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The Personal Management of The Creator. Webinar

Mar 17, 2019
We exist in the world where it is impossible to predict what will happen in the next moment, to clearly define reward and punishment, or the cause and consequence of our thoughts and actions. One can say that we live in the dark. We have an ability to understand the immediate consequence of some physical action. But we are unable to see beyond that. No one can predict the consequences of our thoughts and desires, or how we influence each other with our thoughts and desires, or whether we have any influence at all. We do not feel this, but we are used to living this way. Only recently has mankind begun to realize how pernicious our interaction with the world is, the impact on ecology, on nature as a whole. Not to mention the strongest influence of all - the power of thought. Man is like a small child who does not understand the meaning or purpose of Nature. But, assuming that a child is under the parental supervision, we exist in complete ignorance of the one who controls us.