Daily LessonApr 1, 2023(Morning)

Part 1 Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Lesson on the topic of "Pesach (Passover)"

Apr 1, 2023
To all the lessons of the collection: Pesach (Passover)

Morning Lesson April 1, 2023

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Part 1:

Passover - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. (From Exile to Redemption. #135)

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1. Rav’s Introduction: (00:19) Yes, we will learn what it means to be in exile from spirituality, what does it mean to be in redemption, to come out of the exile from under the dominion of our ego to freedom; what is this freedom, we don't know what it is. We are born and the ego developed in it for thousands of years but now we have an opportunity, the opportunity to come out of this shining, shining on us. And let's hope that we will be able to use it, to take advantage of it, and be able to truly feel what it means to come out of the exile.

How can we expand our vessels of perception from within our corporal body to include all of reality so that we would feel that we are not only the reality that we are feeling now, that it is all connected, but we will feel the true reality that we don't even feel now because we lack the ability to attain it right now. We are about to have this opportunity, let's hope that this is what will happen to us, let's try to put all of our inner forces to come out of the exile into Redemption.

Reading Excerpt #135 (02:25 - 04:15) “When the quality of Israel is in exile,..”

2. R. (04:18) Yes, we need to understand that we measure everything relative to the Creator, by the exile from the Creator or the revelation from the Creator, relative to us. So we need to do all the exercises to put in all the effort so that the Creator will be revealed in us, inside of us, in all of its essence so we would feel Him as ruling and filling the entire world.

3. S. (05:07) What does it mean that the Creator is in exile, if the Creator is in exile with us, how will we escape exile?

R. This describes the process of the exodus and just like they were under the dominion of Pharaoh, there are still the dominion of Pharaoh but the need of the Creator is gradually being revealed and He is taking them through their entire exodus through Egypt out, that's why it is written in this way. Meaning that they feel that gradually the control of their ego wanes and disappears, and this entire process develops until they understand and recognize the Creator is ruling all over the world more fully. And accordingly they are drawn to Him, they follow Him and they come out of from under the rule of Pharaoh, the rule of the ego.

4. S. (06:43) How do we know or start this state where we just rely on the Creator, that we just ask Him to give us the force every moment to do what's right?

R. We can't plan anything because these things take place out of darkness, as it’s written, ‘the darkness of Egypt’, meaning that there is no greater disconnection from reality in any of the instances we go through in our lives. Rather it's the darkness of Egypt so that we have no choice but to follow the Creator’s footsteps, after the Creator, after this Force that is about to pull us away from our ego, more and more towards the force of bestowal, of love and connection. And we need to follow Him and also by ourselves to try and reinforce one another support one another and be drawn to that same state where you want to be above our ego.

5. S. (08:10) We read this excerpt and we also gathered in the ten yesterday and talked about it, and the sensation awakens that the Creator accompanies us in the exile and everywhere, and it's really only when we connect between us, which you have always told us ‘there is no Light without the created being’, that the feeling of the Creator is a quality that we acquire. How do we cope with that and move forward with that, that became something that is not tangible but always just emotional?

R. It's always been a feeling, we only feel our own feelings and what's happening to us, what we feel is our lives that are projected inside of us, inside of our intellect and our feeling and that's how we live. Now we have an opportunity to move to a true picture, not something that they project to us on purpose but rather something that exists outside of us in the will to bestow. When we come out of the will to receive we rise above it and then in the will to bestow which works outside of us, we begin to feel reality, this is the meaning of the next world.

S. So in a sense there is a state where we don't only take ourselves from the exile but the Creator, so what are we working for?

R. The Creator is called Bo Reh, Come and See, what we see is what we reveal, it is all relative to us, we don't reveal something absolute, outside of us. Hence the Creator is certainly coming out of the exile with us and He's starting to go through the entire path together with us from Egypt all the way to the land of Israel.

6. S. (10:59) It says “all of the exile is when you don't know His greatness”, how can we come to know the greatness of the Creator without taking the pleasure of this greatness egoistically?

R. We cannot, we can come to know something outside of us either in our egoistic vessels where we can't feel the outer phenomena but only ourselves or we perform a restriction, a screen and reflected light and we begin to feel what's outside of us objectively, how this is happening by itself outside of our ego. This is called the beginning of the exodus from Egypt with the Pharaoh, the will to receive, our evil inclination to receive in order to receive, it does not control us but he allows us to move away from him. And to begin to feel reality, that is not depicted in the world to receive itself and in this way we are starting to come out, this is the meaning of to be a free people, a free nation in our desire, in our land, and in this way we gradually come out of Egypt.

7. S. (12:57) How do we perform the act of reflected light when the Creator is doing it when we come out of Egypt?

R. It's happening gradually, we learn about it, it's not like we know about it in advance, it's what appears in us, before us, from this we learn about the process. And after we go through a certain period in this process we can begin to work with this process, to guide it, to manage it even.

S. In the meantime you are only running into darkness as we learn, and all of a sudden there's some other actions that appear?

R. Darkness is when we can't see what will be the correct results from our actions, from our responses, and we we go through the first phase of our development in this way. And from that, it's like a child that or a baby that is born, so he cannot see, later he begins to hear and he begins to feel, and so on and so forth. Meaning he is missing senses, he needs to activate his senses, it's not him it's nature that activates the senses, and he learns from these senses how to act like them, how to learn from then and so on and so forth. And we are the same because we enter a new kind of world, a new way to connect between us and between us with nature, that is the Creator and we discovered that we are inside the upper Force.

8. S. (15:34) Can you explain what are ‘the nations of the world’ within is there such a thing ‘the nations of the world’ in a ten and is there a difference?

R. ‘The nations of the world’ are the desires that don't need, for the time being, they don't need to correct rather only Israel has a certain tendency, a certain attitude to the Creator. They have to change themselves and bring themselves to identify with the Creator, compatibility, adhesion. But the nations of the world for the time being are not changing much; later they also begin their own changes and they joined the exodus, the distance from Egypt. And both Israel and the nations of the world are desires inside of people and all of them eventually must reach a state where they know the Creator, they are connected all of them, and in this way all of them just coming out of the control of the ego.

9. S. (17:11) What brings the ten or us closer to come out of Egypt, let's say faster, if we speak and feel the suffering and the states of the friends that are not so simple and then it brings us closer to a cry or to speak in the greatness and praise of the friends who awaken and managed to work for the Society?

R. It's both, it doesn't matter both the greatness and the connection with the friends and the necessity to come out of Egypt, each and everything becomes more emphasized and we are using all of these forms in order to mostly put some distance between our will to receive for itself and the desire to bestow to the others.

