Daily LessonJun 23, 2022(Morning)

Part 1 Rabash. Record 164. What to Ask of the Creator—to Be His Servant

Rabash. Record 164. What to Ask of the Creator—to Be His Servant

Jun 23, 2022

Morning Lesson June 23, 2022 Transcription

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Rabash 164. What to Ask of the Creator—to Be His Servant

1. Rav’s Introduction: Yes, indeed what we need to ask of the Creator the only thing we need to ask is to be His servants to be allowed to work for Him to be adhered with Him to follow Him to realize His the role that He wishes to give us to be His servants at the end of the day that’s how it’s called, there is nothing else with which to turn to the Creator of course we have many states in each of us and all of us together but in total what we need to do is to realize what the Creator wants of us each and every moment of our lives.

Reading Article # 164 “ What to Ask of the Creator…”

2. R. (03:31) We are going through many incidents in life many instances where we don’t know exactly what to do what to ask what to demand. Even when we know that we have to turn to the Creator to change our state because we are in His hands there is no other force that exists and rules over us nevertheless, with what to turn to Him, what to ask this we don’t know we’re incapable we have nothing with which to turn to Him so he says either we ask the Creator to take away the disturbances and then we will be able to approach Him the Creator be adhered with Him which is the purpose of creation we the created beings need in spite of the disturbances get to adhesion with the Creator and so how do we come to adhesion with Him by asking Him to take away the disturbances and the second way is for the Creator to give us what we call a taste of Torah and Mitzvot.

Then we are getting closer by skipping over the disturbances we walk about them and in this way we get to a state where the disturbances do not rule us so these two options are before us is clear, the question is how do we connect between us how do we organize ourselves in order to take the correct path so here's a question how to do it so again work in a group work in a ten a person cannot do it by himself until he a person comes to a state where he thinks that he's advancing.

He truly is advancing when he's alone but his advancement is only for him to understand that the true advancement is in a group but in order to understand that the true advancement is in the group he needs to go through a stage of self-development in order to understand it to feel it and to decide correctly and that's what we need to go through so to come to a state where the obstacles that are before me are important and I am actually am built I’m building myself by getting through them that’s important and that’s how we advance.

Reading Article # 164 “ What to Ask of the Creator…”

3. R. (08:20) In two directions either for the disturbances to be as many as possible to remain as they are but you have the strength to go above them or the disturbances to be as few as possible and that he will have the power even what he has now to get through them so what should we ask for?

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4. S. (10:08) Why does he write that we needed to receive tastes, we say that we have to go above tastes and above reason, he seems to speak within reason.

R. Yes when we rise more and more to the understanding and to the recognition of the Creator to everything that is happening to us that He is doing everything that He’s arranging reality for us to want to know more and feel more and be more in order to decide correctly.

5. S. (10:49) During the day the head is empty the heart is a heart of stone you’re trying to connect to the friends to the Creator and you can’t. Here Rabash says ask for tastes in Torah and Mitzvot. What does it mean to ask for tastes in Torah and Mitzvot?

R. That we will feel how much livelihood there is in keeping theTorah and Mitzvot meaning advancement through the connection with the friends and to the Creator when you build more and more the shape of the Creator the upper force that fills everything and that governs all of reality meaning it’s not that you wish to obtain something anything besides that one Force that fills all of reality that's what is important, if you come to that then you know and you feel what’s dwelling in the world in all of humanity what is happening between us and inside of us in all the worlds you begin to discover your world we have nothing greater than revealing the upper world in which we exist.

6. S. (12:38) What is the best state in order to advance? What is the best state we need to find in order to advance?

R. The best state for us to advance is for us to connect between us as much as possible in our state and from that state we will ask the Creator to connect us even more until we discover that He is dwelling among us.

