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25 - 26 April 2021

Lesson 1Apr 25, 2021

Lesson on the topic of "The Importance of Dissemination"

Lesson 1|Apr 25, 2021

Morning Lesson April 25, 2021 Transcription

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1. Rav’s Introduction: We see that we are going over all the topics, all the important topics that determine the correction of the soul of man, the world, of all of reality and it all depends on how much we connect between us as it is written love thy your friend as yourself which is a great rule of the Torah. Meaning that love connection all the way to the uppermost degree of connection should be the purpose of man's work in this world and by that he assembles the soul, the general vessel the Creator created and in this vessel according to the power of the vessel meaning according to how these two opposite forces connect, separation, and connection bestowal, and reception accordingly a person will discover as light excels from darkness, he discovers the Creator, come and see. This concept comes to us from the revelation of the light over that darkness. In order to reach the correction of creation we have to understand and we learn that one man does not count, it just shows how the general vessel or the soul, the soul of Adam HaRishon, this general vessel when it was shattered, it was shattered down to the last detail, down to that last tiny spark that exists in each one of us and we throughout our existence in this world, we need to connect.

This point that exists in each and every one, this point of light that exists in each and every one although this point doesn't offer us any direction for development and what to do with it, it simply gives us a small deficiency to reach something greater than it, but what? The person does not know. This is why we see that people who come to the wisdom of Kabbalah don't know where, for what that attracts them. Even people around the world, roaming around from place to place and every business day they do not understand what pulling them, what is pushing them, but it is truly that point that wishes to reach the end of correction, it awakens a person to do this work. To allow these point to connect with additional points to assemble the first vessel called a 10. From the 10 more and more parts should connect to it more 10’s together and this way we come to the complete correction. The need for the complete correction since only there we acquire, we discover, the complete eternal life and knowledge and our complete feeling of what is this a reality called the Creator. Then we come to the actualization of that point from the get-go leads us, pulls us forward, the ten that we wish to build, in fact we organize it physically in this world, that’s why this world exists so we could start from something it is right before us, this world it is possible to do. Without spiritual correction, let us establish a corporeal system and in it, through the recommendation of Kabbalists and reading their articles and everything we can establish and carry out the recommendations, we will assemble the 10’s, corporeal 10’s and in them add more and more spiritual discernments until we will be able to bestow to the general vessel where we are but we cannot see it. We will influence the general light called the Creator whom we also cannot detect but by working in this 10, in this mechanical 10, the smal10 something we can do. It is not even us but the Creator, as it is written the Creator brings the person to the good fortune and says take it, but what we add to it, as much as we can, in various action, corporeal actions and spiritual actions, we awaken this general light. It connects us and brings us into the 10’s spiritual discernments, ascents and descents and the discernments which we ourselves cannot attain. Then in these changes from light to dark and from darkness to light as much as possible and then first in our mood, light and darkness it appears to us and then according to the higher values above the state of good, when we begin to appreciate ascents and descents not according to how good or bad but according to how closer to him to others or how far away, closer to the creator or farther away from the creator. Am I close to bestowal or close to reception? Then we gradually begin to acquire new values that are not of this world but rather the spiritual world. That’s how we advance. We are learning how we can invoke on us the reforming light, the upper force, the general force, to influence us and to give us a greater connection between us and for us to advance. Therefore we learn that connection is the only correction we need to do because they explain to us how there was one soul, one vessel that was shattered intentionally so we would put together the assembly of this vessel from opposite parts, distant parts. We will learn in general what is the quality of bestowal. What is the Creator, who is the Creator in order to bring ourselves to the state where we will put together this vessel in which we will reveal the Creator in a state of livelihood, or life, or eternal life. We have to attract the friends in the 10 more and more each and everybody and later with the ten that is somehow together and understands what it does and it agrees to the actions then we need to work this way with other tens to connect to greater masses as the learn from the portion of Yitro in the Torah and in this way we advance.

This is only from the innermost group that feels, those who are in it will feel how the wholeness of the world depends on the wholeness of the rest of the world, it is not so developed like that, they are not drawn to it. We have to tell them about it, according to their level of understanding, their ability to feel what we are talking about. That we are talking about the connection between everyone closer because to the degree that we connect although we reveal by that forces of rejection and various obstacles nevertheless by having this disposition towards connection we bring ourselves to the general correction. Only in this way can we hope to have the whole world to feel good, all of us connect by inviting the reforming light and we all come to the complete correction and the complete redemption. This is the direction we have to have and this is why today's lesson is dedicated entirely to the importance of dissemination. Dissemination is not simply that everything we have we throw out to all media around the world so that they will know who we are and what we are doing and for them to come to us. No, dissemination is when we wish to give to them through us from above, through the entire vessel of Bnei Baruch. We need to bring them the special illumination that will also awaken them up to spirituality, to connection, to attaining the feeling of the upper world in them.

This is the importance of dissemination, eventually in the general correction that we all need to attain this. All the people in the world, doesn't matter who is he, what is he, what he is doing, what he is busy with. At the end of the day each and everybody that exceptions will have to work on the corrections to some extent, and in that he will discover that he is also correcting his soul. That’s what I wanted to say at the beginning of the rest we will learn from the writings.

2. S. (13:57) You said that in order to connect to another 10 and disseminate we have to agree in between us on the collective action?

R. From the beginning we have to understand that we learn about the general system that includes in it all the worlds, all their fulfillment including the upper force which is the light of Ein Sof working on us and we are obligated according to the conditions in us, according to our spiritual genes, the memory points as we call it in the wisdom of Kabbalah, we are obligated to the influence of the upper light from above and these memory points wake up in us to get up and move and reach all the advanced stages of connection where we were before the breaking of the vessel and from the final breaking of the vessel we have to put it together again.

S. What does it have to do with my ten first we have to come together in the 10 and then disseminate?

R. You cannot bestow to the world unless you come together and work together because you cannot draw the reforming light, what can you give to the world, then only the knowledge of this world and mechanical knowledge. Therefore it is recommended not that you cannot do this alone distributing material, doing different things you can and doing it and many people are doing it and a progressive very well but the prepare correction takes place when we draw the performing a light through the 10 and from that light, we together or part of the ten influence the outer vessels.

S. What does it mean that between us we draw the light, is it something we can feel and communicate?

R. At the moment you cannot but in the future yes, you will be able to feel that you are doing it specifically doing it like that, that you are truly existing in such an action.

S. How can we know, direct ourself to progress towards this?

R. Start to disseminate even in your current state whatever that you are in even one person even one person who is not yet connected to a ten, nevertheless if he is in touch with us with our system and he has a spark, he has a general illumination that we know and disseminate even though he is by himself he can bestow and influence the outer vessels.

