the work of the Creator. What kind of superficial work we can be in before Moses comes?

R. We organize the group, We organize our life as the kabalists wrote for us, we get along between us meaning all kinds of work other than the work in the heart. This is already the point of Moses in the person that demands from him so we are still not in that but rather we understand that the connection between us provides us the conditions with which to study and externally in an external manner to advance towards each other and also towards the Creator to some extent to learn about him to talk about him not to him but about his existence and the way he operates on us and so on. Meaning that this is the work for the time being before the recognition of evil in Egypt. Then we begin to get to know Pharaoh as evil and this is how we advance. Okay.

5. S. (31:25) What's the connection between Moses and Pharaoh please?

R. The connection between Moses and Pharaoh is that they stem from a single origin, a single source from the Creator however Pharaoh is the bad force that governs and Moses is the good force that cannot govern but rather all have his work all of his existence is to the extent that he has to grow in order to bring out of the vessels that are under the rule of Pharaoh from the rule of Pharaoh.We will learn more about that this is the whole topic that we have ahead of us.

6. S. (32:24) Moses told people that the Creator wants to deliver them from under the Governance of Pharaoh similarly how can we increase the yearning among us to take everybody out of Egypt without leaving any friends behind?

R. Well that's all of our work. That we will grow stronger in disseminating the goal and this depends on how much we will be connected between us so we will raise the importance of the goal above our head and the exodus from Egypt will be for us to exit from the rule of Pharaoh that is to be for us the primary thing that this is our whole life we received our life only for that. And in that only each one shall help his friend only in a group of friends when we can grow stronger and help each other to distance ourselves from the individual Pharaoh in each one and also the general Pharaoh that we feel he exists in the group and he controls us so as much as we learn about it the more and more we want to run away from it. Well, let's hope that this is how we will actually carry out this action.

7. S. (34:32) So what actually evokes the force of Moses in a person?

R. What awakens the force of Moses in a person? I would say it is the creator and not the person. And when this force of Moses awakens in us we begin to feel that there is another force that comes from nature. It's a kind of nature that doesn't quite agree with us with our ordinary life. That we need to run away from it and this is what the Torah already explains to us, how to do it.

S. It feels like this force of Moses that awakens in you, it feels like the force of Pharaoh which is actually now causing me uncomfortable feelings, sensations in the natural state I am in. So how is that Moses that is taking me out of this nature?

R. No. We begin to feel that this force is actually the force that operates in order to elevate us to a greater degree than our ego then our egoistic will to receive, our egoistic relations. This is what we discover and of course on the other hand we resist it but this is how we advance; meaning, the bad force, the egoistic force, self-love is increased in us a little bit and then the recognition of evil is increased in us the altruistic force, the tendency towards connection and this is how we advance by increasing these two forces.

S. You mentioned that there is a quarrel between the force of Moses and Pharaoh. There is this force that is pulling you and this force that is pulling you forward. How do I know that I am nourishing the force of Moses in me and not the one of Pharaoh?

R. This all depends on your work in the group you cannot awaken the force of the Creator, the force of bestowal, the force that elevates you up if you don't connect to the friends and together with them all of you together try to rise, you invite this ascent. Therefore here it is all done in the group and it becomes very clear that what doesn't work in Egypt you can feel that there is a special opportunity here, what is it for? What does it exist for? Why specifically those who are called the people of Israel are in Egypt those that to begin with at the root of their soul have the tendency to reach the revelation of the Creator, Israel, straight to the Creator they are directed towards discovering the Creator and therefore they have to go through the feeling of disconnection from this goal of discovering the Creator, this is called the exile. And after that they already begin to receive the vessels, the means by which to get out of the Exile, how to rise above it and in this way to get to know the Creator. Alright?

8. S. (39:35) If I understood correctly when I try to connect with the friends I can only connect with the quality of Moses whine the friends, is this right?

R. Yes.

S. When I connect to the friends here I see all kinds of forms that appear. How can I find specifically the quality of Moses in the friend?