7. S. (13:27) Can we agree on something with the Creator?

R. Of course it says make your desires His desire and then He will make His desires as your desire.

8. S. (13:59) What determines the level of vitality in the world and how do we increase it?

R. The measure of vitality in the spiritual work is determined by how much I feel that it is important to me and that I have supporters, meaning that I’m connected to the group and the group is constantly changing it's in such a dynamic where we feel all of us as being in a single boat although the sea is stormy we cross it towards our goal towards a safe haven this is the main thing that we are inside the upper force who is doing everything arranging everything from within and from without it’s changing us it’s confusing us disturbing us and helping us He's doing everything just like the grown-up is playing with the little one in order to awaken him various desires and thoughts so the little one will develop and will be ready to face everything that will come to him in life that's what we wish to receive from the Creator through the ten in this way we advance.

9. S. (15:40) What does the Creator want to convey to us if your relatives never support you on the path?

R. If I feel that none of my relatives support me I need to first of all check myself am I in the correct direction in life do they have a certain goal in life and if their goal according to any possible criticism can be considered more important more eternal than my goal then I grow stronger and justify myself on the path more and more and my decision does not depend on any states I’m going through but about my states, sometimes I feel a state of despair and I think that the solution is a purpose sometimes it’s the other way around meaning this is a place for examination and also we need to understand that everything we got everything that is happening it's all in order for us to go through this criticism for us to check ourselves and go above the reason of all the disturbances and that's how we advance what is there in the world outside of our method the wisdom of Kabbalah and speaking scientifically.

Clearly in a way where the world can take it and say yes this brings me to the future according to the laws of nature, the global laws of nature which is the connection of all of humanity the connection of all of reality towards the revelation of the upper force that exists and appears inside this connection as both inner light and surrounding light and it fills everything is there any other scientific form that can explain to me what is happening and how it should we exist, why should we exits except for all the religions that also stem from that wisdom of Kabbalah except when it stoped being realized among people correctly in its place they invented religion.

10. S. (19:25) The disturbances we talk about in the article are they spiritual disturbances or corporeal disturbances?

R. It is hard for us to distinguish between them for the time being since we haven’t left corporeality and entered spirituality but disturbances according to our degree corporeal.

S. When we have many corporeal disturbances it often throws at us off the work it causes us to deal, instead of dealing with the friends, thinking about the friends, it makes us chase after ourselves, chase the problems in corporeality, doesn't it do the opposite instead of engaging with the friends and the society we are trying to work out our corporeal problems?

R. Look this is what we have we are advancing along side humanity you can take an example from humanity on how it's advancing and as much as it’s advancing they had to first realize a lot of work in masses of people great forces, today we have a microprocessor that can do the work of a thousand people you have machines that do things easily in place of millions of people and so on so forth meaning there isn't a problem where even with a small number of people we can provide everything for the world everything the world needs and the same is in spirituality we have to see how do we get organized more and more efficiently in a way that benefits our spiritual advancement.

Utimately we need to see that even for a short time if we belong to the spiritual work it advances us that's what I want to say, so the fact that throughout the day you are dealing with all kinds of jobs and it's hard for you to disconnect from corporeal work towards the spiritual work since all of our jobs today are such that they occupy our minds we have to think, we are not only working manually we are also activating our heads so we need to understand that nevertheless in all those efforts that we have today, if we try to do whatever is necessary, all the rest ww leave for the Creator and he will organize the rest.

11. S. (22:48) If we are experiencing the kind of disturbances that you describe, is this a sign that we are not on the path of hastening, or can we still experience these disturbances even if we are on the path of hastening?

R. Yes, we are in both of these paths, in “I shall hasten it” and “in its time”, we have to walk and develop in both, not just one path. The path between “I shall hasten it” and “in its time” is called “the path of the land”. And, that’s how we always advance. We always advance correctly, incorrectly or incorrectly and correctly and we constantly measure ourselves how do we need to be, left right right left, a little bit more like this, a bit like that but less, we do not know, we constantly evaluate the boundaries, we constantly evaluate our goal, the means for the goal that we need to connect, we constantly seemingly forget or we do not forget.