S. We have several initiatives in dissemination campuses and virtual lessons but what is dissemination in the more internal way, not everybody can lecture not everybody has the opportunity but others see so what is dissemination?

R. Dissemination means that I make a pipeline out of myself through which the upper light can bestow light to the correct broken vessels.

S. We are sitting together in the lesson now, how to make ourselves into a pipeline, a conduit, it so after the lesson we can communicate to the external world?

R. If you are speaking about the connection in the 10 and that you connect from within you connect to the Creator on one hand, on the other hand to these external vessels, you connect also and you want to make connection between the two and the connection is not by telling them about the method of correction. Instead as much as they are capable of absorbing ideas about unity, connection, the future of the world, the purpose of creation in such a way that it is good for those who speak, they will accept it willingly because it helps them in life and they it gives answers to their existence then we work like this.

3. R. (20:03) The important thing to understand is that our goal is to correct the vessel of Adam to bring it back to the whole state, this is why dissemination is such an important thing, action today because we progress to the state of The Last Generation, to the last general correction. We are exactly on the threshold, on the transition between the state where the wisdom of Kabbalah is used in the 10 and the state where the wisdom of Kabbalah spreads out and expands and covers the entire world and everybody will be able to absorb it. We can see it through the general state of the world with the pandemic and other problems the world will enter. We are in a very difficult situation, going through very difficult, unpleasant transitional process and the world will go through many unpleasant influences, since the upper light approaches according to its time and plan. If we are not ready, if we are not ready, it's nearing brings us problems and troubles, and if we are ready we are prepared, then through the upper light we will progress beautifully. This is how we have to understand that we have before us a decade that can be good or evil, and it all depends on the extent we connect ourselves together, we connect with the upper a light, and through us we disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah like a pipeline, for the upper light to bestow through us to the whole world.

4. S. (22:29) When we talk about outside of the 10, we say that it's in order to strengthen the 10 in one direction, so how does dissemination helps this work from the 10 outwards and from outside back to strengthen the 10?

R. This is exactly like when we have kids and we care about them and by that we enforce the family.

S. Ok and in our work in the 10 we have to do that then at what point do we need to take this into account, how do we have to see in the 10 that we also have to think that our goal of connecting is also to disseminate outside?

R. We have to take it into consideration that we have to prepare ourselves that the connection between us we don't do it for ourselves, although we can say that by that we give contentment to the Creator and so on, but we do this in order to become the pipeline as Baal HaSulam writes in many articles like “The Arvut” article for example, it is important that we do this in order to correct all the people in the world to bring the world to a general correction.

S. So between the ten and dissemination for the entire world where is BB, the general world Kli?

R. In our dissemination we have to reach everybody in the world. We have to publicize to others the measure of correction, the purpose of the correction, and we have to take care of them.

S. When an individual in the 10 does some dissemination action, what does he have to take into account so this action will strengthen the 10?

R. He needs to know that he's doing it on behalf of the general organization, in the name of BB in order to help the world.

S. Where is the 10 in this?

R. He has to take it into consideration that he is doing it, that he's doing it through the ten, through the whole organization. We have such states today where the person is doing it from within himself without connecting to the 10, and that the entire 10 joins this action of dissemination. There are those who connect together and they perform acts of dissemination together. So there are all kinds of different actions that's why I am speaking in general.

S. So what is the difference when one is being included in the 10 or doing dissemination alone?

R. Here is the question of whether you are doing this action on your own without the 10 participating with you, so you are working with the forces of the 10 by yourself. There are those who enter certain actions of dissemination together with everybody else to the extent and to them extent they are capable of doing.

S. When I go out as an individual what is my thought and action?

R. You have to take them in your thought and they have to know what you are doing, and that you connect to them inside and you are representing them, and you have to know their support and that you need them in order to carry out this act of dissemination, this is some form of internal, eternal deficiency which is developing.

5. S. (27:19) How can the new students receive everything that we learned through dissemination that thanks to asking, connecting and learning together and working together they get it from us even if they are not in contact with us, so how do we pass everything to the new students, do they automatically receive everything through us?

R. They receive through our work, they can receive according to their vessels like babies. What is the difference between a baby born thousands of years ago and a baby born today, how much the one who is born today can get more clothing, the nutrition, the care, the treatments that your baby gets today compared to a baby born many years ago. How much he has this envelope that surrounds him and a more secure environment, compared to those who were born thousands of years ago, then half of the newborns died immediately, so there is a difference.

6. S. (29:02) We learn that the children of Israel advanced to Egypt to build their deficiency and they came out thanks to Moses, in what way can we this time, we who are leaving Egypt, how can we help those who are still in Egypt?

R. So it is finally that time in human development, when everybody must follow this group coming out of Egypt like us, and everyone now who is in Egypt, they start to feel that this is their Egypt. It is not like how the Torah explains, it is totally different, much less full of pressure, much less obligating. Still everybody begins to feel that this world finished, that there is not much else to expect from this life. We went through different states, different events. We wanted to attain the Moon and the other planets, and perform different actions in this world with beautiful plans, and we see that we can’t emerge from this kind of life, we are in a vortex of life where everything is subjugating us more and more. This is a relatively speaking the current form of Egypt, where we gradually attain that we are under the rule of the evil inclination, that our inherent nature is evil.

Then we discover in the near future how our hopes for a good life, to enjoy life, to get more freedom, to be healthier. How all these things simply fade and depart from us, and we will feel that we are in a state where the world is becoming more and more hostile each day. We feel this as a state of Egypt, it is an exile from a good life and from that we will come to the craving for a different kind of life, when we discover that this crisis all depends on our selfish desire. This is what worries as it does not let us enjoy life, instead it makes our lives bitter and then we begin to see this. In short, the world is truly in an exile from good life, it is truly Egypt. All our desires that are in us are twisting us each day with great cruelty which is called the king of Egypt, the evil rules over us and we want to escape from this evil ruler using all possibilities to take ourselves out from this. So we try to do everything we can to escape like the worm from the bitter radish, poking its head out, seeing the sun and warmth outside. We have to come to this new world and we have to discover that our present state is evil and we have to explain it to everybody that this is the direction which is not up to us, but up to the purpose of creation or evolution, and what is ahead of us is an unpleasant life here and we are moving very quickly with this and it all depends on how well we learn how to connect together.

7. S. (34:33) Dissemination is very important but what can we do through the lesson, is it forbidden or are there other ways of doing it, because it feels that it is totally different, there is the morning lesson and separately there is dissemination, so what can we do now, if we talk during the morning lesson concerning the general soul?

R. Try to simplify the morning lesson, what we discuss here during the lesson, make a story and use it to explain to everyone, but in a simplified way, even in a style that is closer to women or closer to men. Try, it depends on the lesson but in a way that you can explain anything in such a way that it will be clear at least initially, or partially to every person in the world, although it is difficult but it is a kind of an artistry which we have to learn and we have to be experts in it, this is part of our spiritual work, we need to be those who connect the Creator to the whole world.