10. S. (18:19) The time is the most precious resource that we have to exit Egypt and in our senses we see that our time is limited, why is there there a force that puts us to sleep instead of hastening?

R. There are many phenomena in nature that we don't know but we accept them and we need to work with them towards that same goal, that's it, so why aren't we asking? We asked only how we can take all of the forces that awaken in us that appear in us, all around us, how we can use them to remove ourselves from in order to receive.

11. S. (19:18) I have a question about the trust in the Creator: I have trusted my friends and parents because they care for me, in the preparation for today's lesson, I started giving full trust to my ten, is that the first degree of faith in the Creator, this kind of of undoubting trust?

R. It means nothing, we have to go with it, we have to learn from this state how to continue it more and more.

12. S. (20:11) Is the exit from the exile and revelation of the Creator of the same thing?

R. Yes, it's almost the same, it can be in various ways but in a sense it's the same, without the revelation of the Creator there cannot be an exit from in order to receive.

13. S. (20:52) I feel that somehow I still have something to receive from Egypt, I don't want to leave Egypt, I still have desires that I want to bring with me, I don't want to leave them in Egypt. I am just so desperate to receive a desire to receive them, how to come to a demand to exit Egypt, I don't want to?

R. I didn’t get it, you don't want to come out of Egypt or you don't want to leave anything in Egypt?

S. First of all, I still have things to receive from Egypt.

R. Yes.

S. But if I leave Egypt I fear that I will not be able to receive them, I will not be able to fulfil the thing that I want from Egypt if I escape from Egypt, so I still think that I have to stay in Egypt and I will receive this and that, so if I leave I will lose them?

R. All that's the calculation, that's the calculation that you have to perform it: What do you need to take from Egypt, what is so precious there, what what is so valuable that you are staying in Egypt in order to look after those things that you can't bring out of Egypt? That's a calculation each and everyone should make, there are people who prefer to remain in this world and not to continue studying Kabbalah and that's how it should be, whatever it maybe, it will be. We know it this life and that's it, and there were those that so “no”, we must get to know our state our true state and what is truly the upper world, what is the control of the Creator? We wish to come out of it it, we can't stand it any longer and so on and so forth, meaning it all depends on the person himself.

S. Yes, but some desires are willing to exit from Egypt, some desires are willing to exit but let's say I have one desire, there are two harsh judgements and there is no way that it doesn't want to go above reason, you see it doesn't want to, it's impossible to put a restriction, it's impossible to put a screen on it. It's that if I do not satisfy that need that I will be complete.

R. This is done purpose, they give it to you on purpose so that you will understand that without connection with the friends you won't have enough forces, enough confidence to come out of the vessels of reception, and if you don't pray to the Creator to give you these forces, you also won't have any opportunity to come out from in order to receive. So eventually all those feelings that you cannot come out of Egypt, they heal you, they they arrange you properly to come out of Egypt. What do you need to get rid of, what do you need to overcome in order to run away, to run away from Egypt? And this exodus is not a simple one, it says that “no single slave is able to run away from Egypt”, before this exodus that we are learning about called Passover.

S. What I'm lacking is more investment between the friends because I lack confidence, I don't have confidence, I can't leave?

R. Nice, this is already a very good sign, if you feel that without the help of the friends you won't be able to come out of Egypt that's already beautiful, it's good, it's not simple not many people discover it. So you are already close to the exit, what you are lacking is to connect with the friends even more, to enter together into a state of ‘as one man with one heart’, ‘each one shall help his friend’. And in this state you will come out, this small group is enough, a group that can come out, you don't have to wait for all of Bnei Baruch. Your group is enough, your ten, that you connect and decide that you are coming out.

14. S. (26:50) It is written, “hence it follows that the [. . .] is that we cannot know His greatness”, why can't I accept or forget His greatness?

R. You cannot feel the greatness of the Creator with your egoistic will to receive because then you will be drawn to Him with that egoistic desire, and you will want to connect with Him but it will be in order to receive. That is why you are not allowed to see it until, until we enter the extent that you will receive vessels of bestowal then you will be able to see the greatness of the Host.

15. S. (27:56) I see a contradiction in this item between the two terms the redemption of Israel and the redemption of the Creator. If I have to redeem Israel as I understand but why do I have to redeem the Creator, the Creator does not change, it is the perception of the person, so can you help me clarify this item. this contradiction?

R. The Creator is man's perception, it's what a person portrays for himself inside himself. So when he comes out of Egypt he has to feel that this perception, this Force is walking before him, ahead of him, a head of a person, the person follows Him, this is the meaning of walking correctly. Because he doesn't have any other discernment where he can be sure that is coming out correctly and that he's coming out of Egypt. Hence, a person has to be adhered to his friends adhere inside the friends with the Creator, and to take such steps where he does not disconnect from the friends, does not disconnect from The Creator, rather he's taking steps towards the desire to bestow, towards an ever-growing connection with the friends and with the Creator, this is the meaning of coming out of Egypt.

S. But that's parallel, I can connect and disconnect from the friends but the friends cannot connect and disconnect from me.

R. I didn’t understand what you’re saying.

S. Well, maybe I should open this in the lesson now, but the status that you are put on on the occasion, you know?

R. Okay, let's let it go, you will be able to understand it better and articulate it better.

16. S. (30:52) Is it possible to compare these states were the intensive pace of change, of the frequency of changes between left and right is like a dark spot, like a light a bright light In darkness?

R. I don't know such examples so don't tell us about them, what you imagine, use what Rabash and Baal HaSulam tell us about them.

17. S. (31:44) Is it correct to ask that the friends in the ten will always feel the exile stronger or do we just have to focus on the connection?

R. We only need to focus on the connection and try to reveal the Creator in it, not that we wish to reveal something negative and a deeper or greater exile but rather that the Upper Light of the Creator that shines before us and truly fills us.

18. S. (32:58) What are the elements that define a spiritual connection in the ten?

R. Connection between us, coming closer between us, towards mutual understanding, the thoughts are we constantly developing towards one another, for everyone all that belongs to connection?

19. S. (33:21) You said that in the exodus from Egypt we have to feel that the Creator force goes ahead of us, what does it mean in the ten?

R. That when we feel the force of the bestowal, the force of love and connection they are all before us, we are drawn to these powers, we wish to attain this force and for it to dwell among us.