R. Moses is called the quality that draws me from my ego towards nearing each and every friend all together at this point. At the next point it will be towards the Creator.

S. How can I find the quality of Moses in the friend?

R. According to the resistance. To the extent in which you try to perform actions to connect with others and you see how against these actions you have all kinds of thoughts and desires that deviate you from the path and then you want to run away this doesn't interest you and so on and then we need here specifically to work meaning to be in the connection in the ten in order to increase in each and every one ones individual force to emerge from that pull back to Egypt.

S. What do I do with all the other qualities?

R. Don't worry about those. Everything gets worked out after your intention to exit Egypt or not.

9. S. (42:00) What does it mean to be ready to discover the force of Moses?

R. Ready to discover the force of Moses? That means that a person is ready to take upon himself whatever he is given, he doesn't know what but whatever he is given he's willing to receive it in order to rise above the force of Pharaoh. Moses is bestowal love and connection that is what is so greatly not in our nature but this is what the sages explain to us again and again that this is what we need to reach.

S. How do we search for this force in our common ten?

R. In every connection between the friends. In every connection between the friends there's all kinds of forces. We just need through our scrutinies to invite that which will influence us or bestow upon us either the force of Pharaoh or the force of the Creator, the force of Moses. That is our work. We do not stabilize these forces, we don't construct them, we just give them the possibility to operate.

10. S. (44:25) Can we say that there are different degrees of the force of Moses according to which it depends on how much I'm able to get out of Egypt?

R. Yes in each and everyone of our states the force of the Creator, the force of Moses, the force of the people, the force of Pharaoh appear before us. All of those forces are revealed according to the degree that we acquire along the way.

S. And what depends the number of vessels that I can include in me?

R. To the extent in which I incorporate with the friends and together with them pray to the Creator to give us the force to bestow.

S. It depends also on the number of friends?

R. Yes, as it is written in the multitude of people the glory of the King.

11. S. (45:50) How will I come to the force of faith of Moses?

R. That's what we're learning. Gradually we ascend more and more above the force of reception until we come to feel that the force of bestowal is awakening in us.

S. That doesn't satisfy me. How can I reach it? I feel that it's not enough.

R. We have a group and in the connection in the group and devotion to the group that is where I develop the force of bestowal.

Reading number 159 (47:07) “Before Moses came to the people of Israel…” twice

12. S. (50:25) It's not clear, what does he mean here the people of Israel engaged in the work of the Creator but they were enslaved to Pharaoh king of Egypt. What does it mean to engage in the work of the Creator but be enslaved to Pharaoh? What does it mean to engage in the work of the Creator then?

R. That they understand already what the goal is and what's the way that they have to go through but they don't yet have the forces and certainly don't understand precisely and individually each step along the way, but in general here it starts being clarified to them what they need to do, that they need to exit from under the control of the individual governance of Pharaoh on each of them and they come into intensifying Pharaoh with this force and the individual Pharaoh begins to connect with the rest of the forces of the friends and then it will be even more difficult for them to exit but with that they understand why and how and they overcome this and they exit.

13. S. (52:09) What does it mean that Pharaoh afflicted all those who wanted to emerge from his dominion meaning to work for the sake of others?

R. He would show everyone that anyone who wants to yearn for exit then there are problems before them.

S. What does it mean? Confusing them with other desires?

R. He scares a person from coming close to bestowal.

14. S. (52:53 ) To continue the friend can we say that we learn that the will to receive grows and the moment a person enters spirituality the will to receive grows even more so through the work of the Creator in Egypt we make the will to receive greater?

R. Certainly, anyone who is greater than his friend his inclination is greater than him

S. So as the result the spiritual work the will to receive also grows?

R. Yes, yes it's a must that it will grow otherwise how will we discover the entire spiritual world Pharaoh all the forces. I see that all in all everyone is receiving us in a way that is somewhat understood.

Reading number 160 (53:59): “When Moses came and announced...”

