Daily LessonSep 18, 2023(Morning)

Part 2 Baal HaSulam. General preface, item 6

Baal HaSulam. General preface, item 6

Sep 18, 2023
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Morning Lesson September 18, 2023

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation, which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Part 2:

Baal HaSulam. General Preface. #6

Item Number 6: " I will elaborate inside the book [Panim Meirot uMasbirot],"....

1. R. (12:49) I don't think there's anything new here all together direct light, reflected light, which these clothes on those, and then we have a Partzuf. Questions nevertheless.

2. S. (13:07) What is the first thickening that takes place in Bina?

R. Where she felt that she is different to Keter. Hochma is just the expansion of the light that comes from the Keter but Bina has some addition of desire of her own and therefore this addition is considered thickening.

S. This thickening is drawing the light of Hassadim?

R. Yes, a difference from the Keter because the Keter is in its entirety the Hochma and the light of Hassadim is different to it.

S. What does it mean that she overcomes to draw more? What is the overcoming on that we are talking about in Bina?

R. Not yet we'll learn about that soon. The language is a little different to that which we are accustomed to.

3. S. (14:20) Just to understand the direct light and the reflected light are actually light and vessel?

R. We can sometimes talk that way but not always.

S. Because it's as if that reflected light according to what he's saying to the extent that it's coarseness it's more important the more coarseness the bigger vessels there is a bigger yearning so it sounds like a vessel even though it sounds like reflected light?

R. Important or not important that is something to be examine, and towards what towards the lights or towards the vessels towards its clothing in them and where it emerges from? Is it close to the Creator or the created being? I wouldn't exactly discern those things specifically those things.

S. Maybe I'll ask it differently. The 10 Sefirot of direct light comes one Sefira of directly or is it for every Sefira directly it's a Sefira of reflected light comes because he says that the Keter of direct flight is actually the coarseness of Malchut of reflected light if I understand correctly?

R. Keter of direct light is the most refined, it's the highest the highest direct light? Right?

S. As far as reflected light, what can contain it?

R. The reflected light fills the direct light.

S. It fills the reflected light, it fills the direct light because it causes the direct light and the consequences is the reflected light?

R. Yes.

4. S. (16:20) Is this all happening in the Rosh? The direct light and the reflected light?

R. We didn't talk about the Rosh or the Guf yet, we just talked about the emergence of The Sefirot, it's leaping where we shouldn't, you're jumping where we shouldn't.

5. S. (16:50) He talks about these two kinds of thickening, the first type and the second. What is thickening and what's the difference between the two kinds?

R. A change takes place in the light where it moves from one vessel to the other, from the vessel of Keter from Hochma to Bina and so on and the light feels that it's thickening and coarsening.

S. It describes that in one, two, three is the first thickening and then it becomes the second thickening. What's the difference between them?

R. The difference is that now the vessel is thicker

S. Thickening from the word coarseness that it acquires?

R. Yes

S. He also describes in the second type of thickening there's a restriction already at the end of it.

R. We didn't read it quite yet.

S. The process of thickening or increasing coarseness is the development of using the vessel?

R. Yes. 

6. S. (18:06) There's a phase that causes this increasing coarseness, meaning the vessel was transparent and it became darker. The phase of Bina, now has to purify the vessel, so on one hand it makes it more coarse, on the other hand it has to purify it, can you maybe explain how?

R. No, not yet that will come later. We will have the breaking of clash and we will have other phenomena here that we talk about.

7. S. (19:01) Phase 4 there was a window that shines through Malchut they're asking what the window is?

R. These are measures of connection between the light and the vessel that when the light goes through it that's how we call it.

S. They're adding what does it mean expansion through the window?

The expansion of the light within the vessel is called that way it's called a window, it's a limited expansion.

7. S. (19:42) The more the vessels of receptions expand, the more the reflected light becomes a vessel of bestowal?

R. I don't understand, again.

S. The more the vessels of the will to receive expand does the limited reflected light become a vessel to bestow with?

R. Yes.

Reading item number 7: (20:11) "Now we shall explain the inherent quality.."

8. R. (29:55) We may need to read this once or twice more in order to get used to this style here but in actuality there's nothing you need special here.