20. S. (34:07) What does it mean to follow the Creator without shut up, what is it for us?

R. When when I make no calculations how it appears to me, I simply follow Him.

21. S. (34:29) According to the excerpt, exile is the lack of feeling the force of the Creator, so these are the states that accumulate towards Redemption, that we each time try to get the greatness and get it to [. . . .]

R. Yes, yes.

S. And does it also depend on how much all of the friends are in it, that makes it more intensive?

R. Yes, we need to understand that there is no light except when it shines from darkness, otherwise the darkness also has to grow for the light to appear bigger.

22. S. (35:15) The Creator asked me to take my ten out of Egypt, I told him “alone I can't he told me”, “start and I will continue with you””. The question is do you ask me to start?

R. I am not recommending that you start anything except to hold off on asking questions, and let your friends advance more.

23. S. (36:04) My prayer for their friends and their help so that I can come out of Egypt has to be synchronised, or how to come to a mutual prayer?

R. You have to understand that all these actions and the general synchronization between us, as you call it, all these actions take place from above through the Upper Force, and so what remains for us is to respond to them together, to arrange us as one man in one heart and in this way we will come out of Egypt; because the meaning of the Pharaoh is, first of all, in separating us so that we would move apart from one another, and our work is first of all, to bring us closer to one another.

Reading excerpt #136 (37:23 - 38:33) “When the Israel in him emerges…”

24. R. (38:42) In truth, the attitude is such that either the created being is coming out of the exile or the Creator is coming out of exile, or both of them are coming out of the Exile, but we are starting to discover one another, we reveal the greatness of he Creator inside the greatness of Israel.

25. S. (39:16) It is written, “we will sing in Your salvation and in that day the Lord will save”; it is written ‘will save us’ and [. . . .] ‘is saved’, can you explain this please?

R. To the extent that a person is coming out of the exile, he discovers then that the Creator also seemingly is coming out of the exile, that before He was in exile He was revealed and now He is gradually revealed simply like that without any complications.

26. S. (40:16) When will Israel become the ruler of all nations and why doesn’t Israel have any concern about integrating with the Creator?

R. When does it happen, I don't know what period he is describing, when Israel is coming out of Egypt they become all of the nations, meaning not under the dominion of Pharaoh. So it turns out that Israel can now perform all kinds of free actions, meaning not in order to receive but we need to understand what it means to ‘in order to bestow’, and how to do it that's how they are approaching.

Reading excerpt #136 again.(41:58 - 43:08)

Reading excerpt #137 (44:10 - 44:29) “In the Exile in Egypt..” twice.

27. S. (44:49) There's a unique feeling that awakened that the exile is the lack of knowledge of how to use Egypt for the friends and we pray that this quality will move for the benefit of the friends?

R. Eventually that's how it comes out but it is after a lot of work and after coming out of Egypt, it is many years; in the beginning you have to disconnect from this egoism and begin to approach it gradually. This is a long path, we can't whilst still in Egypt we can't correct Egypt we still have to disconnect like like every one of our habits, we first have to disconnect from that kind of false habit and only later can you to some extent, return to this habit with new goals.

28. S. (46:02) Now that I feel ready to reject Egypt what do I do to leave immediately?

R. Ask the Creator to help you not think of yourself but think only of the ten, that's the main thing in coming out of Egypt.

29. S. (46:50) In regards to restriction, can we say that the exodus is that we receive, make a decision in the term to hold onto the restriction?

R. Well that's not yet, we don't know yet what is a restriction or which desires we have to restrict, but the inclination is correct, the direction is right.

30. S. (47:40) It's not exactly clear what's the connection between greatness of the Creator and proximity to the friends?

R. To the extent that the Creator opens up His greatness to us, we are able to rise above our will to receive and hence be a little closer between us, what pushes us apart is our ego.

S. So the first action is on His part to get closer to the friends?

R. The actions always come from the Creator first, “I am the First”, as it says.

S. Sometimes there’s a state where a person moves away not because of hatred for the friends but just because of situations of this world.

R. And the Creator also does those things.

S. So in those circumstances where a friend is pushed away from the ten, the rule of Pharaoh is there too in the corporeal incidents, too?

R. That's the dominion of the upper force, either the Creator or the Pharaoh.

31. S. (48:59) In the lesson preparation we had an exercise where we had to speak as Moses to the people of Israel and convince them to come out of Egypt, and when we did that, I felt that Moses actually doesn't have much to say, there is nothing, no argument you can tell the nation, the people to leave the ego and come out into the desert, that anything is better than staying in the ego. How do you help the people of Israel that it is better to leave the inner people of Israel I mean?

R. Yes it's better to come out of Egypt.

S. Yes.

R. You need to see how when we are under the forces of Egypt we can't do anything by ourselves rather our ago is our inner nature, but it's not like that we agree with it and we built it. On the contrary, our ego is that which governs us, we have no choice if we wish to be free then first of all we have to come out from under the dominion of the ego, this is the meaning of escaping from Egypt. We don't come to anything when we come out of Egypt, we don't come to in order to bestow or spirituality but at least to disconnect from corporeality, not to be enslaved to the corporeal desires, that's what we want first.

S. That was exactly my question: how do you cause the people of Israel in me to prefer anything even not to be in bestowal but just not to be under the rule of the ego, of Pharaoh, and it seems like the people of Israel don’t really want to come out.

R. Of course it doesn't want to come out, it's under the control of the Pharaoh, it is like Pharaoh.

S. What do you do with that, how do you call the people of Israel to be willing to come out?

R. If the Creator hadn't awakened a person, the person would have never have thought about it, in other words the people who receive an awakening receive a special attitude from the Creator and then they have thoughts about this other life, how to come out of the ego, how to understand, how we exist, why we exist, the end of the world, they have all of these questions like you know yourselves. And then gradually you can come to more fundamental, essential questions, why am I alive? In order to answer this question they must understand the essence of life, the essence of life is to see the process the world is undergoing and you can see this process only inside the desire to bestow together with the will to receive, where a person has a perception of reality that covers the entire world from one end to the other. And in this way we advance, advance in truth toward deeper questions until we are facing these eternal questions” why do we exist, what for thanks to what do we exist, who is governing us? And front those we discover that we are under the dominion of the will to receive in order to receive for himself,, this is truly for himself, he is doing it by himself, this is the Pharaoh. And we begin to think how to come out from under his rule.

S. But from what I understand, you ultimately need to reach a state where even if you don't get any answer in life about the eternal questions, the questions about the meaning of life, you still just want to not to be inside the ego.

R. Right.

S. So there is a point of Moses but how do you cause the other desires to agree with Moses and to agree that even if I don't get an answer to anything I just don't want to be inside the ego?