15. R. (54:12) Meaning they were so emerged in the will to receive and in despair that they could exit in order to receive and to start operating and living according to the upper force, according to the upper world, according to the desire to bestow, they didn't understand such an ability.

Reading continues (54:42): “...meaning that they would be delivered from the exile...”

16. R. (55:48) Everyone receives it and everyone agrees and there is no problem.

Reading again (56:00):“When Moses came and announced...”

17. S. (57:24) Indeed it's impossible to understand this sentence. What does it mean that they stop working for the will to receive that they just believe it and they just stop working for the will to receive?

R. After we receive a certain awakening from above then we understand how it operates upon the will to receive and how we can move to in order to bestow.

18. S. (57:58) So what is the effort that is required here that is called faith, ‘just believe me it's possible’, what's the effort that's required here? Because they said that if you don't make this effort they can't come out?

R. The effort we’ll nevertheless have to do but we see now that, yes, if we put forth the correct effort then we do rise above the will to receive, that there is a limit to the will to receive that there is a possibility to rise above it, and this is not just to be stronger but rather to be under different control, the whole ladder of degrees according to spirituality that we learn is a ladder of values it's not a ladder of just forces but rather my attitude to the will to receive, to the desire to bestow, to the Creator and to the forces against Him, where there as, well, we will talk about this, I don't even have the words right now.

19. S. (59:29) What is the message that Moses brings to the people, what is this message that Moses brings to the people, this enunciation?

R. The message that Moses brings to the people is that there is an upper Force and we need to follow it and He expects us to come closer to Him, and in our form of bestowal we can come to Him, to the desire to bestow to Him and to give Him pleasure through this as we come closer to Him, connect to Him, from this He has pleasure, that's it. It may seem to us accordingly that the Creator is even more egoistic than all of us, yes, but our connection is only in the manner of bestowal.

S. What depends on our ability to believe Moses?

R. On the group, I have no strength, no forces to exit my small individual ego and to come closer to the Creator. By what forces, by what qualities, these are qualities that don't exist in me; rather I must come to a new state whereas I connect to others. If I want to come to the Creator, I connect to others. If I want to study the Creator, to understand who He is and what He is, and then in connecting to the friends, I start scrutinizing where the qualities of the Creator are that are here that I can get to know, to understand, to feel them.

S. Why don't they believe Moses if they are the people, the nation?

R. Why do the people of Israel not believe Moses?

S. If they are as a nation, they are a group, right?

R. No, they are not yet in the form of a group, that's the whole thing, that's the whole manner that they need to come to connection between them which is now suitable for a spiritual degree, and therefore they have here a problem of how to rise to it, where one will help his friend.

S. So what is their obstacle in this work that they should believe Moses, what is stopping them from believing Moses?

R. Their personal egos, that a person doesn't yet have the forces that can control all the individual egos and connect them together to a desire to bestow. Where do we have a force to bestow from, only from the fact that our ego gets stronger and receives from above the force of the light and inverts from the desire in order to receive to a desire in order to bestow.

S. We have no need for a connection with the Creator, for resembling the Creator, meaning if Moses has already been revealed to them, it means that it's a sign that they have the inclination for it, no?

R. No, they don't have any forces for themselves, any desire for themselves to come closer to the Creator, that's the nature of the will to receive. I am looking at the friends, at our students, yes, what kind of forces do they have to rise above their nature? Look at yourselves and what's happening, men, women, how much we are given these conditions specifically so that we will study, understand, learn how and where we are. And you will see that we don't have these big forces, that if a person doesn't have the strength to come to the lesson, to be part of the workshop or something else, that's already we're saying “that's the good guy, he has forces, he has desire”, but how many do we have like this and how many forces do we have?

S. How can you believe Moses if you are the complete opposite, if you completely don't want to believe Moses how can you believe Moses?

R. The Creator created a big desire to receive against His desire to bestow, divided it into pieces, each of us receives an especially unique part, can connect with the other nine to build a ten, there are forces that can draw the reforming light with and then start correcting his desire to receive so it will be in order to bestow, this is how we advance.