The fact that we suddenly disconnect from certain discernments, is in order to replace it with a more advanced form so don't be afraid when we forget, we run away from these states and then we come back. The important things for these states are to change as quickly as possible, think more about the speed not to remain asleep in a certain state. But, the fact that the states changed, not so good or good, maybe not maybe yes; to be a long time in a good state sometimes is worse than being a short time in a bad state. Meaning the only thing is the frequency here as much as we can be in a high frequency of changing between the states.

12. S. (25:27) When we have disturbances, not necessarily all the disturbances are suffering. Sometimes our disturbances are actually pleasures, physical pleasures or emotional pleasures and these push us away from thinking about the ten. How do we deal with these states?

R. We are not talking about disturbances that we feel as bad things, actually good things, those are also disturbances if they disconnect us from the goal, from the center of the group where we are searching for contact with the Creator. If I disconnect from it, that's already a disturbance, and we need to criticize, and try to bring ourselves back to the correct state. The correct state is when I am in the center of the group in contact with the Creator and reinforce this connection more and more. Meaning, the group should be tighter and the Creator in the center be clearer, closer, more accessible.

13. S. (27:15) On our path the more we advance it becomes more important for us and more meaningful not the states that the Creator sends us but why He sends them to us meaning what he wants for us by this? Is this correct, this line of thought?

R. It is correct. What does He want from us? I don't feel sweetness, rather from whom? for what? What for? and so on and so forth. I need to adhere more to the goal, to the meaning of the feeling, what it is, what it demands of me, where exactly it directs me? That is the calculation.

S. In other words, His relation and not what comes?

R. Yes. It is written “what does the Lord your God demand of you”. That's what we need.

14. S. (28:37) Is the conclusion from the article that there is no place to ask for the disturbance to be removed but we need to ask for the taste in the work or should we ask for both?

R. It is recommended not to remove the disturbance, not to want to remove the disturbance, not to regret the disturbance, since each and every disturbance that we receive comes from the Creator, so I don't want to simply remove what I'm receiving from Him. Although it could be something that is extremely disturbing and I cannot do anything, nevertheless I need to ask, to ask to be above the disturbance, higher than the disturbance, so the disturbance does not disconnect me from the path, from the goal, from the friends, from the group, from the Creator.

So that together with the disturbances I begin to discover the connection with them more and more until I discover that this disturbance it is not actually a disturbance, but it is helping me, it's help; it is helping me to connect even more to the group to the Creator and together all of us, we take another step forward towards the connection between us: I, the group and the Creator. But for that we need to have this group spirit that dwells on everyone and gives everyone a certain feeling; “a surrounding light” as we call it.

S. A person's free choice is a choice between desires, when the light shines on all these desires and these are disturbances? if there're many desires it gives a person the opportunity to choose one desire to direct it to the Creator?

R. Do you understand what he's asking? I have a problem with him, he’s in all the lessons he probably knows everything but he cannot express himself.It is better if you ask in Russian, I never understand his questions?

S. The fact that the lights operate on all the desires and a person should choose one desire among all the desires, a desire directed towards the Creator, and this the disturbance, it’s help.

R. Yes, very well. You understand everything. He stated a fact that this is what we need to do.

15. S. (32:22) We have learned that there are two parts: the path of suffering and the path of Torah and to achieve Torah we need the suffering, we need the disturbances. Sometimes I see that there is only one path?

R. No, there is always a disturbance. It is written ”A 1000 times a righteous rise and fall” and the ath to the truth it is always when a person, like a school a person receives problem and we solved this problems, we find the correct solution, we advance more and more and more from time to time from one class to the next until we reach those states where we understand all those exercised the Creator is doing with us and these exercises are building in us this states. These states become our inner structure and on top of these states we reveal the Creator who clothes in all the states and then we put together His image from this musaic, from all these Impressions that we receive in all these exercises. This is a simple study; that's how we reveal the Creator.

16. S. (34:16) In this article we have a lot of explanations of what our work is. On one hand we read that if we have disturbance we are looking outside of ourselves where is the problem, but he describes that it is in us and the only help is to get this taste in the light in The Torah and Commandments and this is the work in the ten, this is the work that important for the Creator, so this is the only way how it will save us and in this we need to invest. Is this right how i understand it?

