Daily LessonNov 26, 2020(Morning)

Part 3 Lesson on the topic of "Connecting the World in the Last Generation", lesson 9

Lesson on the topic of "Connecting the World in the Last Generation", lesson 9

Nov 26, 2020

Morning Lesson November 26, 2020 Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves possibility for errors 

Connecting the World in the Last Generation, #21

Excerpt 21 Reader (00:01 - 01:58)

58. S. (02:01) What does it mean that he will work more than his abilities, how can you do that?

R. More than his ability means that if according to your natural desire you can work so and so hours, so you will get more fuel from your environment and you can work more. You are going to be more awakened to the search, to look where else can you do good to your fellow humanity. Here he is talking about the rules of nature, as much as he can explain to us how they clothe on a person, on the condition that the Creator comes closer to the created beings. In the meantime, when the Creator comes closer to the created beings and evokes troubles, problems, the pandemic and all other things, that is because we are not ready for this coming closer of the Creator. But if we will be ready for the proximity of the Creator we will understand we have to prepare ourselves correctly and the Creator is coming closer all the time so we should think now how we can go into extra connection and then His revelation will be in a good way and we will rise more and more every time.

59. S. (03:33) He writes in item two that one may be diligent, but no person shall benefit from society more than the stragglers and there will be an equal standard of living for all. So I have to lower myself to the life of a poor person?

R. No, no, there is an average. What a person needs, we call it it is not praised or condemned. We have to bring people to a level of life that is accepted as the right level of living, doesn't need to live in a tent like they live somewhere or in a desert or in a forest, like the way some people still live. That’s on the one hand. On the other hand he doesn't have to live in such an apartment that is a 5-bedroom, for every person. We have to make sure that the whole world, as much as possible, has an equal level more or less, that’s all.

S. What does it mean he won't enjoy society more than stragglers?

R. We have to make sure that everyone has the same level of living. That is accepted for everyone.

60. S. (05:14) What punishment is Baal HaSulam speaking about here?

R. There is no worse punishment for a person than being condemned from his environment, being disrespected, unwanted, not being honored, because for our ego which is our main essence, our self-respect. If a person gets an attitude from the society that lowers his dignity, his self-respect, he won't stand it. He will be willing to end his life. That's why we have to understand that is what society has to do, on the one hand to be inclined towards connection. On the other hand, anyone who is not inclined towards connection, you condemn him, you don't belong to human society, you don't belong to us. That's it, it's very simple. We can work on it in a very fast way. Today, you can see how it is important for people to be evaluated, that they are important, big, rich, knowledgeable, etc. Look how you can affect each and every person. You can manipulate each and every person here, confuse them like a child, really. There is no problem about it, only if we agree to it, we need to agree what values we should promote.

61. S. (07:09) When it says here, the greater benefit one contributes to society, the higher the decoration one shall receive. In this condition one should be, should want to be very humble and not to receive decorations. So what is this decoration, what does it look like?

R. Correct, that is usually a question you should ask. We have to take that medal of honor and be proud of it before the others in order to give them an example by that to the others as much as we appreciate these tokens of honor because a person did good things for society. So I will get some big medal here and I will go and I will show everybody what I have here. Why? Because by that I awaken others to also bestow towards society. I don't do it in order to be proud but it is a means to correct society.

S. We will gain the respect of society? That's the decoration?

R. Yes, that is a token of honor. You walk down the street and everybody is pointing at you, saying see that guy, that's not just a friend, he's a special friend, he did this and he did that and you have to suffer it, you have to take those things, even though you hate it. You have to suffer it because by this you're giving examples to others. Envy lust and honor take a person from this world. Meaning from one degree to the next one. 

62. S. (09:25) In the 5th clause Baal HaSulam writes that everyone will enjoy their lives and feel more and more happiness. Will we need to somehow see it, see that people are starting to enjoy life or if I enjoy life they too will enjoy?

R. Don't get confused with that, we have to make sure that everybody has a basic equal level of life. To try.

63. S. (10:16) How can we measure the necessity of a person, what he really needs?

R. Society has to agree on that. A thousand years ago there was one form of necessity and today we have to agree. We don't have to live in modesty or restrictions, that will eat a piece of bread with salt and a cup of water and sleep on the ground. We don't have to have those conditions, but normal conditions that each one will have an apartment, if you need a car, family with everything in the apartment that you need, means for taking care of people and babies, that everything is there. We have to see a corrected world in corporeality because it is a sign as much as we are concerned to a whole complete vessel, to equality.

64. S. (11:33) It is hard for me to connect two pictures of reality, we have to bring equality and organized society, make certain that everyone has food and a picture of having a reality of the Creator which is good and this is how He built reality.

R. It is a perfect form. You give the beast, meaning the height of this world where everyone is as a beast, you give them things that they need. No less, no more, what the beast needs. You don't bring a cow some pastry, you give her what she needs, but to man that is above the beast, above this corporeal life, you give infinite and endless.