S. It's clear, it's just that the place where I'm stuck is: on the one hand there is this inclination to want to resemble the quality of bestowal, on the other hand we are seemingly in the nature that completely does not want to resemble the quality of bestowal, and then you have Moses who is trying to pull you but you don't want to listen to him. So how do we get out of this hole, this pit, of the will to receive that we are so immersed in?

R. We are always between the two forces, we are always between two forces, the desire to receive and the desire to bestow, and what we have and what we must do is to ask the Creator for an addition of desire to bestow.

S. And on what depends our request, to request this addition to the will to bestow

R. What is the request?

S. No, what does it depend on that I will have this need and what is this desire to bestow and what does this desire depend on?

R. It depends on the extent in which the environment organizes me and turns me, as much as I receive direction from it and strength towards the desire to bestow.

20. S. (01:07:53) How do we perform this inner action of raising Malchut?

R. That a person cannot do, only the group. They have to invest forces in connection and by the fact that they will have a goal a demand from the Creator the intensifying of the Malchut, the amplifying of the force of bestowal, the increasing of the force of connection as all these things need to be received from above from the Creator and that's the work of the group. Everything that belongs to the desire to bestow we need to receive from above. Everything that belongs to the desire to receive, we will receive on the way from one degree to the next and by these two forces as we try for the desire to bestow to be above the desire to receive, this is how we arrange ourselves in an ascent.

21. S. (01:10:03) To continue the friend when I raise a prayer to the Creator to give forces of bestowal to my friends, in this prayer I strengthen Moses but also the quality of Israel within me>

R. Yes.

S.That is, I expect that my quality and my ability to get closer to the friend will get closer and stronger?

R. What are you praying for? You say it with words and you'll see what you're asking?

S. I feel that when I pray for friends I get some forces but in the end I actually have thoughts about myself and where I am?

R. That's right because if I pray for the friends I am praying for them to have the forces of bestowal and love of others, for them to have, for them to be receiving in them all the good forces of nature, about myself I can't really pray the egoistic will to receive doesn't really let me for the others I can. Then it turns out that it means that one who prays for his friends merits first, that's on one hand and therefore we need to develop this possibility, this attitude and this relationship.

S. It turns out that I have to pray more and more for the friends to truly live in them?

R. Eventually that's what we need to come to.

S. What to do with the fear that says what about you and how to move that away?

R. The egoistic fear and what will be with me if I pray for the friends all the time, will disappear gradually,slowly, slowly. Of course there will be ascents and descents in this and all kinds of states and feelings but eventually we will want to come to a state which is under the influence of the reforming light, surrounding light whereas I don't care what will happen to me, I simply want to succeed in this mission of the Creator.

22. S. (01:13:58) This entire excerpt feels to me like the experience in the Ten, the work we've been doing in the Ten and I felt it, I trembled when I felt it. The reason I trembled is because it made me realize that we come to the work we want to do the work but we are still enslaved and we don't understand that we are in need of help, I felt it but I really want to ask a question how do we ensure that we that the force of Moses is in the Ten so that we will exit Egypt?

The reason I felt this is because a lot of times we have fallen apart, the groups are falling apart ignorance that we need to nurture each other and nurture this force and I want to make sure that we know encourage the friends when they join the Ten because we know how this consciousness of Moses as a force to pull us out and that we really need this in every Ten so that we go.

R. y]=Yes ma'am, we need to build such a Ten that will really not fall apart,disintegrate but will only grow stronger and keep all of its friends included in the Ten. In this way we will be able to reach the purpose of creation and especially today it is not hundreds of years ago or even thousands of years ago, we need to understand that everything that's happening is happening for us, so we will reach the revelation of the Creator and then when this force is revealed in us will be able to carry after us all of humanity, all of humanity through the very last person. We have a lot of work ahead of us, we can do it in a very short time.