R. Look, the upper light, the force of bestowal, created a creature, a created being, a force of reception. It influences this creature with its light, it fills him with all of his light and by that He shatters him, meaning He exposes how opposite they are: The Creator and the Creator being, the light and the desire. Then because they are opposing and they move to seemingly to opposite sides now there’s a question: how can they connect if they are opposites according to Nature? Then the created being tries with the help of the light that shines to him, he is trying to restrict himself a little bit, a bit more and a bit more, as if he's taking from his large desire that is opposite to the light and he restrict in a small part, where he seemingly does not receive to the extent that he comes closer to the Creator a bit more and a bit more and the light shines on him and it gives him the strength to perform these actions and they begin to work together; from being diametrically opposite to one another to the state where the created being performed such actions whereby he come closer to the Creator according to the nature. In the beginning he restricts and annul himself and gradually he corrects himself to be externally similar to the Creator, meaning to receive in order to bestow, meaning to work above himself, not to receive what he wants rather to receive because he wants to give contentment, pleasure to the Creator.

Just like the example of the guest and the host, in that we learn how the Created being corrects himself and brings himself closer to the Creator, and It is possible, he receives all these forces from the Creator, the will to receive from the Creator, only he needs to learn how to do it. He restricts his true desire and he works not only to fill himself but in order to give contentment to the Creator; to make himself suitable for Him, to resemble Him, to bestow to Him and then accordingly the reward that he receives it is to feel himself like the Creator in the form of bestowal, as we call it “the upper world”, the spiritual world. We have to gradually come to that and we are advancing towards these states.

17. S. (38:38) After the morning lesson often there is a sensation that stays with you. What can we do for the help of this person?

R. In our morning lesson we connect around the world, all of humanity when it gives out of its central point special souls that yearn to attain life's purpose, the essence of life, adhesion with the Creator, these souls in our lesson become closer and come under the influence of the Creator, under the influence of the upper force. Therefore afterwards during the day we can awaken that thought, that desire, that influence from the Creator on us.. It all depends on us.

How much we think about it, each one in the group. or in the tens but we are coming formed is published and gradually we are becoming more and more as a body that exists under the control of the Creator and this body is the most advanced because there are no such group in the world that contains all of humanity and is willing to accept everyone, and speaks to everyone, in all the possible languages speaking about connection among people  \to bring back to the form of Adam HaRishon. There's no such thing. All the other groups are speaking about some kinds of philosophies and methods. They are all limited, closed within a certain Nation, a certain group, we are not. We are open to the whole world and we want to adapt ourselves from here onwards to the final state. Where all of us are connected as one man with one heart.

18. S. (41:33) Compared to the previous generation do we have more disturbances or fewer disturbances?

R. It is written, every generation has its teachers but it means that every generation has its own disturbances, its own support and its own state. In our generation on the one hand we have all the possibilities and opportunities. Look what it's done for us. We are speaking around the world. Do you think that is developed just like that? It was developed only so that people will be able to connect to among them. Above all the continents, across all the continents and will be able to feel that they actually belong to humanity, to one group, it is the form of Adam HaRishon that is beginning to become more and more revealed before us, before everyone.

Although we feel ourselves far away or disconnected or maybe we do not know each other, but we are advancing, we are coming closer. Out of all humanity, we are that group that is beginning this connection of humanity into one system. This is what needs to happen. The Creator is attending to it. Each day He is making us closer, inside, internally and we will begin to feel it in practice.


S. We say that for every friend in the world Kli carries behind him seemingly the problems, and a big sort of humanity?

R. Yes of course that is the way according to the general structure of the spiritual vessel. Every higher Sephira contains ten lower Sefirot and every lower Sefira contains ten Sefirot below it, etc. until we come to one and there all of us are connected with the Creator.

S. Then everything is solved in connection?

R. Yes of course. Everything is solved in the form of a pyramid pyramid and in connection and the pyramid needs to take the form of a sphere, a circle.