S. Am I supposed to know better than the Creator what humanity needs?

R. No, you just have to make sure and give more in corporeality and more in spirituality and then you will see the correct balance between them. Not that you have to lower your corporeal level, you make certain it is convenient and good for each and every one, that a person will see as much as everybody is like that and so is he.

65. S. (13:13) Can we somehow use these tokens of honor in the ten?

R. Not yet. Right away we will start criticizing, we still need to feel ourselves as completely equal, as much as possible to be in equality.

66. S. (13:52) Today also in the world we are living there are tokens of honor, there are prizes like the Nobel Prize, etc. But here Baal HaSulam is talking about a state which is future like. What is the educational process that we have to go through in order to reach the state that Baal HaSulam describes?

R. That is something we try to get such changes in education but first of all it is dissemination and education. There is still a long way in that ahead of us.

S. What is the first step we should take?

R. First step?

S. Yes.

R. Dissemination, without that we are in a greater and greater descent and this pandemic won't end and after that more and more bad things will come. The way the world is living now is good because if the pandemic would disappear now, you would see a world in a very corrupted way how it is starting to chase again, and then in another half a year or a year there's a chance that we won't come back to what state we were in.

67. S. (15:22) In the Last Generation, there is a government. So what ensures that they won't take more, like what used to happen in the USSR?

R. We are speaking about an open society without oppression, without a forceful regime, but that everything is only managed by friends, only by friends. That is why it is not possible that it will happen, what you are remembering there from Russia or remembering what there is now.

S. There will be a government in the Last Generation?

R. The people that will be standing in the head of society will be Kabbalists that know and understand society and society acknowledges them.

68. S. (16:48) What justice is there when people who work and people who don't work have the same level of life?

R. There is no such thing that someone isn't working. Everyone works according to how he sees it, right and possible to give to society. We are speaking about a society where we don't have to force people to work, but a person starts seeing that what he adds to society, he is adding to his upper world, to correcting his soul, this is why he does not need any support or blows from people. On the contrary, just give him an opportunity to do good to society, he feels that it is his personal benefit, that there's no difference between him and society.

69. S. (17:59) There used to be an officer who knew three languages …..

R. It has nothing to do with it. If it's a person who likes classical music or knows all the wisdoms of this world, it has nothing to do with the inner world of a person. We see this in Nazis and everyone all together, because we think that if a person is educated or a physicist or a mathematician, or a philosopher that he is a good person, to others. Not at all, why does that mean that he is good to others? A person who is great in some profession - it means nothing about the way his soul behaves, no. We always want people to respect and to sanctify and raise them, why? It is regular people. Look at Einstein and all such people, what do they have? They are not spiritual, that is why we have no example to take from the scientists or the musicians, why? No. Also between them there were people who hated people and made a lot of trouble for the world, it has nothing to do with one another. Only one who works in bestowing with the upper light receives a force from the upper light that corrects him, he changes, he becomes truly different. He will not be able to reach a state where he harms others.

70. S. (20:31) Baal HaSulam writes in this excerpt that we must raise the living standard of the world society so that everyone will enjoy their lives and feel more happiness. Our question is, if everyone has different standards of happiness with respect to each culture and environment, how can our collective efforts bridge the gap between all of these differences so to have a common standard of happiness around the world?

R. Under the condition that we, first of all, value the connection between us. That it is above all, the highest value is connection between everybody. Until we feel that we make sure that there is no difference between each and everyone. We all complete that one system where the Creator is revealed, the general force of love and bestowal and from that do with the level of life more or less that won't matter anymore.

71. S. (21:53) In communistic society there used to be a poster that said our goal is communism, what will be our goal in the last generation?

R. Love your friend as yourself, the love of others this is the purpose of the corrected society.

Excerpt 22 Reader (22:27 - 23:55)

72. R. Yes, meaning we have to get used to giving honor and signs to special people and obviously society will need to understand that we do it in order to awaken friends. We constantly need material, we need fuel, the will to receive doesn't disappear, it's not purified, we have to constantly work against it, each and every moment. This is why as much as we see signs around us that there are people that bestow to society, give to society and everybody respects them, from this we will also get forces to bestow and advance. Clear?

Excerpt 23 Reader (24:44 - 26:20)

73. S. (26:22) 

R. The future of the world, obviously there won't be any money, any currency, also today we see as much as they want to exchange one currency to the next. What will be the value of the exertion that the person gives to society, how will we be able to recognize it or check it, that is the question. So, we need to reach a state that we are all going to feel from the system of connections between us as much as each and everyone gives. According to that, we can check and help everyone to be more and more part of society, feeling society, raising society. That will be revealed to all of us together, gradually as a system of connections between us, this is called the Shechina, we will need to raise it all the way to the heavens.