23. S. (01:17:28 The work in connection theTen feels that as the friend said many times, friends feels very difficult and they spoke about it in the excerpt that there's if there's importance it should be easy?

R. It all depends on the example of the friends towards each and everyone. We have envy, lust and honor. These forces, we need to feel them and develop them to be sensitive to them, and then to understand when the Creator is directing us through these three forces, envy, lust and honor. There are many means as it says there are many ways to the Creator.

S. Is there a connection between the importance we give each other and the faith that he mentions in the excerpt? He brings you to a place where it's an easy thing in the end?

R. Of course, it's an easy thing if you know how to twist it and extract from it everything you need for now, because you have nothing else to do besides take forces from the Creator and move forward and that's it, so we need to learn how to do it. Here we have this helping one another and there are many instruments and means. We have many forces that can help us advance towards adhesion with the Creator again. I'm saying  the word adhesion.

24. S. (01:19:54) We lack the power to rise above our nature. Is the Creator sending Pharaoh and Moses because that's our intention to believe in the force of Moses meaning to go above reason?

R. Yes, you said everything correctly. The fact that the Creator sends us Moses is called Him giving us a force above our nature. It is called with faith above reason, so we will rise in order to bestow in building us these qualities as in the Creator, that's it.

25. S. (01:21:07) I'm stuck on the same thing that the friend was discussing, they don't believe what made them believe? Because we don't have an environment, it's not believing so we don't have a lack we cannot pray and the life in Egypt is still very good, we are enjoying our ego, so what was the point that made them believe?

R. I am in a group, and I feel they are more successful than I am. I want to be like them, so what happens is that I feel that I don't belong to them, they're not providing me with a deficiency, they're not providing me with connection, they are not demanding from me the deficiency to reveal the deficiency, they're not demanding from me to reveal connection with them. In such an environment I cannot really advance, here comes the question, can we enter a society that will provide a strong desire for spirituality, good support from the society, from the environment on me? I don't think so I don't think this can happen, but only according to a person's demand, when he wants the Creator arranges for him such sensitivity for the environment that begins to feel that he is in the right environment and that he is in a state where his friends are demanding and he can connect to them and advance with them.

S. How do we reach this demanding environment? What needs to happen?

R. We need to believe that the environment before us that we see is depicted entirely in my senses, so if I want to see them that they are all connected, they're all united, then I will see it and I will feel it and the influence of the environment on me will be accordingly.

S. How do we in this feeling, this yearning to want to come to this belief of Moses, what is the trigger point here? What do we need to do to really want this to come to this belief?

R. If we constantly think, almost constantly it's impossible to think about it all the time, but if we constantly think about our connection that we will reveal what is the general force of bestowal which is the Creator, then we will come to it. The Creator will pull us and help us, accompany us and we'll follow him during the day after the cloud and in the night after the pillar of fire and in this way we will advance and reach it. It all depends on the person, we don't really need to demand it well in the beginning, we do from the environment, but basically when we come to some revelation, some truth, we feel that it all depends on the person.

26. S. (01:26:45 ) How come they will not help anymore?

R. We are supposed to perform acts of bestowal according to the demands we feel from the friends?

S. Would the people of Israel feel hostile to Moses?

R.There are states where they feel that they are against Moses, and complain about him. yes of course because Moses is a force that constantly tends to the form of bestowal, to the connection between them and they as people are not constantly with this inclination to connection, and through connection to the Creator, to their general connection and then to the Creator. It cannot happen in a person, we always advance on two legs, left and right, the will to receive, the will to bestow, the will to receive, the will to bestow and therefore it cannot be that Moses at every stage we will love him necessarily. In every state, we will discover negativity and positivity.

27. S. (01:28:42) When we attain the power of Moses, we receive the power of faith and our battle with the Pharaoh begins, how do we win this battle time after time?

R. Only by increasing or overcoming connection from the beginning of spirituality until we end it we don't need anything but the connection between us. The intensity or power between us basically scrutinizes for us the degree that we are in that's it.