S. Are there possibilities to do dissemination during the morning lesson or is this a strange question?

R. No the morning lesson is for us and then after the lesson we need to digest the lesson, we need to talk about it and then together we talk between us, so we also need to discuss in what ways we can bring our material closer, all our material closer to the general public. Since we are entering in these coming few years, states where the world will feel increasingly worse and we have an opportunity to explain, what is the reason for the general deterioration around the world? Because this is the general ego causing this and we have to escape from it, but only through the right connections.

8. S. (37:28) At the beginning of the pandemic the dissemination intensified and in parallel to this, similar articles appeared which had nothing to do with our studies, we shared it with the world and it contributed to our dissemination, how can we reach at different stage and move forward before the next blows come?

R. All of our correction divides into many subjects and sub-categories and we need to work on all of them more or less, with these pieces and those pieces, through this group and that group. Maybe you have a dissemination group and this group is more concentrated on dissemination to women and others are more focused on technology, philosophy and a light version of the whole system, or financial systems and economy. They use different means to explain the topic. But we go through the corrections in connection and so on, so we need to renew this more and more and now we have a greater problems compared to disseminating to the public we have to work on it permanently and constantly and it’s is not that all of us together must focus on one topic, there are those who according to nature are attracted more to the unity in the groups, then there are those who care for women and children, while others are writing. There are all kinds but nevertheless each one of us has to have a clear thought, that the dissemination to the general public in the world is the calling of the times. And time obligates us to work in it, so this is the calling of the time. We have to feel this and as soon we will see how the whole world is entering into this dangerous transition, vortex that pulls you into an abyss, and only we, in our dissemination, in waking up the positive forces in the world, only this way can we draw the light in an opposite direction.

9. S. (40:31) Our generation and the previous generation as well, doesn't need much data and works through visual media and through things that happen in 10 seconds, within 10 seconds they get information, do we also need to adapt our media to these little bits that the audience is used to?

R. If we turn to the general public we have to adapt ourselves, as it is written, “Teach a boy according to his ways.”

10. S. (41:28) In the time of virtual connection between us, is it possible that specifically through dissemination we can start building connections between us?

R. I think you'll have to come to a state that in internal connection and also in dissemination to foreign vessels, when we publicize the method to external audiences, we have to help each other, help ourselves to unite and to come closer to the style of the general soul, and to that extent we will receive illumination from above. The problem is that in each and every generation the people of the generation receive an illumination from the general soul according to the process by the generation is getting corrected, hence we have to be in accordance with our generation which is the last generation as Baal HaSulam writes, and this generation has to be in a complete interconnection as much as possible. This is why you see how he speaks about the general dissemination, correction and this is how we need to advance, meaning that we have to connect between us, connect to everybody around the world. Try as much as possible to explain to them most importantly in short clear articles, why is the world going through such states and what kind of states is it going through, exactly what is the reason for these states, how can we turn these states into good states, and what does it depend on and how can we arrange it. This is all up to us. There is nothing more as we are the representatives, the individual, loyal representatives of the Creator towards humanity, to explain everything to them.

S. We have a meeting once a week where all the tens of men and women are meeting, how can we use these meetings for dissemination in general? Why do we have such social meetings only to raise the importance of the goal, but how much should we invest in dissemination for these meetings?

R. I don't understand your question exactly but it seems to me that the general inner connection we arrange between us, gives us the strength to break outside of us into more external circles, in the world Kli and outside of it to the whole world. We cannot feel this today because of the pandemic and other things, we do not feel what is our place in the world and what is the task for us, but we will feel how the world is lacking the right direction, how much it is missing, the right compass, not knowing where to go, by how to progress from one station to another station, and from this we see how people are helpless. It is one thing that they have nothing to eat but when there are other problems, and they have great problems, even supplying electricity or water that's another thing. Together with that and you do not know why we are suffering, this is very difficult to explain. In past generations people lived closer to the animal degree and they did not have such problems, questions. Today if you disconnect from the general amenities in society, people will ask why am I suffering, why am I alive? These questions do not give him the strength to continue in life, this is why we disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah, why we are alive, what we need to do to come to the good life. This is very important and it will be revealed. I hope we can work on it together and succeed, but this is what stands before us because, today’s lesson’s topic, the importance of dissemination, is what we are talking about in general, but just see how all the evil things are revealed in the world more and more among humanity.

11. S. (47:41) We say that the purpose of creation is the correction of all humanity, so why don’t Kabbalists invite all of humanity to Kabbalah with a miracle?

R. This is not a correction, a miracle is not a correction. A miracle is how the Creator created the world and He does everything from above, it is all miracles. Our work should be, when we don't need any miracles, we are not asking for the miracles. Even if you have such states where if you ask for it, you will be given, but you are not asking, because it will steal the labor from you, the ability to present yourself as loyal and devoted, one who wishes to resemble the Creator. I understand that a miracle is the act of the creation, in the action may the Creator, created us and ask for miracles. Whatever he does, he does through this action above matter, above the will to receive. For us, the will to receive that’s not ready for it, this is called a miracle. So it turns out it’s above matter, above religion, above time space and motion, it’s received as a miracle, but in respect to spirituality there are no miracles, only regular actions.

12. S. (49:37) Through meaningful participation in the lesson with the whole kli, what do we learn from this?

R. We have to learn to establish the right connection to the purpose of creation.

13. S. (50:07) What turns the 10 into a pipeline?

R. A 10 that is connected according to how it understands the source materials, the purpose of creation, when it connects on one hand with the Creator on the other hand with the external vessels, it becomes a pipeline. We have to read the article of mutual guarantee, Arvut, there it is written that the people of Israel are designated as a pipeline for humanity, to bring the light to the whole mankind.

S. What is the minimum connection we have to reach in the 10 to become a pipeline? And what is the light that goes through us, what does it awaken in the people who are interested in the wisdom of Kabbalah?

R. I really don't understand your questions, whatever comes to them, comes according to their deficiency.

S. Baal HaSulam wrote in a very high language and we have to speak in a very simple clear language. Why's it built that way?

R. Each person writes according to how much is able to express himself clearly and deeply, basically clearly, well understood. The manner Baal HaSulam wrote, how he wrote, I see his writing style very special, full of impressions and excitement, full of love for the readers, and it might be in an elevated language but it is not such that we could not understand, that it repulses the reader. It is to the contrary, it brings people closer and if you want to speak, if you want to speak in a good language to the reader, then we have to learn from Baal HaSulam how to speak because this is the right language.

