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How to Choose a Path of No Suffering.

Jan 3, 2016
When a causal relationship is hidden from a person, he does not understand or see the true picture of what is happening, he is apprehensive of the future. At times he feels lonely and scared. "Why is this happening to me? And why is this happening specifically with me? What for?" The chain of inevitable consequences, stemming from today's actions and decisions, is hidden from man. We do not know the rules of the game, who created them and why, neither do we understand the ultimate strategy. Ignorance of the system in which we exist creates a sense of chaos, helplessness, unpredictability. It does not give us the opportunity to get rid of pain, blows, depression, or meaninglessness. In this situation we bear surprising similarity to the involuntary participants of the game, where the stake is - nor more nor less - life.