S The moment we have a disturbance, there is no shortage of during the day and above the disturbance we think of the ten and the Creator, does it mean we correct these disturbances?

R. We need to constantly yearn to see in the disturbances reminders that we need to be connected.

19. S. (45:11) You answered a friend about the feeling of the morning lesson and there's a feeling that the lessons are more powerful and are working. Correspondingly I feel that I cannot appreciate it enough and I asked as a group, how should we relate with a greater importance, how do we increase and to this action that is happening around the world right now?

R. I do not know what to tell you, we need all of us to see how to change your lessons, lessons. our participation around the lesson. The lesson should be a kind of connection that is stronger and stronger everyday, stronger and stronger, and this is really the essence of the lesson. Reading another article on another part of the Introduction the Ten Sefirot. The essence of the lessons is that we connect more and more and more, of course it's on top of the material but afterwards the material might disappear. It doesn't matter as long as the connection between us remains that feeling that we are in one boat even. We are all depending on each other that we are going through the stormy sea and we have to be responsible for each other. The essence of the connection and the power of the connection between us should be more and more, greater and greater, from lesson to lesson. We need to hold on to each other because there's no other way to reach the goal.

20. S. (47:34) When it is the other way around and you feel that the Creator is approaching you, you feel more connection with the friends and it feels good and pleasant, it is not simple to accept directly you want to be somehow in bestowal to the Creator. to return the favor, I don't know how to express, but there is this shame of receive it?

R. You have the friends, you have the group, what you are giving to the10 you are given to the Creator. That's it. If I give to the ten then this is an act of giving to the Creator, you can add to it more intentions, more giving, but basically this is the direction called 'from the love of people to the love of the Creator' where one has realized within the other.

S. The meaning of the feeling of the greatness of the Creator is not to receive for myself but rather why should from the friends?

R. Start from wanting to give something to the friends, let's say you bring them some refreshments, a cake.something pleasant, tasty, sweet and by this you want to convey your feeling for the Creator. All the things that you bring to the ten intend that they are actually for the Creator and then you begin to feel that behind the friends, He really does stand and then accept your relation.

21. S. (49:48) The nourishment for the body. Is this what I want? This taste? This flavor?

I don't need to go above it and look only for the adhesion of the Creator?

R. A Mitzvah, commandment is an act that we do in order to bestow contentment to the Creator meaning you already have connection with the friends. You connect together with them into ten Sefirot, into a group and you are ready to receive in order to bestow from the Creator some revelation of Him and then you begin to feel that these actions are above reason, against your ego, when you connect to the friends in order to really convey to the any everything you have. Then everything you want is to give it to the Creator. In this way you organize your actions through the friends, through the creators or together with the friends to the Creator. Try to do it with practice, the relationships between you think that you are directing them to the Creator you will see how much it works.

S. Destroy I tasted and I need to be grateful to the Creator for it?

R. Correct, try to taste this joy when you connect with the friends in the direction to the Creator.

22. S. (52:10) We wish to feel flavors in the Torah, feeling the light of the Creator. How can we in one hand feel the will to receive in order to bestow to Him?

R. No, that's incorrect. You give pleasure to the Creator by receiving from Him pleasure for Him. You do not receive. When a mother gives cereal to the baby and he eats, should he give the cereal back to her? No, if he takes the cereal, the food and enjoys it, he pleases the mother, she enjoys it . If we receive what we receive from the Creator with intention that is doing it in order to bestow upon Him then by this we are giving him pleasure. It doesn't need more. We do not keep back to Him what we are receiving from Him. We are giving back to Him, the pleasure we receive from Him. On this pleasure we receive from Him we clothe our reflected light that we are receiving from Him in order to give contentment to Him so He would enjoy us. It is not the same light.

S. I'm trying to understand somehow from afar but I don't see where the restriction is?

R. On myself I put the restriction. I put the restriction on myself. I don't want to enjoy myself in my ego. I want to enjoy it only because by this I give the Creator pleasure, so by this I open up in me new vessels, vessels of bestowal so my whole pleasure I receive it from that cereal, for example that the baby receives from the mother but I receive it in order to please the mother. In other words I receive it in the reflected light. You have to picture it, it is not such a big problem. Just think about it more, it is not a problem, it's not a problem whatsoever, many people already understand it and feel it and you can do that just as well as they do.

