Daily LessonNov 14, 2023(Morning)

Part 3 Baal HaSulam. The Shofar of the Messiah

Baal HaSulam. The Shofar of the Messiah

Nov 14, 2023

Morning Lesson November 14, 2023

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation, which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Part 3:

Baal HaSulam. The Shofar of the Messiah (Redemption through Disclosing Kabbalah to the Nations of the World)

Reading (00:10) The Shofar of the Messiah. “Redemption through Disclosing Kabbalah to the Nations…” Twice

1. R. (01:38) We can ask a thousand questions on this, but all in all, that's what he writes, these two sentences.

2. S. (01:50) In the previous article the mistress and her heir, he talks about the dangers of revealing the wisdom of Kabbalah to the nations of the world?

R. It depends on what period.

S. So what determines the difference?

R. That it's a special time for revelation of the nation of Israel between the nations.

S. What does it mean, time period?

R. It is the period of the Messiah, as we say; Baal HaSulam determined that it's our times.

S. Is there a right way to reveal it to the nations of the world? What's the difference?

R. Yes, there's a correct form for the nations that they are already coming closer to receiving that revelation.

S. And what is this that he describes here that the nations of the world hold a Jewish man etc.?

R. To such an extent they want to understand the source of this true spiritual life that this is how they hold on to each one.

S. And we have to be that Jewish man that they are holding?

R. Of course.

S. What does that require of us?

R. Dissemination, that’s what he writes about in the next part, “The Dissemination of the Wisdom of Kabbalah all Over the World.”

S. What does it mean dissemination? What’s the difference between dissemination and the harmful spreading that we talked about before?

R. That time causes. That's the whole thing here because eventually all the nations of the world will attain even more than what the Jews attained originally. That's why in the attainment of the nations of the world you have more Hochma or wisdom than in Israel.

3. S. (04:15) He writes here that it will not be enough that they come out themselves. Do we talk about themselves in the ten, that I come out of myself to connect in the ten?

R. Yes.

S. I think you said that the danger in explaining to them about the wisdom of Kabbalah in the past was that they might connect incorrectly, that they will use connection for the wrong goal. That connection is a high thing, but they might misuse it. So I want to ask, if they come out of themselves, they connect, if I understand correctly, that each one will come out of himself and that's not enough. So what are we adding when each of them has come out of themself and connected? What does it mean to hold the Jewish man more correctly, what does he disseminate to them, that connection is what?

R. It adds light that fills them, the vessels, and in this way truly uplift above the exile.

S. Do they need to understand what the Jewish man knows or by connecting to him, he directs them correctly?

R. The Jewish person doesn't really know, but in the connection, in the mutual work between all Jews and all the nations, they establish a vessel that is ready to reveal the end of correction.

S. A connected vessel is not enough, does it require something else?

R. It's not enough and we go back from corruption to correction so we can't come back to the same form that was formed that was before. We have to include all the corruption in it, and they specifically are what give us the ability to attain the end of correction. 

4. S. (06:38) What is a Jewish man because it says that each one from the nations will hold a Jewish man and lead him to the Holy Land, so what is a Jewish man?

R. A Jewish man is whoever's already in unification with the Creator, he's called a Jewish person, Yehudi

Reading Article. (07:28) “The dissemination of the wisdom..”

5. R. (07:57) Obviously they will have a deficiency for it, and we will have in order to fill the deficiency.

6. S. (08:12) Today, at this point in time, with this war and everything, you can see very clearly all over the world that there is a clear division in every place in the world from here to New Zealand. How do you read this situation with respect to the process of correction, what is happening here?

R. I see a force that will obligate the nation of Israel to reach connection. For now, there's no other need. It only works against us in order for us to connect between us. 

S. The world, Israel bothers it?

R. Of course, of course, everybody, that in our time it's revealed in all its force, in all the colors that Israel is like a sore that is on the body of the world. Yes, right?

S. There are all kinds of comparisons today, that they can see the size of Israel compared to all the huge countries. It doesn't make sense.

R. Yes.

S. What does the world..?

R. Because it's a material map, that's why it can't draw the spiritual relation between Israel and the whole world. That's why it seems like what is Israel, it's not like that. If you take into account the unity of the nation that isn't there, how could it even exist and also make so much noise around the world? It's something that isn't clear.

S. So the attention, its inconceivable attention, where the whole world is looking at Israel, is actually an internal scrutiny that the world is going through?

R. Yes, we just need to understand the question even more should be: How do they hold onto this? How can it be? Billions of people with weapons and everything against something that has no room on the map? You already see that here there's a connection between corporeality and spirituality, and we, I guess, are in the point of solution.

S. In other words, Israel has to understand that the world as small as we may be, it feels as significant as a..?

R. Of course, and how? Actually, according to what seems to the eye, there's even no reason to scrutinize or speak about it or anything. Just delete it like you throw something off the table and that's it. Why are you wasting all these words, but no, they can't do anything. 

7. S. (12:10) He writes that each one from the nations of the world will hold a Jewish man, a Jewish person and lead him to the holy land. Does that mean that it is not we who lead them, but they will grab us and help us reach the holy land?

R. They will obligate us to reach the land of Israel.

S. Obligated because it says that it's not enough that we can come out by ourselves, but we need them to pull us toward another degree?

R. Yes. 

8. S. (12:51) We see that everything you said in the last twenty years, one to one is happening in the world?

R. So I'm guilty.

S. No, it's not like it's your fault, you're telling the truth from where you see it.

R. It's written you don't have to be a prophet.

S. Now we do everything possible to bring it out, to spread it out on the internet. We printed papers and everything. In times of peace people are not interested and in times of war people are still not interested. So I'm beginning to think that maybe the dissemination or what we call dissemination, we have to continue doing it and even more outwards, but basically it's what we're doing here, it's the connection between us and the yearning for the world to know that this is the real dissemination.

R. Yes.

S. This is what really has an impact?

R. Yes, what is happening between us? 

9. S. (14:14) We see that in politics, too, everyone is talking about unity; every side is talking about unity but there is still division. We can't agree with one another. What kind of unity are we talking about? What's the new thing that we bring above it so they will agree?

R. We're speaking about unity that is above the will to receive and they do not understand it, all other people and that's why they can't attain it, they're not even thinking in that direction, to move in that direction. That's it. They won't have any success in what they want. The Creator is playing around with this military form in all kinds of ways to give us even more of an ability to cook in this but then we will need to work.

S. Unity, we are talking about, has to incorporate the upper force, it has to be part of the..?

R. Yes, of course. Okay guys, I think that we can end here. Today we have?