14. S. (52:48) We are saying that in the coming in Congress we move to connect to between the 10s so how does this move of achieving connection between the tens is connected to dissemination, and also these two movements are going outside of the ten, so how are they connected?

R. Connection between us between the tens, it is also part of dissemination, even the person who comes out of himself in relation to the 10, it is also a form of dissemination, it means how much the person wants to come out his own boundaries, but for all of us the boundary is the boundary of the system of Adam, until each and every person through dissemination in relation to the whole original vessel of Adam, he connects all the broken vessels and then everybody connects, so each and everybody can feel as a whole, in complete adhesion to the Creator in this vessel. This is the goal, so dissemination is not simply dissemination, it is actions of correction for acquiring all the vessels, bring together, to correction that were broken through the sin of The Tree of Knowledge.

S. So what is the quality of the dissemination if a friend is working towards the 10, or is there a difference in quality?

R. There are differences and we will learn about them, because there are differences in everything, in the connection and the quality of the correction, and passing on the lights to others, there are millions of things. The point is that connection is everything as we learn from physical nature as well, we have plus and minus, electrons and neutrons and positrons, but the connections we get between them builds matter, and the result of changing matter and the metabolism in it, it's all the result of connection. If there was no connection we wouldn't have more than a few elementary particles, but because the Creator influences the system and obligates them to connect, through that they are seemingly overcoming the mutual rejection and connect together and start to create and establish certain material, and because these materials are different we begin to have the metabolism of materials and various forces working, and by that we get life, so we need the think how much the connection between the particles in the elements, connection of opposing parts can bring life on a higher degree, it is a little like what we wish to do between us in our connection, in faith above reason, rising to a higher degree relative to the ego, which is Bina above Malchut, and this is how we get a higher level of existence, each and every time we connect on a higher level in a more complex way and we find a spiritual life is a result from Nefesh to Ruach and to Neshama.

15. S. (57:26) When we go out to disseminate with the method of integral education people are following these taglines which we advertise, where can we expose the root that it comes from the wisdom of Kabbalah, or it is better to be silent?

R. I cannot tell you, whoever is working with the external audience has to decide seriously to disclose the fact that it is coming from the wisdom of Kabbalah or not. Let's say you are telling a child that you should not eat this because this is not healthy for you, or on the contrary to say that this is good to eat, so do this. It depends if he listens to you, should you tell him more or less. It all depends on the actual people, I do not know how to determine this as I am not working with the external audience, but you have to dress into the audience and feel what is good for them.

S. As an instructor at the campus I feel...

R. You can keep talking as much as you want, you can say what you feel, you understand. I do not trust that you feel and understand and so on, and if you keep speaking this way then it's better if you don't do it at all. Tell them only things that is good for them, dress into them, and not what you think but how they think, only how they think without your involvement, and then you perhaps you will not be wrong.

16. S. (59:41) Today as a group we are building this pipeline so what will the other parts of mankind do, who does not have the Vessel to receive the light of the Creator, do they get some new insight from the revelation of the Light?

R. No, they will not get it this way but only through you can they get it, as Baal HaSulam writes at the end of the introduction to the book of Zohar, and a few other verses tell, which verses which we have to bring here also, that we are as a pipeline for others, they cannot connect directly to the Creator, the external public they cannot accept the light, they receive everything only through us, just like how the kids are getting it from the teacher and they become educated, they will receive the light from us until we reach the final correction, then they will know me from the little to the greatest. They cannot have a direct contact with the Creator, and we also do not have a direct contact the Creator, we have contact only through Rabash, Baal HaSulam and other Kabbalists of previous generations who are lining up this path for us, we don't directly connect to the Creator, there are degrees of course but it does not matter they pass the lights to us, they connect the Creator to us and through them we connect to the Creator. Later only at the end of correction, I do not know how, we all begin to connect to the Creator because He fulfills the entire vessel in a way that there will be no difference between them, small one or big one, and everybody is becoming one and then we reach at state of the Creator being King over all reality, the Lord is one and His name is one, the general vessel and the light, everybody receiving through everybody else, whoever perceives this.

17. S. (01:02:34) How does dissemination influence our free choice?

R. Dissemination influences people's free choice because when we disseminate we attach ourselves to foreign vessels. Thus far as vessels become part of us like the AHP that connects to GE and extend the light from above through us through these foreign vessels. So consequently influences the appearance of the light in all the world that is on one hand. They also disseminate, they become GE relative to their foreign vessels and this happens everywhere.

18. S. (01:04:04) How to manage in the optimal way the dissemination to fit the people they want to receive the children we want to receive?

R. We're not talking about children right now. We're talking about an audience that is about the age of infancy and use those are independent people we should not influence kids. Children are under the authority of their parents. I cannot come to someone's child and begin to explain to him, convince him, this is not my business. I should not do it. Only his parents can influence him or the state, the department of education. So we should not disseminate to children who are under the age of it varies from state-to-state but let's say below 18. The intention hears children as an external audience.

S. The question is about the audience, how to correctly regulate it?

R. I don't know, you need to do that, you need to know what material is suitable for explaining to them and reading to a child.

S. Can we do more harm than good in such a dissemination?

R. Of course we can do more harm. That's why we need to know what kind of material says he'll accept it with joy and willingly. You'll learn it from people who are disseminating what kind of material, to accept with joy, to learn from people who have disseminated for years.

19. S. (01:06:33) Under the concept of dissemination we refer to writing and the internet. What to do with friends who are removed from the internet and writing, people who don’t communicate in this way.

R. To engage in dissemination doesn’t mean they work through the internet. There are many people who are actors, writers, authors, musicians. They prepare the material and others are disseminating it through the internet. So everyone has room. There are those who don't even know how to type on a keyboard, what can you do. I can't work today without a computer keyboard, how can you do it? But in a sense, my whole life before that I would write. So that shouldn't stop a person who wants to disseminate the important thing is to have an idea and he will write about this idea and some way and others will take this idea and this text and adapt it correctly to the audience.

S. You appointed such people, you mentioned people who are connected to the audience like actors. But what about people who are not connected to others at all, like construction workers?

R. They should have different kinds of work. There are those who cannot speak to others, there's no problem, there's plenty of work for everyone, everyone gets incorporated in it.

20. S. (01:09:25) How can we reach necessity for dissemination as a ten? How can we reach the feeling of necessity in dissemination as a ten?

R. We have to discuss it like we just discussed the final correction, the form of the final correction the correction themselves and then we will recognize that dissemination is really the necessary action through which we achieve the connection of the vessel and its correction. That's why we exist in our state which is the lowest and worst in all of reality.

21. R. (01:13:33) I think we'll start from the first one again and then we'll go forward. And then after 5 or 10 excerpts we will get to questions otherwise we will not advance

Excerpt 1 (01:13:40 - 01:14:03)

22. R. Meaning to reach a vessel connected as it was before the shattering and the upper light, the creator, the infinite light will fill that vessel without any lack.