R. For this we need to recognize the bad in the will to receive, this is called the recognition of evil, it itself is bad, I have to come out of it because it is causing me harm in everything that I am. That's how it is, imagine that you are in prison or a similar place and there is someone above you who is causing you harm at every turn, what should you do? That's why it says” I am better off dead”.

S. And what really can I do?

R. Either die or run away from it, it’s one or the other.

32. S. (55:24) I heard that if you are in egoistic calculations and you want to attain the Creator from there, you will never be able to feel the Creator; if the reason for our work with the friends is to attain the Creator, is that not too an egoistic calculation? What can we do to not make an egoistic calculation in everything that has to do with attaining the Creator?

R. We wish to attain love, connection, a good influence on the other, bestow to the other, and for that we need to clothe our self in the qualities of the Creator, we must acquire the qualities of the Creator in order to love the other.

33. S. (56:31) [No translation]

R. It's possible if you do all the correct exercises but the fact that you feel that the distance between you and the friends is greater than the distance between you and strangers, that's correct because you are more sensitive to that distance between yourself and the friends, and that's why you feel this distance as greater. What can you do about it: exercises, how to connect, how to come closer, how to feel that we all depend on one another, there's not much you can do.

34. S. (57:54) How to ask of the Creator the force to help?

R. It doesn't matter, use your own words, in your own words, if you have a request clothes it in whatever words you know the Creator understand.

35. S. (58:26) The exile how do we build the tools that will help us come out of Egypt, do we build them from the feeling that the ego is the force of all suffering or the beauty that exists in connection?

R. The fact that our ego is the source of all of our sufferings gives us the power to escape from Egypt, that's it ,we need to locate it, detect it, talk about it, connect to ourselves then we will have enough energy to run away, that's it.

36. S. (59:20) When does a true prayer arise in a person and why isn't every prayer a true prayer from the person's point of view towards the Creator?

R. That’s it, it’s a feeling, it's a feeling of a person and the feeling of the Creator to the extent to which these two feelings can clothe in one another.

37. S. (01:00:15) On the one hand you say that the process of coming out of Egypt is cumulative and when we come to the quota there’s true prayer and the Creator takes us out of Egypt; on the other hand I heard that it's a unique moment and opportunity not to be missed, how to correctly is it possible to miss it like that?

R. Now, we’ll certainly will feel it and will certainly respond to it correctly our problem is to approach this point.

38. S. (01:01:04) It doesn't matter what efforts I make to connect with the ten, it always feels that ultimately it's not for the connection it even hurts maybe somewhat from the ten, is that the revelation of Pharaoh?

R. No I don't need to feel like I'm working against someone, I'm working only for the sake of connection.

39. S. (01:01:40) The Creator is in concealment and it becomes gradually revealed to us, in what way will the Creator be revealed as we come out of exile?

R. I don't understand the question.

S. In what way is the Creator revealed after we come out of exile?

R. The Creator is revealed in the exodus from redemption because He's connecting us and through Him we feel the correct connections called the exodus.

40. S. (01:02:31) Even if I feel sorrow and sadness of exile, I can't turn to the Creator because of my hubris and pride, how can I rise above this?

R. I didn't quite understand.

S. Even though she feels sorrow in exile, she can't turn to the Creator because of pride, how to overcome pride?

R. More time will pass and she will understand that she has to ask of the Creator more and more, and truly annul before Him until He responds to her, it all depends on the force of her pride. She will have to lower her head and ask from the Creator anything that is needed to hear what He is demanding and do what He is demanding. So first of all work against the ego, against the pride and sometimes this is very difficult.

41. S. (01:04:33) Following your answer to the friend about the revelation of evil, I, at least, feel that this is the turning point, how is it possible to discover the evil when we are all talking about connection and working together and Congresses and wonderful connection and all that, and we don't discover the ego at all.

R. They reveal the ego between them, that there is no contact between them and no connection and so they speak about how to approach to the point of contact in relation between them.

S. From what I hear from the friends, they feel there is contact and connection between them, I'm hearing questions about connection and revealing the Creator, and if you say something to a friend or in a workshop, “friends, it's all inside the ego and all that”, you're told “from what you're saying this is left line talk. only talk about positive things, about connection about love”, I don't know other things like that.

R. It's true that we need to speak of the positive states we wish to reaching practice but for the time being we are not there in practice and all we have is to yearn for it, intend for it.

S. So the ego is very smart, it doesn't let you feel it, it lets you feel like you're in it and we're sitting together and everything's nice and there's no revelation of evil.

R. That's incorrect, you always speak of the same direction.

S. Because that's the state.

R. No, it’s not the state, it’s not the state, it's your nature.

S. It’s my nature but that is what exists here?

R. Maybe you can hear a little bit, you always criticize one-sidedly, so there's another side and without connecting these two sides you will always remain in these complaints until the end of your life.

S. If we stay in Egypt we will stay with these complaints all the time, if there's no recognition of evil and cry to the Creator, we will stay here all of our life and make conventions and whatever.

R. Where will you get this outcry to the Creator and revelation of evil?

S. How to do it, we don't have this in the ten, no, everything feels good and everything feels great?

R. And you have it?

S. Yes I've had it for many years already.

R. Revelation of evil?

S. Yes, and I have no way to come out, to cry together.

R. Why?

S. Because we saw that if there's only one person leading the world nothing happens if there’s not group of people who want to do it, that's what's fits the last generation and otherwise we’ll just continue the way it is. And I also heard that you say more than once that in order for a change to happen in the world, there needs to be a ten and not some one spark, that star that leads everyone.

R. Okay, what can you do, I disagree with you.

42. S. (01:08:06) An item one thirty-seven, it says “in the exile in Egypt they attained vessels meaning the desire that the Creator will help them emerge from the exile”, this means that in Egypt we already have contact with the Creator?

R. Of course we have contact with the Creator in Egypt or we wouldn't feel that it's Egypt, except this contact is back to back, it's not the desire of the Creator and it's not the desire of the created being but you feel a certain acquaintance, a certain identification that there’s content in the posterior.

S. How do we not stay in that state and really come to the true prayer it writes in the end of the excerpt?

R. Again?

S. How do we not stay in the state where we have some posterior of posterior of revelation of the Creator, how do we not settle for it and come to the real prayer?

R. We feel it as a negative state, I don't connect to the Creator, I feel that I have a certain proximity to the Creator, in a certain way, but I'm not connected to Him.