23. S. (55:54) We receive every morning devices from you for example the intention that we clothe what happens to us in life, how to receive the cereal with what intention. Now when we fail what should be the reaction of a student, sorrow that he failed or patience that this is a step before?

R. First of all, patience is necessary. I am the path and I have several more miles until I reach the goal and I have to go today as well another inch more of my path. I have to have patience.This patience should be dynamic patience. It needs to be with actions that I know that I am taking another step, and another step forward. Each day I need to feel how I'm going over new discernments which whatever I didn't have yesterday I try to do it today, and when I do something today compared to yesterday I need to see this advancement even if I am despaired and I feel criticism in it and lack of success that to is success because yesterday I didn't feel like of success and I didn't feel that I was making a mistake.

That I didn't understand, and I am not advancing and today I do feel it. It is a part of the progress . We do not understand that otherwise it is impossible to move forward. We are advancing only on top of failures, problems, revelations of the shattering without the shattering there would be nothing to correct. We wouldn't advance. The shattering existed before us, before creation there was the shattering and outside the degree meaning we already begin to exist in some record that it's beginning to develop.

S. Patience doesn't extinguish the pressure that impulse we need to advance?

R. Both, it needs to be consistent. Even though I feel like of success, I continue. Right at that same moment I continue.

24. S. (58:35) As you told us, we will point the restriction on the pleasure we receive and we will receive all that pleasure to give contentment to the Creator from our contentment but when we receive a high amount of pleasure in our vessel it is becoming harder to keep that intention and sometimes we are causing transgressions because the thickness of the Avuit. So can we say that also this transgression comes from the Creator because he is our Avuit.

R. Everything comes from the Creator and everything we do also comes from the Creator. We are inside the Creator and therefore the bad things, the good things, they are all revealed from within the system which the Creator manages and it is impossible as we already read, there cannot be a revelation of the good without a prior revealing of the bad. The bad actually directs us toward the good. It is impossible otherwise.

S. Should we be afraid of a transgression in the intention or should we perceive it as ok as it is also coming from Bo Re or should I perceive it as the correction? Can we say that transgression is the correction itselfs because judgment will come after it?

R. It is a part of the correction, The transgression is a part of the correction.

25. S. (01:00:40) Yesterday a student asked you a question about those who aren't asking questions in the lesson, I want to ask from another side. There are people who ask questions every day, on the one hand they are holding the lesson because they awaken the deficiency of the general audience of the lesson. On the other hand, sometimes when a person appears 10 times during the lesson and takes the lesson for himself all the time in evokes great resistance and rejection. How to balance these two states?

R. Speak amongst yourselves and decide. I try to balance it as much as possible on the one hand, on the other hand through people who during the lesson become more alive and I thank them.

26. S. (01:02:03) I'm reminded of the story about Rabash when he worked paving roads and he only went to the Shabbat lesson. When we compare to Rabash, what can we learn from it? Is the intention about the thought and the goal and the ten should it bring us to a state when we hover above the disturbance?

R. We need to be thankful that we have the possibility to be in a lesson every day and even connect it several times during the day and I follow it and I am happy that it is happening and what happened then in those days, it happened then. i\It is not an example for us. Once on Shabbat, on a Saturday on Friday they would come to a lesson and the rest of the time they would be working. Each one had his own job and they were far away from each other and so it was difficult for them to connect to come to someplace. There were no phones and there was certainly no internet so that's how they studied. But still, each one whenever he could, he would open a book and of course beside books there was nothing then and they would study. This is how they advanced. They were different times, it was only a hundred years ago.

27. S. (01:03:47) If I shouldn't ask for the disturbance to be removed can I have the friends ask for me to have the disturbance to be removed?