Excerpt 2 (01:14:22 - 01:16:07)

23. R. Because the vessels began to become clarified from light to heavy so all the vessels that have been scrutinized in the previous generations were relatively like as opposed to ours. We are the worst, coarsest, most egoistic vessels of all and those after us will be worse.

Continue Excerpt 2

24. R. He says that in our generation even though the essence of our souls is the worst in all of reality, in the meantime we need to think about our corrections and how by correcting ourselves we are correcting what the previous generations did not correct yet. It all passes on to us, and that is why the souls from generation to generation get worse than the previous ones, have more difficult corrections, but it is also their privilege to make these corrections and awaken greater lights in spirituality, in the upper worlds. The greater the NEHY the greater the lights of NRN

Excerpt 3 (01:17:13 - 01:17:31) Twice

25. R. “The wisdom of Kabbalah needs to be revealed to all of humanity, it is a necessary precondition that must be met prior to the complete redemption.” Until they will all know me from the greatest to the smallest.

Excerpt 4 (01:17:55 - 01:18:14)

R. This must happen, the spread of the wisdom of Kabbalah to everyone.

Excerpt 5 (01:18:22 - 01:19:03)

26.R. This is with regard to the mandatory dissemination, the obligation to disseminate.

27. S. (01:19:14) When we perform a general action, a group action, then it works out that the entire group unites more. I wanted to ask about the spiritual mechanism at its heart.

R. This is when we put all the group into some dissemination action even in corporeality and of course by that we make a great correction because we are all engaged in the same goal, we are connected by that. This goal is ultimately aimed at the Creator and we draw Him as a partner, as an assisting force, as the force of fulfillment between us and so the action of dissemination connects us very much. It's like we learn from our lives that even if we all do something together in corporeality it connects us, it brings us closer.

S. Even if we are the worst generation as Baal HaSulam says, but if we disseminate, does that help us in our correction, in our advancements?

R. Of course it helps. We are at a greater intensity, good and bad. The intensity, the power of our vessels is the greatest of all the generations because they all depend on us on how despite the difficulty and disturbances and everything we want to connect, to disseminate, to advance by that we influence everyone. That all of the posterior of all the vessels that were in corrections and did not succeed they all fall and come to us and that is why our posterior, our vessels of reception are the biggest. And the next generation will be even bigger. What we can't correct is what they will have. So we have to be very responsible for the whole world ultimately. We can't run away from it, we should think about how we connect (between us), connect to the world and correct ourselves and the whole world.

28. S. (01:22:37) Dissemination is it to bring the Creator closer to society, how to do it so it brings light to the nations of the world?

R. Dissemination is intended to connect the vessels and to that extent that it connects the created beings to the Creator, the created beings received the light of correction, of connection, of fulfillment and thus they begin to be more knowing and connected and therefore more influential on the lower vessels, towards them that's basically the correction, that is how it happens.

29. S. (01:23:51) No translation

R. No, when we all connect together it doesn't matter whether it's a big or little vessel. As it is said: “they shall all know me from the greatest to the smallest…” the Creator appears in the whole Kli vessel. It says: “everyone shall know…” meaning the knowledge of the Creator the light of Hochma fills up the entire world.

30. S. (01:24:35) In what and how dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah helps us understand better what we learn and develop?

R. Knowing the wisdom of Kabbalah shows us and what system we are. How can we use that system to hasten our development? It's like, say we are on a road and you don't know the roadmap, you don't know how to drive the vehicle that you are in and then you might cause trouble. However when you know the structure of your soul and how your soul is connected to the whole general system called the collective soul and how from within your soul you can manage the general soul and join that great Kli vessel as a contributing force for the whole Kli and your own benefit. That's where the wisdom of Kabbalah becomes necessary, vital, for knowing it and for realizing it for each and everyone.

31. S. (01:26:24) How do we know that we disseminate correctly?

R. In all of the dissemination operation of Bnei Baruch, which is based on what the kabbalist communicate to us starting from the authors of the Zohar and all the Kabbalists until the Rabash and we know it from the sources, even if we do something that's not good, the Creator corrects it. And adds a correction over our deeds and that is how we will advance. This is called the Creator shall finish the job for me.

32. S. (01:27:29) You are a clear example to how to develop a method of teaching and to adapt it to the generation. How can we develop a similar method?

R. Always be connected to the sources. What you're saying is made by first reading the sources, interpreting them and adding something of your own, but only in order to understand the source. You don’t need anything else.

33. S. (01:28:11) What is my correction for me to be a conduit to the upper light or for me to see the world is corrected. Where do I measure my advancement in correction?

R. Your correction is to join the 10 and to make sure that if you separate from them you drill a hole in the general boat. So you always have to care about the unity of the whole Kli, the ten first of all in order to not make a hole in the boat.

S. About dissemination, do I have anything to measure relative to my correction?

R. As much as you can communicate the urgency of dissemination, the importance of it, the goal to the friends and with that bestow upon others that's good there is nothing more.

34. S. (01:29:22) How do we turn a corporeal deficiency into a deficiency for the Creator, for spirituality?

R. If you do not do it yourself, big troubles will come, such that you will not be able to influence or impact your corporeality in any way. And you'll have to understand it all depends on spirituality.

S. So we need together in the 10 to scrutinize the deficiency and see what is truly lacking or is it better just to ask for connection?

R. No, you also need to ask for connection. So that connection will be for the sake of correcting the general Kli, vessel. We are approaching more and more than necessity to see the vessel of all of humanity.

S. So deficiencies of humanity like work, confidence and good life we take that and through that we connect them to us in the 10?

R. No, I can circulate to humanity knowing the necessity to correct. Otherwise they'll have nothing to eat or drink or medicines or clothes or anything. I could do that, but that's not why I exist. I exist in order to tell them that by connecting among them they achieve the satisfaction of all the deficiencies.

S. I asked you a little while ago if we can go back to physical dissemination. Can we do it today because most of us are vaccinated?

R. What do you mean vaccinated?

S. Most of the people are vaccinated.

R. What does that have to do with spirituality?

S. Because of the coronavirus we only study virtually and we stopped disseminating physically. I'm asking if we can go back to disseminate physically? like giving out newspapers.

R. Today there isn't really a need for physical dissemination because everything begins and ends with virtual dissemination. Don't be a dinosaur. We have to go where people are.

35. S. (01:32:25) I heard you say once that whoever studies Kabbalah, eventually will need to teach the world. What did you mean to teach - means to be a lecturer or all kinds of different ways?