S. What is ‘the connection to the Creator’, it's the first time I hear you talk about this?

R. ‘Connection to the Creator’ means that we are in mutual love.

S. It's not that clear, mutual love between me and the Creator?

R. I'm going to start explaining to you what is love?

S. I would really like to l know what this love is?

R. I’m sorry that's enough.

43. S. (01:10:10) You said that if we want to be free we have to escape the egoistic desires, the enslavement of Egypt, I wanted to ask about freedom. In freedom there is some aspect of choice, if we escape Egypt then we'll also fall into dependence on bestowal and love?

R. Of course because in that instance we are called the ‘servers of the Creator’ and not the servants of Pharaoh.

S. What is the freedom then, Adam HaRishon was also an an angel, so how will our freedom be different?

R. Freedom is when I do what the Creator wants and I am such a level that I can do the actions that He wants me to do and this force dwells over me and rules over me, that’s it. You wish to define freedom as “I can do whatever I want”, ‘doing whatever I want’ doesn't exist in nature. In nature there is one force, the force of bestowal and what dwells in us is another force, the force of reception so that from within it we'll attain the opposite qualities and this way we will advance towards Him.

44. S. (01:12:21) In the lesson today there is an impression that the method that Baal HaSulam and Rabash gave us is the opportunity that the Creator gave us that we are in Egypt to work with our desires and not through suffering of the world but through getting closer to others, to feel these desires through the others and work with them in spirituality?

R. Correct, so what's the question?

S. That was the question, if you can maybe detail, I don’t know how to explain it, how to really accept it and strengthen myself and see that it's an opportunity and not a suffering?

R. We'll learn about it, we'll talk about it, you are taking it a large chunk and trying to, to chew it, you can't even put it in your mouth, you have to cut into small pieces and understand it and then we will talk about it.

45. S. (01:14:16) In order to create a contradicting force to the pride that's rising we're supposed to be praying but we don't. You say we have to lower our heads, what is this action of lowering our heads?

R. You have to subjugate yourself to the upper desire.

46. S. (01:15:03) When I feel that my ego is suffering and my heart is crying is that the time to ask with all our forces and reach a true prayer?

R. Yes of course, of course. Don't stop your prayer, your address to the Creator like children, they feel a bit bad and they are crying.

47. S. (01:15:48) When I'm under Pharaoh's control in me he's constantly telling me, hey I have a reward where are you going? Why are you trying to leave me? You don't even know what bestowal is, what payment do you have there? Then I understand that this should awaken a true prayer, a true request in me. So what helps me reach that true request?

R. Only if you connect to your friends and together more or less you can combine your questions into one question and you address it to the Creator, this will be a real prayer.

48. S. (01:16:48) Coming out of Egypt you have to gather every penny until we reach that big sum. So what does it mean to gather every penny, what is the penny?

R. An effort to do something through the friends to the Creator.

S. So you can't come out of Egypt until you open the safe and see what's inside. You can't go out, you have to see it.

R. Well?

S. So when can you open that safe and who's going to open it? What's the condition you see those pennies inside, when does that happen?

R. I don't understand your example with the safe in the groups.

S. We gather every penny, where does that go to, who gathers those pennies?

R. The Creator.

S. So how many pennies do I have?

R. When this will be revealed to me this means that all these pennies have joined into a great account.

S. And only then you can come out of Egypt when those pennies are revealed?

R. Yes, not all the pennies, when the connection of these pennies will be enough to come out of Egypt.

S. So until you don't gather enough pennies you can't come out of Egypt?

R. Right, the pennies are the personal exertions.

S. Can I know how many pennies I've gathered, is there such an option?

R. No.

S. So it's all concealed and I can’t see anything.

R. Right, otherwise you won't have enough strength to connect these pennies.

S. So that's what the friend said, that we're working and working and we don't see what we're doing. This is a problem in our work, you don't see who, what, you're blind in the dark, that's Egypt?

R. Right.

S. So what is coming out of Egypt?

R. When you're ready to connect with all your friends in order to reach unlimited mutual bestowal.

S. And then you discover the pennies, what you have and what you will have?

R. No it doesn't interest you.

S. Why?

R. Because you've reached bestowal.

S. So you've changed that deficiency with the quality of bestowal?

R. Yes.

49. S. (01:19:59) How can we see in the ten, in our vessels the greatness of the Creator?

R. If we connect in order to ask of Him to show us His greatness then within our question He may reveal His greatness to us and then we annul ourselves towards His greatness. This is called rising up to Him and incorporating ourselves in Him; in this incorporation, we start feeling who is our upper one, our host.

50. S. (01:21:45) You said we have to come out of the control of our corporeal desires. Where do we go out to?

R. To spiritual desires, the desire stays but it's not the same desires, new ones come instead of them.

S. So the corporeal desires remain but what's more important is the love of friends?

R. Yes.

S. How does a Kabbalist that goes through this process actually come out of Egypt? All day he feels love of friends on the background of his corporeal desires or he feels in the heart? How can you describe it?

R. Just as now as for now you're always thinking about yourself, about your comfort so you will always think about your friends, about the ten.

S. But I think we already have some beginning of that feeling, that we already understand all the friends, this connection between us, that love is the most important and the most wonderful thing that can be that is worth living for. But what does it mean that we come out of Egypt, that we constantly live in this or what?

R. We come out of Egypt, this means that we're coming out of the control of the egoistic desire that always directs and manipulates us in direction of our own fulfilments.

S. So I come out of the control, which control, that it will take me in a different direction?

R. No, you come out to the control of the Creator, we're talking about coming out of Egypt.

S. So this control of the Creator this control of love, what happens, it starts controlling me or I start somehow being in a mutual connection with it?

R. It manages you, aims you towards your friends and the entire humanity with respect to the Creator.

51. S. (01:24:43) In this whole process the main thing is to come out of Egypt, to think of others, of the friends. I know we're all thinking of the friends, at least we put all the efforts into it. We pray for each other to be able to connect, to receive forces and constantly all the actions we’re doing is thinking of others and creating this environment. In this effort negative thoughts pop up, thoughts of myself, caring for myself, so Pharaoh starts talking to me. What happens is you more or less push this Pharaoh away. Is that correct pushing this Pharaoh away, how can you use it if you push this force away?

R. We’ll see what we should do, there are many options seemingly but basically pushing away the will to receive, not letting it participate at all in this whole process. If we’re capable of it we’ll see, it's a process.

S. What happens if you push it away, because you have no balance there, we need to keep them both in. How do you keep both forces in so we can scrutinize one side? You're trying to do the good, the good, the good and the other side is Pharaoh. Okay, you can say thank you Pharaoh and build a relationship here to keep the balance. So how do you do this because you try to be positive here. You can say you're nagging me, get away here you Pharaoh. So how do you keep him in?

