Daily LessonJun 16, 2022(Morning)

Part 3 Baal HaSulam. Study of the Ten Sefirot. Vol. 1. Part 3. Chapter 2, item 1

Baal HaSulam. Study of the Ten Sefirot. Vol. 1. Part 3. Chapter 2, item 1

Jun 16, 2022
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Morning Lesson June 16, 2022 Transcription

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Baal HaSulam. "Study of the Ten Sefirot" (TES). Vol. 1. Part 3. Chapter Two. #1 ("They are four phases in which all the elements of Atzilut")

Reading item 1 (00:28) twice (00:56): "There is no screen in the world of Atzilut."

Reading inner light - 1 (01:27): “Clarifies but they were…”

1.S. (02:54) It's not really understood why in the world of Atzilut there is no screen because it is after the first restriction.

R. We are speaking about screens that come from the lower ones, not the screens of concealment but screens that are in spiritual discernment. So, in the world of Atzilut there aren’t any screens, meaning that the light of Hochma works there. There are differences between  degrees but those degrees are arranged in the four phases of direct light, of the structure that has to be: root 1, 2, 3, 4 but not because between them there are differences in the will to receive, in order to receive, in order to bestow, more to bestow, less to bestow, they're still not in the world of Atzilut. The world of Atzilut is entirely to bestow. We’ll see it in a bit, we will scrutinize it, we are only speaking about this.

Reading item 2 the words of the Ari (04:16): “Ein Sof does not…”

Reading inner light - 2 (06:40): “The light that is…”

2. R. (07:32) How the light passes through the screen is that he will tell us later but for now it is the general form.

Reading inner light - 3 (07:50): “Clarifies the striking…”

3. R. (11:09) Meaning the light from the screen ascends, supposedly prints all those Sefirot that are above him and does the same thing with all those Sefirot below it, in lower matter but in that way it happens from below upward he sees the upper Sefirot and then makes a copy of them below, like a print supposedly. It will be clarified in a bit.

4. S. (11:52) What does it mean that the lower degree causes an addition of light in the upper degrees?

R. Because it participates by receiving from the upper one and adds its own coarseness from the reflected light, that's why there is more light on the higher degree.

S. I don't understand the mechanics.

R. Do you have children?

S. Yes.

R. Do you have to work much because they exist?

S. Yes.

R. Is that clear to you?

S. Okay that is clear.

R. The lower degree awakens the light from the higher degree because it adds a deficiency to the higher degree.

S. But here from the explanation it stems that, it turns out that from Atzilut it comes to Beria?

R. And afterwards it prints it from below, the light descends to some kind of degree, it performs reflected light that awakens the Sefirot above it in the reflected light, as much as it can and able, receives them and passes it below. We will see it in a bit, that's how they descend, like a zig zag.

Reading inner light - 4 (13:48): “Clarifies the sparks…”

Reading inner light - 5 (14:06): “Clarifies at the end…”

Reading inner light - 6 (14:52): “Clarifies due to the…”

5. R. (15:32) Like a print, from above it takes a mold from the reflected light and makes that mold below itm in the lower degree.

Reading inner light - 7 (15:45): “Clarifies one does not…”

Reading item 3 the words of the Ari (16:30): “The difference between Atzilut…”

6. R. (18:00) Meaning, the whole structure remains the same way from the four phases of direct light still from the world of Ein Sof but by passing the lights from above downwards, there are differences between the worlds and the screens and the, how should I say it? In the order they pass them onwards.

Reading inner light - 8 (18:26): “Clarifies as there are…”

Reading inner light - 9 (19:20): Clarifies there are four…”

7. R. (19:56) Meaning, there is no difference in the structures between the four phases: Root, 1, 2, 3, 4 that we had in the world of Ein Sof but only because of the coarseness and the screen upon it we have so many cells and from that all of the reality is built. Okay?

8. S. (20:25) How should we studyTES now? How do we work with this text because now not only can I not manage to grasp anything it becomes sounds that pass next to me but are not reaching me, so what do I do?

R. What do you recommend?

S. That's what I'm asking, what's the goal?

R. The goal is that during the reading of the text we are trying to connect between us and to invite the light that reforms that will bestow upon us, on our efforts to connect. First we were doing it on the Rabash article, or Baal HaSulam article and then the freedom article and now we are doing it over TES. We are studying the entire wisdom of Kabbalah that is destined for us to invite the light that reforms and develop us quicker than anybody else because the others are not drawing the light that reforms upon them and we are.

So the more now that we have a deficiency to know what you are studying about, then the more light that reforms you draw upon you and the more you understand what you are studying so you will invite the light less. That is why it is not the wise that learns, the one who learns is the one who is sorry that he is not advancing in bestowal, in connection and that is very difficult to understand and be drawn to. We are all drawn with our brains to fill our brains even though we won't ever be able to understand this before we attain it. We always yearn for attainment and attainment means to attain our connection and bestowing to the Creator. It is all only attained in that.

S. So later when we try to read it on our own we won't get anything?

R. You will get something but the main part is, what do you want during the study, during the reading? That is the main part.

S. Thank you.

R. And it is very difficult for our generation, especially, that is entirely, we all study a lot and even now we are studying and working in all kinds of businesses that belong to wisdom and the problem is it's not the wise that learns but all of vessels that we need to prepare to reveal the Creator is the vessel of bestowal. It is completely not a vessel of the intellect, it is a feeling, that our feeling will yearn to feel the others. Do you understand how opposite this is from what we are? How opposite? That's why it's so difficult to speak to humanity. Who wants this, who feels this, who has a deficiency for this? Only great suffering like Baal HaSulam writes, that God forbid can come to humanity, only such great suffering can turn us around to connect, to connect between us in order to run from this suffering.

9. S. (25:00) The place of Malchut of Atzilut, is it a place or a screen?

R. The place for?

S. The place of Malchut of Atzilut, is it a place or a screen?

R. The place of Malchut of Atzilut is a place, its a desire. I don’t understand the question exactly. A place for Malchut, a place is a deficiency, a desire, and that is what the Creator created and He Himself is called a place. A place for Malchut, a place for Bina. Its desires, deficiencies you can say in general.