R. First of all it's not me saying it, it's what we see from the writings that we're reading now. Teaching means participating in dissemination to the whole world because that's our general vessel of Adam HaRishon. And when we bring that whole vessel to correction it is called the end of correction. And the Creator yearns specifically to come to that goal, to that state. So we need to participate in this as much as possible.

36. S. (01:33:21) I've been waiting to ask this for a year-and-a-half. We study the introduction to the Book of Zohar a year-and-a-half ago and I heard you say that the connection of dissemination between Israel and the nations of the world is through the righteous gentiles?

R. I don't know what you're saying, find what I said in the archive and then I'll be able to understand in order to explain to you if you understood it correctly or not. Have you got connection with the righteous of the nation's (righteous gentiles)?

S. I don't know what it means.

R. Righteous of the nations is a spiritual degree where through that degree of course you can make a big impact but we don't have any connection to them for now and we will come to that as we ascend on our corrections. It's not people.

37. S. (01:34:36) I want to ask about excerpt #5. He said that it is a great expansion of the wisdom of truth within the nation that we need first so we will merit the benefit of the Messiah. Rav, are we worthy to disseminate the wisdom or not?

R. We are worthy to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah. All the Kabbalists have written to us about it since the days of the Ari until today. Are we worthy of the Messiah? Of course not. In order for that supreme light called Messiah, to come which pulls us from our degree to the end of correction, we first have to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah to everyone.

S. We’ve developed together for 15-20 years, we used to be a few hundred people now there are millions. What is the reason, what happened in the last few years that there is such an explosion around the world? I'm always inspired by it, it’s amazing.

R. Troubles. The feeling of the deficiency, the lack in all the people brings them to understand that the only thing that can help them is some force that is above nature that within man, within humanity there is nothing but a destructive force.

S. Baal HaSulam and everybody tried to disseminate.

R. They tried, and we can disseminate. It's like that and every generation and the next generation is always smarter and knows better. Never be afraid to say that I'll be able to do more than Baal HaSulam even though I don't reach his ankles. Precisely because according to the hierarchy of generations I am in the next generation after him, I will be able to be higher than him. It is not up to me it is a general structure.

S. What I see is how creation is helping us with what is happening. Creation is complimenting us.

R. We just need to continue patiently and start participating in dissemination a little more.

S. When people ask you questions is that dissemination? A student who is asking is that him disseminating?

R. No, a question is nothing. Dissemination means you take big external vessels and you try to connect them to the method of correcting the world.

38. S. (01:37:59) We were speaking about how connecting to other tens helps the force of dissemination. What should we do? Yesterday we were speaking about it in our ten. What if part of the friends resist even one meeting, we’re like, from the area of Asia and there are people saying, no, we only stay in our ten and not beyond it. How do we work in such a state?

R. I think that the whole ten has to decide if it should connect to other tens or not. Perhaps it is still in a state where it feels insecure and uncertain that it will not promote them, so you have to go to what they decide for now. This is what I think.

Excerpt 6 (01:39:13 - 01:39:56)

39. R. In other words it is not because he himself was special although of course he was a special soul. But the special thing about him that made him so outstanding in attainment and mainly in conveying his attainment to us as we read it, in his letters. It is all in order, because he received within his desire also the disposition the inclination to disseminate. In order to disseminate to others, through the desire to disseminate to friends he researched more and was able to absorb more from the Creator. Those who disseminate open up their vessels far more because of others, because they want to disseminate to them and then the Creator can give him more understanding and feeling and recognition and knowing the general system and that person gains a lot. This is called from all my students I learned. That the more people a person conveys to accordingly, he himself receives from the Creator. Because he doesn't do it for himself. That if he wants to know and understand by himself, it is the same egoistic force. The altruistic force is only a force that extends from demanding and through that demand from others, he works towards the Creator and then it's a force of bestowal he raises to the Creator and the Creator fills up those vessels for him. This is why the more you disseminate the more you will discover the vessels the Creator will have to fill. And then you will see how specifically, through dissemination you will advance. Because you are not blocked, you will not be blocked. You will open up a pipeline from you to others. And that is the right way to advance.

40. S. (01:42:38) You are speaking about the fact that we are the worst generation of all. And that we are the generation of the Messiah so how can we use this in the maximum best way, in order to disseminate correctly in our ten.

R. It's written in many sources that the greater the coarseness and the more that we can unite above the coarseness, the greater attainment we obtain and then the upper light dresses in the refined part of the vessel because it's got a coarse part of the vessel which is the restriction and therefore it is not a problem that we are coarse, that we are bad. The question is to what extent do we want to rise above it and build ourselves in the opposite way.

41. S. (01:44:13) To what degree, spiritual degree of understanding, do we have to reach in order to engage in dissemination?

R. What spiritual degree do we need to achieve in order to engage in dissemination? There is no prevention here. Anyone can begin even now it does not matter what state he is in. If he only positions himself correctly to write what he thinks is good for those he disseminates to. And gives what he's going to disseminate for certified people to check. Those who are experienced already.

42. S. (01:45:30) What does it mean that the last generation is the threshold of complete redemption?

R. We are in a transition from feeling this world to feeling the spiritual eternal complete world and we only need to take one step forward and all of humanity, everyone who are still left with broken spiritual vessel of Adam HaRishon, everyone can go through that correction and come to feel the upper world and by this complete their spiritual development and achieve the general spiritual degree. And from there we will have all kinds of different states. Greater and greater, but they don't come through corrections that we're learning about and understand here.

43. S. (01:46:49) How do we pass spirituality on correctly in corporeal terms?

R. I can't teach that to you here. We have a dissemination network and its dissemination network through video and writing, through songs and dances, I don't know what. Many people are involved, join them and good luck to you. There is a big team that translates and much more.

S. - email them. They will turn to you in every language and in every field.

R. Right. In the dissemination group there are also translators, writers and video people. They are the select team who are in that team are really in the top league. I recommend everyone try to get in there.

44. S. (01:48:22) It turns out that since the big bang when the Creator broke this reality in pieces according to the necessity and dissemination. Let's say we're a few thousand people and the Creator awakened our desire towards Him and if we don't pass it to another thousand nothing will happen. Can the Creator like these points about dissemination?

R. We have to do whatever we can do as much as possible. What happens afterwards I don't know. It's written about it that the Creator will finish for me. I have to do what I have to do. If I have to bestow upon you I bestow, if I have to disseminate I disseminate, if I have to speak I speak, if I could dance, I would dance. If I had to sing I would sing. Each one as much and however he can, just awaken the hearts of the pieces of the broken vessel towards correction.

S. Is it to connect those parts that were shattered in the big bang?

R. Yes. By bringing people closer together to each other. By this all of the matter joins and reconnects and once again, becomes as one body. We will see these things how they happened. In spirituality and in corporeality.