R. No, you can't throw away one force and use the other because then you won't know how to use it. Always as created beings we have to be between two forces and one aids the other, otherwise we won't know where the north is, where the right direction is, where to advance, etc. We always have to be in this emotion which is between the two forces, between reception and bestowal, how much how to receive, how much to bestow. And we have to measure these two things and to see to what extent they come to be in balance for the time being in the right way.

S. Do you have advice how to do this? How do you do this Rav to keep this balance in there, to make this scrutiny, to keep them both in? How do you do it Rav?

R. The way is called the middle line, where you don't erase the will to receive without making any calculation with respect to it but rather the calculation that you make is towards the will to bestow from the will to receive. That's why as we've learned through the restriction, the screen and the reflected light you make the calculation. The only thing you receive is in order to bestow and this is basically our exertion and our response for the Creator managing us, we try to be with Him in the middle line.

S. Can you pray to keep the Pharaoh in?

R. We anyhow, we’re caring about it. As you say correctly we understand more and more that without Pharaoh we won’t have the right grip, only about the connection between the two we find ourselves.

52. S. (01:29:57) Can I say that Pharaoh connects the desires in Egypt and Moses connects the thoughts?

R. No, no, no.

S. A thought about the friend, that I'm busy with thoughts about the friends and that’s coming out of myself.

R. Yes and what's next?

S. That in Egypt the sons of Israel sighed from the work, that every desire is different from my own. The desires are shattered but to gather them together to one thought, to raise it to the Creator, that's the function of Moses.

R. I don't understand you, I don't understand you. Maybe if we talk about it a little bit more later.

53. S. (01:31:21) When our ego says we first need to get rid of our own problems before praying and thinking about the friends, that we can't help them without being without problems ourself first, what to do here?

R. Yes what should you do, what should you do? I would recommend to attach to your friends without any mind or emotion, to completely annul yourself to them and then to start there, to look for the right connection with everyone. It's like when we go back to scratch, the beginning.

54. S. (01:33:07) When a person is in exile he has regular corporeal suffering, things that hurt him and even when someone knows they’re in exile that's still not where the pain comes from. So what's the trigger or when does the pain actually become the reason is because I’m in exile?

R. When he sees that his disconnection from the friends is called exile and this is what stands in his way of locating his real state.

S. What causes a person to see it, that it will really become pain?

R. When without this he's between heaven and earth.

S. Is that a result of an exertion towards other things that brings light?

R. It's a result of many things that I cannot speak of now, there are many reasons.

55. S. (01:34:24) What does it mean that the group works as one during the lesson?

R. Not only during the lesson, it's best if it's always this way. When they think only about how to connect together, how to advance towards the Creator, how to resemble the Creator more and more within their connection, this is what it's about, this is the meaning of when the group connects together.

S. How to work with that if I felt a connection with a few friends, for example friends who asked the question?

R. I didn't understand, again.

S. For example there was a feeling that suddenly connection was made with some of the friend’s questions, friends who asked questions that are close to what I have.

R. Yes?

S. So what should I do with this feeling, how to keep going?

R. Keep on with the question, continue the question.

56. S. (01:36:15) We say that thanks to righteous women the sons of Israel came out of Egypt. In what aspect exactly, what do those righteous women do that helps them come out of Egypt?

R. What helped them was that they connected their desires. A women is the will to receive according to the wisdom of Kabbalah. So if during the exile they are ready to connect between themselves in the will to receive in them, to be as one woman, when they want only one thing to come out of their ego, this is called coming out of Egypt. It's a very, very big thing.

57. S. (01:37:41) I heard that we constantly need to pray about one another and we only need connection in the ten. On the other hand when we’re in the lesson each one asks a question and there's a feeling with your desire to pray for the one who's asking the question, pray for our friends. What's the right way to organize our prayer during the lesson, should we pray on one another, on everyone, on both?

R. Usually during a prayer each one has a feeling what he would want to attain through the prayer and we need to work on that to restrict it, to restrict my desire to attain what I want and to incorporate in the desire of what the friend wants, and to connect to her desire and to help her attain what she wants, whereas she herself she also wants to disconnect herself from her desire and to ask for me and then each one prays for the others of course each and everyone has his own prayer his own deficiency his own goal but everyone sets it aside and incorporates with the deficiency of the friend and by that they all become connected, and by that they add the degree of coarseness and Zakut and they all become one vessel it's a very big thing that they can do, when this integral vessel discovers the Creator

S. I heard that you were speaking about friends that during the lesson the whole world Kli is together and there's a feeling that whoever brings their deficiency we want them to get an answer and that everyone will advance. So what will be the right way, that everybody prays about them together, the one asking? That from the ten we’ll pray on them?

R. in our ten each of us should pray for the others and think only about that, not about himself only about others. In this way we will reach a connection within the ten about the prayer, about the common prayer in the ten, about the common goal in the ten. Meaning the only thing we lack is to reach such a prayer that by it we can all connect to each other.

S. Are you speaking about my private ten or the whole world Kli as a ten that we have to pray on?

R. What do you mean your personal ten?

S. My ten, I have my ten here. That I have to pray for the friends or during the lesson we as a ten or me, should I also pray for the whole world Kli as one ten?

R. First of all your personal ten that comes first, and then also the ten which is the entire vessel of Bnei Baruch.

58. S. (01:42:27) In these ten days it's an important question for us, we prayed at a congress in the ten as you said, we had such an exercise where everyone puts her personal deficiency aside and she incorporates in the friends and we wanted to become one vessel. But a lot changed in our relationships, so how can we check if we succeeded to connect to one vessel, to one Partzuf?

R. You don't need to think about it, you don't need to examine it, just keep on going. It's a waste of time to makes all these examinations, it will only confuse you, keep on going. On the next degree you'll start feeling where you are, you don't need to do special exercises to determine where you are.

S. The other question is that we got an interesting result, not only every friend understood that she can’t come out without the other friends in the ten but the whole ten has reached that without the help of the Creator we cannot take a step ahead, as if we used up all our resources. At this point how to reach this force, this cry that is needed from us?

R. It will come, all you need to do is advance, to aspire to it with all your strength. It will come, this outcry will come and you will start crying out.

59. S. (01:44:51) Praying for my ten and the whole world Kli, so who should I pray for, the ones that are sitting before me every morning or the whole world ten?

R. First of all, and we learned this more than once, that the first thing is to pray about our ten.

S. I understand, there’s woman in front of me, I hold them in my heart but still there's women here in front of me, maybe I should pray for them or if someone falls asleep I should think about her and maybe there's a contradiction?