R. We can say that yes, that we can ask for the disturbance to be removed or we can ask to have the strength to rise above the disturbance. The person should choose which gives him more of an opportunity to advance, this or that.

28. S. (01:04:27 What about the state when you don't have any taste in the study but you also don't have any disturbances?

R. This is a problem. Sometimes a person feels that he has no flavor, no taste in the study and he finds he has no taste in anything in life. I will tell him to try to combine his studies with writing an article out of what he learned and by this to disseminate, to circulate us, himself in all kinds of ways. Today because of the internet you can do it easily, each one can do it. If there's no taste, not in the group, not in the learning, not in anything then he should try to disseminate more. It will push him to study more. He needs to learn and he needs to write so he will learn more so he knows what to write and then he will discover and he may be able to explain difficult things in a better and easier way to everyone.

29. S. (01:06:13) Should we not pray to try and feel the essence of the disturbance?

R. Why, we can.but what for? I need to pray for the connection for the correction and coming to disturbance, the essence of the disturbances what does it give me? I want to know the correct thing and from the correct thing I will know the disturbances and its essence and its reason, etc.

S. Pray for the importance of the goal and the importance of the Creator means to correct it?

R. Yes, this is a correction. This is a correction from every state.

30. S. (01:07:07) I heard that you can ask for a friend so they would not have disturbances but from this article it sounds like you should not ask to remove the disturbances of the friends but only to strengthen ourselves in unity is this correct?

R. I don’t quite understand the state that she is describing but I feel in every state that we feel a disturbance or general or personal with someone, we need to connect with that friend and to try to rise together with him above the disturbance. above his personal disturbance.

S. Can you help this friend corporeally?

R. Of course we can but regardless of that we need to also pray for his spiritual salvation.

31. S. (01:08:15) It is written that it is not the truth that a person cannot say that since he has many disturbances from his relatives in his environment he's unable to save his life. If the person leaves his relatives to save his life is this person an egoist?

R. Whether he's an egoist or not depends on seeing the goal. In the end how we picture what we are doing it for in order to bestow. Does it exist in some way here? If yes, it justifies the action.

32. S. (01:09:06) If we simply close our eyes and we advance with the importance of the Creator. Does this mean there's no path of acceleration, I should hasten it ?

R. If we shut our eyes, if we close our eyes.

S. What is the acceleration here if you just ask for the greatness and importance of the goal?

R. That's the acceleration, if we ask for the greatness of the goal this is already advancements it is progress. yes.

33. S. (01:09:45) Why on our path in the group the purpose of life is not clear. It is renewed each time but it's not defined enough in order to draw me forward, how to understand this?

R. You scrutinize the essence of the goal, the power of the goal, to what extent it is sharp, you scrutinize it and it doesn't depend on someone else. We are in the light of Ein Sof. As much as you want to convey, to move yourself with the right vessels toward Ein Sof, more and more go ahead and do it no one is stopping you.

34. S. (01:10:39) You mention at the opening of the lesson that we should realize the goal that the Creator gives us, so what does it mean to realize the role the Creator gives us?

R. The role of the Creator is to bestow upon everyone. We have to receive from the Creator what he wants to disperse to give to all the created beings and we have to spread it to all the created beings. Meaning to be the conduit as he writes in the article ' The Giving of the Torah and The Arvut. We need to be the conduit, the pipeline between the Creator and all that created beings.

34. S. (01:1:25) Typically, during a fall there is no point in doing spiritual actions, it feels like there is no desire for anything. Should we nevertheless enter the meetings of the ten passively with a closed camera without any benefit from me to the group or is it better to take a break and take a break or read an article?

R. Both are good. I do not disqualify any one of them.

35. S. (01:11:58) Is the purpose of the restriction to minimize the will to receive?

R. No not that was to receive but the restriction restricts the intention to receive so that they can we would be able to advance towards the intention to bestow.

36. S. (01:12:20) What to do with the feeling that when giving to the ten disconnects me from myself and gives me the feeling that I'm floating in the air?

R. Not in the air but incorporated in the ten. This is what should happen.