S. And then through dissemination with the help of the Creator we connect everything to one body so it's connected like it was before the shattering?

R. Of course, this world rises to the level of the upper world, it's written.

Excerpt 7 (01:50:56 - 01:51:53)

45. R. The generation reaches the generation of the end of correction, the last generation and this is why he got so many possibilities to disseminate and explain to us and we received it. Because the generations evolve this way.

46. S. (01:52:16) What are the main sources and study materials that every group needs to translate into their language.

R. The same sources, I don't understand what he's asking. Each group must see that there is a translation of all the source materials as well as each and every lesson translated into its own language. And everything will be arranged on their sight and they will disseminate all the material in their language. For example, in Bulgaria they will circulate to all of the Bulgarian speakers all over the world wherever there are people who speak Bulgarian. It will come to them and they will try to be incorporated into it. This is the duty of each language to do that. Especially Bulgarian because it's the source of the Slavic languages, they come from Bulgaria. Sounds good if the wisdom of Kabbalah spreads from there to this part of the world that speaks the Slavic languages. So Bulgarians good luck to you.

47. S. (01:54:23) You said something that made me think what is the reason everything that wasn't corrected in the previous generation comes to us and makes everything very difficult.

R. Well, that's the way it is because the coarseness becomes corrected from lighter to heavier in the whole common vessel. This is why the previous generations didn't correct and remains for the future generations. It says each generation with its teachers is why we have to try to correct everything and leave it for the next generation. So we will truly be the last generation.

48. S. (01:55:39) We are going out from the lesson to life and each one has his own thing. How can we keep the importance of dissemination throughout the day like you have and Baal HaSulam?

R. Well, for me today it's not a problem anymore. I'm already at an age where I have nothing else to do except to prepare myself for the lesson and other talks and programs that I shoot. I don't have a job anymore. I'm not working at a regular job anymore, but you have to try to see that throughout your life, your day, how do you think to extend the wisdom of Kabbalah to the rest of the world as much as you can in every single place. You need to understand that even if you don't do something physical, but your desire operates in and of itself and by wanting it to happen, you bring about great changes in the common vessel. By this you awaken the created to do this work. This is what it says, The Creator will finish for me. I begin to desire and the Creator realizes it.

S. And to raise the importance between us or to do it with more humbleness?

R. I don't know it depends on the type of dissemination you see fit to do. In what language to what audience, I don't know. To reveal more or less and what style, how exactly I don't know. You need to really become experts in this and consult and to connect in everyone, to see, to hear, to ask and get advice. By this you first of all disseminate internally and that's very important.

Excerpt 8 (01:58:21 - 01:59:55)

49. R. In other words there are no limitations except for one thing. It says teach the boy according to the boy's way. You can't tell a child something that he doesn't understand or will harm him. But if you are certain that you are helping and you do good to him by telling him then you have no limitations. Tell it. We are in such a generation that there's no limitation from above. All the restrictions we have to place them in order to satisfy, to feel the generation below us in a correct and complete way. (Ending comments from excerpt:) And he who knows how to disclose them is rewarded plentiful because by disclosing these lights to the many, particularly to the many depends on the coming of the Messiah soon in our days Amen.

Excerpt 9 (02:00:05 - 02:01:08)

50. R. Beautiful words again. The Messiah is the upper force, the upper light, which basically opens itself up in abundance for all the light that comes and corrects the whole vessel of the common soul.

Excerpt (02:01:10 - 02:01:39)

51. R. In other words everything depends only on disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah and by this the world will achieve correction.

Excerpt 10 (02:01:54 - 02:02:53)

52. R. The general people of today, what couldn't be done previously today is open.

Excerpt 11 (02:03:03 - 02:04:21) twice

53. R. I see the questions have stopped being asked. We only have that same one from Kiev that always has questions so that's okay. Let's hear.

54. S. (02:04:47) You say that in the end as the result of dissemination we connect vessels that the Creator will fill. What does it mean that he will fill the vessels?

R. By disseminating, we connect to ourselves additional vessels, desires, we don't understand how it happens because it is not a physical connection that takes place in the air of the world in front of us. But if we could see which desires, what part of the vessels, parts of the soul we are supposedly moving and putting together, we would have been amazed by our actions. But it is good that it is hidden because otherwise we couldn't overcome our egoistic desire and go in order to bestow. That's why all of our work is working and concealment. In the faith of our sages that what they say is what we have to do. That is what they say I just do it, why? Because they said it's good. It's good for the correction of the soul. You can even explain it to strangers. Not to those who yearn to in order to bestow and faith above reason but by people who want to engage in order to receive. They have a desire to do good to their soul incorporeal actions, also we can explain to them that and it's worth being more connected and disseminating more the method of connection because that's understood in an egotistical corporeal way that it can be for our benefit. That's why it's worth doing.

S. You said we have to be incorporated in them and do good to them that they will benefit from the connection. Their benefit from the connection with us is that a strict criterion?

R. I can't say that by checking in dissemination that I can check to see if they are in those vessels and are bestowing for me and I feel better now according to their measurements, I can't say that. Maybe by entering the actions of correction, things got worse for them because he who adds knowledge adds pain just like for us. People who enter the wisdom of Kabbalah, what happens in them? They feel after a while that their life becomes darker. They don't receive some revelation of light, the Creator, the next world and everything opens to them. What they thought that everything opens to them, is he who gets more awareness adds pain. And it's for them to get it and overcome it. There are two things. If we disseminate this to people who want to work, to those people who are worthy to study the wisdom of Kabbalah so obviously their advancement as you can see on yourself, that from day-to-day you don't feel you are advancing to spirituality, but for now you are in a burdening of the heart. For now, more and more you feel your ego is controlling you and Pharaoh is controlling and you can't run away from Egypt yet. I wish it will pressure you to such an extent but there is a process because if it presses on you in a way that it is now, then you might stay in Egypt. You haven't formulated inside you the force to come out the necessity to come out the necessity to disseminate and bestow to connect. That's why everything comes at its time.

S. You're saying that we don't see that we're advancing but we do see that we advance, and we're really grateful to you. We see that everything depends on the ten all the aspects of life we’re in it. How can we pass it on to the general public?

R. They do not have 10s, the world, the common public, we don't obligate them to connect in 10s. Connecting in 10’s is only for those who work for the Creator. For those who commit to be the Rosh, the head of the soul the HGT of the vessel. Not those who are in the NHY, they only have their desire and with their desires they just ask and push the vessels of HGT to rise higher to HBT and by that, we ascend upward in order to bestow to them, from above downwards. That is what Baal HaSulam explains in their introduction to the book of Zohar.

S. What is this connection?

R. We are not bringing them the method to connect. For now, we're just letting them understand the message that we need to be more connected between us in understanding and knowledge and a mutual purpose. This way the upper light can bestow to us, through our resemblance when our desires to receive are closer to one another and the upper lights that we will be a bit more like one, and there is one upper light and it can bestow upon us, that is what we need.