R. I don't understand what you're asking, I have my ten and that's what I have to care about, period.

S. I understand but right now they’re not on screen with me.

R. It doesn't matter, this doesn't matter.

S. Alright, I'll try.

60. S. (01:46:10) Rav, if I understood correctly does Pharaoh want to let us exit Egypt if we have the right intention?

R. Pharaoh brings us out of Egypt, yes he pushes us out of Egypt, interested that we will come out of Egypt but in a cunning way. He seemingly goes against us, against the exit and he performs all the actions so we will attain it, attain him and we’ll want to run away from him.

61. S. (01:47:07) We have two questions from friends, from the ten. The first question is how do I put the necessary desires on the side? Instead of that I ask for the friends or what do I do with my necessities?

R. The necessary desires are something we have to keep, otherwise we we wouldn't exist and the rest goes again according to our degree, according to our choice.

62. S. (01:47:52) We were speaking about the role of the women in the exodus, what is the role of the men?

R. The men's role in the exodus is to simply pass themselves to everything, to everyone in order to come out. To be in the force of overcoming, to be the act of all those heroes, all those who are in the story in the story of exodus from Egypt, yes.

63. S. (01:48:49) This exodus isn’t a private thing, it's always common right?

R. Right.

S. And in the previous generations we saw that it was enough for two people, that a Rav and a student like in your case, and now it's a minimum of ten?

R. No it always was this way, try to be ten, it was always this way. Ten is from the Torah, it’s from the first generation.

S. What characterizes this ten, it’s this mutual dependency on the friends, right?

R. Right.

S. That it brings a need for mutual guarantee, Arvut. Who is a person dependent on his private ten only?

R. Especially his personal ten more and more and more. Everyday he has to feel it.

S. I remember that many years ago in the old center you said you have no idea how much you’ve already attained and there’s people between you who in their personal exertion they should already be attaining but you are dependent on humanity. So, what does that mean?

R. This mean that a person never knows his own place, his location, his degree or destiny and it's good for a person to roll this way. Otherwise it would be much more difficult to keep what a person has to keep according to his soul.

S. Will there be a state where a person has filled his private exertion and he's waiting for the other friends to finish their work?

R. No, no. No one is detaining the other, no one. On the contrary we're all helping each other in a conscious way and unconsciously.

S. Now that we are entering this attack on Passover to what extent are we dependent? In what circle should a person feel he’s dependent, his private ten, the world Kli that is getting huge on Passover? We’re all going to be in this big mass, what exactly should a person feel this dependency in?

R. On Passover we depend more on each other, each one depends on everyone.

S. So that means the whole world Kli?

R. The whole world Kli of ours.

S. Now there’s different circles of commitments in the world Kli.

R. Okay, so as much as each one is capable, as much as one can.

Reading #138 “38. In the exile in Egypt, where it is written, "Remember that you were a slave in Egypt…” (01:52:31)

64. S. (01:53:23) Is it enough that I incorporate in my friend's desires or am I dependent on the other friends that they should do it too, and only then can we build this coming vessel?

R. As much as I understand your question, the mutual vessel we start building it after we have connection with the friends and we can annul towards them and connect with them. And to the extent of our connection between us then we want to build the vessel that can reveal the Creator and can resemble the Creator, if I understood your question correctly.

65. S. (01:54:40) When can a friend say to himself by this action that I'm doing now I can be certain that I'm helping my friends advance towards the exodus?

R. By raising their spirits, in giving them a good mood and confidence in exiting the will to receive in order to receive.

66. S. (01:55:11) I understand from the question from Europe about the righteous woman that they connected their desires and wanted only one thing, which is to rise above their own ego. That's called the exodus from Egypt. My question is, what is there especially in the connection of women and how can we come to that?

R. The woman is the fundamental force in nature. They are connected to nature in all of their intensity, in all of their degrees. They are in the nature of this world, and by being able to connect between them and start ascending above their will to receive, that is a very special force that fills them and helps them. I don't even know what to answer. The women, it's such a special creation that thanks to them the will to receive goes through corrections, the final corrections. Thanks to them it can help the whole world be corrected.

67. S. (01:57:37) How can we reach such a great connection that we will be able to bring everyone out of Egypt?

R. The desire of a woman is a lot greater than, it is a little more connected to the deepest part of nature. That's why if the women correct themselves, so the men only need to help that and that will be not for correcting the whole world.

S. How do we come to that? What’s missing? I do think we have a great desire and there are great efforts and it is about time to come out of Egypt. To be able to lead us to help, the women to help everyone, between us and to also support men in short to come out of Egypt. How can we break the wall and break through to reach such an intensive connection?

R. We haven't reached the time yet where women will participate in the corrections and we think it's enough that only the main engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah. The correction of the men and the women can sit at home and do whatever they feel is right but it's not like that. Eventually, the women will need to manage the world and correct the world and the men will only be the aid, they will help them because the woman with her concern on the next generations, on the world, she can correct the world, we will see it. The time hasn't come yet but we are on that stage that we are going to go through soon and we will go through that part of the correction.

68. S. (02:00:36) How can we attack today? What is the attack?

R. The attack is in all the vessels that prevent us from becoming “As one man, with one heart,” so against all those qualities that separate between us, that's what we have to engage in, connection and reach a state that we are “As one man, with one heart” and in this way we attack our ego, that will let us reach a complete connection.

69. S. (02:01:36) Rav, in our brains we understand that we should connect and that there's nothing that pushes us away more than these actions, so how can we balance it with this side that we have to run away from Egypt. How can we depict a goal that helps us connect and makes us want to connect and perform actions of connections?

R. We need to give one reason for wanting to escape Egypt and that is to bring joy to the Creator that we want to come closer to Him. That's it. On purpose, I'm not adding more words but let's stop with this word and that will be enough.

S. When we run away from Egypt or when the cup is full, is that a step where the cup is already full?

R. No, it's not the cup being full yet I'm speaking of what's happening right now in us. We still aren’t on the verge of suffering and evil no, but let's hope we will feel it. It all depends on the inner feeling in man, his personal feeling.

70. S. (02:03:37) I have a question about the excerpt that we just read. It says that you remember that you were a slave in Egypt and it says that after the exodus from Egypt we have to remember the sufferings that we had there and this is a place where we should be happy about. The question is: how in the ten, we usually learn that we always have to think about connection, not to look back but what does it mean to remember the suffering we had there, when we were separated and how does this work in the ten?