74. S. (28:07) Can we say that the basis of society is...

R. Bestowing is the main part, and the reception will be only to the extent that we can bestow.

75. S. (28:31) Without money in the world, will the reward be the pleasure of bestowal or will there be no reward at all?

R. That you will have the ability to bestow, that is the reward.

S. I will enjoy it?

R. Of course.

S. Will my will to receive want it because of the pleasure?

R. That depends on the degree of the person. Either the will to receive will want to bestow because it gets pleasure from it or he will want to bestow because bestowing in his eyes will be the highest action.

S. Above reason?

R. Exactly

S. Baal HaSulam writes a lot in the excerpts we read about equality.

R. Yes.

S. When we talk to the public, many times they have a conversation about it. How do we explain this term without taking it to socialism or democracy?

R. Equality is the tendency of all of nature, still vegetative animate and speaking they are all tending towards equality; it is a general force that wants to bring us all to the complete connection. In it in such a way we exist, for this we need to feel nature, to feel the entire will to receive, our net of connection, the Creator clothed in it and revealed in it, this is why equality is a result that can be attained after you feel all of the data that you have in the web of connections between everyone, in the forces that work on everyone and how you can manage these things. But it will happen, that will be soon.

76. S. (30:43) Can we somehow practically use what Baal HaSulam writes?

R. He gives us the laws of nature and states that the spiritual forces clothe in the material of this world. That the lights come from above and clothe in desires, even the ones of this world and that is why, what can you do, for now it doesn't seem realistic, but it will be revealed. He sees it in a simple way that this is how it is and this is why he's not ashamed to just write it out in the open.

77. S. (31:34) There is great fear among humans from the attempts to organize ideal societies, because of past experience. How can we bridge this gap in the future?

R. Baal HaSulam writes it in a different place, maybe we will read it soon. That we must not do any corporeal action, that we have hands that we can supposedly do it, not to do any action before we perform it internally, spiritually, emotionally, in our desire. If you can do it in your desire, so you can also do it with your hands and not in the opposite order. Otherwise you build a communism like the Russians tried to build and you see what happened there, all the Kolkhoz and the Kibbutzim. First, you have to educate a person into love your friend as yourself and somewhat, according to different degrees that you attain in relationships between people, then you can also build a society that supports, but you have to build it from the inside out.

S. Meaning, first it is education. So how will they accept education, because this talks about ideals?

R. You don't have to start with the world ideals, you can say that by education you want to get rid of the coronavirus or all kinds of things, you gradually, layer after layer, you with your education, you remove all kinds of concealment until people see it correctly.

Excerpt 27 Reader (33:36 - 34:56)

78. R. His reward will be from above. That is why people are going to work, they will have closeness to the Creator and from that they feel internality, wholeness, perfection and anything below it are just means in order to reach more integration in the Creator. That is how it is and that is the main part.

Excerpt 24 Reader (35:43 - 37:59) reads twice

79. S. (38:01) How can we balance between the tendency to act with our hands and feet and the fact that the internal correction should precede the physical action?

R. You don't always need to have an internal action before a physical action, I mean intention. Let's say now, we are in a stage of preparation, stage of preparation. We still don't have intentions and we don't know what intentions we have, but somewhat we want to get close to bestowal, to the Creator, to connection to all of these mottos, slogans for now. We need to do mechanical physical actions, to connect to build something to disseminate, to prepare everything. That is still our physical actions that come before spirituality, but when we are already seriously building things and then corporeality comes into it too, so first we have to start with intentions and then actions. Also spiritual and also corporeal. 

S. Both in society and in man there is a tendency to act more physically as opposed to that a different voice is telling us, no, first we need to be corrected and have the right intention, so how do we balance both inside man and in society between these two tendencies?

R. It's hard to say. I don't have one sentence that will explain everything and be right for every situation. Now I am before thousands of people and if I say something, people can take it in a way that... as a sentence from anyone. There's always this way or that way, a few thoughts, a few desires, a few actions, a few possibilities for one and groups... That is why we learn and from the studies, as much as we understand and feel, as much as we are integrated from this, we will connect.

80. S. (41:06) What is the first step, so that people, simple people can feel and accept the work of the Creator?

R. Dissemination, your dissemination towards them, without that it won't work.


R. What is the problem, disseminate now. I don't feel that it's something that you can't do now, a few years ago I was in Armenia and I was talking to them and I see that it is an ancient nation, a very cultural, very educated nation which can understand all of these things. Why not, start disseminating it, but just with no connection to religion.

S. Still we have to show the reason why they need to connect, correct?

R. No, speak about connection without the purpose of creation which nature obligates us don't say Creator, Nature is obligating us. If you don't explain that, so all of your dissemination, nothing good will come out of it because by this you are disconnecting them from the Creator.