R. The connection everywhere brings a greater influence and will give them a better life.

S. It's just that you've created so much material over the years, the integral education and we're basically not using it now to the fullest. And there is a whole method of connection.

R. Yes and there are a whole number of names that created methods for connection. I don't know if you'll ever use it. I think we'll have newer means that are shorter and brief because the whole world is advancing the forces of nature, the negative forces overcome and people will get wise or they will understand more they will feel more and then they need to suffer, in a mechanical way. Their suffering will be more essential, more to the point, more spiritual. That's why the approach will be brief and to-the-point. You'll see I don't think I am not looking at what we had and what we did. I'm not disregarding it. I've invested so much forces in it also. But will advance more and more and we will create new materials.

S. Previously it seems like we are learning with you in the morning lessons and we are creating some force in the tens. Afterwards we move the whole world in the tens, they unite, we pass on to them the power we receive from you. How do you see this picture now?

R. I'm thinking in a more realistic way that is closer to us, that in the near time more and more negative forces in the world will get stronger. It's always like that towards redemption like the 10 blows of Egypt. There will be great trouble in the world and it's all because of the lack of connection between the increasing ego that is revealed between people. The nations of the world will not want to connect. They will be transferring from one to another all because of their foul ego, because of stupidity and each one will want to show that he is stronger and higher and greater as we see now. Look what's happening. America, Russia, Turkey, China, Europe, everyone, look at what's happening between them. And that's how it is going to be more and more. And when we look at it and we say how can it be? Don't they understand that they can't achieve anything except for self-destruction? That if there will be a war, without a war you cannot win and with war there won't be anyone left to win. What's going on. But we don't understand that the force of the ego is from above if we don't correct it if we do not neutralize it so that in the end it comes and takes control and awakens the wars of the Messiah in us. And it is written about it, in such a harsh, difficult way that it is not worth it to us, to even come close to it. And we see what is happening. That's why I'm saying that dissemination is becoming our main weapon against all the evil forces. One against the other. That's why we must try and disseminate in all of our forces the wisdom of Kabbalah, this knowledge, it doesn't matter in what way so much even. It doesn't matter in which measures but everything will work out. Others will come and will speak about it in an easier way but the world is entering, it's jumping into the depths of the ego that we need the wisdom of Kabbalah revealed that it will start working as Kabbalists write, it is the only thing that can save us from a general World War.

55. It seems like the more we connect the more we see results from our work. Is it possible and we see more troubles in the world around us that it's an indication we should disseminate more out of the connection between us?

R. Of course.

56. S. (02:19:01) If there is no bread there's no Torah, how do we expect humanity that is starved that they don't have food, energy, water how will they hear our message, if mothers eat their children. How can they listen?

R. I don't know I am not thinking of these horrible states. We need for now to explain to humanity this tendency that we are in that we are cascading download and no technology or success in anything will help us. Every generation now will feel itself and every year we will feel ourselves that we are in worse and worse states. Also in societies in every country and between countries and also between families that our ego is separating man and others groups in other's families and families countries and countries it will get stronger. And if we don't correct it we will bring ourselves to a general war. Armageddon as it is written in the Torah. So we have to try and disseminate broadly and only by understanding that the state we are in will we be able to stop the tendency.

57. S. (02:21:48) From what does the person disconnect?

R. A person does not reject anything. He just changes what is important or not important. And through that his life gets a new form.

58. S. (02:22:31) In our dissemination how can we get the general public's interest?

R. We explain to them that our good future depends only on connection and you can explain the general system of nature how it is all connected except for men and men only causes the entire system of nature by fighting each one with the others, that by this he becomes an enemy and destroys nature. And that's why we are not destroying the general world, we are destroying ourselves. Eventually what is destroyed is for humanity.

59. S. (02:23:52) When we disseminate should we expect dissemination to succeed or can we know what is successful dissemination?

R. You need to scrutinize all these things and speak to our dissemination department here and be interested in it and then start doing something. Otherwise you'll do the opposite of what we want, so first learn about it, ask about it, consult, maybe get someone that will organize you and in this way you will succeed because by succeeding and dissemination you are opening the path to success in spirituality. We need to disseminate and disseminate and disseminate and the results we get are not upon us the main thing is to spill it out into the world. We know about the plan of creation, the essence of creation, the purpose of connection that they know that there's such a thing. And we can send them to our archive and all kinds of things like that. That way we can advance.

60. S. (02:25:51) Although everyone understands the importance of dissemination, this year the participation of the male part in dissemination diminished. Women set an example, they do participate, but men somehow are closed in their tens, one of the views is that there really isn't much to disseminate until we have achieved spirituality in the ten, so what should we do now? Should we maintain our ten and only disseminate when we cross the barrier?

R. Really most of the dissemination has to be organized in a way that it will be by women. The men have to write too, of course they disseminate on the internet and even if they work on behalf of the men, but they work more in it. Because in dissemination that's the way they express themselves in the maximum in the maximum way and perhaps the only one because to connect between them they really can’t. Women from their own nature cannot be connected through hearts and souls with one another. But when they disseminate through this dissemination that brings them closer to connection. For us too, but for them, that's the main part. We need to be in it as organizers and writing and trying to manage the dissemination. And to be more not only disseminate but presenters of dissemination. The women, we have to pull them more into the ones doing the actual work.

S. There is another very painful question about the men. When we were gathering physically in our ten, we have friends from Latvia, Estonia, Kaliningrad, Vilnius, Lithuania when we gather together we’d sit in groups of 2 or 3 and it would hurt. We wanted to disseminate and it didn't help that we would sit in small groups.

R. You are not right. Because the fact you are organizing in a ten, you have not done anything in spirituality yet, as if you don’t exist. You can exist when you disseminate outward, then we see you exist and that you work. That is why, if you have a ten but it does not disseminate, it is as if it is dead. You are measured by the way of life, as much as you bestow. If the ten isn't bestowing it is as if it doesn't exist. The internal spiritual life in the ten, as much as it bestows, that’s the essence of the spiritual life and according to that they are filled with the upper light with the revelation of the Creator. If a ten doesn't bestow then where and how can it reach a spiritual life, a spiritual feeling? Only through receiving external vessels and adding to them and passing it from eternity from the upper light, the light to those vessels and from that they have the upper light. Spiritual life and if you are without connecting to external vessels you don't exist in spirituality. You just created some kind of gang of ten. What's in it? There's not a spiritual life in them. We need to connect to others to draw them into us. And to draw the light from above upon these new vessels that we are adding. I recommend to speak about it now for a few minutes and we will keep this topic for tomorrow.