R. We need to feel how good we feel right now in relation that we felt horrible when we were distant from each other.

S. Meaning we are allowed to talk about how bad it was when we were separated?

R. Why not?

S. Usually we learn that [..]

R. No, no we need to put these two states one next to the other and see which one is better and in what.

S. This means that we are allowed to sit in the ten and remember a state where we used to be and talk about it and compare it to the state we are in now?

R. Yes.

S. We should perform this exercise when we feel how connected we are? Or we should remember how bad it was and to be repelled from this state that we used to be in?

R. You still compare between those two states anyway, you are still comparing them.

71. S. (02:06:03) You always tell us, listen and stop sitting and eating your own flesh. You're telling me this all the time. So, what is this all about? On one hand we should remember how you were a slave in Egypt and on the other hand, I’m sitting and eating my own flesh about things that are going on. How should I relate to things that happen, not to remember? Whatever happened, that is it, it is dead? How should I relate to it?

R. You're right.

S. What am I right about?

R. In whatever you want.

S. No, seriously I'm going through troubles today, so how should I relate to that, it’s not that I was once in Egypt, I am going through it today, how should I relate to my trouble?

R. The way that you are relating to how can you do it otherwise?

S. How do I rise above it, how do I reach a state where my daily problems don't bug me and don't disturb me, for instance to come to learn in the morning, how to rise above all the troubles and to come to learn in the morning?

R. Adhere to your friends, adhere to your friends and that's it. What bad can come out of that?

S. Why do I need to remember, you told the guy before, remember and compare, why do I need to remember and compare, what's the reason?

R. We always need to compare one state to another. We cannot feel a state on its own, the way it is because we are created beings, we're not the Creator.

S. Meaning not to forget that you're telling me not to sit?

R. We cannot forget. If we forget, we will lose our feeling in the present.

S. So in every state I have to be optimistic in the past, present and future?

R. Very nice.

S. Thanks.

R. See you're coming closer to Passover.

S. That's what I was going to say. It’s written remember Passover. Remember this is what I go through everyday. Listen, it's not easy but I guess we have to remember above our own intellect, forget about your nonsense, try to connect to your friends and be optimistic. That's what it says here basically.

R. Are you done?

S. Yes, I'm done, thank you very much.

72. S. (02:08:57) You say that to pray for all the friends but there's some friends who don't come to the lessons for more than a year. Some also come to the meetings but they don't come to the lesson. Should we incorporate them as well as in our prayers?

R. Yes. Each and every person that is connected even a bit to the group, our organization, so they should understand that we include them with us.

73. S. (02:10:02) I heard you say that women are very close to nature and we come to times when women will rule the world. What I'm asking is how can we hasten this time now when we join together in Passover…. How can we hasten this process.?

R. By connection, there's nothing attained in life but only through connection between the friends. So try and be as connected in all kinds of ways, as much as you can and you will feel every time, how that from that connection you are renewing you can attain new things.

74. S. (02:11:21) Rav, in addition to the scrutinies of the friends, how to incorporate the questions in the lesson? Can we say that my effect is by giving my deficiency to make the Creator happy?

S. That's correct.

75. S. (02:12:10) I do see that the whole system is built on egoism to the extent that I recognise my egoism. What can you say about it?

R. Nothing, you are right.

76. S. (02:12:42) The Creator gives me all the opportunities to do for my friends all the time and I feel very happy about it. He gives me the strength to give contentment to the Creator but yesterday you said that I should pray more. So, what is the prayer that I have to pray for them?

R. That you want to put them in your heart and that they will be in your heart and everyone will feel what's going on inside. Try and feel that.

77. S. (02:13:40) If all the time we are ego and we have to build and work in the middle line as you say, so where can we know if the ego is winning or not? Maybe it’s tricking us.

R. I didn't exactly understand the question. Repeat please.

S. If we know that all the time we are ego and we need to build a middle line, how do we do it according to what we feel, or to our work or how do we know that the ego is not deceiving us?

R. The ego is constantly deceiving us, the ego is constantly directing us into ourselves and opposite from the Creator. And we are living in this life and we are opposite of the Creator. Instead of coming closer and incorporating with Him, we are taking steps back and we are moving away and we feel it in our world, in all the nations and all countries. I really hope that we will start feeling it and that we will be able to turn the world around as it is written, that is us that we should do it in our times and that is possible to do very quickly that the world will feel the states they're in as states that are unbearable. Let's hope we will do it with you.

78. S. (02:16:20) You talked about having to look at the friends from other tens. How close is that?

R. I didn't understand your question. Do I see friends from other tens?

S. To see the friend as part of a different ten and then relate to him this way?

R. We have to accept them as a part of us or what?

S. As an example that the different ten is giving, the complete ten? How relevant is it for us today?

R. Now for us it’s relevant to try and see everyone together in this one, big body that we are all together moving forward, advancing towards the Creator, rising above our world to Him and we want Him to pay more attention to us and help us and raise us towards our desires and thoughts and intentions and in this way come closer to Him. And when we will be closer to Him in His hands then we will be able to ask for the others, in order for Him to be able to raise them up too. They will rise because we will ask for them and in this way we can all rise to the degree of the Creator. And that is our task and first of all you, as the most advanced part in humanity. So, I hope that during this week we will be able to do it. We will speak about all these things and next week we will implement it. Let's try and do this.

79. S. (02:19:21) Before you said a person never knows his own place, where are you relating to Adam HaRishon? Because the ten is our place?

R. It is all right but a person doesn't know what his place is in the human framework, in the system of Adam HaRishon and that's what we have to discover.

80. S. (02:20:15) How do you pray sincerely for the entire world Kli to be in your heart? How do you pray for that?

R. I try to connect all the people in the world in me including my haters and enemies whoever they may be, everyone, everyone to connect, everyone into this one essence, one gathering, to hug everyone and bring them, hug them towards me and to see the Creator through it. What does it mean to look towards Him? It means, it means to try to bestow towards Him, to give Him, to adhere to Him that He will help everyone and raise everyone, you can raise everyone to one point, to that point where all creation started from. And there it should end, that we’ll be “As one man, with one heart.” That is what I would like to see or at least in some way aid that. That's it, that's my prayer: be healthy and I will see you in the noon lesson and together we will advance. We have special days coming ahead of us. We will speak a lot about our redemption, about coming out of our ego, of our connection, of our closeness, and I hope that that is truly what is going to happen. Be healthy.


Part 2:

Baal HaSulam. Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah. #15


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Connecting the World in the Last Generation - Selected Excerpts from the Sources. #19